Best Piggy Bank for Kids

Best Piggy Bank for Kids – Introducing Our Top Recommendations

Teaching children to be responsible with money is one of the most important missions a parent has. Although it may not seem like it, it is important to implement sensible money spending principles since early childhood. Getting an attractive baby money bank could be a good start in this respect.

Think ahead – a cute piggy bank for kids is a fun investment as a baby shower gift!

Teaching your little one about the value of money is something that each parent should think about. And by making a child interested in accumulating finances, you can make him/her become a responsible spender later in life. One of the ways in which you can do that is by getting a baby money bank.
A piggy bank is supposed to make money-saving fun and rewarding. And there’s no better time than childhood to start implementing the right money spending principles.

Our Recommendations for the Best Piggy Bank for Kids – There Is Something for Everyone

1. Matney® Stealing Coin Cat Box- Piggy Bank

This is definitely an adorable kiddy bank that serves its purpose: namely to help your little one save money. It features a darling mechanical kitten, which comes out of the cardboard box to get your money.
This is a great present, especially for children that love kittens. To make the entire experience even more exciting, the kitty greets you saying hello, and afterward, it says thank you as well.
Concurrently, note that this piggy bank runs on 2 XAA batteries. Nonetheless, they aren’t included in the price of this cat piggy bank.
You should also know that this unit can hold roughly 40 coins. At the very bottom of the box, there is a twist latch you can open so that your little one can get hold of the money he/she saved.

· Great gift for cat lovers
· Adorable, attractive design
· Compact

· You can’t control the sound

2. Moonjar Classic Moneybox

A children’s money box can be an excellent way to teach your little one to appreciate the value of money. By investing in such a unit, your child will learn how to save, and to spend his/her allowance sensibly.
We believe that this particular money box can be a great unit that parents can use for promoting strong financial values. Also, this is big enough to accommodate both coins and bills.
Moving on to the construction of this item, the canisters are made of metal, whereas the tops are plastic and the band that holds everything together is made of rubber.
However, the rubber is likely to lose its elasticity. Overall, though, this kiddy bank should preserve its original shape in time.

· Educational
· Excellent shape
· Sturdy construction

· The rubber band of this children’s money box is not the best design feature


3. Two’s Company Rainbow Unicorn 6×5 Inch Ceramic Coin Bank

Without a doubt, this unit qualifies as an adorable unicorn piggy bank. Featuring a ceramic construction, this is visually appealing and attractive to little girls.
On top of that, the attentive detailing which is hand-painted makes the world of a difference. Therefore, this unicorn piggy bank will look great on display on a shelf or dresser.
Also, in order to ensure that the piggy bank reaches its destination safely, it comes carefully packaged.

· Beautiful, hand-painted details
· Lovely ceramic construction
· Perfect size

· If it isn’t handled accordingly, it is likely to break

4. Child to Cherish Ceramic Piggy Bank for Boys

If you prefer baby piggy banks instead, this one is perfect for a little boy. It is available in three different colors – namely blue, gray and white. And we are really keen on the fun detailing on the item, featuring colorful trunks.
This is also a ceramic piggy bank, measuring 8×7 inches. The material is actually ceramic dolomite; therefore, you can expect this to be long-lasting.
Since the design is pretty classic, there is a removable rubber stopper at the bottom. The good part is that it stays put, meaning that your child’s savings will be safe.
As for the measurement of the coin slot, it is of 1.5 inches. And while bills might fit as well, you should fold them twice, so that they go smoothly.

· Great size
· Cute design
· Excellent quality

· It is likely to break if it is mishandled

5. Burton & Burton Girls Pink & Green Circles Pig Piggy Bank

Baby piggy banks are a great addition to any nursery. And this particular model is the ultimate definition of loveliness – primarily due to the hand-painted details.
Another great characteristic is the lovely bow on the head of the piggy. At the same time, you get a dry erase pen. Your little one can use it in order to personalize the piggy bank depending on his/her preferences.
Of course, there is also an opening on the bottom, which is covered by a piece of plastic. Most importantly, though, this looks really well-made, indicating excellent craftsmanship.

· Beautiful colors and design
· Well-made
· Great details

· It is rather big, making it difficult for a child to carry it around

6. Yoego New Kids Cartoon Electronic Money Bank

This is one of the cutest kiddy bank toys, featuring a pretty interesting design. It actually comes in a unique shape, resembling an ATM. When you insert the money, it welcomes you with lovely music.
The more money you insert in the kiddy bank, the longer it will sing. However, remember that this doesn’t work in the case in which the banknote is too soft or too old.
At the same time, you can use this piggy bank for kids for storing bills and coins, as well as other private small things.
Another cute characteristic is that this unit works with a password. Essentially, the default password is 0000, and you can use whichever 4-number combination. When you enter the correct password, the light automatically turns green, allowing you to open the ATM.
And last, but definitely not least, this baby money bank has a huge capacity, storing 100 bills and no less than 600 coins.

· Attractive characteristics
· High capacity
· Unique, fun design

· The durability of this piggy bank for kids could be improved

7. Shield Special No Face Money Coin Piggy Saving Bank Pot

This is far from being a typical piggy bank for kids or a cat coin bank. It has a unique, minimalist design, which is why it could be a good moneybox for adults, as well.
It is made of hard rubber – this ensures that it will last for a long time. There is also a rubber stopper at the bottom of the coin bank. You can also add bills, as long as you fold them.
Overall, it is a great coin bank that you can display on one of your shelves.

· Unique design
· Suitable for both coins and bills
· Sturdy construction

· Removing the bottom piece requires a bit of wiggling

8. Reed & Barton Race Car Bank

If you’re not a big fan of typical kiddy bank toys, you might be pleased with this one, featuring a car design. It looks really good, thanks to the tarnish proof silver plate.
This makes it the perfect gift for car enthusiasts. Also, distinct from most baby piggy banks, this actually looks like a decorative piece – meaning that you could proudly display it on a shelf.
Maintaining it in top condition shouldn’t be too difficult, either. Wiping it with a soft cloth will suffice. Concurrently, the way in which you can access your money is by opening the racer with moving wheels and windup key.
Plus, in comparison with other kiddy bank toys, this particular one comes with a lifetime warranty, which gives you peace of mind.

· Lifetime warranty
· Beautiful decorative piece
· Easy to maintain

· Nothing we can think of

9. Rhode Island Novelty 7.5″ Metal Mailbox Bank

This is another great children’s money box. The design is different from what you normally see, resembling a mailbox. At the same time, you have the option of locking it, as this comes with two keys.
Moving on to its dimensions, this is 7,5 inches tall, while weighing 1.05 pounds.
Bear in mind that this isn’t suitable for children under 3 years old since this unit poses a choking hazard. Hence, we wouldn’t recommend this as a suitable baby money bank, since it is more suitable for older children.
At the same time, the opening door is likely to come off every now and then. And while it is not a big hassle to reattach it, children might encounter difficulties in this respect.

· Attractive design
· Sturdy children’s money box
· The keys are a nice addition

· Not suitable for little children

10. DE Digital Coin Bank Savings Jar

Even though baby piggy banks are appealing to most children, as they grow older, they might want something else. And this particular savings jar might be a decent choice.
It accommodates a wide range of coins: nickels, pennies, dimes, half dollars, quarters and dollar coins. Moving on, thanks to the LCD display, you can keep track of your savings. This is why this isn’t a traditional cat piggy bank.
At the same time, removing the lid is easy, so that you can effortlessly access your savings. On top of that, when you remove your savings, there is a unique +- function enabling you to report the amount of money you’ve taken, so that you can keep a total of your savings.
That being said, considering all these advanced features, it would be safe to say that this isn’t a typical baby money bank.

· It allows you to keep track of your savings
· Accessing the money is easy
· 100% money-back guarantee
· Clear-bottle design

· Some people received defective products, meaning that there might be an issue with quality control

11. U.C.C. Distributing Overwatch Loot Box Deluxe Coin Bank

If a traditional baby money bank doesn’t seem to trigger your little one’s interest, we have a suggestion for you. This is not the typical cat piggy bank you’re accustomed to.
The size is on point, as it measures 8.50″ x 8.39″ x 7.52″. It is also quite sturdy, featuring a solid construction.
Additionally, it has a hole in the bottom, through which you can access the money. Nonetheless, since the bottom hole is a bit lifted, removing the coins is rather difficult.

· Cool design
· Sturdy construction
· Good size

· Removing the money can be cumbersome

12. Marvel Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 Groot Coin Bank

If your little one is enthusiastic about Marvel movies, it goes without saying that this unusual piggy bank for kids will be down his/her alley.
The unique design, presenting Groot with folded arms can be really attractive to children. Still, as noted by the manufacturer, this doesn’t fit the category of baby piggy banks, being recommended for children ages 4 and up.
It is made of hard plastic, which means that it should be long-lasting enough. As a drawback, though, this coin bank is rather small, meaning that you cannot expect it to accommodate a lot of money.

· Appealing to children
· Hard plastic construction
· Cute design

· It is rather small

13. DEMDACO Piggy Bank
DEMDACO Piggy Bank, Blue Whale

This is a very interesting piggy bank for kids. Similar to each cat coin bank and unicorn piggy bank we mentioned in today’s guide, this one is really charming and well-made.
The fact that it comes in the shape of a whale is pretty cool, as well. That is to say, if you want to purchase something different than a commonplace unicorn piggy bank, this one will suit a child’s room perfectly.
In fact, it would work excellently in any nautical themed bedroom, and not only.

· Unique design
· Well-made
· Excellent craftsmanship

· It is a tad small

Final Thoughts

To conclude, whether you want to purchase a children’s money box or a cat coin bank, you can definitely find a unit in our list of recommendations.
We wanted to make a list as diverse as possible, to appeal to a wide range of specifications. Still, the bottom-line is that a piggy bank is a fun and practical item. And since they come in so many designs and sizes, they are widely available to children of all ages.

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