7 Best gifts for moms who just gave birth

You do not know what gift to give a brand new mom while being sure to make him really happy? Do not panic, we have found for you some cool gift ideas that will hit you for sure.

Because during a birth, baby is spoiled, and falls under the clothes, stuffed animals and other things, the young mother sometimes feels a little forgotten … But that was before thanks to these clever gift ideas and at low prices validated by Internet users.

1. Letters to You

Letters to You

Before your child even births, you can start a life album for him. But you can also start a life album at any time, when you feel the “need” to write to your child (this can be a difficult situation such as a separation or a death for example). This album can be embellished with pictures of the whole family to present the different ties of kinship which unite it with the members of his family. You can also paste photos of missing people so that your child knows all the people who mattered to you.

You can continue this album of life throughout his years of life:

  • the adventure of pregnancy in the maternity: ultrasounds, choice of the first name …
  • its first exploits: first meetings with the family, first teeth, first meals, first words, first Christmas, first day at school, first ride, first school trip …
  • a lock of hair to tape
  • the funny expressions he or she uses
  • messages of love from you or from family members.

This book is a link between your child and you, it’s up to you to personalize it, to draw in for example, to use different colors according to the mood or the theme, to write down what is important to you, to tap Entrance tickets to parks visited or shows seen, to paste his announcement of birth or baptism, newspaper articles, drawings … everything is imaginable and at any age! Remember to date your writings and use them regularly even when your child is over the age of kindergarten.

Inside Letters to You you’ll find prompts, questions, and space to write a letter to your child each year of their childhood.

2. S’ip by S’well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

S’ip by S’well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Often the gift ideas that you will find here will surprise you by their degree of unusual and fun but also because they are practical!

Water bottles are getting better and they look cooler than ever. Sip by Swell water bottles that have recently hit the market. Made from stainless steel, these Thermos type bottles are available in a wide range of colors that will impress the gallery. But are they really worth the investment (when you know the price, you will understand that it is indeed an investment!)?

Let’s test S’well bottles! The main advantage of the company is that S’well bottles are designed to keep liquids warm for about twelve hours and liquids cold for a twenty-four hour period. We can tell you that this bottle is like a small portable refrigerator. Yes, the water in the bottle will stay cold, even if you put it on your bedside table all night or if you forget part of the day in the car (even during a heat wave!). According to our personal experience with this product, it can keep cold liquids up to 36 hours. However, the liquid was very cold from the start and we added some ice cubes. After 36 hours, the ice cubes are obviously all melted, but the liquid remains cold.

One can be imaginative and put something other than water. For example, this bottle would be perfect for bringing juice for a picnic or a day at the beach.  In addition to using it for coffee or tea daily, it would also be a good idea to use your S’well bottle to reward you with hot chocolate after a snowshoe hike or a crazy day of skiing. Why not use it to keep your soup warm if you’re sick?

S’ip by S’well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Double Wall is the gift come from large license. By creating these bottles, S’well wants to offer an alternative to the use of plastic bottles and thus reduce our ecological footprint. In our opinion, it’s a small plus that adds value to the product, especially when you know that astronomical quantities of plastic bottles are thrown around the world every year.

Its only downside is its price. Obviously, that says good quality also says higher price. It’s up to you to judge if it’s worth it

  • Clean design
  • Assorted colors and limited editions available
  • Keep liquids warm for more than 12 hours
  • Keep cold liquids for more than 24 or even 36 hours
  • Bottles resistant to shocks

3. Keepsake Boxes

Keepsake Boxes

All parents keep memories of their children to transmit to them one day: first outfit, blanket, school notebooks etc.

To preserve the precious memories you have of your little angel since birth, Savor offers boxes and boxes for baby memories. Surprisingly cute and practical, the cheap baby keepsake box includes several small compartments. These spaces allow you to store the maternity bracelet, the first lock of hair or the baby teeth. Available for little girls and boys, the boxes also have specific spaces for you to write down their first name, weight or date of birth.

4. RXBAR Whole Food Protein Bar, Chocolate Sea Salt

RXBAR Whole Food Protein Bar, Chocolate Sea Sal

Why not a little sweetness and chocolate? We do not always think but choosing fine and good chocolates, you will find something to delight the young mother.

Enjoy a simple, nutritious blend of roasted almonds, cashews and dates with a rich taste of dark chocolate and sea salt. It is a delicious bar that offers all the benefits of protein and fiber, while keeping the control over your intake of sugar and pure carbohydrates. All without dyes or artificial flavors, without sugar alcohols or preservatives!

Proteins are essential for the proper functioning of the human body. This is particularly valid for the 8 essential amino acids: the latter cannot indeed be synthesized by the body, they must be provided through food. Proteins help maintain a normal bone structure and maintain and develop muscle mass. According to the recommendations of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), proteins must constitute at least 12% of the energy value of a food so that the body can perform the functions mentioned above. Protein bars are very convenient sources of protein.

The protein bar is generally used to prevent the breakdown of muscles and thus promote muscle reconstruction or during periods of diet period.

The benefits of a protein bar are:

  • Important protein intake
  • Muscle protection
  • Fight against catabolism
  • Reconstruction and muscle development after exercise
  • Recharge of energy reserves

When trying to bulk or lose fat, the protein intake must be important. Protein is the macro-nutrient constituting the muscles. During rest, the consumption of protein bar helps rebuild muscles faster. It also helps withstand heavy training loads.

Protein bars are found in all sports shops or on the internet. Caution, some may be poorly dosed in terms of nutrients. For starters, a good energy bar should contain at least 15g of protein. Then you have to check the type of protein. We must choose quality proteins.

5. Lactation Cookies with Blessed Thistle

Lactation Cookies with Blessed Thistle

Lactation cookies are in fashion right now. It should be noted, however, that there is little scientific evidence about the effectiveness of these cookies on your milk supply. This may be because there is not a lot of research on breastfeeding or how the human body makes milk. In addition, it is important to note that if you have a low milk supply, it is necessary to contact a lactation consultant directly for professional help.

The vast majority of mothers can breastfeed without “boosters” or “galactagogues” (ingredients that increase the supply of milk), but if you face any problems, a breastfeeding counselor will prescribe the right supplements to help boost your milk supply.

What are the common ingredients in lactation cookies?

The ingredients used in many lactating cookie recipes are good for mothers who are breastfeeding from a dietary point of view. They contain good fats (flax seed meal and coconut oil) that improve the quality of fat in your breast milk, as well as other healthy foods such as rolled oats that will provide you with more energy.

  • Beer yeast: is a source of B vitamins, chromium, selenium and protein. It does not contain B12, but other B vitamins can help boost energy and support the nervous system. It is also said to help digestion and keep skin, hair, eyes, mouth and liver healthy.
  • Flaxseed: a good source of dietary fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. It contains vitamins E and B, calcium, iron and potassium. It can be used to help keep your digestive system healthy and prevent irritable bowel syndrome. It can also lower blood sugar and improve insulin tolerance.
  • Oats: An excellent source of soluble fiber (especially beta-glucans) that helps to slow the absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream, helping to avoid peak blood sugar levels. They are also an excellent source of magnesium as well as other vitamins and minerals, so it’s a good idea to have them as part of your diet anyway!

6. Earth Mama Organic Milkmaid Tea for Breastfeeding Mothers

Earth Mama Organic Milkmaid Tea for Breastfeeding Mothers

Some plants have been used by women for centuries to stimulate milk production when they feed their babies. If these galactogens, taken as herbal tea, are not the mainstay of breastfeeding, they can provide temporary help to boost lactation.

In most cases, a woman produces enough milk to feed her baby, if it stimulates the mammary gland enough with regular feedings. When a mother finds a drop in her milk secretion, it is important to determine the cause to remedy it.

Earth Mama Organic Milkmaid Tea for Breastfeeding Mothers can help in some situations:

  • in case of fatigue or stress, which impairs lactation
  • when returning to work
  • at the time of the baby’s growth spurts, around 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months, when his needs increase and when he asks for breast more often;
  • when the baby suffers from colic: the active ingredients of the digestive plants present in the lactating herbal tea pass through the milk and soothe it.

Good to know: It is crucial to stay hydrated during the lactation period. Herbal teas are a good option to increase fluid intake.

7. Sakura Koi Coloring Brush Pen

Sakura Koi Coloring Brush Pen

We are not born an artist but we become it. However, many are more skilled than others without knowing it. It is probable that a pen is enough to awaken the artist in it, to recognize itself and to admit that one is gifted. So, when you have the passion for drawing, we seek more and we want the best tools. A pen-brush is a pen that may contain ink or water, and the end used to write (or draw) is similar to that of a brush.

Koi coloring brush pen set is perform similar to an artist brush. It is a newly designed pen set in parallel with the advancement of technology. The durable tip will quickly spring back to its original shape after each use, for large fine lines, medium fine and fine, ink easy to mix.

  • with flexible and robust nylon durable tip
  • the durable tip returns to its original shape after each use
  • to draw different main lines
  • water-based solvent to draw beautiful color gradients
  • in a 12-piece plastic case, only sold in packaging

Examples of use: drawing, calligraphy. Adapted to: designate, manga, comic cartoonists, art lovers.

Becoming a mother is still a great upheaval and the first days (even weeks or months) it is sometimes difficult to get your head out of the water or find time for yourself. Then suggest to the young mother to take care of her baby, cooking, cleaning or laundry so that she can a little air or just rest. It is often the best gift you can offer.

Do want to spoil the young mother. Here are two bonus ideas that will please everyone: a photo shoot mom/baby at a professional photographer; a massage, an hour during which she cares only for her.

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