29 Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 1 year old girls in 2018

We know how tricky it can be to find the right toy for 1 year old girl. When you shop for the present, you see all those smiley faces, bright colors and promising commercial slogans. While it’s true that a little child needs something to stimulate her mind, it should also be interactive and safe for her to use. It should be something to help her master new skills and discover the world.

While dolls and other traditionally girly toys can be a good choice, there are so many other options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a present for a newborn, need something for a 7 month old or just a perfect toy to last for a while, here is the list of ideas.

Last Updated: 25.10.2018
By Hristina:
By Hristina:
We've updated our finest selection of toys for 1 year old girls! Here you can find the latest toys at different prices to suit your budget and her preferences


Our Top 3 Picks
  • Baby Einstein
  • Our rating

  • Take Along Tunes Musical Toy
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  • Fisher-Price
  • Our rating

  • Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair
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  • B. toys
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  • One Two Squeeze Baby Blocks
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1. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy


From very young age children are interested in music. This toy plays classical music while bright lights are flashing in coordination with the song. This toy is perfect for times when your child is bored (for example, riding in a car). The sound is so relaxing that it can even calm the child when she is not in the mood for play.

You don’t need to worry about the loud noises as there is a volume control mechanism. Your child can switch between 7 long songs or just play with the lights and little rings. The device is powered by 2 AA-batteries and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. You can get it when your child is three months old or even have it to play calming music for newborns.


it’s very light and nice to the touch
plays a variety of popular classical songs
features bright design that children love
has volume control

can calm a crying child down or entertain him for quite some time

bright colors attract attention of a little child and keep them distracted from crying

Studies claim that if you let your child listen to classical music since very young age, it will always have a calming effect. The toy is very easy to clean: just wipe clean with cloth and soap.


the toy is hard to bite, very little children can accidentally hurt yourself (don’t give it to children younger than 3 months old)
the button is hard to push when a child wants to play another song
you should not use any chemicals to clean the toy
the rings on the side are hard to hold

the toy sometimes makes a vibrating noise

There are no complete songs, only parts. One part lasts for a minute and then you need to press the button to continue playing. While a child can understand that, she might be not strong enough to do it. Some parents claim that color paint smears all over the wet cloth when you clean the toy but we didn’t have this problem. The toy usually lasts for 9-10 months of regular use, after that you need to get a new one.

What we like about it:

Most toys for 1 year old baby girl have amazingly annoying sounds or songs like Old McDonald. Luckily, parents can listen to some good songs now. We also like that it’s bright and colorful, kids get distracted by simply looking at the toy. You can reduce volume and use it as a non-interactive toy. Babies like to shake it and chew it and just spend time with it without playing the songs. We also like that the child can learn to press the button every time the song stops playing. For us it was a life saver on road trips and days when the girl wasn’t in the mood for anything else.

2. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair


This is one of the best gifts for one year old girl. The chair is really easy to assemble and in 3 minutes your child can play. It has many little buttons and “hidden” features to keep the kid busy for quite some time. Little children love opening and closing the chair, while older ones enjoy turning the pages of the book and pressing the buttons.

There are two arms with a built-in book and a keypad with numbers. A child can learn letters and numbers on her own! There are also different learning modes for different ages; you can switch between them by simply pressing the buttons on chair arms. For example, you can learn about shapes or play over 50 tunes.


over 50 songs, melodies and tunes for learning new skills
a highly interactive toys for little children
great punch and resonance, excellent lows and present full mids
songs can be activated automatically when a child sits and stands

There are many buttons to press here but if your child is too small, she will have fun by simply sitting and standing up. It might be interesting for 2 year old girl too as she can enjoy the book and sing along to the music.


you need a screwdriver to assemble the chair
no batteries included, you need to have 3 AAA batteries
some children try to stand on the chair and can fell down

When the chair comes, you need to find the place for batteries (under the rear leg), which can take some time. And then there are very short instructions, most of the functions you will have to figure out on your own.

    What we like about it:

    This is a great way to teach children about simple things like letters, numbers and shapes. They get distracted by many features for hours and enjoy sitting and standing on the chair. The toy is sturdy and safe to bite.

    3. One Two Squeeze Baby Blocks

    One Two Squeeze Baby Blocks


    If you think that traditional blocks are unsafe, these squishy ones are a great alternative. They can teach children colors and numbers: each block has a primary color and a number from 1 to 10. Each has an animal and they are very nice to the touch. Children love squeezing it and biting it and laughing when it whistles. The cubes stack well; even a little child can build a small tower.

    This toy is recommended for children 6 months of age and up. They will last for months as your child develops motor skills and learn basic colors and numbers.


    a safer alternative to a classic toy
    a great way to learn colors, numbers and animals
    safe to use in water (for example in bath tub)

    We love that you can play it together with your child. This is a classic toy with a twist and it has proven to be very effective.


    it can be hard to see the animal on the block because they are of the same color
    there are not that many colors in one set, no green color, etc
    some colors look very similar and can be confusing for a baby

    This is a very basic toy suitable for small children. They will grow out of it relatively quickly and loose interest.

    What we like about it:

    We really love the safe material and the squishiness of the blocks. Your child can safely put them in her mouth. Unlike traditional plastic or wooden blocks, these are very soft and nice to the touch.

    4. Step2 Whisper Ride II Ride On Push Car

    Step2 Whisper Ride II Ride On Push Car


    This is one of the best toys for 1 year old baby girl who wants to explore the world. The car is for her to ride around the house, park or zoo. It looks fancy with its life-like features and has enough space for a child to sit. The girl will feel like an explorer when you push her around.

    The wheels and the steering wheel are sturdy and can handle months of regular use. The car is smooth and light, you will have no problem pushing it for hours.


    safe and convenient to use
    bright pink colors are perfect for a girl
    comes together in 15 minutes
    children love wild rides around the house

    We love that this car is very comfortable for a child. It’s made of quality materials and gives your child an opportunity to explore the world. It has a safety belt for toddlers to keep them secured.


    the steering wheel can pop out of place if your child tries very hard to do it
    the cup holder on the handle can be a little bit small
    it moves like a lawn mower because the wheels don’t turn

    The assembly of the car can be a trick sometimes. The directions are poor and you need to figure it out yourself.

    What we like about it:

    This toy is less expensive than its counterparts but it does an excellent job. Children get excited every time they get to ride it, and parents can have a free hand while being outside with their kid.

    5. Green Toys Dump Truck in Pink Color

    Green Toys Dump Truck in Pink Color


    This is one of the best gift ideas for 1 year old girl who enjoys sandbox play. It’s made of quality material and doesn’t contain and PVCs and phthalates. Your child can bite the truck and enhance her experience in their play area. The truck meets FDA standards and comes in a girly pink color.

    We like the toy because it helps children improve their motor skills and enjoy their sandbox play even more. Together with your kid you can learn to dispose the right amount of sand or just transfer it from one place to another. This Dump Truck is a great way for your child to learn new playing techniques.


    a great way to learn to play with sand and develop motor skills
    bright colors attract child’s attention
    safe and durable materials
    the truck can navigate different areas with ease

    comes getting ready for play.

    We know that children love playing in sand and dirt, and this toy can make this time more meaningful. It’s very easy to clean and maintain, the colors stay bright even with regular usage.


    the plastic is sturdy yet it feels too light and thin
    the size is a bit small for a child who wants a challenge
    it doesn’t go far by its own if you push it; you need to constantly control the truck

    There are no serious cons to this toy. It’s pretty simple and easy to play. However, the dumper back can flip up easily if you don’t put enough sand in it. It can make the child dirty and disturb the play a little bit.

    What we like about it:

    This is a simple toy that is made with child needs in mind. It’s light and easy to grab and go. It helps parents improve their kid’s motor skills and teach them new sandbox play techniques. The truck is made of green materials and totally safe for children.

    6. LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket

    LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket


    Even small children can learn how to share something with friends and family with this interactive basket. It will teach them to prepare and serve meals and “enjoy” them together with parents or siblings. Even though the concept of sharing takes time to learn, with this toy it will happen naturally.

    Small children love to pretend they’re doing something adults do, and they benefit from this kind of play. This toy boosts their creativity and imagination and helps them learn about the world around us.


    the batteries are included, the basket is ready for play
    different pieces come in the set to teach a child about colors, numbers, shapes and food items
    quality materials that are safe for children

    We love that you get 14 pieces in one set: you get several plates, cups, food items, forks and one picnic basket with a cute face. Everything is made of quality material and painted in bright colors to attract children. The food comes in various shapes and you can learn them together along with the names of items as you play. When you lift the lid, you hear a short melody. There are 30 different responses for different situation, which is great for play.


    some pieces are difficult to put back to the basket for a child
    forks are huge and not convenient to hold
    the basket is a bit heavy for a kid when fully loaded

    Some parts can be a choking hazard so it’s highly recommended to supervise a child. She can put them in her mouth and bite just make sure everyone is safe

    What we like about it:

    We really love the variety of ways to play with this toy. You can use it outside or inside, together with your child or just letting her explore it on your own (under supervision, of course). This is a great opportunity to have a picnic every day with siblings and parents.

    7. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

    VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker


    This is a great walker for children 9 months and up. You can easily remove some parts to make it lighter and place it on the floor as a little interactive piano. There are 70 different short songs to play along with the noises and tunes. It will encourage the child to walk more and push the walker around.

    Together with parents children can learn to sit properly and push the right button to get the result that they want. A walker offers a helping hand to a child that wants to walk around by offering fun activities on the way.


    removable front panel for a toddler to play
    dozens of sounds and songs for encouraging interactions
    batteries are included
    5 piano keys to learn to play music

    We love that you can take the front part and place it on the floor for a child to play. Walking is encouraged with music and other interactive features. Older children can push the walker on their own.


    the assembling instructions could be more detailed, it’s easy to get confused
    it’s not very travel-friendly because reassembling takes quite some time
    there is a little phone receiver but no cord so it can get lost easily

    Some of the details are too small for a child to push, which can be upsetting. If your child is learning how to stand, the walker can slip and run away, so an adult should supervise the kid.

    What we like about it:

    We really love that a child can easily develop motor and gross skills while enjoying walking with this toy. Time flies quickly for a child and when she is tired, she can sit on the floor and play with the interactive board.

    8. Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

    Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball


    This ball immediately attracts child’s attention with its unusual textures, bright colors and interesting shapes. There is a lot to explore for a young girl with her little hands. The rattle is a distraction for a child and the toy is simple enough for babies. Older children can play it too by chasing and rolling the ball.

    The toy features 12 bums of different textures and colors. You can use it to learn some simple things such as shapes and colors. The bumps are well stitched so they won’t fell off during the play.


    the bumps are easy to hold and roll the toy
    some parts make very gentle noise to calm down the child
    the main material is very small and suitable for a child

    We really like that a toy as simple as this one can be so helpful for a child. It teaches kids about shapes and textures and improves motor skills.


    this toy doesn’t have any tunes or melodies for a child to get attracted to
    some rattles are made of plastic and a child can bonk herself in the head while playing with the ball
    you can’t wash it in the machine and fabric gets dirty with time

    Even though the toy is made for little babies, the nubs can be a bit too big for little hands. You might need to wait until your child grows up and then you can give this toy to her.

    What we like about it:

    This is a very simple toy that delivers to its promises: little babies love to throw it around, grab it and hold it in hands. It’s very soft and feels nice to the touch.

    9. VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

    VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight


    This fun flashlight is more than that: it can teach children colors and animals, let them explore the dark parts of the house and learn new melodies. There are two modes marked by a book and a light bulb. The first one lets you twist the flashlight to choice which animal you want to hear the name of and the toy says it and plays the right sound. The second one is a flashlight with simple fun melodies for children to be more brave on their journey.

    Together with parents children can even learn letters and numbers by pressing different buttons. The flashlight can speak to a child and name animals and colors.


    6 different colors that a child can change by rotating the end of the flashlight
    perfectly light for little children
    the material is very durable and children can throw it safely

    We really like that this flashlight can entertain children for many day and can even teach them something. It’s relatively inexpensive and small, which is great for traveling.


    you can have light only with a repetitive song playing over and over again
    little children can have problems rotating the end of the flashlight to change the color
    it doesn’t function as a flashlight only so can be a bit annoying after some time

    There are no detailed instructions to this flashlight and you need to learn all its features by yourself. The light bulb mode is only a flashlight, it’s not very entertaining.

    What we like about it:

    We like that our children love this flashlight and most of its features. It does more than helps children see in the dark. They play it mostly in the evening when the whole family is walking outside.

    10. VTech Baby’s Light-Up Laptop

    VTech Baby's Light-Up Laptop


    This baby laptop features 9 big buttons to teach children about colors, animals and shapes. It can introduce letters and numbers from 1 to 10 to a baby. The laptop comes with a bulky mouse for your child to play and watch the screen light-up in the same direction where the mouse is going.

    There are many bright colors, pictures and shapes on the laptop to grab child’s attention. The display shows many animations that follow what the child is doing.


    9 big button with an LCD screen
    a moveable mouse for fun play
    20 melodies and 3 songs

    We love that there is a volume control that keeps parents from hearing the same melodies all the time. Loud noises won’t frighten the child as well. The device has a power saving feature which prolongs the battery life.


    the device is made of light plastic that can break if the child hit it hard
    parents need to supervise the child and help her learn its features
    there are 2 languages – Spanish and English – and a child can accidentally switch between them

    What we like about it:

    We really like how interactive this toy is. Infants and 1 year olds can learn a lot with a single toy. It keeps children interested for many days and teaches them about animals, colors, numbers and letters. The device can help parents to enjoy time with their children while learning something new together.

    11. Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys

    Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys


    This simple bright toy is a great way to teach your baby girl coordination while in the bath tub. The Octopus floats in the water and has three rings to play with. You can wash your child clean while she is playing and developing new skills.

    Children love taking the rings on and off and just playing with them. You can give the rings to your child to bring with her after bathing and play with the while you dress your child. There are no holes or openings on the toy, nothing gets inside.


    comes with 3 big rings to toss around the octopus
    helps develop hand-eye coordination
    floats in water to make bath time more fun

    We really like the simplicity and usefulness of this toy. It makes bath time much easier for parents and enjoyable for children. Children love to see bright octopus and his rings floating around them.


    the toy is made from hard plastic that can be a hazard for little children
    the octopus and the rings are quite small
    doesn’t float the right way all the time

    The octopus looks bigger on the picture than it does in real life, so beware. Besides, you should always supervise your child when she plays with it.

    What we like about it:

    The octopus is a little fun bath activity for a child that doesn’t like to sit a wait to get clean. Children love to bite the rings and toss then around the tentacles.

    12. Brilliant Basics Stroll-Along Walker

    Brilliant Basics Stroll-Along Walker


    This is one if the greatest gifts for 1 yr old girl. It’s very appealing to little children and sparks their curiosity with little buttons and toys on the front. A little bear plays simple tunes that encourage children to walk. The wheels allows for enough movement for the first steps of a baby and there is nothing that can harm your child should she fall while using the toy.

    Children love to put their favorite doll in the walker and push it everywhere. It supports children on the way and encourage interactive play. Little girls love the teddy and the buttons that play music.


    many little activities on the walker such as a flipbook, spinners and a roller bar
    the buttons are big enough for a child to push
    the tunes aren’t too loud

    We think it’s one of the best walkers for girls out there who learn how to stand up and make their first steps. The material is very durable and strong and can last for many years.


    the walker is small so only small toys can fit in it
    you need to buy screws for it separately
    the wheels slide fast on some floors

    We would like to have an opportunity to lock the wheels as you do with real walkers. It can go a bit fast got little children. The musical bear is located near the handles and when the child tries to reach it, it falls down.

    What we like about it:

    We really love how cute and sturdy this toy is. It doesn’t slide too fast for little babies. it doesn’t tip when a child holds onto it and feels really nice to the touch. The look is really adorable and naturally draws attention. It helps babies walk and play with their dolls.

    13. VTech Baby Babble & Rattle Microphone

    VTech Baby Babble & Rattle Microphone


    This microphone is great for babies who love to talk, sing and bubble and hear their voices rise. The toy also works as a rattle, so as children move around it makes sounds such as laughing, clapping and so on. Basically, you’re getting several toys in one.

    The microphone has two modes: for learning and for talking/singling. There are also four buttons for an interactive play. Each detail is large enough for a child to hold and push, and will respond based on which mode the child wants. The cutest one is the puppy button that encourages children to sing along simple songs and the arrows will flash with the additional sound while the song is playing.


    does different animal noises, plays music and acts like a real microphone
    makes different sound effects when you shake it
    has four big buttons that play different songs

    We love that this microphone has over 60 songs, tunes and melodies for children to learn and stay occupied. The toy promotes imaginative play, role play and motor skills. It will shut down after one minute of no interactions and it will turn on when a child presses the button.


    the toy is heavy and is made of hard plastic
    you need to hold the microphone very close to the mouth to magnify the voice
    songs and sounds play all the time

    We think it’s a bit too noisy. Sometimes different songs and sounds just play together and create a noise.

    What we like about it:

    We love that this toy actually works as a microphone. Children laugh every time they hear their loud voices. The toy can play some simple songs and sounds to encourage interactions and help children improve their motor skill. There are 12 long melodies from classical music to rock ‘n ‘roll songs.

    14. VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

    VTech Smart Shots Sports Center


    This is a multifunctional soccer net with a baseball hop for 1 year olds to play and improve their skills. When you toss the ball into the loop you see the LED screen counts the number of baskets. This is a great way to learn numbers. When you kick the ball into the net, the center will respond with music and congratulations.


    a simple way to develop motor skills
    animations and sounds effect attract babies and keep them interested
    together with a parent a child can learn new words by singing along to songs

    We love that there are separate buttons to help children learn shapes, numbers and colors. Turning gears can play 50 different songs to encourage a child to play more.


    the product looks smaller than on pictures
    replacement balls are quite expensive
    someone should supervise the child during her play

    We wish there was a way to keep the toy in place, something like suction cups because some children use it as a walker. It’s possible to pull the toy up and it will fall on top of a child.

    What we like about it:

    We love that the toy is highly interactive. You can learn numbers, shapes and colors, develop motor skills and encourage team work.

    15. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen Activity Center

    Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen Activity Center


    This is a great toy to promote imaginative play in 1 year olds! They can open and close the door, flip the switch, make their own dishes and put foods in the oven. They toy can play music and lit lights. There are Spanish and English languages available, 4 different modes for playing and lots of melodies. Babies love to explore around the activity center and test each set piece.


    inspires many helpful activities
    introduces children to shapes, objects and much more
    can play over 75 songs, melodies and phrases
    parents can control volume

    promotes bilingual learning

    We love that this toy encourages children to learn numbers, objects, colors, shapes and much more. You can play together with your child to teach her problems-solving skills and learn new things


    not suitable for children who need support while standing
    children can pinch their fingers
    the construction isn’t stable enough

    Small children seem to have troubles open the fridge without knocking it down. We wish the construction was more sturdy and could stay in place.

    What we like about it:

    This toy require an adult to supervise a child but overall it’s a great way to teach your kid many different things! The kid won’t get bored with 4 different modes, interactive buttons and lots of music.

    16. Lamaze Fifi The Firefly

    Lamaze Fifi The Firefly


    This is a simple cute toy that keeps baby attention captured for hours. It has different patterns, cute wings and colorful smiley face to surprise little girls. We also believe it’s a great way to develop auditory and vision senses in very little children.

    We love that it can make different gentle sounds to attract babies. And as a parent I love that I can just wash it in the machine to remove any germs and dirt after play. The material is holding up very well after all that chewing, throwing and so on.


    children don’t get bored of playing with the toy
    it’s great to have in a car or push chair, and you can easily attach it to many different things
    bright colors can stimulate vision
    wings calm down babies and develop their auditory senses

    it comes with an attached teether and a squeaky ladybug
    made of quality materials

    One of the main benefits is that this is a simple inexpensive toy that keeps children busy. Girls love different sounds and to touch and bite it.


    some parts a bulkier that we want them to be
    it doesn’t have any music or tunes
    some children can’t hold it in their little hands

    There is not much not to like about this toy. The only thing we can say is that it can be a bit too big for little children to grab.

    What we like about it:

    This toy has bright colors and attractive patterns. It can travel with your family everywhere or you can hand it on your bag, car seat, play mat, etc.

    17. Discover & Play Piano Musical Toy

    Discover & Play Piano Musical Toy


    This is one of the greatest gifts for 1 year old girl who loves to touch buttons and listen different melodies. This toy can be in two modes: in first you listen to the sounds of horn, drum and violin. In second you can learn numbers in English, French or Spanish. Babies love to woof, meow and quack along with this animal sounds.


    piano buttons respond to baby touch
    plays classical music
    introduces numbers, instruments and animals

    We really love how babies get surprised by this cute piano. It develops their musical and visual senses and they can even dance and move to the rhythm of the simple melodies.


    the piano keys are a piece of cloth
    cleaning the piano can take some time
    the classical songs are very short

    We don’t have much to complain about this toy. We only wish the keys were not cloth so that baby hands couldn’t make it dirty so quickly.

    What we like about it:

    We like everything about this toy: it’s educative and fun for little girls. It can play music, animal sounds, instruments and say numbers.

    18. Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike

    Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll 'N Trike


    This is one of the most versatile toys in this list and it can suit children up to 5 years old. This is also one of the best gifts for one year old girl. You can easily turn it from a stroller into a walker, supported trike or just a trike. All you need to do is to remove the push handles which takes less than a minute.

    The height is adjustable and pedals can be turned into footrest for children at age 2 or 3. There is a removable canopy and a cup holder. Parents can easily walk with a child without having to carry her.


    adjustable height
    removable cup holder
    adjustable handles

    We love that there are many components in this trike: the movable seat, the secured canisters and the pedals that you can change over to hassocks. There are a total of 4 forms for your child’s maxim convenience. Just strap your little girl into the back seat and push her along.


    setting up can be tricky, it’s better to get a helping hand
    the trike is bulky
    if you need a seatbelt, you need to attach the headrest to the bike sit, which means your child will seat very high up

    The only complaint that we have about this trike is when you have footrests, baby’s legs just dangle there. It will get more comfortable when the baby can reach the pedals.

    What we like about it:

    We really love this multipurpose product for children. Everything you need for your child is there. Of course, it’s a bit pricey, but it’s a good deal for what you get.

    19. Pacific Play Tents Find Me

    Pacific Play Tents Find Me


    This toy is a great way to make little children moving and playing. This is an easy way to start a fun activity for the whole family even if a child is still very small. When you don’t use it just fold it into a case. Then untie two strings and the tent is ready for a play. This develops child’s motor skills and promotes imaginative play.


    you can get several tunnels and connect them together
    promotes imaginative play
    develops muscles and problem-solving
    easy to store

    The tunnel is long enough for children to have a lot of fun inside. It can stay with the child for years and always be an exciting activity.


    the colors aren’t so bright as on the picture
    cleaning takes some time
    you can’t control the length

    This is a simple toy so we don’t have many complaints about it. The only thing we have in mind is that you can’t change its length or anything. You get it as is and can’t change much.

    What we like about it:

    We love that the tunnel is made of durable material that won’t be torn by children. It’s wide enough for adults or older children.

    21. VTech Pull and Sing Puppy

    VTech Pull and Sing Puppy


    This toy can sing when children pull the string and learn new skills. The dog is very light and easy to carry around by the leash. The toy dog can teach children colors, numbers and body parts. It features over 50 songs, tunes and melodies to keep little girls entertained for many hours. You only need 2 AAA batteries to make it work and start playing.


    the toy is very light and convenient to tug along
    can educate children about simple things
    the sound is gentle and not overwhelming for parents

    The greatest benefit of this toy is that you only need to perform simple action to enjoy all its features. Just pull the cord to hear music and different sounds. Puppy can move legs and swing keys.


    the string is to thin for little babies to manage
    when children try to rotate the ears they can pinch their fingers a little bit
    a bit pricey for the number of features

    This puppy is a bit pricy for 1 year olds and for the features that it has. The material could be better because it feels as thin plastic.

    What we like about it:

    We love the sounds that this toy can make. It sounds crispy and at the right pitch, not annoying or boring. It keeps children entertained for long time with many songs, sayings and tunes.

    22. Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks Playset

    Fisher-Price Baby's First Blocks Playset


    These are classic blocks that are a traditional toy for a little child. Besides doing something obvious such as stacking and building, children can learn shapes by putting blocks into the correct slot on top of the basket. There are 10 pieces in a set in 5 different shapes. The basket isn’t bulky and easy to store and clean.


    the blocks are a perfect size for children
    the colors are bright and attract child’s attention
    the box is great for storage and traveling
    little children love using the box as a drum and play with it without cubes inside

    These cubes come ready to play. The child opens the basket and starts learning shapes and just having fun. The lid has shapes for sorting the cubes but little children just love filling the basket, getting them out and starting all over again. And older children can learn sorting and stacking, identifying shapes and overcoming challenges.


    there is no latch to secure the lid on the basket so children just lift it up and don’t bother to sort out the cubes
    blocks are falling out of the basket sometimes
    the material is hard and a little child can hurt herself

    We wish there could be some additional features for more imaginative play.

    What we like about it:

    We really love this traditional toy with a little twist that encourages shape learning and promotes coordination. You get 10 colorful blocks of different shape (triangle, star, cylinder, cube) and can play together with your child. The basket is sturdy and perfect for storage.

    23. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Doll

    Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Doll


    Little children love to pretend they are doing something that adults do. This doll is perfect for this kind of play and for developing some simple skills. Older children can point at a body part and name it. Younger ones just love this soft and cuddly doll and they keep looking at it and touching it. This doll also gives them a sense of protection when parents aren’t around them.

    Besides being cute and soft, this doll can stimulate auditory skill thanks to a built-in rattle. It goes well with a stroller produced by the same company for children who make their first steps.


    very easy to hold and hug
    makes rattle sounds when you shake it
    encourages early nurturing play

    We love that this is more than just a simple doll. Children like to shake the doll around and chew on it. It can’t be simpler yet more effective. It’s suited for very small babies and for those who’re learning to pretend-play.


    the fabric arms can come apart if you wash it too often
    it looks smaller than on the picture
    the rattle sounds are very gentle, not like the real rattle

    We don’t have anything serious to complain. This doll is as good as it can get. There are only a few minor drawbacks.

    What we like about it:

    We love that you can get so many benefits from a simple soft toy. Babies can’t stop touching it and they just feel calmer when a soft toy is nearby.

    24. VTech Turn and Learn Driver

    VTech Turn and Learn Driver


    This is a great way to introduce your child to imaginative play. The toy is very colorful and interactive: a stirring wheel, five button and animal sounds, a traffic light, mirror and many little features create a complete driving experience for little babies. It’s suitable for children ages 6 months old to 2 years.

    Most babies enjoy the horn the most. The wheel turn and keeps them busy, you can keep it in a car for a child to enjoy. The size is perfect for 1 year olds.


    the noises keeps children interested for hours
    there are different volume setting which is great for parents who don’t want to hear noises
    many interactive buttons and features

    I love to keep the toy in my car because I see how children pretend to drive with me. They love playing music and turning on the lights. It’s a great simple toy with many buttons that will stay interesting for many months. This is recommended for anyone with little babies.


    the steering wheel doesn’t turn around completely, which can make children frustrated
    the mirror is very small and hard for little children to use properly
    the toy is smaller than it looks on the picture

    This toy is a great deal for the price. However, we wish the material feel more thick and sturdy. Now it feels like a cheap plastic.

    What we like about it:

    We really like different sound option that keep children entertained and drawn to this toy. It can make animal, vehicle and music sounds. You can make the volume loud, low or off. It makes noise only when you press the button, unlike many toys that just never stop. It has many interactive features for children to enjoy and keeps their interest longer than many other toys. It could have suction cups to stay in one place, but other than that it couldn’t be more perfect.

    26. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Servin’ Up Fun Food Truck

    Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Servin' Up Fun Food Truck


    This food truck is so fun and interactive that even older children can’t stop playing with it. It has an oven, sink, a kettle and a refrigerator, each piece is with many buttons and features. The stovetop plays cooking sounds and lights up for a real life experience, and there is enough storage for meals and utensils.

    This is a great way to introduce toddlers to sequencing and sizing. Parents can teach children vocabulary, numbers, shapes, foods and manners. The toy places melodies, phrases, sounds and songs. The learning is fun with this food truck.


    over 20 pieces in one set
    a fun dashboard with gear shifter, clicker key, steering wheel and more
    press number buttons and play music to ring up orders

    This is a highly interactive toy with many phrases and songs that can teach little girls about many useful skills.


    little children can get confused by the variety of items and put foods and plates in the trash bin, for example
    it takes some time to set up, the truck isn’t travel-friendly
    the stickers on the toy are flimsy

    This toy is almost perfect, there is not much we can think of as a con. We wish the cash register had a drawer or something to put money in. There are not that many forks, plates and cups.

    What we like about it:

    We love that there are many ways to play with this food truck. There are many realistic items that can teach children about so many things. There are 4 menu cards and a cash register that “works”. Children can cook and serve meals, share their results with other kids and learn about sizes.

    27. LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set

    LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set


    Children love imaginative play and this tea set gives them an option to host their little fancy tea party. The tea pot creates a pouring sound and additional tunes and melodies to encourage playing. Children can learn colors and shapes and invite parents to their tea break. A range of sweets and a tea tray comes in the set for more realistic experience.


    teapot is colorful and can play different songs
    develops motor skills and sharing
    introduces children to colors, counting and matching

    This adorable set can play 10 different melodies as well as introduce colors, manners, counting and greetings. All phrases and words are very basic, which is perfect for a little child. The tea pot is colored like a rainbow and glows in 6 colors to help children coordinate cakes.


    there is no case to keep the set in it
    you need to buy batteries separately
    the set comes wrapped in plastic, no box or anything like that

    It was strange to see that teacups have holes in them and you can’t pour liquid inside. But children try anyway creating a big mess. We think it would be better for pretend-play to be able to pour water in the cups.

    What we like about it:

    We love this cute little tea set with different items. This variety keeps children interested longer and encourages them to play and learn. The sounds of a tea party are quite realistic but not annoying. This is an interactive educational toy that doesn’t cost a fortune. When you “pour” drinks in cups, the tea pot says that there is still something inside it and encourages sharing and team work.

    28. Little Tikes Garden Table

    Little Tikes Garden Table


    This garden table is a great way to teach little children the basics of gardening and promote development of different skills. A basin can be filled with water or sand for splashing and playing. Flowers and gardening tools come in a set for a realistic experience.

    There are many small accessories for an interactive play. A child can play alone, with parents or with friends. There are shovels, a sifter tray, soil discs, pots and more. The table is quite large for all items to stay on it. Children can learn new words, colors and shapes.


    pretend-play with different gardening accessories and tools
    very light way and comfortable for a child to play
    everything is stackable for better storing
    possible to play indoors and outdoors

    We love that there is enough storage for all items and a hole for drainage. Everything fits nicely and waits for a child to play. Every piece is good quality, has bright colors and naturally attract child’s attention.


    the instructions aren’t clear and assembly takes some time
    parents should make sure the basin is adjusted properly
    the table is quite low and children have to sit on the floor (though they should be standing while playing)

    We think this is a very cute set that doesn’t have any serious cons. It looks bigger on the picture though.

    What we like about it:

    There are so many pieces and possible interactions that we love this garden table. It’s very easy to clean and fun to play. Every time a child discovers a new interaction she laughs and keeps placing gardening tools in and out of the storage.

    29. VTech Roll and Learn Turtle

    VTech Roll and Learn Turtle


    This bright turtle has lots of big buttons that you can turn, press and spin. It teaches little children new words, sounds, colors and says random phrases to encourage a kid to play more. When you press the button, the turtle says a random phrase or a question.

    This toy can teach children so many simple things naturally that it’s one of the best deals for this price. It has 55 different melodies and phrases and colorful gears promote motor skills. It also teaches cause and effect and encourages exploration.


    promotes active learning
    children love different sounds and colors
    the leash lets children to drag the toy behind them

    Children love to pull this toy along, which encourages them to walk more on their own. It has many light-up buttons to teach kids about colors. There are many interactive gears and songs to sing-along. And the best thing for parents is the volume control switch.


    the string is a bit too short for some children
    VTech toys are known for annoying music and this is not an exception
    the material is a bit hard and children can hurt themselves without parents supervising them

    We could find only minor drawbacks because this toy is everything you might want for this money.

    What we like about it:

    We love that this simple colorful toy can teach children about new words and shapes. It keeps babies busy for hours. It can play songs and tunes and respond to child’s action.

    How to choose toys for 1 year old baby girl

    Little children develop new skills and improve their senses really fast. This is time for developing new connections and working at their motor skills, speech, balance and much more. 1 year olds explore the world around them and need toys to make this more educative and fun. However, not every toy is safe and helpful for a child. We have created a list of simple rules that can help parents get exactly what their little baby needs.

    Encourage movement

    A: Children should get moving to develop all necessary skills. Even moving inside the house is very beneficial for them. Tunnels and forts are a great way to keep them busy moving, so make sure to get a couple of toys dedicated to that. There are also rid-on toys (horses, walkers, etc.) that will encourage your child to make her first steps. Bright colors and fun music attracts their attention more than anything.

    Get large toys

    Little children should only get large toys, at least 1 ¼ inches in diameter. This ensures that the toy is impossible to swallow. Parents can use a choke tube to test the size of the toy. These tubes are designed specifically for this purpose: they are of the size of a child’s windpipe and the toy shouldn’t be smaller than that. If you can fit a toy or its part into the tube, it is too small for a 1 year old child. If you don’t have this tube, you can simply take a toilet paper roll tube and test the toy in the same way.

    Children love toys that make sounds

    Little children who are yet to make their first moves are immediately attracted to happy sounds and tunes. They also prefer something they can put in their mouths, so soft toys with different textures, contract patterns and soft noises are the best. Rattles are a must for them, as well as teethers made of different materials, little dolls, stuffed animals, etc.

    Make playing time a fun challenge

    When parents shop for baby toys they should keep in mind 2 things: age-appropriate and challenging. The toy should be interesting for a kid so that she will develop new skills. It shouldn’t be too difficult though, or children can lose interest. Failure is fine at this age but too much challenge leads to frustration. Toys shouldn’t be too basic as well because it will get boring very soon. Of course, they should be safe and fun at the same time.

    When you shop for toys for your little ones, make sure to follow simple safety rules (especially if your kids tend to put everything in their months):

    • nothing toxic;
    • no sharp edges and hard materials;
    • no small parts or toys with loose parts;
    • nothing fragile or what a child can break.

    Don’t give children too many toys

    Some children receive a new toy every week nowadays and they can’t really focus on any of them. Parents should rotate toys rather than buying a new one every week. Reintroducing toys is a great way to continue learning essential skills. And a kid will think it’s a new toy. If you have several toys with the same educational purpose, give your child time to explore all functions. They don’t need many toys but they need variety.

    One toy can stay with a child for many months and promote different skills during different developmental stages. Old toys aren’t always worse than new ones, especially when they were bought with child’s needs in mind. Some simple toys like blocks and dolls can help children train numbers, shapes, body parts, etc.

    Basically, what we are saying is that toys are much more than just items for fun. They are educative pieces that can stimulate senses and skills. Give your child a toy that she needs and you’ve got a happy kid.


    Q: How to make sure a toy is safe?

    A: When you buy toys from a new brand just make sure they have testing procedures and guidelines according to the standards of your country. The strictest rules have the US, Canada and some European countries. There are also Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines and American Society for Testing regulations that many companies follow. This information should be on their website. If not, be careful when you buy a new toy.

    Q: What materials are not harmful for a little child?

    AThere are many different materials that are used in toys and the choice depends on child’s age. The most popular and safe materials are quality plastic, wood and cloth. The toy surface should be smooth and nice to the touch. No sharp corners or edges. There are specific guidelines about the materials and companies usually publish them on their website.

    Q: How do you clean toys?

    ACleaning process depends on the main material of the toy. Toys with electronics must be cleaned very carefully. Plastic toys are the easiest to clean: just take a cloth dampen with soapy warm water and gently clean the toy. Then make sure the toy is completely dry before you give it to your child. Wood toys are cleaned in the same way as wooden furniture with a special polish and wet cloth. Soapy water works well most of the time and you don’t need any special detergents. Just make sure to read labels for more details. Some toys can be washed in the machine.

    Q: Can I use these toys for boys?

    AJust like many brands we separate genders it’s always easier for customers to choose the right product. However, the toys are gender-neutral and equally educative for little boys and girls. You should choose a toy based on child’s age and preferences.

    Q: Can I get toys with batteries for a little child?

    AYes! Just follow simple safety rules:

    1. Don’t leave the batteries out of the toy. Make sure your child can’t reach them and keep them in a secured toy.
    2. Don’t let your child to try to change the batteries or play with them. Change them when a child can’t see it.
    3. Don’t try to pry batteries out of a toy with any metal object.
    4. When you store batteries, make sure they stay in their packaging. Don’t let them contact each other or any metal objects.

    Q: Can I get replacement parts for these toys?

    AIt depends on the manufacturer. Bigger ones usually offer replacement parts for an extra price (they can get expensive sometimes, though). If no warranty is available and no extra parts are offered by the company, you have to replace the toy. Don’t give broken toys to little children. More detailed information is usually available on official websites.

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