8 Best mom travel bag

Mom travel bag is definitely of great use for all parents, to the point that it is very difficult, especially in the first months, to leave home without having a comfortable and well-equipped travel changing bag with them.

The opportunities for an outing with your newborn are many and varied, from the times when you need to go shopping or some commission to various visits of pleasure at the home of friends and relatives, up to the healthy walks in the park, to finish then with holidays and real holidays … Mothers know very well that they will often be away from home with their beloved baby and you can be quiet that it will happen just as often as having to change the baby, as well as thinking of various other needs. Mom travel bag is an item designed specifically to contain everything that can be used by mum and child away from the soft mattress on which exchange operations will take place, passing to a whole series of accessories that will make your life a very mum more convenient and simple.

1. Free Like Birdie Weekender Bag

Free Like Birdie Weekender Bag

Free Like Birdie Weekender Bag is compact green bag, ideal for walking and traveling. In fun bright green color and certainly fascinating for your child, it is made of waterproof material. This pack is divided into two sections; clean and dirty. It shows an illustrated packing list inside. In this beautiful mother travel bag is included a change mat, to allow you to change diapers everywhere: it stores easily in its outside pocket. The bag is very easy to clean, just use a damp cloth. Perfect for those who want to spend a little or look for a light and practical alternative to a more structured and heavy bag.

The bag has detachable arm strap, carry handle with attachable buckle. For all models one of the most important aspects to evaluate are the handles: they must be resistant but soft to hold, and maybe if a shoulder strap is supplied, it will not be disdained, for a better comfort in carrying the bag.

2. Best backpacks for women

Osprey Packs Celeste Daypack

Osprey’s Comet is a top-of-the-range backpack designed for everyday use and offers a comfortable fit for women. This Osprey backpack is studied on the anatomy of the female body. It is a versatile and resistant city bag, designed for maximum comfort and efficient organization of space. This Osprey Comet is equipped with a practical padded sheath for laptops and tablets, comfortable scratch-resistant pocket   for glasses and electronic devices, pocket with useful organization system in the front panel, internal pocket for documents, internal clip for the keys, and internal pocket with organization system, led light attachment point, side pockets in stretch mesh, top grab handle for easy transport.

The Osprey brand has a complete set of backpacks made specifically for women like Osprey’s Celeste – functional, practical, with numerous compartments. The backpack closes well, is ergonomic and once worn does not require any other adjustment.

3. Lay-n-Go Lite Small Activity Mat & Toy Organizer

Lay-n-Go Lite Small Activity Mat & Toy Organizer

This 2-in-1 item is a play mat that can be turned into a drawstring storage bag with a simple move! Mummy’s good friend, use it to make the home will become cleaner. The mat can hold lego bricks, action figures and other toys, keeping the play area and the house tidy and organized. It easily turns into transportable satchel that allows you to quickly clean small toys pieces in seconds! Easy to carry this bag and fun toys with you anywhere – from the living room to the playroom, to a friend’s house or traveling. The handle facilitates the transport of the toy bag. If the gaming mat gets dirty, just wash it.

Best Suitcases for children

Taking children on holiday is not easy. Special needs must be taken into account, many of them manifestly incomprehensible, of many limitations and of the greater care towards aspects that, when traveling alone, backpackers looked like futile luxuries. Yet these are the moments that are most strongly fixed in the memory and the quality of the time spent together will also affect the construction of the bond with our loved ones.

The price you pay in this case must be directly proportional to the need to respond to the suitcase: large enough to contain books or games that you never separate from, but also easy to drag and equipped with solid and resistant seams that do not reserve unpleasant surprises.

Given the small size designed for the particular users they are destined to, they cannot create problems when traveling by air: the size or weight does not exceed the restrictions of the airlines, even the most rigid. On the market there are several solutions that meet different needs in terms of budget and functionality, but if you belong to the category of frequent flyer then our advice is to immediately aim at the models proposed by the best brand that realizes suitcases for adults.

4. Trunki Original Kids Ride

Trunki Original Kids Ride

This ride-on suitcase from the famous Trunki brand is the ideal choice for little girls traveling. It is definitely an original and fun model that for many is the best suitcase for children of the year. It is a cheerful and lively model that is striking for its fun design but above all designed to be easily towed by the little ones. It is a trolley for children oriented horizontally and not vertically as often happens with adult models. In this way it does not hinder the journey of small travelers who can drag it the same way they drag their trolling games.

The design that reminds the ladybird makes the suitcase pleasant and suitable for boys as for girls. Good capacity of the suitcase with its longer side of 46 cm, allows it to be used to bring the favorite clothes and objects of the child and not only as a symbolic object to imitate the big ones.

Good internal organization of the spaces that sees the presence of elastic bands to block the contents of a half suitcase without falling anything when you have to open.

This is not the cheapest model in circulation. However, if you want a fancy and durable suitcase, this could be for you.

5. Obersee Kids Luggage and Backpack Set

Obersee Kids Luggage and Backpack Set

If you do not know how to choose a good suitcase for children go to the classic minimizing the risks of any change of mind. The Obersee Kids Luggage and Backpack Set is the perfect solution for families on the go.

The Obersee Kids Luggage has the advantage of being able to count on a simple and manageable design. It is a soft suitcase, with a squared structure that allows you to optimize the space inside by exploiting every corner. It is compatible with hand baggage restrictions and is recommended for use from the age of six. The capacity, moreover, does not disappoint.

  • The longest side is 40 cm and is 22 cm deep, enough to be able to cram inside as many changes of cloth and other essential accessories to take on the road, by car or plane.
  • The material used for the structure of the suitcase is polyester, which is therefore resistant to straps but also soft and light.
  • The height of the handle is adjustable to meet the different needs and be carried even by mom or dad when the legitimate owner does not want to drag the suitcase.
  • The backpack features a padded mesh straps and lumbar section, organizer pockets.

The front pocket on luggage and on backpack is an insulated snack cooler for toting snacks while traveling.

6. Emmzoe Toddler and Kids Animal Trolley Luggage

Emmzoe Toddler and Kids Animal Trolley Luggage

This model is designed for little adventurers. It is complete children’s luggage, with adjustable towing handle at 2 heights, a soft carrying handle, soft PU wheels and a wedge that allows the suitcase to stand alone. This suitcase has sufficient capacity that allows storing clothes, books, soft toys and toys, which is provided with elasticized straps to hold the contents in place, as well as a double zipped compartment inside for small objects and those of value. Rugged and lightweight, the suitcase is sized to be accepted in the cabin and is designed in a flexible but strong material that can withstand blows during travel. Emmzoe Toddler and Kids Animal Trolley Luggage are designed to make traveling simpler and more fun.

7. The best backpack for a child: Skip Hop Toddler Leash and Harness Backpack, Zoo Collection

The best backpack for a child: Skip Hop Toddler Leash and Harness Backpack, Zoo Collection

Cute and functional backpack for children of the Zoo Collection is ideal for kindergarten, free time traveling with mum and dad. This backpack is large and equipped with an external pen pocket, a bottle pocket, and perfect to hold everything you need for when you are away from home. The shape and size are designed to be perfectly child-friendly.

The backpack of Skip Hop Zoo has the characteristic of being chosen in one of the available versions, all depicting an animal, true or fantastic. If they do not want to opt for the classic and colorful butterfly, in fact, the girls can orient themselves on the unicorn, on the ladybug or on the dog, to have a faithful friend. The advantage lies in the fact that children also have a wide choice, given that the forms of dinosaur, chameleon and raccoon are available, more popular among the male public. You will be sure not to keep your children in contact with substances that could harm them, as these backpacks are free of phthalates, PVC and BPA.

  • Although it is a backpack purely designed for kindergarten, the division of the product into pockets and compartments also helps the little ones to better organize their objects.
  • To access the main one just open the zipper, this allows you to have the right space to insert notebooks and case.
  • Some parents complain about the absence of adequate height, which would allow you to insert large albums, so that the little ones draw.
  • Useful the front pocket, always adjusted by a zipper, where to put the pens or even the snack.
  • The mesh side pocket is adjustable and ideal for inserting the water bottle or even the umbrella.
  • The shoulder straps are also padded, so as not to annoy the back of the children and can be adjusted according to their size.

One aspect that has made so many parents happy is the solidity and care in the invoice of the backpack, which boasts solid stitching and great attention to detail. Even if it will be burdened, in fact, it will not risk ruining itself and it will last for a long time. For this reason the selling price is very convenient, as the product is not proving cheap and can be recycled for other girls. A valuable element is also the internal plate, which allows you to enter the name of the child, so as to help in identifying the owner in case of loss. The quality of the materials is also revealed in the ease with which it is possible to wash the backpack, which can be passed with a dampened sponge to remove stains and be sanitized.

Born in New York City in 2003, thanks to the passion for design products parents Ellen and Michael Diamant gave life to the brand Skip Hop. A line of functional and design objects that makes parents’ lives easier, better and more enjoyable. All Ski Hop products are of the highest quality and are designed to meet the most stringent safety standards. Skip Hop does not spare energies in perfecting every detail, component, color and feature until it meets the highest standards; in this way and excels in every regulatory requirement on the safety of its products, free of BPA, lead and phthalates. Not only, design, beauty and efficiency, but also charity: a portion of the proceeds from sales is donated to help those in needs.

Captivating details and innovative materials make the Zoo Packs kindergarten and leisure backpack ideal. Perfect for a day of “hard work” in kindergarten but also for a nice walk in the park is equipped with an internal storage pocket and an external bottle rack. The front thermal pocket is ideal for storing snacks and fruits. With soft padded laces, it is very light and very comfortable for your baby’s little shoulders.

Technical features:

  • Age: 3 years +
  • Exclusive Skip Hop character
  • Thermal snack-holder pocket
  • Adjustable bottle holder
  • Adjustable padded laces
  • Label for the internal name
  • Very easy to clean
  • Dimensions: height 29 cm x width 30 cm x depth 12.5 cm

8. Best college backpack: Laptop Backpack, Winblo

 Best college backpack: Laptop Backpack, Winblo

For college or university it is important to have a backpack where to insert books, laptop and gadgets. In addition to looking at the aesthetics, you will certainly know how much laptop is an essential tool in today’s society and, consequently, it can be very useful to take it with you to download materials and study notes, to inform you about course schedules, receptions, conferences.

The Laptop’s backpack Winblo is light and fashionable, waterproof, soft, comfortable and wearable. This backpack has an outer and inner lining in 210 nylon fabric. The portable compartment can hold a laptop, multiple pockets allows you to store your iPad, power adapter, cables, cell phone, notebooks, books, pens, wallets, umbrellas, bottles of water and other things to take with you. The backpack design is simple and elegant. It is a great backpack for work,   university, school and daily use.

The backpack is also safe, there is a special pocket made of a padded fabric and placed on the back of the backpack, so as to stay in contact with the back to avoid possible shock and damage to the notebook.

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