Children of 8 years old should continue to use car safety seats

Children, even after 8 years of age, should not be “rewarded” by their parents using only the seat belt while driving. The pediatricians insist and warn that they should continue using the safety seats, appropriate to their weight and age, which are the only retention systems that guarantee their safety in the car.

The safety of children in the car

Although in recent years, Because of increased security measures of children in the car, deaths due to traffic accidents decreased, but traffic accidents are still one of the main causes of child mortality. Therefore, the Association of Pediatrics asking parents to control their children and also educate them the safety standards. In this way we can ensure the safety of our children

Very often when children grow up, parents relax in terms of their safety. With each passing day the child is getting more independent. They wants to do everything himself. Often we don’t see what they are doing and we don’t care about child as before. However, when it comes to security issues, we can not relax. The child will be safer in the car if it uses restraint systems, since it is proven that the proper use of these systems can prevent a large part of the deaths and injuries in case of accidents.

Advice of the Pediatric Association on road safety for children:

  • Always use, on the road and in the city, retention elements appropriate to the child’s age and weight, at all ages, including older children. The harnesses or belts of the retention elements must fit over the body of the child, without gaps.
  • Always carry children in the rear seats of vehicles.
  • During a trip it is necessary to make breaks (every two hours at most), avoiding high temperatures inside the vehicle and don’t give them to drink lots of water . Monitor these recommendations also on short routes.
  • Finally, adults must have a responsible and exemplary attitude to safety , taking special attention with the use of seat belts, abstinence from alcoholic beverages before and during driving and control the speed limits on the road.
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