Detailed review of the best toddler car seats

Detailed review of the best toddler car seats

Just like me, many of you have a car, a wife and kids. If you’re a good and loving parent, than your child’s safety in the car is your top priority. There’s a huge selection of cheap toddler car seats on the market and it’s easy to get confused and buy a low-quality product. I’ll try to show you how to avoid these mistakes and find the best toddler car seat for you.

So, let’s start our best toddler car seat review with this model: Evenflo Big Kid High Back Booster, Naperville

Review Evenflo washable and comfortable baby car booster for secure travelling
This toddler car seat was tested by my 5-year-old in our Honda. Judging by his positive disposition during our cheerful rides, he really enjoyed it. I’d like to point out how ergonomic this toddler seat is. The child is comfortable when the straps are fastened and, most importantly, doesn’t cry or try to unfasten them to play in the car.
This seat would probably get a spot among the ten top rated toddler car seats.
The seat is easy and quick to install. It took me literally a couple of seconds. Besides, its back can be removed, turning the child toddler seat a booster seat.

Here are some of the advantages of the best toddler car seat:

  • It complies with high safety standards, as claimed by the manufacturer;
  • It passed shock tests;
  • It has side impact protection;
  • It offers six-tiered height adjustment (good for a growing kid).
It’s one of best toddler car seats, which will serve you well until your kid grows into a bigger seat. Impact safety is achieved with the help of special energy-absorbing foam plastic. By the way, same as other cheap toddler car seats, this one is easy to clean. The covers are machine-washable.
NB: this child toddler seat is suitable for kids over 4, weighing from 30 to 110 lbs.

The next one among the best toddler car seats is this model: Evenflo Maestro Booster Car Seat Thunder

Evenflo cheap and movable toddler seat with futuristic design
This is an incredibly comfortable toddler seat with eye-catching futuristic design that will make any kid jump with joy. Mine chose this one among other toddler car seats on sale almost instantly, as soon as he saw the picture online. This model is suitable for toddlers weighing from 22 to 110 lbs. This unique child toddler seat has an adjustable strap that can be fastened in different places depending on the child’s height. The best thing is that, same as other cheap toddler car seats, this model has a LATCH system that allows to move it around easily.
I would definitely recommend the Evenflo Maestro Booster Car Seat Thunder among other toddler car seats on sale. There are at least two reasons:
1. A very sophisticated safety system that protects the child from lateral impact.
2. The seat has baby bottle holders – that’s really convenient on the go!

Here are some other advantages:

  • It’s light;
  • It has a cute design;
  • It has five-point harness;
  • It’s easy to install.
And the best thing is, this seat will serve you for a long time – it can be adjusted depending on your kid’s current height. It just takes a moment to unfasten the straps, which is especially convenient when you’re in a hurry to get your child to the kindergarten.

The next top rated toddler car seat is this model: Graco Affix Backless Booster, Callie

Graco easy-to-install functional cheap infant car seat features
This is one of the most functional cheap toddler car seats. I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that it also sports the LATCH system that makes installation unbelievably easy. This seat fits kids between 4 and 10. We bought this seat for our 5-year-old who loved its unusual color.
However, this model’s advantages go far beyond its exterior. The seat has passed serious shock tests and proved its compliance with the strictest US safety standards.
The seat has a convenient built-in drink holder. Our eldest felt beyond comfortable in it even on long trips when we drove several hundred miles to visit our relatives.

Here are some of the advantages of this model:

  • It’s easy to attach to your car seat;
  • You can use it for several years;
  • It’s comfortable for your kid.
Now I’d like to review newborn to toddler car seats.

I’d like to single out this model: Evenflo Chase Harnessed Booster, Tonal Hearts

Transferrable infant car seat for comfortable travelling
This seat is designed for babies up to 18 months old. The shape of this model is perfectly thought out. This incredible portable cradle was made by really talented designers. This newborn to toddler car seat was perfect for our baby daughter. As soon as we put her into it she fell asleep. This proves that this model is ergonomic and designed with a deep understanding of how to make a baby comfortable.
It pleases me to point out that this model is basically two seats in one. First, you can use it as a fully functional seat with a five-point harness. Second, you can transform it into a booster seat with a strap for kids weighing between 40 and 110 lbs.

Here are some other advantages:

  • LATCH system;
  • Built-in cup and bottle holders;
  • Can be used by kids of different ages;
  • Easy to install and move around.
In this newborn to toddler car seat your kid will stop whining and will stare at the world outside the car window. A great choice for outdoorsy families.

Another great cheap toddler car seat is Graco TurboBooster LX No Back Car Seat, Basin

Anatomically designed and easy-to-use infant Graco Turbobooster
My brother’s 7-year-old called this the best toddler car seat he’d ever used. Anatomically designed seat provides perfect comfort on any road. The seat is easy to install with one hand. The booster stays in place and doesn’t shift around during the ride.
This item stands out from the range of other toddler car seats on sale thanks to its incredible lightness and perfectly thought-out details. There are special holders for drinks and even a cell phone. The seat is height-adjustable.
It’s a great choice for those with kids in elementary school who want to act as adults. Install the best toddler car seat in seconds and adjust it. The kid just sits and fastens the regular seatbelt.
It’s almost perfect as far as safety, comfort and price are concerned.

Other advantages:

  • Easy to install;
  • Complies with high safety standards;
  • Affordable price.

Now let’s look at another toddler car seat on sale, Graco TurboBooster LX No Back Car Seat, Basin

Graco easily installed toddler seat with ultra-safe fixation
This unbelievably handy child toddler seat was the favorite of our neighbors. I couldn’t help comparing it to our model and came to realize that it’s on par with more expensive models.
It will fit your child safely if he weighs between 40 and 110 lbs. and isn’t taller than 57 inches.
Same as many modern booster seats, this model can be easily installed singlehandedly. When the child isn’t in it, it will still remain in place thanks to the ultramodern attachment system.
The kids will love the built-in bottle holder and the separate pull-out pocket for their personal things. Our kids usually put their smartphones there. The main thing is that you can reach everything without unfastening!

Advantages of this seat:

  • Ultrasafe fixation on the car seat;
  • Comfortable for the child on a long ride;
  • Height adjustment.

Moving on with our top rated toddler car seat rating. Now let’s look at Britax Frontier ClickTight Combination Harness-2-Booster Car Seat, Bubbles

Features of Britax easy-to-use comfy and secure car baby seat
Our loving family fell for this newborn to toddler car seat at first sight. This seat really deserves your attention! This model can easily grab the top place on our top rated toddler car seats list.
First of all, I’d like to mention the very comfortable ClickTight fixation system. Look here: to install this child toddler seat you just need to fasten the seatbelt and press on the seat. That’s all, you can drive any kid in your car now!
Another great quality of this seat is its fantastically reliable SafeCell safety system. You’re going to ask me what’s so great about it? It’s got a steel-frame, shock-absorbing foundation and a unique staggered cable that slows the movement efficiently in case of a hit or collision.
This model really is the best toddler car seat, as it has the most modern and convenient size adjustment system.

So, here are all of its advantages:

  • Instant installment;
  • 100-percent safety in any accident;
  • Special drink holders.

Now let’s talk about the coolest model among cheap toddler car seats: KidsEmbrace Incredible Hulk Booster Car Seat, Marvel Avengers Combination Seat, 5 Point Harness, Green

Comfortable and perfect for kids’ car seat with Marvel Avengers characteristic
This model delighted my kid because it’s not just a boring seat. No, it’s a seat for the incredible Hulk! It’s definitely the best toddler car seat on our list.
What’s good to point out:
  • ergonomic and striking design that makes my kid happy on any ride from home to school and back;
  • anatomically designed shapes make your kid as comfortable as one can only be on a space trip to distant galaxies;
  • five-point fixation of the little passenger will protect him from any sudden surprises on the road;
  • three-position polyurethane foam headrest that absorbs any outer shocks effectively;
  • easy to install and adjust.
And, most importantly, you can use this seat for a kid between ages of 1 and 10. It can be a good solution for your family budget.
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