Best Outlet Covers and Baby Proofing Items

Kids are never able to stay put for more than a few minutes, and for them, everything is a toy – whether it’s a light switch or an outlet. Simple items such as a light switch guard or some baby proof outlet covers will definitely keep them safe while they are indoors.

Baby proofing items make perfect baby shower gifts – peace of mind is always welcome!

Helping children steer clear of accidents is every parent’s job. Luckily for you, there are several items that can make your home safe for those crawling, rolling, overly curious lovable things that bring joy to your lives. Something as simple as a light switch guard will ensure they are safe, and that you are not interrupted every five minutes by the suspicion of a potential danger.

Childproofing your home is the first thing you should do the moment your kid starts walking around, and there are some general safety tips that you might want to consider.

What to Look for In the Best Outlet Covers – Baby Mode?

Before buying child proof outlet covers for the next baby shower you’re going to, there are several features that you might want to consider. Depending on the answer to these questions, a certain child proof light switch guard may or may not be a suitable choice for you.

  •      Can they pop out?

Some baby proof outlet covers are very thick, and can easily come off the socket by means of just a touch – and babies are lot more resilient than that. This item can be very dangerous if it falls out when you aren’t looking since it can put your child in great danger. Make sure it has a snug fit and that it won’t easily come off from the slightest tug.

  •      Is it compatible with your electric unit?

Some plug covers for baby proofing were made to specifically fit certain light switch models or outlets, so you may want to make sure it fits your socket. Always make sure that an outlet protector will fit your socket without any extra modifications, because in this case a perfect fit is practically impossible to achieve, however hard you try to adjust them.

  •      Can you easily move it?

Granted, you want the plug protector for baby to stay in place – but every now and again, you might want to plug something into that socket – such as a TV or the air conditioner. At the same time, you want it to hold its ground against your kid’s attempts to pry it open.

Some smart outlet covers nowadays have hidden latches or security codes so that they can provide easy access for you – but be impossible to pick for children. Look for those types of baby safe outlet covers.

  •      How does it fit with your décor?

There are two ways that a childproof light switch guard may fit with your décor. The first will compliment your interior beautifully, looking very cool and classy – and others will look like something ugly that crashed into your wall and made its home there.

Some popular options are transparent outlet covers, which will baby proof your house without it actually making it obvious. However, you can go with colors that blend naturally as well. This way, they will be harder to spot by your little ones.

  •      Do they hinder the access to other sockets?

There are some poorly designed child proof light switch guards or baby outlet covers that prevent access to the other sockets next to them. You may want to steer clear of those models if you’re not willing to give up on electrical device use entirely.

  •      How easy are they to install?

Will you be stuck watching countless tutorials on how to install a socket cover? If so, it’s probably not worth it. You want some child proof outlet covers that you can install easily, allowing you to spend more time with your precious one.

  •      Reusability, durability, and sturdiness

Unless you are bathing in money and want to spend your entire income on baby-proofing items, you might want to invest in solid items that won’t break after the first few “attacks.” Look for child safety outlet covers or light switch guards that have a solid construction and that promise more durability.

  •      What extra features does it have?

Some plug protectors for baby proofing include a cord shortener so that you won’t have to hide any cords from the floor. Other electrical outlet covers are waterproof, to protect both your children and your house from damage. Weigh in the risk, and choose the baby proof outlet covers that have the best features for your use.

Our Recommendations on Outlet Covers Baby-Oriented

  1. Mommy’s Helper Outlet Plugs

It comes in a pack of 36, each is transparent and not easy to pry away

Simple is always better, and this outlet cover is definitely something your child won’t be able to pry away. You basically “plug” it into the socket, and it will act like a lid to protect your child from accidental shock. Outlet covers baby-oriented, taken to the max!

Since it comes in a pack of 36, this set is enough to baby proof even a large house – a villa, even. Plus, if that’s not enough for you, you may even go for the 144 pack. That’s certainly going to cover every ground in your house and beyond.

The material from which these outlet covers for babies were made is transparent, meaning that they will not be too obvious for your child. Plus, since they are not as easy to snap out of place, your child will not attempt to pull at them – and if they do, they’ll grow extremely bored trying. For some people, these are certainly some of the best baby safe outlet covers.


  •      Fairly secure, even if the child struggles with the pull
  •      Blends in with the décor
  •      Easy to install
  •      Compatible with both 2 or 3-pronghet power sockets


  •      Fairly difficult to get out
  •      It may still be removed by children over 5
  1.  LectraLock Duplex Style Outlet Cover

The baby proof outlet safeguards your child while the power plug is still in

If you want to protect your children from electrical sockets while the power plug is still in, then you might want to try these child proof outlet covers. They will encompass the outlet like a glass frame, preventing any “thief” from “stealing the goods.” Plus, screw it in, and it will also double as a light switch guard.

The baby proof outlet covers are clear, meaning that they will not affect the home design in any way. At the same time, they are plain-looking, which means they won’t be attracting your children with a big “come play with me” signal.

These outlet covers for babies can be easily removed by parents if they want to plug (or unplug) something. At the same time, they are child-resistant. If the child does not catch onto the technique of removing the cover, then they should be safe from any danger.

Thanks to the fair amount of space within this cover, you can also use it to pull the electrical cables together. Granted, you’ll still see them since the cover is transparent – but at least they will be out of reach from your little ones.

You can also buy them in several other styles and colors if the transparent one is not really up your alley. If your walls are a certain color and you want to use the items as child proof light switch guards, you may choose the one that will compliment your décor the most.


  •      Difficult to be tampered with by children
  •      Nice design that does not mess with the décor
  •      Leaves plenty of room for cables


  •      Only works with plugs whose cords emerge straight from the base
  •      It may build up condensation on devices such as air conditioners
  1. Safety 1st Plug ‘N Outlet Cover

Secure and highly child-proof matte design can fit even larger – sized outlets

This is another outlet that is everything-proof – except for the adult who knows the release system. Featuring a double-touch release system, these child proof outlet covers can’t be easily removed by your kids. Even adults may have a difficult time taking them off, but that just means the cover is effective at doing its job.

This is the kind of item that will cover the outlet, as well as the plugs that have already been plugged in. Therefore, if you have children that tend to unplug your units when you need them the most (and this pretty much covers most of the kids we know), these are the kinds of plug protectors baby proof units that you need to invest in.

Since this plug protector for baby proofing is not transparent, it won’t show off the cables and the plugs inside. Therefore, it will improve the design of the room, hiding things in plain sight. You can even use it as a light switch guard.


  •      Secure and highly child-proof
  •      Matte design that hides the plugs from sight
  •      Can fit even larger-sized outlets


  •      It can be difficult to remove even by adults
  •      Fairly difficult to install
  1.  Safety 1st Safety Essentials Kit

It has 46 pieces to protect everything from your doors to your drawers and outlets

Tested for durability and efficiency, these outlet covers represent a great option if you want to protect your child from harm. This set protects everything from your doors to your drawers and outlets.

Aside from the 4 childproof grip ‘n’ twist door knob covers, this set also includes 12 drawer and cabinet latches – to prevent your little ones from getting into dangerous areas, such as the medicine cabinet.

Plus, it has 30 child safety outlet covers that you can plug into outlets that are not in use. This way, your kid won’t be sticking his/her fingers into dangerous areas. When it comes to plug covers baby proofing, these are certainly the way to go.


  •      Baby-proofs almost every dangerous section of your house
  •      High-quality materials
  •      The instructions are clear
  •      The price is reasonable


  •      You need a drill to install them
  •      Getting to the bathroom in a rush may be difficult even for adults
  1. Safety 1st Plug Protectors, 36 Count

They don’t hinder access to other outlets and provide a snug fit

If you only need a few baby-safe outlet covers, then this set is probably all you will ever need to feel that you’ve done everything you could. Featuring 36 plug protectors, these are enough to baby-proof an entire house – and even leave spares, in case some of them mysteriously disappear.

You insert or remove the child safety outlet covers from the outlet like you would with a normal plug – although they are not as easy to take out. If you add an outlet that has a childproof construction in the mix as well, then the little ones really won’t be able to get to them.

Made from high-quality materials, these child proof outlet covers will last for a long time. They are resistant to breaking – so unless your child figures out a way to take them out and pulls an “abracadabra” on them, then they will certainly last.


  •      They aren’t removed that easily from the outlet
  •      They provide a snug fit
  •      They don’t hinder access to other outlets


  •      The plastic feels rather cheap for some people
  •      Depending on the outlet that it protects, it may or it may not easily come off
  1.  Wittle self-Closing Outlet Cover

Transparent and compact they will blend in with the décor and not appeal to a child

If you’re worried about your little one sticking their fingers or other objects into the outlet, then these child safety outlet covers should certainly do the trick. Unlike most plug covers for baby proofing that you have to remove completely, these will slide to open, and automatically go back over the outlet once the plug is removed.

Since these covers are transparent and compact, they will blend in with the décor and not stick out like a sore spot. Plus, since they don’t have any bright or unusual colors, they won’t be appealing to the child.


  •      Slide-opening prevents you from losing the outlet covers
  •      Durable material
  •      It closes automatically
  •      It blends in with the room design


  •      Fairly difficult to slide
  1. Safety 1st Ultra Clear Outlet Plugs

Barely noticeable design makes outlets seem uninteresting to any curious child

Nothing bores a child more than an outlet they can’t really get into – particularly when they can’t see what is blocking their path. With its clear design and childproof rounded edges, these outlet covers for child safety will make the outlets seem uninteresting to children – therefore keeping them safe.

This pack comes with 12 outlet covers, which means you will have just enough to childproof an average home. They are very price-friendly and will fit securely on almost every outlet.


  •      Barely noticeable
  •      Affordable price
  •      Once secured in outlets, they stay there


  •      Fairly difficult to remove
  •      They may not fit with some surge protectors.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your baby safe from power sources is the first thing we should do once he/she starts walking around. Whether you are looking for a light switch guard or some baby safe outlet covers, you should always invest in high-quality, well-researched products.

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