Children’s teeth: Perfect brushing!

“Mom, guess: What do you give people twice and the third have to buy them?” “I do not know”, I answered and I thought that at the height of his 10 years there were many riddles that left me without an answer. “Ha, ha, … Teeth! First they give you milk, then bone, and then … you buy the hair pieces,” my daughter replied, laughing.

“You won me one more time, I admit it, but you do not always have to lose bone,” and I took advantage of my daughter’s witty joke to explain, once again, the need to brush her teeth. It happens that this habit depends on oral health, a concept that transcends the beauty of a smile to become the tuning fork of our vocal cords, and on the stage of the first moment of digestion, chewing.

Dental brushing should be a habit for children

In addition, recent research ensures that the same bacteria that cause tooth decay, also cause certain types of heart infections. This, without speaking, of the bad breath that produces a sick tooth or the insufferable of a toothache in the middle of the night.

Brushing is a habit that must be conquered with discipline and perseverance, first of the parents and then of the little ones. Since the first teeth sprout in babies, we must take care of them with care. It’s not about brushing them, of course, but cleaning them delicately with an aseptic gauze. Then, as they grow, we must present this trilogy that integrates soap, toothbrush and toothpaste-especially fluoride-enriched, protective teeth par excellence-as allies of beauty and health.

Brushing should be done after each meal and before bedtime. The first thing is to rinse the mouth, moisten the brush and throw the paste. Then the teeth are brushed, first the upper ones and then the lower ones, moving the brush from back to front and from the gum to the outside with movements that must be repeated between seven and ten times on each of the outer and inner faces of the teeth.

The same procedure must be followed with the teeth. Almost all the dentists consulted agree that it is very important to select the right toothbrush, because although there is a wide variety in the market, some more attractive than others, the truly essential detail is that their bristles are straight, abundant and of medium consistency . The soft ones do not drag all the plaque dentobacteriana and the hard ones could hurt the gums, particularly sensitive mucous membranes. Once this phase is completed, the masticatory surfaces of the molars should be brushed (molars) and then rinsed with plenty of potable water. If necessary, it is recommended to floss to remove the remains of food that could be trapped between one piece and another.

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