Boppy pillow lounger and chaise lounger for baby’s comfort

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Hello! Being a mother is a big responsibility. To support other moms, I decided to write a detailed review of a wonderful device that will make your life easier. I’ll tell you about the baby lounger and similar items that help me very much every day.Children don’t like to stay in bed for a long time. Even the youngest babies want to communicate with the world. They watch what happens in the house, listen to conversations, and observe their parents. Would you leave your baby alone in the crib, relying just on a monitor’t hold the baby in your arms all the time. What do you do?
This pillow has anatomic shape and makes baby feel very comfortable and safe on it

How I started using the boppy newborn lounger cover

I don’t know about you, but I have a very fussy and demanding baby. I couldn’t leave my son alone in the crib or baby mat for very long. I had to constantly walk with him around the rooms, showing everything and talking nonstop. By the end of the day my hands and back are so sore. Although he was only 3 months old and didn’t weight very much, it was hard to carry him in my arms all day.

Maybe you went through something similar. My friends did. This is why I recommend everyone try the boppy newborn lounger cover, which I’m going to talk about here. I also want to write about the infant floor seat.

What I really adored about my infant was him listening to the adult conversations. He could listen to me talking to my friend so attentively for hours. I usually placed him on the couch surrounded by pillows so he wouldn’t fall. Later on, I found out about another reliable way to be close to your baby, but at the same time to be able doing your own thing. A newborn pillow was almost like a nanny for my son and the best helper.

The boppy pillow lounger can be placed on the bed or on the carpet. The baby will feel comfortable, and you can be sure that he is safe. Special sidebars don’t allow the baby to fall – they create a feeling of a cradle, which is very important for your little one. Psychologists say that children love the cozy closeness, reminding them of their mother’s womb. It’s a great solution if the baby cannot calm down by providing this comforting feeling.

What I liked about the boppy newborn lounger cover:

  • A soft, machine washable material that is very easy to clean.

  • Convenient for newborns.

  • You can take it with you for a walk.

  • It is convenient for feeding.

  • Can be used from 0 to 6 months.

I very often put the newborn pillow in the crib because it’s too big for my son. He was feeling lonely in a big bed. The pillow created a cozy nest, so the baby feels safe and falls asleep easily. Feeding also became easier. You can hold the pillow in your hands or put it next to you – both ways are very convenient.

A baby can sleep safely next to you

I am very picky when it comes to children’s products, but in this case, I can’t find any faults. I really like the fabric, color, design, softness, and convenience newborn pillow. Everything is just right. My son loves laying there. He looks so peaceful that you just want to take a picture of him. I can feed him while he is in the seat. I can even step out for a couple of minutes to get a diaper or baby oil.

What I appreciate the most is that I can lay the baby in bed with me since the seat is safely protecting him. The sides of the boppy pillow lounger are hard enough to protect your little one from your moves during sleep. It creates some kind of bumper between you and the baby. Also, you don’t have to worry about the child turning around or suffocating. Baby’s head will be always placed in the right position.

This pillow meets the orthopedic standards and is very safe. The safety is as important as the comfort when it comes to baby’s devices. If something happens, we will blame ourselves. Even the smallest detail matters when you try to avoid all possible dangers. I trust the newborn pillow completely. It is an excellent alternative to the crib.
The shape of this chair repeats the shape of babies back, perfect for sleep and rest of the babyThe special sides and groove structures where the baby lays are very comfortable. The model provides the necessary protection, and I know that my son is safe. I liked taking a newborn pillow with me everywhere because if my son felt uncomfortable in a new environment, the cozy cradle reminded him of home. It solved many problems. You can put the baby in your arms anytime for a feeding.

The boppy pillow lounger is the perfect thing to lay and comfort the baby. It is designed in a unique way, with deep and high sides, imitating the womb of the mother. This is a real helper for parents. It allows interacting with the child without holding them. I liked that the product is light, so you can easily lift it with the baby.
If it is difficult for your baby to have a nap, this day dreamer chair is definitely for youBabies are adorable, but they also can be messy. So I really liked that the boppy pillow lounger is easy to clean. You can wash it in cool water, but most of the times I just used the wet wipes. The material quickly dries and we can use our favorite pillow again. After each “accident” I did not use the washing machine. You can also cover the baby lounger with a protective blanket, or use removable covers.

Sweet embrace from the newborn pillow:

  • when I bought the baby lounger, I knew that I was buying a licensed chaise lounger, specially designed for babies from birth to 6 months;

  • the high quality of the material and filler made from polyester fiber doesn’t cause allergies or discomfort to the baby’s skin;

  • the design is supposed to remind them of their mother’s arms, giving them peace and sound sleep;

  • the baby lounger is multifunctional and portable.

  • organic fabrics are GOTS certified;

If the baby has a tummy ache, then this is a great place to calm him. You can also use the device as a cradle for traveling. This high-quality product is very functional. The newborn pillow is created so that the head and body of the baby feel comfortable. I enjoy having my son in the center of the bed between me and my husband so I could feed him without getting out of bed. At the same time, we were not afraid to crush or push the baby.

When the child grew up, we bought him a baby sit up chair.

Baby birds fly away even from even the coziest nest – this is life. An infant floor seat is the next level in comforting a restless baby. I mentioned earlier that our son is very social. He likes to be close to us. If I cook dinner, he needs to watch me. Where can I leave the baby if he can’t sit in a regular chair yet? A baby sit up seat was a great find.
This model can give you some space, as the baby will be busy playing toys or swinging in itYou just put the little one in the infant sitting chair and do whatever you need. A colorful design, toys, beautiful decorations, orthopedic construction, and a safe material make it super functional. It’s not heavy and you can take it anywhere. You can be sure that the baby won’t fall, and won’t get bored. You can install the baby sit up chair pretty much anywhere. It works great if you have guests and everyone wants to talk to the baby. My son felt like a real star in these moments.

What I liked about the baby sit up chair:

  • a soft seat with a vertical back that supports the baby’s back;

  • a firm base that cannot roll over and break;

  • some models have built-in toys;

  • the baby is always busy and happy;

  • infant sitting chair easy to store and fold, and is lightweight;

  • the fabric can be easily removed, washed, or wiped with a wet wipe.

It was so cute when my son was sitting in the infant floor seat, looking like a big boss! He was having fun, being comfortable and safe at the same time. Comfort and fun is a dream combination for the baby and parents. Our child could look around and interact with the world. You could even feed him because the fabric is easily cleaned from all kinds of spots.
If your baby loves to play in the water – you might want to have this car-shaped chair to put him inI want my kids to be happy, so I tried to give them only the best. The baby is happy to learn during the game, so I tried to combine the fun and comfort. With the infant floor seat, it was easy. My son often fell asleep when he was sitting and playing. Just don’t wait for your child to fall asleep while sitting. You can leave a baby for a while, your hands will be free, and the child will observe the things around them or play with toys.

Learn and have fun with the infant sun seat

I usually prefer educational toys that stimulate my son’s curiosity.The baby sit up seat allows the child both rest and play. The chaise lounger introduces the baby to the world. If we went somewhere, we would take this device with us.

The seat has a great and colorful design. You look at it and you smile. It’s nice that a little person can see these wonderful, bright, and joyful things. I’m also so happy to watch him play and laugh. I took so many photos of my little son in the baby sit up chair.
You can enjoy sunny day together with your baby. Put him in this sit-up chair as it is very comfyI saw different models of this chair, and they were all bright and beautiful. The safety of your baby is a priority for kid’s products. Children at the age of six months are very active, so parents are afraid that they can roll over, fall, or injure themselves. The chair meets all necessary safety requirements which are very important.

I hope my story is helpful if you want to buy an item that will make your life easier and entertain your kid, or to pick a gift for your friends who have a growing baby. I understand that it isn’t easy to choose because the diversity is really surprising. Therefore, I wrote simple criteria.

How to choose an infant sitting chair:

  • check the fixing belts and the reliability of the device;

  • the chair must be stable;

  • materials are non-toxic and safe;

  • the model should not have sharp parts and elements that stagger;

  • the body and the expanded base must be firm;

  • the model has an anatomically correct frame;

  • the device is lightweight and is easy to store, fold, and carry.


Attention! Never carry a child in a chaise lounger. First, take out the baby, and then move the chair. The products are very reliable, but I prefer to avoid any risks. I also don’t recommend buying cheap fakes. It is not safe. Why save on your baby?

I hope my review and experience will help you make the right choice!

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