Best Infant Hearing Protection and Baby on Board Stickers for Children

While it is true that being a parent comes with numerous incomparable joys, there are also many responsibilities that come with it. With your baby shower gift, help protect the little one and anticipate his/her needs. Get a baby on board sticker or another security item!

Give the thoughtful gift of infant hearing protection to show your care for the upcoming newborn!

We often take safety for granted. Nevertheless, this instantly changes when we become parents. That’s because we imminently become aware that we’re responsible for another person’s wellbeing. If you acknowledge that some risks do exist, you can do something in this regard. And this could entail purchasing a baby on board sticker for your car, or a hearing protection device for concerts, fireworks, so on and so forth

There are many risks, such as the dangers of high-traffic areas, or the dangers posed by noisy environments. For example, babies have an ultra-sensitive hearing. This is why if they’re exposed to high levels of noise, this can be utterly harmful to them. At the same time, the consequences can be long-term.

Meanwhile, whenever your little one plays outside the yard, dangers lurk. The same applies to driving with children since there are so many drivers out there that have no respect for regulations and laws.

That being said, in today’s article, we’ll talk about some of the most useful items that can help you improve your little one’s safety and well-being.

What Should You Consider When Shopping for an Infant Hearing Protection Device?

  •   Build Quality

First things first: if you want to be 100% certain that your little one’s ears are protected, the product you purchase should have excellent build quality. At the same time, considering that a hearing protection unit is a considerable investment, you should get your money’s worth and be able to use it for a significant period.

  •   Noise Reduction Rating

Just as earmuffs designated for adults have a noise reduction rating, the same applies to earmuffs for children. The NRR indicates the amount of protection provided by these devices. The rating is measured in decibels. As a rule of thumb, the higher the noise reduction rating, the better protection your little one will get.

  •   Comfort

If a hearing protection device doesn’t feel comfortable, your little one is less likely to accept wearing it. In some cases, children might instantly start crying as soon as they have earmuffs on. And this is primarily because some headphones are really uncomfortable. This is why the items we included in our list of recommendations provide a decent level of comfort to children.

What Should You Consider When Shopping for a “Kids At Play” Sign?

Moving on to an equally important acquisition, namely that of a kid alert sign, there are several aspects you should factor in, as well. For one thing, the sign should be durable. Essentially, you don’t want to have to purchase a new product every now and then to replace your previous purchase.

As a matter of fact, it would be safe to say that the same principle applies when you shop for a well-made walking rope for child care or a baby on board sticker. These should also come in bright colors so that they are really distinguishable and noticeable to by-passers.

Our Top Recommendations for Baby on Board Stickers and Baby Headphones

  1.   Step2 KidAlert V.W.S. Safety Sign

This is one of our top recommendations for a kid alert sign. In order to make the sign as discernible as possible, the manufacturer utilized neon, vibrant colors.

Not only that this makes the sign visible throughout the day, but it’s also noticeable at twilight hours – when the lighting might be misleading.

Furthermore, you should be pleased to learn that this kid alert sign is easy to set up and take down. This definitely comes in handy, especially if you’ll need to change its location every now and then.

Another nice design characteristic is the addition of a 32’’ tall warning flag. It goes without saying that this aims at increasing the visibility of the sign, thus, maximizing your children’s safety whenever they’re out.

Since this kids at play sign weighs roughly 5 pounds, it means that it should stay put.


  •   Easy to transport
  •   Durable and well-made
  •   The use of neon color grabs the attention
  •   Visible, even in low light


  •   It is not suitable for high-wind areas
  •   The end of the flagstick can be hazardous; it might be a good idea if it had a rubber cap
  1.  My Happy Tot Hearing Protection Headphones

My Happy Tot Hearing Protection Headphones. Noise Canceling for Children & Infants, Fully Adjustable for 0-12 Yrs. Low Profile Cups, Padded 'Snug Fit' Professional Earmuffs for Kids

Did it ever occur to you that your little one should be protected from loud noises? If you didn’t know until now, really loud music, stormy weather or noisy construction noise might result in permanent hearing damage in infants.

Concurrently, in comparison with adults, kids are more exposed to ear-related injuries. This is why you should consider getting an infant hearing protection device, such as these headphones.

These feature SNR 26dB, NRR 31dB, and ANSI S3.19 certified protection. That would mean that you can take your little one with you at concerts and other noisy events without exposing him/her to any risks.

It’s also worth noting that this is a reliable infant hearing protection device; in the sense that it features a sturdy, durable construction.

On a different note, cleaning the headphones doesn’t pose a lot of challenges either. Since the headband is adjustable, this means you can continue using them as your little one grows. Essentially, these headphones are suitable for ages under 12.


  •   Adjustable size
  •   Efficient
  •   Good fit


  •   They aren’t completely soundproof
  1.   Dreambaby Baby on Board Sign

Dreambaby Baby on Board Sign

A baby on board sign is a must-buy for responsible parents. And this particular one does the trick.

For one thing, the yellow-black color combination is one of the most visible ones. Therefore, you can know for sure that all drivers will notice it and, hopefully, exercise extra caution.

Moving on, the fact that this baby on board sign is easy to attach comes as a pro.

Nonetheless, if you live in an area in which the temperatures tend to be really high during the summer, this might not be the right option for you.

That is to say, if it stays in open sunlight for an extended amount of time, it is likely to alter its shape.

Another problem might be that it doesn’t stay put for more than a couple of months, meaning that it loses its stickiness element in time. For the price though, it offers a decent quality.


  •   Decent construction
  •   It works for a limited timeframe
  •   Visible in traffic


  •   The stickiness of this baby on board sign diminishes over time
  1.  Lucid Audio HearMuffs Baby Hearing Protection

Lucid Audio HearMuffs Baby Hearing Protection (Over-the-ear Sound Protection Ear Muffs Infant/Toddler/Child) (Spa Green)

Another kids hearing protection device is this product, which promises to safeguard children from loud noises that could harm their hearing.

Firstly, the design of these headphones is practical, featuring an adjustable headband. Simultaneously, the headband is equipped with smooth foam, which aims at optimizing your little one’s comfort.

On top of that, the materials used for producing this hearing protection device for kids are utterly safe for children. This is another pro, making sure that using these headphones is risk-free.

What is more, the GrowBand features a reversible, machine-washable design, so that you can keep it clean at all times.

On a different note, the NRR of this infant hearing protection device is 21dB.


  •   Comfortable for the baby to wear
  •   Adjustability
  •   Safe materials


  •   Some children might feel uncomfortable while wearing them
  1.   Growing Giants Hearing Protection Ear Muffs

Adorable hearing protection ear muffs for kids, babies and todlers. Easily adjustable for canceling noises, by Growing Giants. (orange)

Baby earmuffs are meant to provide a comfortable and safe environment for your baby, regardless of the time and place. These particular items aim to reduce the noise, protecting your little one’s hearing.

Essentially, these are easy to adjust, thanks to their design. Concurrently, they are relatively lightweight. As a result, your little one shouldn’t encounter any difficulties in getting accustomed to them.

Folding these earmuffs for babies is also quite easy, meaning that you can carry them with you and have them at your disposal if the situation asks for it.

Furthermore, in order to make these baby headphones more appealing to children, they feature an attractive design. That is to say, they come with two fox ears that you can attach to the headphones.

This way, if your little one doesn’t want to wear the headphones, perhaps attaching the fox ears might convince him/her to give them a try.


  •   Excellent size range
  •   Comfortable to wear
  •   High-quality design


  •   These baby earmuffs aren’t completely soundproof
  1.  Novus Children Playing Orange Pop Up Safety Cone Sign

This is another high-quality kids at play sign. You’ll find that setting it up is really easy, and it’s simple to store it whenever you don’t need it.

To facilitate easy storage, you can fold it flat or compress to Frisbee-size.

Moving on, this kids at play” sign is made of nylon cones, featuring a wire frame. Therefore, you can know for sure that you’ll get plenty of use out of it.

Furthermore, cleaning it shouldn’t be too difficult either. All you have to do is wipe the cones clean by using a damp cloth, and that’s about it.

The 3-sided design is a noteworthy advantage, as well. This means that no matter the angle from which motorists are approaching, they will be informed that children are playing there.

Essentially, we could argue that this kids at play sign can be successfully used in a wide range of scenarios, including at churches, daycare centers, schools, so on and so forth.

On a different note, you have the option of filling the bottom anchor with sand, in order to keep the pop-up cone in place, even when the weather is windy.


  •   Really practical
  •   Eye-catching design
  •   Easy storage and maintenance


  •   In strong winds, these don’t stay in place
  1.   Brand New World Safety Walking Rope

Getting a top-quality walking rope for child care is highly recommended, as well. Still, what is its purpose? Why should you consider getting one?

This is meant to keep your little ones safe during family outings. In other words, it keeps the children together wherever you might be.

These are utterly portable, allowing you to take them with you wherever you want. They are also made to last, being made out of durable nylon webbing.

Concurrently, there are a bunch of handles – 6 multi-colored handles that can be grasped by the children, and one for the adult.

Moving on, bear in mind that every set of handles is located 18 inches apart, to facilitate sufficient space between children.

There is also an additional Velcro-strap that enables you to attach another walking rope for child care, in the case of larger groups of kids.

Most importantly, though, this addresses the safety standards in both the US and Canada.


  •   Practical
  •   It is durable
  •   Perfect size


  •   The handles are a bit too close to each other
  1.  Baby Banz Earmuffs and Infant Hearing Protection and Sunglasses Combo

Baby Banz Earmuffs and Infant Hearing Protection and Sunglasses Combo 0-2 Years, Aqua Blue

These baby earmuffs come accompanied by high ratings and positive reviews. These indicate one thing: they are likely to work as expected. They come highly recommended for newborns, and not only.

This kids’ hearing protection unit comes with the following noise reduction rating – 31dB. Additionally, these baby headphones promise a high level of comfort. That is thanks to the soft padding.

There is also sufficient room for the ears inside the shells.

At the same time, they don’t have a bulky design, which is the case with other baby headphones you may find on the market.


  •   Great fit for infants
  •   High level of comfort
  •   The sunglasses are a nice addition


  •   The Velcro strap for the sunglasses is prone to scratch the baby’s face

Final Thoughts

To conclude, investing in a baby on board sign is just as important as getting a high-quality, dependable kids hearing protection unit.

That is not all, though, a well-made walking rope for child care can be a helpful addition, as well as a kid alert sign. The purpose of these items is to ensure the safety of your children. That being said, do consider our recommendations of products if you’re shopping for one of these items.


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