Look no further – there’s a great choice of infant girl shoes for any taste and budget right here!

After going through the last decade of attending numerous baby showers, and not to mention having two of my own, I decided to make this list of the perfect baby shoes to gift the new baby girl. These infant baby girl shoes are stylish while at the same time affordable, meaning you don’t have to break the bank to give a great gift. Sandals for a newborn girl, unlike toddler girl sneakers, don’t have much of a practical purpose, but they are just so much fun to pick out and receive.

One of the things we care about most once a new life has arrived is making sure their feet are protected and warm. Those delicate little toes are just so cute and the shoes you put on them count. Each and every shoe I’m going to share have been used on my two girls, as well as other DDs of fellow mom friends of mine.

You’ll be glad to find shoes for all sorts of occasions – from the tiniest newborn girl sandals to infant girl boots just like her mom’s, and all style preferences on my list. Keep in mind, these are going to be mentioned in no particular order.

The Best Quality for the Best Price

№1 New Balance Kids’ 574v1 Hook and Loop Sneaker

The New Balance 574v1 Hook and Loop Sneaker for kids is a pair of toddler girl sneakers with a classic look and quality design. These shoes are constructed with leather and textile with a rubber sole. Gift these sneakers in burgundy, black, or purple. Let’s be real, New Balance is a well-known brand and I’ve never been disappointed with their shoes. Since you can get a pair of these in infant or toddler sizes for less than $40, they made the list.

While these may not be a gift ideal for infant use (though these infant girls tennis shoes are available in smaller sizes), I would suggest giving these in a toddler size for the girl to use when she starts walking. This is simply because a solid bottom support is unnecessary for feet that aren’t quite on the go yet. As for the style of the shoe, they are a combination of casual and athletic, while at the same time having a classic look. The leather and textile have a suede appearance that I’ve found to be very fashionable and extremely durable.

A hook and loop velcro secure is easy to use and keeps the shoe snug on the feet. Many parents claim that these shoes run big, which should be fine since they’ll be grown into. When taking into consideration the price, durability, and style of these New Balance shoes, these are my favorite toddler girl sneakers of all time.

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№2 Robeez Classic Cozy Baby Boots with Soft Soles

The Robeez Classic Cozy Baby Boots are a pair of warm, stylish, and all-around great shoes for an infant girl for learning how to walk. They are available in 6 different colors: black, brown, cream, fab folk taupe, navy, and pink. They are made from real leather and can match just about any outfit with ease. With the inside being lined with faux fur, you can be sure feet will be kept nice and warm. The faux fur is visible from the outside, lining the top of the boot and running down both sides to the soles. Adorable infant girl boots for your precious charmer!

What moms seem to love the most is that it’s easy for them to put these infant girl boots on and hard for their little one to pull off. This is all thanks to the elasticized ankle design. Since little ones are constantly growing, these were designed with some extra room. Being roomy and high quality, Mom most likely won’t have to worry about getting a new pair of boots for the winter.

These boots are ideal to use as slippers indoors thanks to soft soles that are non-slip and flexible. With that being said, outdoor ground contact is best limited to only when it’s dry since these aren’t made to handle walking in the snow. As you can tell, these are very popular infant girl boots for many reasons. The only negative I can think of is that they’re not machine washable.

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№3 Converse Kids’ Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top Sneakers

A pair of the adorable Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars toddler girl sneakers are perfect for the daughter of a Converse-wearing mother. Not to mention, they go with practically any clothing. Choose from pink, white, black, navy, pink pow (featuring a flower on the top), or athletic navy. The top part of the shoe is made of the classic Converse canvas material and the sole is made of rubber. Double hook and loop velcro straps make these shoes easy to put on and take off for both mom and baby.

These tennis shoes for an infant girl offer first time walkers solid support and comfort with a soft foam sockliner. Since Converse shoes typically run about 1/2 size small, you should aim to buy bigger to allow baby to grow into these. Alternatively, you can also gift a toddler size so they are ready for action when the little girl can walk more.

Converse All Stars are a great shoe for everyday wear thanks to being lightweight and notoriously durable. If you decide to gift these bad boys, Mom is definitely going to be thanking you in her head every time she sees these on her little girl. From my personal experience, this shoe has to be on my top 5 favorite infant girl shoes of all time.

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Budget-Friendly Picks

№1 Hudson Baby Cozy Fleece Booties with Non-Skid Bottoms

Baby booties, a.k.a. infant girl slippers, are an absolute essential. Gift Mommy and her daughter with the Hudson Baby Cozy Fleece Booties to ensure those toes are kept warm. These slippers are made of 100% polyester and features zig-zag non-skid rubber grips on the sole. Choose from over 10 different colors and styles: brown, brown/cream, charcoal/cream, charcoal/heather gray, cream, dark pink, light blue, navy, pink cream, strawberry, charcoal, navy/gray, and heather gray.

Just like the Robeez I mentioned earlier, moms loved how these booties would actually stay on their baby’s feet while being easy to put on and take off. The difference is that the Hudson Fleece Booties use a hook & loop secure instead of elastic. Since these are slippers, they are flexible to little feet learning how to walk. Non-skid bottoms are reassuring that they won’t slip on wood or tile flooring.

While these boots are adorable to use indoors, they aren’t really for outside use. They are, however, machine washable (yay!) and will keep feet warm for as long as they fit. I would consider these to be the ideal infant girl slippers to gift at a baby shower. Both of my girls adored their Hudson booties; I’ve probably gone through at least 2 pairs for each of them!

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№2 Delebao Soft Sole Tassel Bowknot Moccasins Crib Shoes

What better shoes for infant baby girls than a pair with bows on the top? The Delebao Tassel Bowknot Moccasins are a crib shoe that never fail. My favorite thing about these shoes is the abundance of colors and combinations they come in: white, black, black/gold, brown, tan/cream, gold, gold/navy, gold/yellow, pink, pink/gold, red, and more! While it might be hard to choose what color to go with, these are so affordable that you can pick up 2-3 pairs for an awesome baby shower gift.

Having a soft sole, these moccasins are perfect for a baby’s foot who is still crawling or even just beginning to walk. The material for these infant girl shoes is a blend of artificial leather and cotton. These shoes easily slip onto baby’s foot while at the same time offering a snug, but not too snug, fit. Some of my friends felt that the shoe ran a bit large, but it’s fine since the little one will grow into it eventually.

My favorite thing about these is the bow and moccasin tassels that frame the top. Even though these shoes aren’t made of genuine leather, they look like they are and are durable from my experience. To put it simply, the Delebao Bowknot Moccasins are great newborn girl sandals.

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№3 JIASUQI Barefoot Swim Water Skin Shoes

The JIASUQI Swin Water Skin Shoes are a unique gift since they are specially made for going to the pool, beach, or even the backyard pool. These infant baby girl shoes are perfect if you know mom loves to go swimming. These swim shoes come in over 20 different designs and patterns that range from starfish to unicorn! Pretty fun to say the least.

For materials, the shoes are made of a 92% polyester and 8% spandex blend with a slip-resistant rubber sole. The stretchy material allows for a breathable, comfortable, and snug fit that is comparable to socks. They are easy to slip on and off and are super convenient to bring on the go. A cool thing about these shoes is how fast they dry.

Some of my mom friends liked to use these for indoor infant girl slippers since they fit like socks and have a protective rubber sole to protect from sharp/hard objects. While these aren’t quite infant girl sandals, they might even be a better option since they offer full coverage of the foot and are suitable for warm weather.

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№4 BENHERO Canvas Sneaker Anti-Slip First Walkers Candy Shoes

BENHERO Canvas Sneakers are ideal for first-time walkers who don’t require hard bottom soles just yet. The canvas comes in 14 different colors: black, brown, dark blue, grass, gray, khaki, light blue, navy, pink, red, rose, turquoise, white, and yellow. Having a plain, solid color design makes these toddler girl sneakers great everyday use that is also versatile.

These can easily be slipped on and off, making getting baby ready and out the door a breeze. These sneakers offer some flexible padding on the inside for good support that also allows an infant’s natural foot movement. The overall shoe is very lightweight and won’t weigh little feet down.

These BENHERO Canvas Sneakers are very similar to Vans footwear in terms of design while at the same time being very affordable. That being said, the material isn’t the most durable for long-term use. This shouldn’t be much of a problem though since they really do grow up SO fast. Overall, these are an adorable pair of infant girl tennis shoes.

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What to Consider

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing what infant baby girl shoes you should choose:

The most important thing when it comes to a baby is safety. Most baby shoes will be made to grip floor surfaces, though not all shoes are created equal. Make sure that the footwear you choose to give fits little feet securely and doesn’t slide around on non-carpet surfaces. Infant girl tennis shoes are a safe and comfy option, and sandals for infant girls are a good choice because they stay snug on the foot.


What are the parents’ interests? Does she enjoy going on nature walks or swimming? The New Balances are perfect toddler girl sneakers for families going outdoors a lot while the JIASQUI Barefoot Swim Water Skin Shoes are for those who enjoy pool and beach trips.


Consider what mom’s sense of style is. Nothing is cuter than a daughter that matches her mommy, whether in clothing sets or toddler girl sneakers. For instance, Converse are pretty popular, so giving a pair of Converse for the little one will hit the right spot if you know Momma’s got a pair she likes to wear herself.


Quality is always something to consider with every gift. While I mentioned budget options as well as more expensive, yet affordable options, the main difference is with the quality of materials the shoes were made of. That being said, it’s also important to note that infant girls tennis shoes won’t go through as much wear and tear as toddler girl sneakers. Overall, quality will matter more for shoes made for walking toddlers rather than shoes for smaller infants (such as the moccasin crib shoes by Delebao, the perfect infant girl sandals).


Don’t forget to consider the ease of use of the shoes. I kept this in mind for all the shoes I mentioned, so they’re all easy to put on and take off, especially newborn girl sandals, which shouldn’t have too many straps to deal with. If you happen to choose a shoe I didn’t mention, try to avoid shoelaces and go for slip-on shoes and velcro straps instead.


Making the decision on what shoe to gift can be tough, especially if you don’t have experience with infant girl sneakers, sandals for newborn girls, and baby boots yourself. All of my choices considered all of what I mentioned. Whether you choose what I suggested or you decide on a different pair of shoes, as long as you keep in mind the tips I shared, you should have no worries.

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