How Do You Sleep After Retinal Detachment Surgery

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How Do You Sleep After Retinal Detachment Surgery. After the surgery, people should expect about three weeks for recovery. Reinauer joined new vision eye center in 2015, following his completion of a fellowship in vitreoretinal surgery at the university of texas southwestern.

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After the procedure, you should rest only when you really feel tired. After the retina has been treated, the space in your eye is refilled with a gas bubble or silicone oil to help the retina reattach or the hole to close. This is because a gas bubble has been put in your eye.

Here Are Some Tips To Help You With Detached Retina Surgery Recovery At Home:

In addition, you are restricted from flying until the bubble completely dissipates. Retinal detachment may be caused by being extremely nearsighted (cannot see far away), or having an eye infection or injury. After surgery, you may need to stay in the hospital for a short time — and it might take a few weeks before your vision starts getting better.

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The bubble holds the retina in place to heal correctly. Do not lay on either side or look up. Reading may be uncomfortable for several days but using the eye will not cause any damage.

Do Not Lie On Your Back.

Keeping your head in this face down. How long do you stay in hospital after retinal detachment surgery? Surgery to correct a retinal detachment or a macular hole involves the removal of the vitreous from your eye through a vitrectomy.

But It Is Very Important.

If you had a local anaesthetic for your surgery, you can expect to leave hospital about one hour after the surgery. Lie face down on a pillow; So, if you want to lie down, try to laying face down.

Use Special Equipment That Can Make It Easier To Stay Face Down Or Sideways.

Have the recovering side of your face hang off the edge of the bed. Your doctor will give you specific instructions. You can rent or buy equipment such as.

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