Protected: 18 Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers in 2019

Making some really great parties for the children is quite a challenge for most of the parents. There are different aspects that one should take into consideration while preparing.

Each case is the unique one, and at Protected: 18 Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers in 2019 website there is hardly something that will not be able to satisfy any of them. It will provide you with dozens of unique ideas that will help you to organize a real celebration for your child.

In today’s world, kids are so involved with gadgets and they don’t necessarily get the same outdoor experience that we did back in the day. It is necessary for little ones to spend time outdoors, not only because it is fun but because it is good for their health and overall development. When out soaking up all of the sun, they are gaining that vitamin D which is essential for the body. It is also proven that vitamin D makes people happier. While they are moving, jumping and exercising, your kids are decreasing stress and strengthening their muscles.

Our Top 3 Picks
  • Big Dig Ride-on working Crane with Base
  • Our rating

  • Digging toy
  • Price: See Here
  • Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline
  • Trampoline for toddlers
  • Price: See Here
  • Champion Sports Multi-Colored Parachute
  • Our rating

  • Multifunctional toy
  • Price: See Here

1. Radio Flyer Deluxe All-Terrain Family Wagon

This sturdy and comfortable wagon is perfect for pulling toys or two kids. The design offers a large area inside for two passengers. Two seats that are opposite of each other have lots of space for kids’ feet.

The wagon has the smoothest, quietest ride possible thanks to wheels. It comes with two seat belts for the safety of little ones. Each child can place his drinks in one of the two molded-in cup holders. There is also a storage compartment in the cargo area. It conveniently holds little bagged snacks or sunglasses.

It’s pretty easy to fold up the wagon’s long handle underneath and store away for when it’s not in use. It makes easy transporting and storage.

This roomy two-seater wagon offers a smooth ride for any two passengers. The molded cup holders and snack area compartment featured in between the two seats make it very easy for the children to reach them.

Pretty easy to fold up
Has the smoothest, quietest ride
Comes with two seat belts for the safety
Comes with plenty of space
It is not easy to maneuver when having to back up

What we like about it:
This wagon comes with plenty of space for both riders. With the seats that are opposite of each other, it is easy for little ones to communicate and share toys and snacks.

2. Step2 Play and Shade Pool

Make pool time of summer activities fun with Step2 Play and Shade Pool. This can be your toddler’s own private pool. Features an umbrella stand to provide your child shade and two molded-in seats. Comes also with 3 funnel cups and a fun spinning water wheel. Step2 Play and Shade Pool features a molded design on the bottom that provides traction for little feet. This comes with easy to assemble pieces and it can be set up within five minutes. 

The pool promotes depth perception skills while encouraging hand-eye coordination. Water play help inspires pretend play and delight your kids as they stay cool in the pool. 3 funnel cups and a fun spinning water wheel strengthen fine motor skills. This product will provide ours for fun for your toddlers.

Features two molded-in seats
Provide your child shade
Comes with 3 funnel cups
Comes with easy to assemble pieces
Promotes depth perception skills
Inspires pretend play and delight your kids
Assembly required

What we like about it:
This pool made of kid-friendly and completely non-toxic. It also features molded-in designs at the bottom, which guarantees safety for little ones. This makes it ideal for toddlers to have fun while reducing the risk of injury.

3. Power Wheels Barbie Kawasaki KFX

With this sturdy Barbie styled tricycle, your baby girl will love spinning around the house. This pink-bodied trike features comfortable easy-grip handlebars and large pedals. All little toys and stuffed animals will fit in the storage compartment under the seat. The durable tires and comfortable seat made it the kids’ favorite things to ride and help aspiring riders to get up to speed. The solid wheelbase, comfortable handlebars, and large foot pedals make it easy for little drivers to get up to speed. And the rugged tires and big, comfortable seat will provide a lot of fun and miles of smiles. Also, this kid-powered tricycle allows them to get motor skills. It is a great way to exercise leg muscles.

Looks nice
It is a solid little trike
Made of kid-friendly materials
Promotes motor skills and balance
It is a bit difficult to turn the steering

What we like about it:
It is a sturdy product and will definitely last for years. It’s easy to assemble, has a comfortable seat, handlebars, and pedals. The tricycle allows kids to get motor skills and to exercise leg muscles.

4. Step2 Whisper Ride II Ride On Push Car

Get your little one ready for the ride of a lifetime! As far as ride on toys go, this one’s got them all beat. First there’s the sleek design, seat belt safety feature, and easy-to-fold handle. Then there’s all the nooks and crannies (including space under the hood) to hold thirst-quenching water bottles, beloved toys, and all other little must-haves like munchies, a wallet, or cell phone. Last, but certainly not least, there’s the quiet ride on the one hand, and the kid-powered horn on the other. Yep, it’s all fun at its very best for toddler ride on toys.

Features a sleek automotive design
Provides a smooth, quiet ride
Comes with a storage under the hood
Promotes motor skills
Can get boring

What we like about it:
This cute little machine features a sleek automotive design with soft poly wheels to help provide a smooth, quiet ride. It also features storage under the hood, as well as a handle that can be folded underneath the body to help simplify transport and storage.

5. Eastern Jungle Gym Extra Large Plastic Toy Telescope

Little kids are already starting to be adventurous. Give your aspiring scientists Extra Large Plastic Toy Telescope and they can start their investigation into the natural world around them. Is is made specifically for children. It features a 2x magnification ability and large and comfy eyepieces. The toy is amazingly safe and unbreakable. There is a breakaway strap so your little one will not hurt her neck. They are super easy to use, comfy, lightweight and keep children engaged. A love of nature is always a helpful quality to develop in kids during their toddlerhood.This is excellent at facilitating a passion for science. It also inspires exploration and encourages a love of the great outdoors. Ideal for studying environment or taking to the football game.

Features a 2x magnification ability
They are super easy to use
Inspires exploration and
Encourages a love of the great outdoors
Optics are not high quality

What we like about it:
This toy will make your kid curious about nature and the environment. It also helps in promoting creativity while at the same time helping to build confidence.

6. Little Tikes Cape Cottage

Little ones will appreciate this realistic cottage and will love to play pretend with all friends. Little Tikes Cape Cottage can be a great addition to one’s backyard and parents will love the easy assembly. This playhouse comes with fully-functioning doors and windows with working shutters. It also features flag holders and mail slots. Comes in red and tan colors. The nice thing about this toy is: this constructed from top-quality materials and looks just like the picture. It is pretty lightweight to make it easy for parents to relocate.

It also includes a realistic mail slot and a flag holder for having fun. The colorful moving parts develop hand-eye coordination while also developing motor skills. The cottage also promotes a kid’s imagination and create an adventure that will stimulate little minds. The playhouse can be used indoors and outdoors.

Pretty easy to assemble
Comes with fully-functioning doors
Windows with working shutters
Features flag holders and mail slots
Constructed from top-quality materials
Develops hand-eye coordination and motor skills
Flag and mail not included

What we like about it:
The playhouse is big enough but it is lightweight so relocating it from place to place is pretty easy. This is perfect for developing social skills as well as fostering imagination.

7. Step2 Game Time Sports Climber And Slide

It is a climber with a built-in “scorekeeper” and it is a slide, all in one. This set will provide kids hours of fun as they climb up the patterned ladder, slide down the front, and shoot hoops. The playset features a built-in way to keep score in case children
playing with friends and excellent climber for growing children of all ages. Made of sturdy materials it can hold up to 66 lbs at a time. Children can practice tossing, shooting and kicking the ball on target. The set comes with multi-purpose sports ball.

The set is pretty easy to assemble and can be set up within a few minutes.  It is also very firm and long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry about it getting broken.

Features patterned ladder, slide down, and shoot hoops
Comes with multi-purpose sports ball
Made of sturdy materials it can hold up to 66 lbs
Enhance hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills
Not many children can play at once

What we like about it:
With so many features, this playset will provide hours of fun for toddlers and preschoolers. The set helps enhance hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills while building muscle.

8. The Banzai Sprinkle and Splah Mat

This is the excellent outdoor toy to play on those hot summer afternoons. The mat is large enough to fit more that one kid and equipped with sprinklers on the outer edges. Let the water to keep running. It will gently shoot out of the sprinklers and fill up the mat. Once the little pool fills up, it will hold. Once your little one is done splashing around, empty the pool area and hang it out to dry. The mat dries quickly which will keep it in excellent condition.

The mat will increase your kid’s social skills. The vividly colored creatures on the mat will aid in your little one’s sensory development. For the toddlers who are sitting but not actually walking, the toy gives plenty of stationary fun.

Big enough to fit more that one kid
The mat dries quickly
Increase your kid’s social skills
Gives plenty of stationary fun for toddlers
Needs a hose for sprinklers

What we like about it:
The Sprinklers will incite the development of your kid’s motor skills as they try to grab the water. The mat will keep your little one cool in the sun while also inciting kid’s development.

9. WOWmazing Giant Bubble Wands Kit

There’s no denying that children love bubbles. This set takes a classic toy to the next level. It creates long giant bubbles thanks to a two handle design. The set features a pouch of bubble concentrate, a bubble wand, and clear instructions, containing tips and tricks.

Little ones will gain lots of exercise as they run to pop the bubbles. Gripping the wand will develop their coordination and motor skills. The set facilitates social skills and teamwork as children will blowing bubbles together.

Creates long giant bubbles
Features a two handle design
Features a pouch of bubble concentrate
Comes with clear instructions, containing tips
Very little bubble concentrate included

What we like about it:
We love that kit keep little ones endlessly engaged as they create bubbles that are bigger than themselves. Kids of all ages will love to chase and pop the bubbles from this kit.

10. Champion Sports Multi-Colored Parachute

This long-lasting multi-colored nylon parachute is a fan favorite across many classrooms and households. With 8 reinforced handles and a mesh center, this item is easy for kids to hold onto. It made of ripstop durable lightweight nylon and stays carefully ventilated even when kids are playing underneath the material.

Grabbed a handle, make ripples, throw a ball in the middle and bounce it around together. Kids can also build their own secret circus tent. Children will love going under it, hiding under it, and making waves with it.

The nice thing about this toy is that it promotes social skills and teamwork in little ones. By getting them products that need more than one player, they are better able to enhance their ability to interact with peers. It is also great for promoting basic motor skills.

Made from long-lasting multi-colored nylon
Promotes social skills and teamwork
Great for promoting basic motor skills
Fun activity for all family members
Mesh material in the middle can tear
There is no suggestions for activities

What we like about it:
Your little one will love to play with this multi-functional toy on sunny days. It also can bring back memories for you while making new ones with all family members.

11. Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline

With this fun and sturdy trampoline, your kid can burn off all extra energy. It features a huge jumping surface and comfy balance bar that provides stability for your toddler. It will keep your baby girl on the move, promoting her balance, and coordination. Easy-to-move design leaves toddlers with smiling faces. This 3-foot sturdy and high-quality trampoline is great for kids’ well-being. Ideal for burning off energy so it is easier for kids to focus or to get the effective rest that they also need. As toddlers work out their whole body, they will promote better coordination, balance and strength. Also, the trampoline will provide hours of fun.

Fun and sturdy trampoline
Made of high-quality materials
Ideal for burning off energy
Provides hours of fun
Max weight is 55 lbs

What we like about it:
It is not only a sturdy trampoline. It may be also a podium, a wrestling arena, and a picnic space. Ultimately, the trampoline helps in building fine motor skills and coordination skills.

12. Step2 All Around Playtime Patio with Canopy Playhouse

Children will feel all grown up when they explore this Playtime Patio’s interactive features and play pretend with buddies. Even parents will be impressed with what this playset came with. It features three main stations, a sink and a swivel faucet, the snack table, and a water and sand play area. Realistic accessories allow children to “grill up” meals like a real grill master. It comes with the accessory set that includes food and dishes, so your kids can pretend to eat what they cook up. The water area provides some toys for splish-splash water fun.
With a canopy, your child will love used it all summer and enjoy hours of fun in the sun. It is excellent for strengthening sensory development, especially among toddlers. With three stations and lots of space, your kid is inspired to engage in play with other children. It also helps in the improvement of their auditory and visual skills as well as encourages creative play.

Features three main stations
Comes with realistic accessories
Includes food and dishes
Provides splish-splash water fun
Great for strengthening sensory development
Helps in the improvement of their auditory and visual skills
It is not attached to the ground

What we like about it:
We love that your kid will be able to enjoy hours outdoors and the canopy will help shade them from the direct sun. It is also a perfect toy for developing imagination and promoting both gross and fine motor skills.

13. Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike



What we like about it:

14. Melissa & Doug Sunny Sand Baking Set

Aspiring bakers will surely love Melissa & Doug Sand Baking Set. This engaging set comes with realistic replicas of baking utensils for children to explore. There are many pieces such as shell-shaped measuring cups, mixing spoon, octopus whisk, mixing spoon, and a mixing bowl.

Your kid will love performing his own science experiments with uncomplicated ingredients. This set is a fun and safe way to make very simple experiments. It is excellent for stimulating interested in science as well as promotes confidence and problem-solving skills.

This engaging playset offers fun while sparking a kid’s imagination.
Children can also practice math with shell-shaped measuring cups while engaging in creative play. The kit helps to promote hand-eye-coordination and motor skills. It is great at fostering a passion for cooking and exploration.

Comes with realistic replicas of baking utensils
Sparks a kid’s imagination
Comes with many pieces
Kids can also practice math
Bucket is not durable enough for heavy stuff

What we like about it:
Ideal for encouraging imaginative play. It also introduces children to the concept of measurements and promotes socil skills.

15. Step2 Finding Dory Swim & Swirl Water Table

If there is no pool on sunny days, set up this charming playset in the backyard for splashing fun. Send Finding Dory figures down the slide and into the water. Use the center whirlpool spinner to move them around the pool. Use the side flipper onto the side and watch them go diving into the sea. The kit features 8 accessories, including a water scoop. Your kid will be splashing and splashing along with adorable figures on sunny afternoons with this beloved playset.

It is great for encouraging visual motor coordination, fine motor skills, and creative play. It also helps in improving children’ social skills as the game played with buddies.

Comes with 8 accessories, including a water scoop
Comes with beloved characters for children
Promotes fine motor skills
Great for encouraging visual motor coordination
Drain hole can leak

What we like about it:
Dory is a beloved character for children. She is kind and teaching us the importance of tolerance with ourselves and others. The set is an enjoyable tribute to her that will keep your little one entertained for hours.

16. VTech Kidizoom Camera Pix

For a camera that meets the needs of a kid but which is durable enough to handle their actions, try Kidizoom Camera Pix by VTech. It is a 2-megapixel camera made of kid-friendly and sturdy materials features a selfie mode that automatically detects faces, games, and video recorder for more imaginative playtime. There are also entertaining collage templates and 35 photo effects and 4 enjoyable apps. There is also a “camera” sound when you take a picture. The toy allows downloaded all creations using Micro-USB cable.

Durable enough to handle kids’ actions
Made of kid-friendly and sturdy materials
Features a “camera” sound
Allows downloaded all creations using Micro-USB cable
The toy takes very low-quality photos

What we like about it:
Exploring the creative side is fun with this desk. Your little boy will love to take photos non-stop in a variety of exciting templates. The toy fosters their imagination and motor skills. It also allows children to embrace the learning environment and give young boys important access to technology.

17. Melissa & Doug Bella Butterfly Pretend Play Tea Set

When the next time your kid have a tea party with friends or her stuffed animals, make sure to let your baby girl bring Tea Set Basket. This is a charming set filled with a lot of pieces: a porcelain teapot, a creamer, a sugar bowl, cups, saucers, and even a tablecloth. Until then, it is an amazing toy to promote creativity as well as motor skills. This well-designed tea set includes a basket for holding all pieces together and making transportation simple. All pieces fit easily, including cute napkins and a tablecloth for setting the scene. The toy made for pretend play, inspiring kids to use their creativity at their own tea parties. It is cute and encourages motor, and social skills.

Filled with a lot of pieces
Made of quality materials
Inspires kids to use their creativity
Encourages motor, and social skills
It is pretty small

What we like about it:
It is a charming and well-made tea set with beautiful colors and plenty of pieces. It fosters kid’s imagination and social skills.

18. Big Dig Ride-on working Crane with Base

This engaging toy provides hours of fun and active play. And the best part is, it is really nice for the price. It features a durable base that sits securely on almost any terrain, your kid can dig safely while still having plenty of joy. The toy made of high-quality metal which is means that this item will last years and years. It features also two comfy bar handles that provide your little one something to hold onto as he playing. The soft and comfy seat and movable handles give your little boy the action he needs. Little boys prefer toys that can be controlled, so this realistic crane provides them with a real sense of movement and coordination that also foster their critical thinking skills.

The price is low
It is capable of digging up everything
Made of top-quality materials
Keeps kids entertained for hours
Assembly required

What we like about it:
This is a solid and well-made toy that gives you not just months, but years of playtime. Because it is capable of digging up everything from snow to gravel and leaves, your kid can play with it year round.

Criteria used to evaluate the best robot toys for children

When we began preparing our list, we took many things into consideration. For beginners, we thought to ourselves: do these playthings help the development of your kid? We undertook careful research and found our answers when it came to our main questions. We think that no matter what young age or gender your little ones is, there is a game on our list that all kids love.


Toys for a preschooler will most likely not interest a teen, and so on. But, robot toys is one of those items that can interest kids of all ages. There are simple toys available that can suit preschoolers and more complicated toys that can suit older children. As older kids are able to tell their opinions, little ones need to be watched to garner their opinion on whether they love a toy or not. Most, if not all, the toys on our list are certain to make your kid enjoy playing with their robot toy.


A top priority for us was safety. While parents still should always keep an eye on their kid, most of the items that we have prepared are ideal for pretend play. It is also recommended that when looking for a game for their kid that parents also take a look at the suggested age for the game before buying to make sure that it is age appropriate. We also recommend that parents inspect the toy for sharp edges or damage before giving the product to your kid before play time. While it is not likely that your toy will get damaged during delivery, it is possible that it can happen.

We also added some products to our list that can be quickly stored and come with a lot of storage themselves. Some of these even fold down and some pack nice and neat in a bag. Whatever the method of the organization, this is sure to help make your home clutter-free guaranteed.


Another thing we took into consideration was to make sure the each of the items on our list would increase your kid’s development. Providing your kid toys that promote cooperative and social play increase the development of her or his social skills. If you give your little one bright colored toys with sounds and buttons, it will help enhance your kid’s sensory development.

We also tried to make sure that lots of the items helped boost your kid’s fine-motor skills. As your kid’s fine-motor skills increase, so will their hand-eye coordination and balance skills. Pretend play is also essential to your child’s development. When you let your kid to use their imagination in an unconfined space, it also helps strengthen their confidence. It will even develop their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills as well.

Suitability for outdoors

When we sat down and started to create our list of the best outdoor toys, the toys collected needed to be suitable for the outdoors. We made sure that each product on our list could endure any condition. We required items that could give shade which is a huge plus as they ensure longer outside time on those hot summer days.

Several items even offer excellent outdoor play to help your kid stay cool when the sun is hot. There are also some products on our list that are very lightweight, which makes it comfortable for parents to move them. Even though many of these games can withstand the rain, we suggest taking them inside just to ensure that they will last longer. By doing this, it also prevents rust. Kids shouldn’t play with toys that have accumulated rust as it is a definite safety hazard. Some of these products are also versatile so your kid can play with them indoors as well, so even if there is a rainy day, your little one will still be able to play with their beloved toy.

Toys that allow toddlers to play and pretend outdoors

Toys that stimulate kids to play outdoors and use pretend play help their development. They need their gross and fine-motor skills stimulated while also fostering their imagination. Playing outdoors lets little ones to explore nature around them while moving, bouncing, and navigating the different terrain. This promotes balance and gross-motor skills. Adding toys to encourage fun outdoor play also lets them to explore their imagination while honing their skills.

Many backyard toys are uniquely designed to foster and strengthen the skills that kids already have while also providing them new skill sets as well. It is essential for physical and mental development for children to play outside while also encouraging their creativity as well. Water play, pretend role-playing, and using pastimes to exhaust their energy are added benefits of outdoor play.

We know it can be hard to choose toys for a toddler. We prepared this list with toys that are created to help kids be challenged physically and mentally while also encouraging their imagination, allowing them to share experiences with others, and give skills that help reach developmental milestones.

The toys on this are researched for their price, features, and age range. We also review safety ratings for each toy we want to make sure that anything on the list is the best and safest for the kid using them. We review parent’s feedback for many products and only pick toys that their toddlers are currently using and enjoying. We always consider those things when adding to the list. Each toy has an appropriate age rating and promotes the development of a toddler.

Helping toddlers pretend

When toddlers play through pretend it stimulates their imaginations while exciting both physical and intellectual development. It also teaches reason and problem-solving techniques. When a kid is faced with a question or feeling during pretend to play, it helps how they would deal with the issue in real life. It helps them create empathy and a way to sort out their feelings. When others join in on the play, it provides them a new layer of complexity. It helps to define roles, helps with communication between peers, and promotes stronger social skills.

Imaginative play or pretend play introduces the ability to make-believe. This lets a kid learn to be something and is a huge concept for someone in this age group master. It helps them pretend through play with boosts their social skills and gives them the curiosity to explore the world.

How toys encourage gross and fine-motor skills

Playing with your toddler and showing a gross or fine-motor skill through an activity or toy is one of the best ways to strengthen your child’s development. When using toys like a pretend lawn mower or a table where they are able to dump water from a cup into a funnel is an excellent way to exercise and reinforce fine-motor skills. Playing that fosters the development of fine and gross motor skills are essential to their development. Using toys to practice and perfect the control of their coordination is ideal for improving the skill set.

Toys that promote the movement of arms, legs, and head are toys that help develop gross motor skills. Toys that stimulate the use of their hands, feet, fingers, and toes help development are fine motor skills. Finding products that strengthen both at the same time is great. When choosing a toy from our list you will see in the benefits section with the highlighted skill set for each toy.

Playing outdoor with toddlers

Toddlers play to continue mastering their newly found sense of independence as they are no longer totally dependent on parents for some of their needs. Kids also need to play to stimulate their muscles and help improve their flexibility, balance, and coordination so they will be better prepared once they reach preschool and school age.


Why they are important?

It is essential for little ones to enjoy playtime in an area where they can move, bounce, and stretch their muscles while at the same time sharpening their fine motor skills. That is why playing outdoors is so much fun for children. They get to live out their fantasies in a wide open space. Best of all, they can share these experiences with friends and, of course, their parents and their siblings.
Outdoor playtime activities can thus, be a great way to bond with your kids. You can encourage their sense of independence and autonomy while at the same making sure that they are safe. If they trip and hurt themselves, you can always assure them that it is perfectly all right and that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Your presence, while they are playing outdoors, means a lot to them. They feel you value their personhood and as such won’t certainly interfere with their playtime. But they also know that if they need you, you will be there to support them. Of course, you and the rest of the family can join your kid in playing outdoors. And how else can you encourage great family bond than playing with toys that are built to be enjoyed outdoors?

What is the best way to encourage toddlers to play outdoor?

Kids are mastering their new-found sense of independence with their ability to walk, move and play. Being outside lets toddlers to explore new things while strengthening their sense of smell, sight and muscles. When playing and pretending outside, they are able to explore the natural world around them while training balance and coordination. Promoting outdoor play helps kids become more successful preschool and school-age children.

How do you know if the toys are challenging toddlers physically?
Toddlers are physically challenged when using their coordination skills, fine and gross-motor skills. When a kid is developing,
it is at a fast rate. Being able to support toddlers to pour water into a funnel, kick a ball into a goal, and balance while completing an activity are many great ways to challenge them physically. You will see them honing the skill set each time they use the toys. They will soon master the skill and move on to something more challenging. It is essential to encourage and play alongside with them.

How do you know if the toys are challenging toddlers mentally?

Knowing logic and self-control are two of the greatest challenges for a little one. As a parent, it is your job to help them learn and experience these challenges. Using toys that promote logic and self-control is a great way to help them improve these skills. When you see you kid acting out pretend play or sharing during playtime, this displays mental growth for a kid. When you see them meet and exceed a challenge you know they being mentally challenged.

How do I know if the toys are safe for my toddler’s age group?

To make sure that the toy is safe for a toddler’s age group you must check the label of the toy. By law, each toy manufactured must have a label that states the age group that the toy is safe to be used by. This label must be clear and easy to find. So make sure to check over each toy before buying. If buying the toy online, most retailers will include the age rating in the details of the toy.

How do I know if my toddler has outgrown his current toys and is ready for something new?

You will know that your kid is ready for a new set of challenges or toys when the current toys are no longer being given their attention. Usually, children will no longer play with a toy or their attention span with the toy will lessen when they are ready to move on. Sometimes more times than not, more is less. Try either removing the current toys for a couple of days or having a rotation of toys. When you see them losing interest, also try to re-engage with them, maybe even showing them a new feature with the toy or playing with it in a different way. When the table is no longer engaging, you could switch the water for sand.

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