38 Best toys and gifts for 6-year-old boys in 2019

Your little boy just has entered middle childhood and you looking for some excellent toys? To make things a little easier, we have prepared a list of the best toys for 6-year-old boys.

It is a great age when little boys can still play with games meant for toddlers without having to worry about being “ a tough guy” but you don’t actually yet have the duties that older children might have.

At the age of six, kids are beginning to show off developing motor skills, social skills, better eye-hand coordination, increased self-control, and a stronger control on their emotions.

Kids are stronger, cleverer, friendlier, and more confident. They need the approval of their buddies and like teamwork. Six-year-olds begin doing things autonomously too, without any guidance from mom and dad. Another fact is that little boys plan for the future, such as the coming weekends.

Given their increasing abilities, it is essential to give children tools that challenge them and develop their skills. Choosing a gift for a little guy can be an enjoyable event.

There are tons of toys and games that can be engaging for all family members, but especially for your child. Playsets, building kits, and toys that that will keep him active are popular among little boys, as they still have huge reserves of abundant energy. Construction sets are also an excellent choice: LEGOs, Model Building Set, Science Kits, everything that will force the child to use brain while having fun and play.

Here is the list of the most impressive popular items on the market for 6-year-olds. The toys will not be just enjoyable, but help your kid to promote various skills. They can surely learn while they play!

Our Top 3 Picks
  • The Original Stomp Rocket: Dueling 4-Rocket
  • Our rating

  • 4 soft rockets that shoot up to 200 feet
  • Price: See Here
  • Swimline Giant Shootball Inflatable Pool Toy
  • An exciting twist to a classic game of basketball
  • Price: See Here
  • Creativity for Kids Grow n Glow Terrarium
  • Our rating

  • The set lets kids grow their own garden
  • Price: See Here

1. LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs Building Kit

A great gift for dinosaur loving boys or anyone who is fans of LEGO sets. This LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs Building Kit is an excellent model to build with your little one.

3-in-1 LEGO Creator kit features a green and beige color design, razor-sharp teeth, and large claws. Moreover, children can rebuild T-Rex into an awesome Triceratops or a Pterodactyl.

Each dinosaur has a lot of moving parts, such as an opening mouth or tail. Pieces are sturdy enough and made of top-quality materials.

The 174-pieces toy is designed to foster problem-solving skills and motor skills and allows your 6-year-old to maintain a sense of self-confidence while creating and building. It included step-by-step instructions.

The set is affordable
Fosters problem-solving skills and motor skills
Promotes self-confidence
There are step-by-step instructions
Kids can rebuild T-Rex into a Triceratops or a Pterodactyl
There are only two colors
A claw could pop off

What we like about it:
With these sets, you should love to have dinosaur battles with your 6-year-old boy. It will keep little ones busy for hours. Also, kids can use the kit with his other LEGO sets.

2. LEGO City Fire Ladder Truck

Boys love fun big trucks. With the LEGO City Fire Ladder Truck, your 6-year-old boy will get a great fire truck and a lot of accessories to add realistic touches to the kit. It features an extinguisher, an exe, a shovel, and circular saw and two firefighters. The awesome truck comes with an extending ladder that rotates 360 degrees.

The truck has a clever design that includes a rope hose, and a realistic oil barrel. Made of top-quality materials. Included are easy-to-follow directions that is meant to be read by your little man.

The car is great for helping 6-year-old boys to promote problem-solving skills and motor skills and encourage imaginative and creative play. It also maintains a sense of self-confidence while building. This excellent kit accomplishes all that and even more.

The set is affordable
Quality is great
It encourages imaginative and creative play
Develops self-confidence, motor skills, and problem-solving skills
There are easy-to-follow directions
It is difficult to put stickers on

What we like about it:
Boys will love pretending to be a superhero with this beautifully detailed set. For parents, the joy comes from knowing that the kit is very affordable and will keep little ones busy for hours.

4. Simon Memory Game

This classic 80’s game has provided hours of fun for generations of kids, and this modern version has a new look and upgraded performance.

There are the flashing light sequences challenging your 6-year-old to remember and repeat them correctly. This toy will keep kids surprisingly engaged. Perfect for stimulating brain development. It promotes kid’s sense of focus, memory and logic skills.

Promotes kid’s sense of focus, memory and logic skills
This toy will keep kids surprisingly engaged
This modern version has a new stylish look
It is smaller than the original
There are no old-fashioned push buttons
The pads sometimes don’t work right

What we like about it:
It features the updated design with new digital counter. It is not as tall or heavy as than the traditional and perfectly fit for little ones to hold easily in their hands. The sounds are not too loud. It also features and single and multi-player modes.

5. Multifit RC Boat for Kids

Provide an enjoyable activity for your 6-year-old and all family members with the Multifit RC Boat. It is a great remote control boat for little ones, as it is simple to control. It is also an excellent summer toy and can be used in pools or small pounds. There are two sturdy motors and solid operation.

The Multifit RC Boat at 8km/h and controller allows many boats to be driven at the same time.

Promotes imaginative and creative play
It is an excellent summer toy
It is easy to control
It allows many boats to be driven at the same time
The boat is very small and not fit for a large lake
You should empty out in the boat regularly

What we like about it:
The car is great for helping little boys to experiment with the various tricks that the boat can do. It also can help foster imaginative and creative play.

6. Marbleworks Marble Run Deluxe Set

You can help develop your 6-year-old boy cognitive development with Marble Run Deluxe Set which is created to stimulate brain activity. These sets are excellent toys for little guys, as they allow them to exercise their creativity while also acquainting them with the law of gravity. It features 60 construction pieces so there is nothing to stop your kid from creating engaging marble runs.

All curves, wheels, and supports are durable and come with funny colors for added brain stimulation. This unique toy stimulates your kid’s natural drive to problem solve. It facilitates hand-eye coordination, critical thinking skills and visual tracking skills. It is also beneficial to your kid’s sense of focus.

It allows kids to exercise their creativity
It acquaints them with the law of gravity
It facilitates hand-eye coordination and critical thinking skills
An endless number of raceway configurations
Some details look cheap

What we like about it:
Kids can begin with small runs, but after testing they’ll be making cool marble runs that threaten to spiral out of control. Children will play for hours by creating different runs. The set provides lots of fun while creating an endless number of raceway configurations.

7. Hot Wheels Monster Jam Giant Grave Digger Truck

When it comes to fast vehicles, every 6-year-old is obsessed with them. That is why Monster Jam Giant Grave Digger Truck is a great toy. It is a mega-sized truck a few times larger than similar ones with excellent Jam Giant Grave Digger styling. Made of durable materials it is created for abuse from a child. Your little one can push it, throw it, or kick and it will be working.

Made of durable and strong materials
It is created for abuse from a child
Features excellent Giant Grave Digger styling
It is a simple toy without sound effect

What we like about it:
Your little one will play with it daily on his own or with a friend. It is a simple toy without batteries or sound effects but it is very strong and built for abuse. You kid can ride it and even bounce and it will keep working.

9. EpochAir Fidget Cube

Due to the increasing popularity of fidgets, many badly made items have hit the market. But EpochAir Fidget Cube is one of the best value gift you will buy your 6-year-old boy.

Made with top-quality and kid-friendly plastic it is more sturdy than most others toys. The fidget is coated with a smooth and matte finish. This one has a nice weight and really great style and playful colors. Each side has something for your little boy to fidget with.

Made of top-quality and kid-friendly plastic
It is a sturdy toy
The toy is affordable
It helps to relax and relieve his anxiety
Vibrant colors
It has a great style
Some buttons are a little loud

What we like about it:
With this Fidget Cube, your little one will be able to relieve his anxiety and avoid habits like nail biting. It is small enough to fit in pockets.

10. Lifetime Pro Court Adjustable Portable Basketball System

Bring the fun of playing Basketball to your own home and provide an engaging activity for your 6-year-old boy and all friends and family members. It a great way to keep your little guy busy and active.

It features an unbreakable backboard, sturdy 27-Gallon base fills with sand, crushed granite or water. It has an adjustable hoop (from 7.5 to 10 feet 6-inch increments) so it can be passed on from older siblings to younger siblings. Made of strong and sturdy materials it will not rust quickly.

You little man will have endless hours of fun playing the great game. The great thing about this item is that it promotes social skills and teamwork in your little one. By giving kid items that require more than one player, he is better able to develop their ability to communicate with different personalities. Also, it is one of those sports that facilitates hand-eye coordination, leg muscles, and discipline.

It is affordable
It is easy to put together
The height is easily adjustable
The product is made of top-quality materials
Promotes coordination and develop leg muscles
Facilitates social skills and discipline
Instructions are a little unclear

What we like about it:
Your 6-year-old will love used it all summer. This sturdy hoop for a beginner and definitely won’t break the bank.

11. The Original Stomp Rocket: Dueling 4-Rocket

Little boys always are thrilled with toys that shoot hops and fly. That is why The Original Stomp Rocket is an excellent gift for your 6-year-old. It features 4 soft rockets that shoot up to 200 feet. There are no complicated electronics or batteries, it is powered by old leg power.

It provides tons of fun while also teaching kids about gravity, launching rockets and more. With this game, you can launch two rockets and your little one with friends can see whose goes higher.

The toy is affordable
It is super easy to put it together
This stand doesn’t fall over and looks
It is an exciting activity for all family members
It is an educational toy
Keep kids engaged for hours
Rockets can get stuck in trees and on roofs
Rockets look flimsy

What we like about it:
This game will keep your little man engaged for hours. Children can bounce, and stomp to fly rockets while developing leg muscles, motor skills, and coordination. It is super easy to put pieces together and provides an exciting activity for all family members.

12. Playmobil Ghostbusters Ecto-1

Who you gonna call? This fun Ghostbusters Ecto-1 replica kit based on the legendary Ghostbusters cartoon from the 90s is an ideal toy for 6-year-old fans of ghostbusting. This iconic vehicle has authentic details and two beloved characters from the movie. Figures are bendable and can sit or turn the heads. There are also lights and real-life sounds so your little one can start the fight against the paranormal activity, track down the ghosts and bag them by the dozen. Made of solid, top-quality materials. The set comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

This realistic set is an excellent way to develop social skills while still having hours of joy. Your 6-year-old boy will love to recreate movie scenes or track down ghosts in the neighborhood. It is also great for supporting imagination and creativity while developing motor skills.

The vehicle is easy to put together
It supports imagination and creativity
Develops motor skills and social skills
There are authentic siren sounds and lights
Made of solid, top-quality materials
The set comes with easy-to-follow guide
The vehicle doors do not open
You have to raise the car roof in order to sit figures inside
There are no real windows

What we like about it:
It is an enjoyable activity for all friends and for the whole family. Your little one will be fascinated with flashing lights and authentic siren sound. It is well-made and come with lots of realistic little details.

13. Scientific Explorer Magic Science Kit for Wizards Only

Aspiring scientists will definitely be excited about Scientific Explorer Magic Science Kit. This charming set comes with simple and safe chemicals for kids to explore. It features 4 test tubes, and harmless chemicals like citric acid, baking soda, vegetable oil and vegetable powder. The kit comes also with measuring scoops and everything needed to perform the magic. It is easy to keep children busy and those minds very creative, but without having to worry about their safety. It comes with step-by-step directions that can be read by both you and your kid.

It is a perfect kit for stimulating interested in science as well as develops self-confidence. The kit also promotes a sense of wonder and problem-solving skills.

Develops a sense of wonder and problem-solving skills
All simple ingredients are safe
It comes with step-by-step directions
It is a perfect set for stimulating interested in science
Needs adult supervision
Requires more ingredients and kits for more experiments

What we like about it:
These science experiments will make your 6-year-old boy feel like a true magician. It is fun and includes simple ingredients.  It would be an excellent way to introduce kids to some simple chemical reactions.

13. Laser Pegs 6-in-1 Monster Truck Set

Wanna play a classic building toy with your 6-year-old but with a twist? Laser Pegs Monster Truck SET is similar to LEGO sets but with illumination. This set features semi-transparent pieces and one laser peg that lights the figure up.

66 pieces are perfectly fit for little ones to hold easily in their hands. All big and small pieces can also be used with all main building toys such as LEGO and Mega Bloks. It allows little boys to create anything from monsters to vehicles. The kit comes with easy directions with pictures.

Laser Pegs 6-in-1 Monster Truck Set develops a kid’s cognitive skills especially his problem-solving skills while having fun. Perfect for facilitating psychomotor coordination, counterfactual reasoning skills, and motor skills.

The instructions are easy to follow
Can be used with another popular building sets
Pieces perfectly fit for little hands
The kit comes with an easy-to-follow instruction booklet
Promotes psychomotor coordination and motor skills
Batteries are expensive
It falls apart a little easier than legos
The ‘light up’ option does not illuminate the entire vehicle

What we like about it:
Great gift for children who love Legos. The light up feature is awesome and keep little boys endlessly engaged. Your little one can used his original legos with this top-quality product.

15. K’Nex 70 Model Building Set

The 705-piece construction toy from K’Nex comes with the instructions. The set will allow your kid to create anything he can imagine from robots to dinosaurs. The instructions provide aspiring engineers countless ideas what they can create. The kit also comes with a large box for keeping all the pieces together. The blocks stick together securely and can be quickly recreated into other figures.

Unlike other construction sets, K’NEX kit allows little boys to build unique creations that really move. The set features a lot of wheels and rotors.

The building toy is affordable
Develops motor skills and sense of independence
It allows building figures that really move
There are 705 pieces for endless ideas
Made of high-quality materials
The directions are difficult to follow
Handy storage box look flimsy

What we like about it:

Your little guy will love to use his imagination to create and reassemble the figures. This set is designed to support problem-solving skills in kids in a fun way. It also develops motor skills and sense of independence.

16. Razor Powerwing

There is no better present to give a really active 6-year-old boy than a scooter that looks cool. Kids love exciting activities that challenge them. Available in many vibrant colors, Razor Powerwing scooter is a great way to develop coordination and balance while still having a lot of joy.

What makes the Powerwing unique and fun is a completely new way to ride. Just start moving from side-to-side and the scooter’s design gets you going using kinetic motion. The handbrake makes it simple for kids to stop.

Razor Powerwing made of durable steel frame and durable enough to accommodate kids with weights up to 143 pounds.

Available in bright colors, including pink and silver
It is great for promoting gross motor skills
Provides tons of joy and pleasure
It is easy for little boys to control
It is not easy to put together
A helmet is not included

What we like about it:
With this stylish scooter, your 6-year-old will promote gross motor skills. He will love to spin on it and have the smoothest and quietest ride.

17. Transformers the Last Knight Armor Turbo Changer Bumblebee

This hugely popular franchise has exploded onto this toy, and now your 6-year-old can join in the fun with the Turbo Changer Bumblebee which transforms to a Chevrolet Camaro. They toy challenges kids while providing hours of fun.

It is pretty easy to switch from Transformer to Chevrolet vehicle in two steps. But it comes with directions. The toy facilitates fine motor skills and imaginative play.

Promotes fine motor skills and imaginative play
It is pretty easy to switch
Comes with directions
Looks cheap
It doesn’t come cheap
Pieces don’t correctly align

What we like about it:
It is a good toy for lovers of the movie Transformers. The toy is easy to open and close and can keep your little boy busy for hours.

18. Rocket Copters

Creative playtime fun with Rocket Copters. This awesome toy will launch like a rocket and will fly like a helicopter. Rocket Copters are flashing, light up the night helicopters. You can launch up this toy up to 150 feet into the air. It features 6 rocket copters, a slingshot, and three launchers.

It is an exciting outdoor game for the whole family. Rocket Copters is one of those simple toys that gets everyone smiling and moving around. The toy promotes coordination and creative play.

It is very affordable
Promotes coordination and creative play
All family members can enjoy this activity
Needed adult supervision
LED lights could stop working

What we like about it:
Your little boy and all family members will have a lot of fun launching them into the night sky. The rockets fly like shooting stars provides hours of fun.

19. Step2 Contemporary Chef Kitchen

Little boys will feel all grown up when they explore Contemporary Chef Kitchen and play pretend with all family members. It features 20 realistic accessories including a coffee pot, pans, pepper shakers. Electronic stove lights up and makes real-life cooking sounds. When you place a pan on the stove top you can hear the realistic sounds of frying food. It comes with storage baskets help to keep all accessories together.

Trendy and stylish details promote creative play for aspiring chefs. The overall size is perfect for children. This compact kitchen doesn’t take up much space and fits easily in any room.

Promotes eye-hand coordination and creative play
The playset is compact
There are a lot of realistic accessories
It makes real-life cooking sounds
It is easy to assemble
Accessories are too small and easy to bend

What we like about it:
With this kitchen playset, your 6-year-old boy can pretend to be a chef while building motor skills problem-solving, and logic skills. The toy also promotes eye-hand coordination and creative play.

20. Cars 3 Trouble Board Game

It is time for entering demolition derby with this Disney/Pixar Cars 3 version of the Trouble game! The exciting game takes the original Trouble game and sets it in the demolition derby from the new popular cartoon.

Unlike the original games, Cars 3 Trouble Board Game offers to get all vehicles home before another player does. Your little one can hit other cars back and drive through speed zones. Perfect for promoting teamwork, your little guy can enjoy the game with his friends.

It is an exciting activity for the whole family
Easy to use
The pieces don’t fall out of their places
Promotes problem-solving and logic skills
The cardboard looks cheap

What we like about it:
It is a good indoor game for rainy days. Your 6-year-old boy will sharpen his attention to detail and problem-solving and logic skills.

21. Nerf Centurion Mega Toy Blaster

6-year-old boys love are always excited about toys that shoot. With the darts made of safe materials, mega-sized Nerf Centurion Mega Toy Blaster is a great toy for a little superhero. It features 6-dart clip and 6 Nerf Mega darts.

The Mega Toy Blaster comes with a bipod stand for even more efficiency. Easy control of this toy is ideal for little boys.

Ten colorful darts can be shot up to distances of to 100 feet (30 meters). They made of foam and will stick to any smooth surface. SO kids can construct various types of targets. And the great thing about darts, they whistle as they fly!

Made of top-quality materials
Promotes concentration and hand-eye coordination
Facilitates motor skills and creativity
Darts whistle
The toy looks great
No batteries required
It is not accurate
It could be hard playing for smaller children

What we like about it:
This engaging toy can keep your little boy busy for hours. Promotes concentration, hand-eye coordination, finger coordination. It is great for encouraging creativity while facilitating motor skills.

22. Deluxe Platform Swing

It’s a great way to keep 6-year-old boys active without having to worry about their safety. Deluxe Platform Swing can be used inside or out and constructed from high-quality materials that are safe and kid-friendly.
It features a sturdy and comfortable nylon seat, padded steel frame and solid, spacious platform. This is durable enough to accommodate children swinging with weights up to 250 pounds.

With this sturdy product is easy to build a garden oasis for children. It is also easy hanging this comfortable steel swing from a tree or balcony.

Made of sturdy top-quality materials
It is an interesting activity for the whole family
Perfect for mastering coordination and motor skills
Easy to put together
Support multiple kids at the same time
It is hard to adjust the the swing height

What we like about it:
Your little one will love to use Deluxe Platform Swing in various positions. It provides hours of fun while encouraging the development of motor skills and balance. Moreover, it is an exciting activity for the whole family.

23. LEGO Batman Movie Mr. Freeze Ice Attack Building Kit

Your little superhero will love acting out his beloved scenes from the movie with The Lego Batman Movie. There are three figures: Batman, Mr. Freeze, and a guard. It features an ice prison with room for a figure and exciting weapons. It comes with play-inspiring accessories to add realistic touches to the kit. It includes Batman’s flamethrower and the security guard’s mask. All pieces made of top-quality materials.

There are a lot of realistic accessories
Promotes cognitive skills, coordination, and motor skills
It comes with easy-to-follow instructions
The kit is affordable
High-quality materials
The box is not very comfortable for storage
Little pieces can be easily lost

What we like about it:
LEGO Batman Movie is something that any 6-year-old boy will love particularly if he is fond of the hugely popular movie. This set will allow your little one to enjoy building as well as use his brain. It develops cognitive skills, coordination, and motor skills.

24. Swimline Giant Shootball Inflatable Pool Toy

It is an exciting twist to a classic game of basketball. Little boys will have hours of fun with giant water basketball hoop. Made of sturdy gauge vinyl this basketball hoop allows multiple players to have even more for fun in the sun. It comes with a ball and instructions. The toy promotes coordination, gross motor skills and keeps little ones active.

It is an exciting twist to a classic game
Very sturdy
Made of top-quality materials
Promotes coordination and gross motor skills
Develops teamwork in kids
It can begin losing air

What we like about it:
Little guys will have countless hours of fun shooting the ball in a hoop at the top. The good thing about this toy is that it promotes teamwork in kids. By giving them toys that need more than one player, they are better able to develop social skills and find common ground with their friends.

25. Creativity for Kids Grow n Glow Terrarium


6-year-old boys love to build their own toys. By getting them to assemble and decorate Glow Terrarium as they please you will promote a lifelong passion for science. The engaging set lets kids grow their own lovely garden inside a stylish jar. Terrarium features decorative sand, wheatgrass, and chia seeds.

It comes with step-by-step directions and 45 stickers and shines in the dark at night. It even features a little plastic cute rabbit.

Develops confidence and problem-solving skills
Spark an interest in science
The kit glows in the dark
Comes with the necessary tools and materials
Instructions are not very clear
Stickers are complicated to remove from the sheet

What we like about it:
This exciting and educational terrarium helps your little guy ignite an interest in botany. Perfect for developing confidence and problem-solving skills. Biology is fun with this excellent toy.

26. Qwirkle

This classic and engaging game with easy rules is great for families and can involve kids of any age group. Players should create lines by matching colors or shapes and each time they do, they score points. The tiles and the storage bag are excellent quality

Perfect for developing teamwork, critical thinking, analysis and problem solving while having tons of fun. Your 6-year-old boy also will sharpen his attention to detail. The ability to create complex combinations will keep kids involved and challenge them.

Easy rules
Develops teamwork, critical thinking
Promotes preschool learning skills and healthy competition
Perfect for rainy days
The game could be heavy for little kids

What we like about it:
This classic colorful game is an activity your little one can enjoy with his buddies and family members. It is ideal for promoting preschool learning skills and healthy competition.

27. Code & Go Robot Mouse by Learning Resources

It is an excellent introduction to coding and logic. The rules of the game are super easy: simply code the cute-looking mouse to be able to receive the cheese using directional commands. This toy will challenge your 6-year-old boy and teach him basic coding methods.

It features 30 instruction cards , colorful activity cards, and walls.
The mouse is adorable enough to keep aspiring coders’ attention will move on any smooth surface. All the commands are simple to execute and the number of coding cards is not limited. Children can create their own puzzles.

Promotes solving a problem and logic skills
Great introduction to coding and logic
Children can create other puzzles
The mouse is adorable
The mouse doesn’t always correctly make turns

What we like about it:
The toy helps encourage solving a problem and logic skills. And little guys will love doing it because it is fun. Moreover, little boys can realize that, people will pay them to create their own programs.

28 . Battleship Game

This is a classic that all little boys adore. The rules are easy: players announce the coordinates of strikes to destroy all opponent ’s ships one by one. The set features two convenient battle cases, 10 realistic, and pegs. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

But the best part is: this game has exciting real-life explosion sounds. Supports critical thinking and problem-solving skills while honing fine motor skills.

Develops problem-solving skills and fine motor skills
Comes with easy-to-follow directions
Makes real-life explosion sounds
The game is very affordable
The boards look flimsy
Pieces look cheap
The pegs fall out

What we like about it:
This toy will place your little guy right in the middle of a naval battle. It is a good activity to enjoy with friends or family members.

29 . Brain Flakes 500pc Set

Getting 6-year-old boys this kit should keep those hands very busy and those minds very imaginative. This STEM toy features 500 pieces that join to each other and guide with a lot of building ideas.

The kit is made of top-quality and tested materials that are safe for kids.

Little engineers can use their creativity to build everything from trees to robots. Or, they can develop logic skills by following the directions with building ideas. This is beneficial for little boys because they encourage their problem-solving skills and leave them with a sense of artistic ability.

Endless ideas for building
Comes with instructions and building ideas
Foster creativity and imagination
Promote fine motor skills
Made of tested materials
Pieces can get lost

What we like about it:
Not only your kid, but all family members who see the constructor set will not resist creating with the colorful pieces. It is super fun and also helps to build little guys’ motor skills, foster creativity and imagination.

30. Hasbro Connect 4 Game


Great and classic game for all family members. The goal is to get four 4 discs in a row. It features a grid, slider bar, bright red and yellow discs. Comes with step-by-step instructions. The game is super easy. However, it keeps kids engaged and challenges them mentally. It’s easy, fast and exciting game.

Supports critical thinking and logic skills while facilitating fine motor skills.

It is a classic, easy and fast game
Enhance fine motor skills, critical thinking, and logic skills
Easy to clean up
The game is affordable
The box is flimsy
The discs can get lost

What we like about it:
The game suitable for any kid of any age group. And it is the same traditional game that you played when you were a child, so it is engaging enough to play with a little one.

31. Diggin Active Dodge Tag

Active Dodge Tag is an amazing new twist to a classic game that all kids adore. The ball sticks to the vest itself so kids will have hours of playtime. The set features 2 air-mesh adjustable vests and 6 bright, and fairly safe balls. Children wear the vest and they try to stick balls to their opponent’s vests, especially to hit the target on the vests.

The great thing about this product is that it helps promote social interaction and teamwork in your boy. It is an activity she can enjoy with other players and perfect for promoting teamwork and develop the ability to communicate with different people.

Provides hours of safe fun
Promotes agility, fine motor skills, balance, and strength
This set can be a lot of fun to play with family
The vests are perfectly constructed and well made
The balls stick simply
You can not purchase more balls
The vests are very small
The sticky pads become ineffective after using

What we like about it:
It is an excellent toy to make new friends. It is also a great way to play classic dodge ball but with a twist. Active Dodge Tag is a great exercise for agility, fine motor skills, balance, and strength.

32. 3C4G Classified Top Secret 3-D Locking Journal

The hugely popular Lock and Key Diary is a good choice if you’re looking for diaries that are not very girly. This is a nice-looking item created for boys at this age. With a durable lock and key mechanism all your little man’s thoughts, and paintings will be perfectly safe. The diary comes with 2 little keys. 100 lined pages for lots of information are easy to write on they are excellently fit for kids to hold easily in the hands.

The diary created for boys
Pages are excellently fit for kids to hold easily
Develops writing and as well as motor skills
Promotes the development of independence and confidence
Small keys can get lost
The lock and keys look flimsy

What we like about it:
By getting your little one this diary, he is better able to promote the development of confidence. It also helps promote writing and facilitate gross motor skills particularly in handling the pencil. This is also beneficial to your kid’s sense of focus and problem-solving skills.

33. Adventure Kidz – Outdoor Exploration Kit

It is the great toy to help your little boy explore the natural world around them. The kit provides all of the tools kids need to start their investigation into the world. It features binoculars, a butterfly net, a compass, and magnifying glasses. Also, it comes with three bug containers, a clipboard, a pencil, and comfy backpack to keep them all together. The binoculars has soft viewfinder and real focus center dial.

Pieces made of high quality, safe and kid-friendly materials. The set promotes kids’ curiosity and foster confidence, as they investigate the world around them. It is not only perfect for fostering his imagination but it also helps to build character of your little explorer.

The backpack is very handy
Affordable price
There are many pieces for kids to play with
The items are well made
Some pieces look flimsy
It is not suitable for younger children as there are many tiny pieces
Plastic bugs look cheap

What we like about it:
It is a great educational kit for five-year-old boy. There are many items for children to play with and create the “adventure”. Your kid will love to collect bugs and examine them. He will spend hours exploring the backyard.

34. Roblox Series 1 Work at a Pizza Action Figure

It is well-designed set to fascinate kids at first glance. Pizza Action Figure is one of the greatest Roblox games available. It features two figures, a delivery scooter, and realistic pizza boxes.
These cute and sturdy toys made of safe, sturdy and kid-friendly materials. Perfect for solo or match scenarios. With everything included it helps foster kids’ confidence and imagination.

Ideal for make-believe play which can promote the development of a kid’s cognitive skills. It is also perfect for facilitating problem-solving skills and fine motor skills.

The price is fair
Made of strong and sturdy materials
It promotes problem-solving skills and fine motor skills
Realistic accessories
Fosters confidence and imagination
Little accessories can snap

What we like about it:
This product is nice for the price. It is something that any 6-year-old boy will enjoy particularly if he is fond of Roblox toys. Your little one will be excited to add these figures to his growing Roblox collection.

35. NERF Nitro Longshot Smash

Sure, you can purchase for your 6-year-old boy cars and blasters, and your little one will be fascinated by them, but what about putting cars in the blaster? The Nerf Nitro LongShot Smash shoots foam vehicles that are particularly designed for speed. It features a colorful blaster, a long-jump ramp, little vehicles with plastic wheels, and obstacles. Vehicles are loaded up and then shot out like blasters would shoot darts. It is a pretty odd idea, but it works surprisingly very well and provides tons of joy. All pieces are made of safe and sturdy materials.

Little boys can create performances and long-distance jumping challenges with their buddies. The simple operation of the blaster is perfect for little boys. This toy teaches boys about concentration as well as fine control of finger coordination. Makes for excellent creative play.

Good quality and durability
Made of safe materials
Develops fine motor skills and fosters imaginative
Promotes concentration and finger coordination
The idea is strange but works well
There are only two cars

What we like about it:
This exciting toy keeps children hooked. And the fact that the blaster and cars come in playful colors is an added bonus. Promotes fine motor skills and fosters imaginative.

36. Pie Face Game for Kids to Enjoy


It can be his favorite game because what can beat seeing people get pie-faced! It can get messy when you are playing but provides tons of fun. It features plastic throwing arm, a pie thrower, masks, and easy directions. The idea is to get the arm to venture towards another player’s face, and someone will get pie-faced. To do so, you’re hitting a big red button as fast as you can to try to move the arm towards the second player.

Great activity for the whole family
Super easy to clean and set up
It is a fun and engaging game
The plastic arm doesn’t lift quickly
It can get boring
It can get messy

What we like about it:
The Pie Face Showdown It’s one of those games that provide the whole family exhilarating time. This is a fun and engaging toy brings your little one lots of laugh-out-loud moments. It is a pretty simple construction provides tons of fun. Simple design makes the toy super easy to clean.

37. Dinosaur 3D Puzzle Set

Here is an actually excellent idea for puzzles. It provides an opportunity for him to promote solving problems skills. Your kid will love this puzzle especially if he is fond of creating and assembling models. This cute dinosaur is full of surprises. When turned on, the toy reacts to sounds, so if your little boy makes a loud noise, he will begin to roar and move around. All the parts are made of durable wood.

This little dinosaur is interactive, nice to touch and offer plenty of free play inspiration. It is also ideal for a good snuggle at bedtime.

It is an adorable interactive toy
Encourages imagination and creative play
Makes noises
Comes with the clear instructions
Batteries are not included

What we like about it:
Perfect gift for kids especially if they are fond of dinosaurs or love puzzles. It also helps to foster imagination and creative play.

38. Pogo Stick for Boys

Burning off energy is simple with this safe stylish small jumper. This toy will keep your little guy busy for hours. The exciting toy with strong base and comfy foam grip handles will make his bouncing happily until he’s well tired. Hopping on jumper helps develop agility and motor skills and leaves boys with smiling faces. For family members, the joy comes from knowing that the jumper can support up to 250 lbs so even parents can have a hop.
The perfect exercise for your little men while also promoting basic skills like hand-eye coordination, and agility. Jumper is designed from a light strong base, and comfy easy-grip handles.

Made of strong and durable materials
Features comfy foam grip handles
Great toy for indoor and outdoor use
Can support up to 250 lbs
Develops agility and motor skills
The toy stops making noise after extensive use
The handles may be pulled off

What we like about it:
Ideal for use inside and outside and will not scratch the floor. And it is not only great for kids but for parents as well. Moreover, the jumper makes a playful sound, so your 6-year-old can count the number of bounces.

Criteria used in evaluation of the best toys

Their development, and their toys

At the age of six, kids are already can understand how things work in the outside world. Little boys also understand that different kinds of people have different views. Children can also begin showing their emotions in greater detail. The most suitable games for little boys should be those that help promote the expression the feelings and thoughts as well as knowledge of how things work. Besides, the rules of games can help promote the idea of following the rules and rule-based activities.

Actually, the fine motor skills of kids of this age group are excellent. The best items at this stage are those that let kids write, paint, bounce, and move. Toys that help facilitate agility and balance are also significant.

At the age of six, kids begin planning role plays. Play-pretend sets make up a large portion of their toys and activities but now with a goal in mind. They now have a better sense of how things world in the real world this is reflected in their paintings and activities. It is therefore essential to give games and toys that are close to the real object to help little ones make the association.

Additionally, the speech of kids at this age is well-developed. Kids can start writing and studying grammar. This helps them interact better with other kids which becomes the foundation for great emotional health and social skills. This makes games that help promote the growth of these skills very valuable.

Other toys you can consider for your little one include robot kits, musical instruments, or even a collection of the highly popular animation movies!

Books are an excellent option as well if your little boy love to read or being read to. You have a lot of options to pick from but know that there can only be one ideal gift. So know your kid’s interests and figure out what he would love to receive as a gift.

Six-year-old kids are filled with abundant energy and his attention span is limited. So don’t give playsets or games they will get bored of quickly.

Entertainment and Educational

All toys in our list can be played with in various ways – individual or with friends. Also, all of them can be used to enhance social skills or put into action things they are studying at school. This is essential for those who want to receive as much value as possible from buying new toys.

Considerations when picking a gift for 6-year-olds

When your kid is turning 6, he will apparently be in his first year at school. It can be an excellent idea to collect gifts which will help with his school life. You probably will want to pick toys to help him with a special skill, or hobbies which he’s got. This could be a book, a science set, a coding game, or items like a STEM construction kit.

Selecting toys for little boys can be challenging as kids usually want to be like their parents or older siblings, so might love game tools, with accessories to go with it. There are some absolutely great STEM sets that have nuts, bolts and so on that allow kids to build some crazy creations.

Picking a gift for a 6-year-old boy who has everything

Some kids have tons of various types of gifts and selecting something unique for them can be difficult. Some useful tips is; does he have something comparable to this already and if so, what is there that he doesn’t recently receive. Try to get something new or to find exciting items which get a load of laughs and fun and toys kids can play with their buddies.

Boosting Brainpower

6-year-old boys are still trying to figure out how to balance home, lessons and maybe sports activities. Well-chosen toys and games can help facilitate motor skills and social skills of kids without adding to the stress.

Social interaction

Kids are working on communication skills such as practicing patience, being confident, recognizing mistakes, and showing emotions. Toys that require more than one player is great to sharpen vital skills.

Children often tend to learn about social skills while doing something with friends. While girls love to connect by conversation, little guys would rather choose a basketball or a football. Little guys often try to surpass their buddies through competition, they like to redirect their energy into action. They love contests and the chance to show proficiency. When little men race vehicles, throw darts, have competitions or play basketball with their friends, they are doing more than simply pleasuring themselves. Kid are trying to win, and learning how to lose gracefully.

Picking the best gifts for little boys can certainly be challenging particularly if you take into consideration the fact that there are thousands of games and toys in the market.


Q: My kid is fascinated by LEGOs. How can I introduce him to another children who share his passion?

A lot of libraries offer LEGO clubs and give the opportunity for children to create and build together. Maybe your little boy can join. If not, ask what it would take to hosting one there or in your home.

Q: My kid is autistic, what are toy suggestion for him?

Companies such as Tangle Creations offer excellent toys for children with sensory and focus challenges.

Q: What is the average amount parents spend on gifts for kids?

It is difficult to figure out a specific amount, but specialists seem to agree that 20-25 dollars per kid is a suitable range.

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