Hair Bands for Little Ones – Types, How to Choose, Best Options

It’s not a secret that mothers enjoy making their daughters look like dolls with all the clothes and accessories that are now available for kids. One of the most fun accessories for daughters is definitely small baby hair bands. They come in all the different shapes, sizes, and designs, so it’s more than likely that parents will find the ones that they like. Whether you want your baby to wear a headband for a special event or every day, here is the information that you should know.

Which hair bands for babies are used?

As it was mentioned previously, there is an abundance of headbands for little girls. Depending on your preferences, you can find the ones that will work for you and your baby. Some of the options include the following:
  • Lace hair bands
When made from this material, the headbands for girls are extremely lightweight and thin. A lot of the times you can find them decorated with different beads and other accessories, making them perfect for special occasions. In addition to that, they can be worn comfortably in the summer because of how breathable they are.
  • Fabric hair bands
Cloth hair band for babies are among the most common options. They can be made from all the different types of fabric, but it’s important that they are sufficiently elastic. You can pick different colors for everyday wear and choose how you want them to be decorated – with bows, flowers, or something else.
  • Crochet hair bands
Little princesses will definitely look amazing wearing crochet headbands. When choosing the hair band made from this material, you should make sure that it fits perfectly on the head, because crochet bands are not elastic. They definitely look interesting and come in all different colors depending on the used yarn. Those who have skills can also attempt at making these headbands at home, as they are generally not that complicated.
  • Ribbon hair bands
Another type of soft hair bands for babies that should definitely be mentioned are the ones made from ribbons. In the majority of cases, these headbands are accessorized with bows and fabric, making them a lot more fun. They can also be decorated with beads and pearls, depending on which look you are going for. It’s important that the ribbon is elastic so that it stays on the head and doesn’t slip off.

What you need to know when choosing a headband

While there are so many beautiful hair bands for babies, it’s not just about the design when you choose an accessory for the baby. Both comfort and safety should be among the top priorities because children are obviously a lot more sensitive and won’t be able to tell you if something is uncomfortable. The factors that you should take into consideration are:
  • Circumference of the hair band
The perfect hair band should be elastic, as it makes it a lot easier for you to find the one that will fit right. You should make sure that the hair band is not too tight, as it can hurt the baby. But, if the band is too loose, it will be falling off constantly. The best idea is to consult a specialist and let them choose the right size for your baby.
  • Decorations
Before buying a certain hair band, you should make sure that any decorations are attached very securely to the band. While a baby with hair band always looks cute, you should avoid small beads that can fall off so that your baby doesn’t eat them or chokes on them. The best idea is to go for the hair bands that feature fabric accessories, such as flowers and bows.
  • Quality of the material
It’s always a good idea to go for the materials that are on the natural side, such as bamboo yarn or cotton. Because the material will be directly on your baby’s head and touching the skin, you want it to be breathable to make sure that the little one stays comfortable. Whether you are after pink baby hair bands or other colors, don’t forget about the actual quality of the material.

Some headband options to choose from

It can be difficult to choose from all the different hair bands available nowadays, so here are the ones that you may want to look into:
Sweet Baby Headbands Turban Knotted from Quest
The set comes with six cute headbands for your baby daughter. The turban knotted headbands definitely look very unique and interesting. Besides the awesome design, the headbands are also made of the high-quality fabric, which is breathable, stretchy, and lightweight. The fact that it doesn’t feature any accessories makes it perfect even for the smallest babies.
Girl Headbands and Bows from Parker Baby Co
With the variety of patterns and colors, the set from Parker Baby Co. can be a perfect solution to try different styles. There are 10 different colors and patterns in the set, including roses, polka dots, solid colors, and more. They are also big baby hair bands and it means that they can be worn not only by newborns but also toddlers.
Baby Headbands Turban Knotted from Toptim
Another set that you may enjoy is the one offered by Toptim. The selection comes with 8 turban knotted bands to make sure that you can choose the hair band for different outfits. The bands are elastic thanks to the blend of spandex, cotton, and polyester. What is great is that all the hair accessories were dyed using non-toxic colors.
 16PCS 2.5" Baby Nylon Headbands from Prohouse
Now this is the set that will certainly offer a lot of fun, as it comes with 16 different bands! If you look for red hair bands for babies or other fun colors, Prohouse set can be just what you need. When it comes to the fabric, they are made of 80% cotton, which ensures their durability and also makes them ideal for children with sensitive skin. They can be worn all year around without any issues.
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