Fun and Effective Exercises to Do With Young Children

We all know that staying active is important for our health and overall well-being. Exercises lead to the release of endorphins, fill our bodies with fresh oxygen, improve blood circulation, and so much more. Whether we talk about an adult or a kid, the sedentary lifestyle is not good for anyone. If you want to develop a habit of exercising in your child, it’s much easier to start early and make it fun. In this article, you will find some excellent exercises for young children that you can do together with them.

What are the benefits of exercising from a young age?

Exercising is something that should never be underestimated, especially for those people who spend a lot of time in the sitting position. Children who are active from the young age and not just glued to their phones all the time get the following benefits:
  • Better ability to cope with stress and various challenges in life
  • Lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Stronger bones and muscles
  • Decreased risk of becoming obese
  • More positive outlook on life and less chance of getting depressed and anxious
  • Reduced chance of developing hypertension and high cholesterol levels
  • Better sleep
These are only some of the benefits of regular exercises for little kids. It’s important to remember that habits don’t develop in one day, but if you stick to motivating your children to stay active, they are a lot more likely to continue working out when they are adults.

What are some of the exercises to incorporate?

The best way to encourage your children to exercise is obviously to lead by example. Kids are always interested in what adults do and they want to mimic them, which allows you to show a great example of a healthy lifestyle. Also, if you manage to incorporate some element of playing into the exercises, children will definitely want to participate.
Here are the exercises that you may want to do with the children:
  • Mountain Climbers
Children generally have a lot of energy, so this exercise will be fun for them. For the exercises, kids should start in a plank position and pull their knees towards the belly one by one, as if running on the spot. You can make it more fun for several kids if you tell them that those who climb the mountain faster will win.
  • Squats
Squats are great for your kid’s back and legs and they are relatively easy to do for children. Make sure that when they squat, their knees don’t go past their toes. Older children can even do squats with some light weights.
  • Push-ups
It may sound surprising, but some kids are better at push-ups than most adults that don’t work out regularly. It’s definitely a great exercise to offer to your children, as it strengthens the upper body and leads to the stronger back, which is essential, as kids have to spend a lot of time in the sitting position.
  • Plank
Planks are challenging for everyone. You can make this young children exercise less boring by turning it into a challenge! If there are several kids exercising, you can simply tell them to hold the plank as long as they can and they will definitely want to become the best at it.
  • Lunges
Lunges are quite an easy exercise for most children and they will likely to find some quite entertaining.  Besides the obvious benefits for the legs muscles and core strength, lunges are also excellent for developing a sense of balance.
  • Burpees
Most adults agree that burpees are not for the faint-hearted, but they are incredible for kids who are bursting with energy. The standard burpee is done when you squat, jump the feet back, do a push-up, jump the feet forward, stand, and then jump on the same spot. Doing a push-up in this sequence can be too much for kids, so they can just avoid doing them.
  • Gorilla Walk
This exercise will definitely be fun for kids and it’s actually extremely effective. The way that children should do it is by moving around by placing their fists on the floor. The goal is to move each arm and leg simultaneously, which can be both fun and challenging.
  • Half-crunches
Full crunches should not be used for young kids, but half-crunches are great. Introduce them to your children and let them do as many as they want without going overboard.
Young children and exercise are a great combination because it allows them to grow into the healthier adults that will be able to lead better quality lives. It’s generally a lot easier to form a healthy habit in childhood and take it with your into adulthood than trying to get into working out when you have never done it before.
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