How to play with children

Tips to teach how to play and have fun with your children

As our children grow, their needs and demands also increase. A child of one year, for example, a rattle will do some fun, but not enjoy it as much as a baby. Therefore, we have selected some guidelines on the different ways to play with your children according to their age.

The beginning of the game with children

During the first eighteen months, the child is related to the world through his senses. Only act There is only the here and the now. His first game is to repeat movements of his body (put his hand in his mouth, for example). Your next game is to try to reproduce reactions on objects outside of it (move a rattle, etc). Little by little, these movements will vary in what constitutes an authentic experimentation. Then, you will relate the movements of the different senses, which will allow you to solve new “problems”.

In this period there is an essential toy: the person who is with him, who takes care of him, who speaks to him, who sings to him, caresses him and plays with him. That gives you 20 times the pacifier that the baby has thrown away. The relationship with this person is an important need for the good development of the baby. The pacifier and the rattle are the next best toys, as well as all the things that can be sucked, moved and played. In short, babies want toys that respond to their actions.

From crawling to tricycle

Around the year, the child begins to move, crawls, stands, walks, runs, jumps … Each of these stages is necessary. To run it is necessary that you have walked, and to walk is essential to crawl. Having security in your body will help you to have security in the rest of the things. Your body is a privileged toy to learn to think (how do I have to put my legs to swing alone?). Any place that encourages your movement safely will be a good place to play: the field, the park in your neighborhood, safe stairs. The first toy will undoubtedly be a mat for crawling and then toys to push while walking: riders, balls, tricycles, skates, bicycles, etc.

Play to represent

During his second year of life, the child acquires a new capacity of transcendental importance for his development: the capacity to represent, which allows him to leave the here and now. Now you can say what you have done or what you are going to do, imitate something you have seen that is not present, draw it, and, especially important for the amount of time you spend in it, “play what you do”. In this game he develops a fundamental intellectual capacity of the human being: that of giving an object a meaning different from his own in terms of increasingly smaller similarities.

In addition, this type of game will introduce you to society; Through it you will discover realities, some very distant (the hospital, the jungle …) and hence the importance of being free of sexist stereotypes or antisocial values.

The best toys are your friends. With them and few other things, he will invent his best adventures and train in cooperation and negotiation skills. Anything can be converted into any other, but there are some toys that should not be missing. A telephone, things to cook, fabrics to disguise, dolls and stuffed animals, toys for crafts, among many others.

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