Protected: Best Remote Control Cars for Kids and Toddlers

Making some really great parties for the children is quite a challenge for most of the parents. There are different aspects that one should take into consideration while preparing.

Each case is the unique one, and at Protected: Best Remote Control Cars for Kids and Toddlers website there is hardly something that will not be able to satisfy any of them. It will provide you with dozens of unique ideas that will help you to organize a real celebration for your child.

There is no denying that children and grown-ups love RC cars. The ability to race their own little vehicles around the safety of the house or backyard has been delighting little ones for ages. RC cars help children to better understand cause and effect, as well as promoting hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. RC Cars are a popular phenomenon, with fun, cartoon models for those in early childhood, and sleek, stylish cars for older children. Check out the list our favorites. No RC car is to fast or too extreme for little racing fans.

Our Top 3 Picks
  • Blexy RC Cars Remote Control
  • Our rating

  • Amphibious car
  • Price: See Here
  • KidiRace RC Remote Control Police Car
  • Police RC Car
  • Price: See Here
  • AHAHOO Off-Road Remote Control Vehicle
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  • Remote Control Vehicle
  • Price: See Here

1. Holy Stone RC Dump Truck Remote Control Car

All kids love cute remote control cars. Why not give your child Holy Stone RC Dump Truck Remote Control Car? This fun and bright dump truck features a comfy remote control and makes real-life truck sounds. It comes with a driver action figure that kids can place in the vehicle or take out.

The awesome toy will do tricks, light up and drive forwards and backwards, all while signaling like a real truck. The driver in this truck is removable, so he can pull double duty.

This tiny and stylish dump truck is perfect for developing kids’ hand-eye coordination. It also can help promote imaginative and creative play.

features a comfy remote control
makes real-life truck sounds
comes with a driver action figure
Promotes hand-eye coordination
Fosters creative play
Can be used mostly indoors
The controller looks flimsy

What we like about it:
This is an excellent introduction to RC vehicles for kids. This cute remote control car is pretty affordable, so parents can see if kids like it.

2. AHAHOO Off-Road Remote Control Vehicle

Maximum speed is up to 50 km/h+ and can do drifting, Adopt three stage differential gear with the most complex technology in high speed auto industry; anti-slippery realistic rubber tire, provide you the realistic racing and off-road game experience.
Anti-interference 2.4GHz Radio Control: Interference-free controller frequency, which enable multiple cars to racing together at the same time and place; And it can provide more than 100+ meters remote control distant!

Equipped with a spare tire
Looks cool
Features anti-collision design
Simulation model driver seems more vivid
Develops fine motor skills
Can be too fast for toddlers

What we like about it:
2.4GHz frequency to ensure the anti-interference ability. Support multiple high-speed cars at the same time racing competition, to achieve a beautiful high-speed off-road drift action.

3. Blexy RC Cars Remote Control

This full functions double-sided stunt radio control amphibious car is 2 in 1 rc car, can run on the land, also can play in water. Here are four direction: forward, backward, turn left, turn right, extreme 360 degree tumbling, spins and flips both on land and in water, double side can be driven; Four-wheel independent suspension system & tri-axial differential for superior handling and control: Four wheel Independent vibration system, Ease the vibration to car effectively, let the car closer to the ground during operation, acceleration energy more powerful.

Can run on the land and in water
Double side can be driven
Features Four wheel Independent vibration system
Great pool toy
Promotes hand-eye coordination
Smaller that expected

What we like about it:
Precision Waterproof design! With drainage switch and hole, to protect the inner accessory from water.

5. Invincible Tornado Acrobatic Stunt RC Car

Haktoys HAK101 Red Invincible Tornado Acrobatic Stunt RC Car is one of the best rc vehicles for young kids and toddlers. It features 360° front axle spins so that even if your kid will be dropping it upside down, it will still be able to race. It also features a lot of LED light effects and can correct itself up when overturned.

With charging time around 2 to 3 hours the toy can be played with for up to 16 minutes.

This is the perfect RC car for the child that is too old for a vehicle that just goes forward and back but isn’t really old enough for a fast remote control vehicle. This item can do much more than the typical remote control car of its caliber.

Features a lot of LED light
Features 360° front axle spins
Great for stimulation creativity
Ignites imagination
Develops motor skills
Some have been known to burn out after a few uses

What we like about it:
The combination of stunts and LED lights shows make this a very stimulating RC car for children as it can benefit their continuing brain development. It is excellent for stimulation creativity among toddlers and preschoolers as well as ignite their imagination.

6. INTEY RC Cars Amphibious Remote Control Car

4 wheels are installed independent suspension spring which make the cross-country car runs more flexible and plays shockproof function. PVC rubber wheels are elastic, and antiskid. Can be adjusted based on the different roads, make you no worry about driving fast on all kinds of terrains.
Strong car head, front and rear motor and special design of the tires give the rc car strong road-grip ability, strong driving force.

Features 2.4Ghz Radio System
Rubber tire allows float in the water
Made of long-lasting materials
Promotes motor skills
Foster hand-eye coordination
It doesn’t come cheap

What we like about it:
The car body made of metal, more sturdy and anti-crash. Perfect running on desert, carpet, tile, open road, grass, puddle, mud, etc.

7. 8. Jada Toys GIRLMAZING Big Foot Jeep

Last we checked, no one said that remote control cars were only for boys. The GIRLMAZING Big Foot Jeep is the perfect vehicle to get the girl in your life involved in all of the off-road fun. Taking a queue from the popular Jeep design, Jada Toys created a truck that is perfectly purple, fully customizable with the glamour deco stickers included, and just as capable as climbing the same terrain that the boys do. For the days they are riding solo, one (or two) of their Barbie friends can even fit into the open-top backseat. Don’t let this bright and colorful design fool you, the roll bar up to and push bar in the front are definitely not just for show.

Girl power never loses its cool factor, and the fact that Jada Toys created a gender-inclusive remote control truck is cool in itself. It is great when a girl can feel like she fits in with the boys, and even more so when her truck can speak for itself.

Comes with the glamour deco stickers
Looks great
Features the open-top backseat
Develops fine motor skills
Foster creative play
Some pieces look flimsy

What we like about it:
Just because Barbie can sit in it, definitely does not mean it is a strictly girly truck. We like that this off-road RC truck is both fashionable while being Jeep tough.

8. Haktoys Light Up Racing Red 1:24 Scale RC Sports Car

Race cars are cool, but this new line of Haktoys light up racing cars is even cooler. These fast and flashy sports cars are specifically created for speed and distance. This light-up race car comes with fully functional forward and backward controls.

Comes with its own bendy antenna, so you don’t have to worry about distance.

RC cars that are created for speed racing usually are not entirely safe for younger kids. This item is fully ASTM-certified with no age limit. Moreover, it is made of completely safe, sturdy and non-toxic materials.

The LED lights really lit up all around the body and it glows in the dark. Nighttime competition brings a new meaning to a need for speed.

Comes with its own bendy antenna
It fully ASTM-certified
The LED lights really lit up
Develops motor skills
Promotes creative play
Recommended for use on a hard flat surface
Batteries not included

What we like about it:
This cool and stylish remote car helps to strengthen fine motor skills and foster hand-eye coordination, while the many realistic details develop storytelling. The toy also can help promote imaginative and creative play.

9. TOZO C2035 1:12 RC Car

Newest 1:12 full-scale RC Off Road Roadster CAR. 2.4GHz radio technology, wide control range up to 100M. Strong and durable, perfect for specialized operation.
4 Wheel Independent suspension system is adopted with a helical spring with high resilience for each wheel, which creates impressive damping effect and a more steady drive.
Suspension shockproof system, highly responsive steering and throttle with Hi-Q rubber wheel, anti-skid, perfect experience.

Features 2.4GHz radio technology
Perfect for specialized operation
Made of durable materials
Comes with suspension shockproof system
Develops hand-eye coordination
Doesn’t come cheap

What we like about it:
The Powerful 7.4V 800mAh Li-ion Battery provide powerful drive to the car, that up to 30MPH high speed racing. It bear 10-12 minuter continue play.

10. KidiRace RC Remote Control Police Car

The KidiRace Police Patrol RC Car is actually created to look exactly like the real thing. Features simple, kid-friendly controls so kids of all skill levels will be able to race. Comes with built-in and rechargeable batteries with 30 minutes of racing time.
Non-slip durable rubber wheels make quick action-driven decisions very maneuverable while the many realistic details like emergency lights, sirens, and sounds foster storytelling and imaginative play.

A unique 2.4Ghz frequency technology lets kids drive multiple cars without interference.

Moreover, the manufacturer is so confident in his toys that if you don’t like it for any reason, you can contact Kidiface for a full refund.

Look exactly like the real thing
Features kid-friendly controls
Features unique 2.4Ghz frequency technology
Develops psychomotor coordination
Promotes fine motor skills
Syncing the car to the remote can be a bit difficult

What we like about it:
This fast and flashy rc car can sync up and race five other vehicles without interference. It means it provides an exciting activity for all family members and friends. Moreover, the toy is perfect for developing psychomotor coordination and enhancing fine motor skills.

11. Tobeape RC Car

The climbing car is designed with dual motors can provide strongly power torque which significantly make the car easy to complete any difficult moves. This will be a great mini off-road toy car to play at the park, beach and camping activities.
4 wheels are installed independent suspension spring which make the cross-country car runs more flexible and the played shockproof function, greatly protect the electronic components inside the car body.

The stable structure is protecting itself from abrasion
Made of high quality ABS material
1:18 Scale and inside simulation design
Can run on any terrain
Promotes hand-eye coordination
Some complaints about batteries

What we like about it:
The high-quality four tires are made of eco-friendly TPE material which is soft, elastic and can be adjusted based on the different roads. The earthquake-resistant and skid-resistant character make you no worry about driving fast on all kinds of terrains.

12. Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car

The Holy Stone RC Cartoon race car is a perfect gift idea for your toddler if you don’t need anything too complicated. Complete with a pretty easy remote control and cute design, your little one will get a great introduction to remote control cars.

This stylish car features an adorable removable driver minifigure and blinking lights that will catch your kid’s attention and provide hours of fun. The car can honk sounds and play music.

It’s brightly colored, making it look cool and cute. The car made of kid-friendly and safe materials.

The nice thing about this item is that it can be their first remote control car. It is pretty easy to use so they don’t have to know anything about remote control car before using it.

Pretty easy remote control
Features cute design
Made of kid-friendly and safe materials
Very easy to use
Fosters hand-eye coordination, imaginative play, and balance
Will not grow with the kid

What we like about it:
The car is a perfect challenge for the motor skill department, particularly among young kids. It helps in fostering hand-eye coordination, imaginative play, and balance.

13. La Ferrari Radio Remote Control Model Car

Race cars are just cool. Anyone who says otherwise is completely wrong. What’s cooler than Ferrari? This Rastar Ferrari Remote Control Model Car features a pretty authentic design compared to the real FXX-production car. This beautifully finished model comes with a unique butterfly door that opens like a scissor-type door.

You will have the speed up to 10 mph and about 30 feet remote distance range in each direction. RC car also features all-independent spring-system.

This RC car as close to the real as it can possibly get. As such, it is excellent for improving your kid’s imagination particularly if he or she wants to be a racer someday.

Features a pretty authentic design
Comes with a unique butterfly door
Features all-independent spring-system
Fosters kids’ imagination
Made of top-quality materials
It was a bit difficult to get out the car of its box
There is a rather weak signal

What we like about it:
Your little one will be thrilled with the bright color, authentic design, and details. Children will love this, so when you need your time, allow them to drive it.

14. Best choice Products 12V Ride on Car Truck

With the 12V Ride On Car Truck your children will now have great control of the fun and cool off-roader. It can be operated with a foot pedal or with remote control. The attractive cruiser comes with a long-lasting plastic body, working adjustable seatbelt, gears, and full suspension. Features 14” traction wheels, LED lights, three different speeds, and a 12V motor. It can run even rough terrain.

The impressive truck will do tricks, light up and buzz around for your kid’s entertainment. The off-roader is great for helping children to experiment with the various tricks that the truck can do. It also can help promote creative play.

Features a long-lasting plastic body
It can run even rough terrain
Looks great
Light up and buzz around
Promotes imaginative play
Children will outgrow this someday

What we like about it:
It is excellent that children can get a first-hand feel from driving around inside, but it is also awesome that kids can race their truck without a passenger.

How we choose the top RC cars on our list

Picking the top-remote control vehicle for children is like picking your very own car. There are lots of brands and models to choose from. Like their real-life analogs, RC cars are available in a variety of forms and designs. More than that, the features of these RC cars must also be appropriate for the level of development of the kid. We have to make sure that toys suitable for a particular age group so that the kid’s cognitive and social development are fully optimized.

Additionally, we had to look at the safety features of these RC vehicles as well as what other customers have said about these cars. We then looked at the overall reliability and trustworthiness of the company that manufactured the RC car. We are sure these are the same things that you will be looking for.
We know how challenging it can be to find the right item for your kid. Our list would help you narrow down your options.

How to Choose a Remote Control Car

From small children just learning to drive to enthusiasts who race and upgrade their vehicles, there’s an option for everyone. The trick to picking the best remote control cars is figuring out what your kid intends to do with the toy.

The older kids typically prefer vehicles with high top speeds and performance-oriented features. These things, however, make driving and controlling your RC car more complicated. While these features, small kids will really have a difficult time maintaining them.

When purchasing for small children and toddlers, ease of use, beginner-friendly and durability features should rather be your main concerns. While these vehicles may not have the most awesome spec sheets, they can meet your needs better and provide your children with a safe, kid-friendly platform.

RC Cars and your kid’s or toddler’s Development

It is important to understand that there are two types of remote-control cars. One can be played with straight out of the box and the other one needs to be built and carefully assembled. The former is especially ideal for younger kids because it does not necessarily require very complex instructions to play with it. On the other hand, the second type of RC car is ideal for older kids as well as adults as they are expected to build their very own remote-control car.

Remote-control cars and vehicles can enhance the hand-eye coordination or visual motor skills of young children. Just holding the remote-control unit allows them to make accurate adjustments in their grasp. When actively playing with the RC car, they will look at where the vehicle is going then make the necessary changes in the direction of the car’s movement. For example, if the car is about to hit furniture, they know when they need to turn the wheel to steer it away from the obstacle. Even if the RC car were far from the kid, he or she knows when exactly to initiate the change in direction. They also know when to stop. As such, RC toys are very beneficial in the development of children’s visual motor skills.

This also helps in developing spatial intelligence as kids will know the position of the RC car in relation to the space where it is as well as the different objects surrounding it. For example, they know if an RC car can fit in between the legs of a chair or even in between two different pieces of furniture. They learn to use their sense of space and whether an object will fit right it or not.

For older kids who are given remote-control cars that need to be built first, this helps them enhance their problem-solving skills. While it’s true many of these RC kits come with detailed instructions, it requires understanding these details. As such, these kinds of remote-control vehicles are exellent for enhancing many older children’s cognitive processes like critical thinking, logical reasoning, counterfactual reasoning, divergent thinking, memory processing and recall, creative thinking, and imagination.

In fact, studies show that divergent thinking and creativity are interrelated. The creativity of children is boosted by constructivist opportunities -meaning, they are able to construct their own learning. This can be best facilitated by toys that provide divergent problem-solving opportunities. Because they are building their very own RC car, they will have to rely on previous experiences as well as other things they have learned so they can come up with a variety of solutions to a single problem. Divergent thinkers enjoy collaboration and building and construction projects simply because these provide them with opportunities to discover more than one answer to a particular situation.

Remote-control vehicles also help foster social and emotional development as kids learn to cooperate and collaborate with one another in the building of the RC car. They may also learn about the value of taking turns as well as sharing toys with other children.

RC trucks and cars provide a lot of developmental benefits to children. It is thus, not surprising why a lot of parents give these toys to their kids as gifts. We are optimistic that our list of the 10 top remote-control cars will help you find the best gift for your own child.

Benefits of Remote Control Cars For Toddlers and Kids

Like all playthings, kids’ and toddlers’ remote-control cars can provide children with a host of benefits that may not otherwise be seen in other types of toys. From an improvement in their motor skills to the enhancement of their cognitive abilities as well as the development of the emotional and social aspects of their being, children will do well playing with RC vehicles. And in case you are still doubtful, here are five big benefits of remote-control cars.

Boosts mastery of visual-motor coordination

Driving a miniature vehicle from a distance, using a remote-control device, requires excellent coordination between what the eyes see and how the muscles of the hand react, pressing or toggling on the appropriate buttons or sticks to make the correct maneuver. The thing is that this is all a function of the brain. It receives visual input from the eyes and processes these bits of information and converts them into motor nerve impulses. This way, the hand knows which muscle group needs to contract to make the RC vehicle run faster, brake, or even perform outlandish maneuvers. All of these happen in a split second. And the more kids play with these types of toys, the more efficient is the connection between the eyes, the brain, and the muscles for optimum, seamless hand-eye coordination.

Enhances spatial awareness and intelligence

Part and parcel of hand-eye coordination is the brain’s depth and spatial perception. When kids try to maneuver an RC car from a distance, their eyes are sending electrical signals to the brain which, in turn, makes a rough estimate of the relative position of the remote-control vehicle in space and in relation to its surroundings. The brain makes very careful assessments of the distance of the vehicle to the nearest obstacle or any other object within the RC car’s immediate space. These signals are then processed by the brain and the necessary motor impulses are sent to the muscles of the hand or any other group of muscles in the body. This is what is called spatial awareness and intelligence which form the basis of a certain aspect of problem-solving.

Promotes creativity and imagination

There are remote-control cars for toddlers and kids that come as kits where the kids themselves can assemble them. There are also those that you can purchase individual parts and accessories to come up with own unique design and style of remote-control vehicle. While these types of toys are best for older children as they already have more than the basic knowledge of how such toys work, the mere fact that these kits give children the opportunity to build their own speedsters, roadsters, and all-terrain vehicles simply encourages them to use their imagination and creativity to the fullest. It should be evident by now that imaginative and creative thinking begets superb logical thinking and scientific problem-solving skills. Children will have to decide whether to put a certain kind of vehicle part on their RC kits to achieve a desired outcome. This is the fundamental structure of the scientific process.

Strengthens family ties

It doesn’t matter where kids play with their RC cars. The point is that these are best played with the family around as young children will be proud showing off their newly found driving skills while older kids will take pride in their creations. Whatever the case, playing with RC cars can substantially improve and strengthen family bonds. This can have a significant impact on the child’s emotional health while facilitating the development of his or her social relationship skills. If kids feel that their families appreciate or are strongly affirmative of what they are doing, this can provide long-lasting happiness to kids.

Introduces concept of responsibility

Remote-control cars don’t come cheap, especially those that one has to assemble from scratch. Early on, kids will learn the value of being responsible for their toys by keeping these in pristine condition, oiling the gears, removing dirt and debris, and even cleaning the different parts so everything is in order. They will learn to understand that everything we value should be well taken care of. This is our responsibility as owners of such things.

Children can benefit a lot from playing with remote-control cars. The enhancement of motor skills, boosting of creativity and imagination, strengthening of family ties, and learning of the value of responsibility are just some of them.


How far do RC cars usually go before losing a signal?

This depends on several factors, two of which are the age group for which the car was made and the quality of the car. Usually, you will see good cars have a radio signal from 50 to 100 meters.

How long does a battery last?

Typically a good RC car will have from 20 to 30 minutes of play time. For bigger kids’ RC cars, the battery life is longer as their cars have better components. For younger kids, you will usually see their RC cars last about 15-20 minutes on a full charge.

Can I leave my battery charging over night, or when I leave?

You should not. That is a very bad idea as these batteries are known to overcharge. You will either ruin the battery or ruin it and have it explode. Don’t leave a charging battery unattended unless you are paying attention to when you need to unplug it, and actually unplug it when it comes time to.

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