7 Best gift for new born baby

With the birth of a new member in the family, a marathon of visits to the baby begins, with relatives and close friends. It is natural that they want to mark the affection for the family with a gift for newborn, but what is really useful? It really is not easy to be creative at a time like this, but you do not even have to go far to find cool and useful gifts

More important than creativity at this time is looking for things that make the new mother and baby’s life more comfortable. Here are a series of tips, ideas and directions to be able to choose a best gift for new born baby!

The best clothing to offer as a gift

When a couple of friends has a newborn baby, we immediately want to buy some onesie or some other item of clothing or accessory, all products that are able to be funny and tender at the same time. These is a appreciated gift, but try to completely avoid too small sizes that can quickly slip away and choose something that does not have a season, a garment very versatile in short. Following these simple tips you will avoid that the rompers, bodysuits and shoes end up closed in a drawer to take dust. And remember that babies get really dirty: even the bibs are a really useful gift!

Bibs are of paramount importance for babies. Many different types of bibs are available on the market, among which we must also remember the bandana bibs. What’s so special about these bibs? Bandana bibs are special, it is true, and one of the best choices that you can give for a newborn as it is a very versatile product. These special types of bibs can be used during breastfeeding or during feeding time to prevent milk and food from staining children’s clothes. However, these special types of bibs can also are worn all day to prevent saliva from over-watering the baby’s shirt and body, making it feels cold and uncomfortable.

1. Best for Drooling and Teething: 10-Pack Baby Bibs for Boys Baby Bandana Drool Bibs

10-Pack Baby Bibs for Boys Baby Bandana Drool Bibs

This is a bib set with 10 boyish prints. The stylish and original bibs are soft, delicate, safe and comfortable, the ideal choice for your baby at any time of the day. They have a practical top layer of knit made of 100% cotton, are suitable and designed specifically for babies of 3- 24 months. How is it possible? It is simply because the bibs are in possession of buttons for the closure that allow you to adjust the bib according to the neck of your baby and its specific needs, always ensuring the maximum comfort possible.

Cotton absorbs effectively and does not let any liquid drip over the edges of the bib. This fabric also offers excellent safety: you will indeed have the guarantee that only a natural fabric is in contact with your children’s skin, hypoallergenic and very delicate. They are perfect to be used of course at the time of breastfeeding or baby food, but they are also ideal to be worn all day in the case of children who have excessive salivation perhaps due to the first teeth. In this way you will avoid getting the shirt too wet and that it is necessary to change them several times a day.

  • Can protect your child from Spit up, Drools, Dribbling, etc
  • Keep the baby dry for a long time to help prevent rashes and reflux
  • Double-layer design, clean a cloth to replace a garment, make mom feel easily
  • Adjustable design with 2 snap-on locks is ensures a perfect fit even when the child grows up
  • Hypoallergenic: nickel free snap fasteners to eliminate any risk of skin allergies
  • Great attention to detail: precisely stitched for a superior finish

As a gift you will also find a towel, very soft and perfect for drying your baby’s delicate skin. The bandana bibs for drooling and teething can be worn all day because they are made of soft fabric, even at the edges, so as to ensure excellent comfort. They are never too big and do not in any way prevent your baby’s movements. In addition they are fashionable, in fact a bandana shape that makes the bib appear as a real accessory capable of completing the outfit. Obviously they are always made in cheerful colors and with cute designs including elks, anchors, arrows, waves, clouds, drops, rhombuses and geometric ornaments, so that babes wear them with extreme pleasure.

We remind you that they can be washed directly in the washing machine, without being afraid that the colors may be damaged. Washing after washing are also more soft and comfortable, try to believe.

2. Best Socks: Luvable Friends Unisex 8 Pack Newborn Socks

Luvable Friends Unisex 8 Pack Newborn Socks

A cute pack of socks is ideal for everyday wear with soft fabric that fits well on baby’s feet. The elastic design makes for a correct fit and is suitable for babies 0-6 months. Made of a super soft 85% Cotton blend, these socks of fun colors and patterns are safe and delicate on little toes, yet durable and machine washable for everyday use. This value-pack is a great gift for new born baby boy!

  • 85% Cotton, 13% Nylon, 2% Spandex
  • Elastic for Better Fit
  • Super Soft & Comfy
  • Machine Washable
  • Suitable for 0-6 months

What is the best gift for new born baby? Babies need many, many, things… and Diaper Bag

Mothers who spend many hours a day away from home with their baby, need to have a bag that is really roomy, in which to put everything that the child may need, not just diapers and change of clothes of course , but also toys, baby bottles and any accessory for the preparation of milk or baby food. The most classic bags cannot guarantee practicality of use. They are comfortable until they are attached to the stroller, but they become uncomfortable and heavy when it is necessary to wear them. Precisely for this reason we can only advise mothers to choose a backpack.

Bag Baby Backpack with Changing Pad allows the mother to get the practicality she needs and is, as we will see later, really very versatile, the ideal choice for mothers who want to be able to respond to their needs in every possible situation. Let’s go together to the discovery then of all the characteristics to be taken into consideration at the time of purchase, a short guide to the choice of the best Backpack Changing bag.

Changing pad: why this name?

Let’s start with a little consideration first of all. Why this model of backpack is called just like that? Because usually inside it is possible to insert everything necessary for changing your baby’s diaper, but also because most of the models also offer a real changing mat in order to change the baby in every occasion, even on a lawn, in machine, on a bench, guaranteeing hygiene, safety and practicality. Backpack Changing bag is a must-have friend, which helps moms when they need it most, the time to change their baby.

3. Best Diaper Bag – Skip Hop Forma Travel Carry All Diaper Backpack: the characteristics to be taken into consideration

Skip Hop Forma Travel Carry All Diaper Backpack

Obviously, the best model of a newborn baby’s backpack is therefore the one in possession of a small changing table to change your baby, but what are the other characteristics that must be taken into consideration when buying? In our opinion, the most important features are:

  • Capacity, but small size! The newborn gear backpack must obviously be very large; to make sure you have the space available for everything you might need. A large backpack, however, could be annoying to the mother, bulky and in fact able to limit it in the movements. The backpack must therefore be capacious, yes, but at the same time also very small in size.
  • Presence of organizer inside: To ensure that the backpack can be large despite its small size is essential that its interior space is well organized, with storage spaces that allow you to keep all the objects you want to have at hand.
  • Waterproof pocket: This cannot be considered as a detail that must absolutely be present, but for sure as an extra really very practical. Having a waterproof pocket allows you to store without any kind of difficulty any clothes that your child could have wet during the day, some dirty diaper that you have not had the opportunity to throw away or reusable nappies.
  • External pockets also insulated from the thermal point of view: It is also important to have external pockets in order to provide access to objects that are used most often in a very simple and fast way. If there is also a thermal pocket is so much the better. In this way you will have the opportunity to keep baby bottles handy, keeping them warm or cold as needed.
  • Pocket for thermos: A pocket specially designed for the thermos is of fundamental importance during weaning. Otherwise how could you have baby food at hand?
  • Pocket for wipes: Some backpacks are also equipped with a special pocket for towels, usually placed on the side. The presence of this pocket allows you to access the wet wipes without having to take out the package and with a simple gesture.
  • Padded shoulder straps: This is also a characteristic not to be underestimated as it allows you to have a very comfortable backpack available. Obviously, the shoulder straps must also be adjusted so as to allow the correct distribution of weight on the back and neck and to avoid incurring any kind of pain.
  • Waterproof fabric. Most of the models available on the market today are made of technical fabrics that are 100% waterproof. In this way the backpack does not penetrate water even in the case of particularly intense downpours. Not only that, this way the backpack cannot ruin even if your child were to fall water, milk, fruit juice. Finally, we remind you that backpacks made of fabrics of this kind can be cleaned very simply with a damp cloth or a towel.
  • Hooks: Outside the backpack there may also be hooks, to which you can hang accessories and games for your child, a small extra space really very practical.
  • Hidden pockets: Very important finally also the presence of some hidden pockets, useful to keep Smartphone, house keys, money or credit card safe.

Obviously, aesthetics also want its part. Now most of the newborn baby backpacks available today on the market are really very beautiful from an aesthetic and glamour point of view. They are also available in various colors, in chic shades that are perfect for mothers, but also in neutral shades that transform this backpack into a unisex model, therefore suitable to be worn also, why not, by dad.

Skip Hop Forma Travel Carry All Diaper Backpack with Insulated Bag is the ideal choice for mothers who want to have everything they need to get out of the house with their child, especially during a trip out of town, a weekend or a real trip.

  • The front section of the backpack is insulated and includes 2 multi-purpose packing cubes
  • Inside the backpack there are practical and very capacious pockets that allow the mother to better organize everything she needs. Inside there is also a waterproof pocket: perfect for storing dirty diapers or wet clothes. Think that the capacity of this backpack is 36-55 liters.
  • On the sides of the backpack there are two other pockets, one designed specifically for the thermos, so you can always have the baby food available for your baby. The backpack is made of high-quality waterproof fabric and also has a changing mat so that you can change your child in every situation.
  • The weight of the backpack is just 1 pound, very light. Not only that, the adjustable shoulder strap also allows you to reduce the load on the shoulder.
  • The measures are 16 x 8 x 14 inches

Best gift ideas for new born baby

From the moment the baby is born, the family will live with emotions and day after day they will have the chance to stop these wonderful sensations, to be able to relive them whenever they wish. You can then choose an album for photographs or a frame, a beautiful digital frame of course or baby age blocks, for example Premium Solid Wood Milestone Age Blocks. It is best for Photo Ops. Even a picture or a print on canvas is really interesting ideas, as well as the kit for handprints!

Often toys are not a gift that comes to mind to offer a couple of friends who has just given birth to a newborn, it is thought that baby of a few days of life are absolutely not able to appreciate a game. In reality, products designed specifically for them are now available on the market such as, for example, Baby Sleep Soothers that can help babes fall asleep.

4. Best for Crying Babies: Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother

Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother

They call the Baby Shusher the “soothing sleep miracle for babies”. A sound device that produces the so-called “white noise” is for those parents tired of humming and whispering to baby. It is a technique that has always been tested and approved: the “shhhhh” sound used by all moms. This small device will revolutionize your life (and that of your baby) by soothing your crying baby, allowing you both to enjoy a well deserved sleep!

If you are looking for a gift for the mother-to-be, who is already bouncing around under the bodysuits, comforters or awakening toys, the Baby Shusher is the ideal birth gift! Unique and ultra practical, future parents will thank you! Inspired by a technique used by Dr. Harvey Karp, a recognized pediatrician, the BabyShusher is at the origin of a mother who could not calm her baby in tears. She had the idea to register her husband (who was very good at calming their baby) when he was not available, the effect was immediate!

Because a baby can cry at any time, the Baby Shusher has been designed to be compact, transportable and easily cleanable. So you can use it wherever you are (in a car, at friends, at the restaurant, etc.).

The Baby Shusher’s rhythm shhhh will remind your baby of the time spent in Mom’s womb where he was constantly surrounded by noises (between 30 and 60 decibels) due to blood circulation and other sounds in utero. You can adjust the volume of the Baby Shusher to suit the situation (falling asleep, crying, etc …). You can also choose the whispering time (15 or 30 minutes) as needed.

5. Best for Leaky Diapers: QuickZip Easy Change Crib Sheet

QuickZip Easy Change Crib Sheet

Babes also need a lot of linen such as sheets for the crib, for the cot, for the pram, duvet covers, covers in wool or cotton, towels and bathrobes. This is linen that must obviously be of high quality and made of hypoallergenic fabrics, perfect to stay in contact with the skin of the little ones.

A great example of a thoughtful gift for a newborn is Crib Sheet Set by Quick Zip.

  • The set includes wraparound base and cotton zip-on crib sheet and fits all standard crib mattresses.
  • The crib sheet is wrapping around the bottom & the sides of the mattress, holds the baby crib sheet in place with a concealed zipper.

Great attention should be paid to fabrics used for the manufacture of sheets, fabrics that should be delicate and at the same time safe. The best fabric is, without any doubt, cotton, especially if it certified as free from any chemical substance that can be considered dangerous for the baby. QuickZip Crib Sheet Set that responds to these characteristics is soft, delicate even in the case of sensitive skin, unable to give life to irritation and redness, hypoallergenic and transpiring. It is also a fabric that is easily washed both by hand and in the washing machine, offering the possibility of allowing the maximum cleaning and hygiene possible for the baby.

6. Best baby teether toy: Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether

Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether

The first question that all parents ask themselves is this: At what age can a baby use a teether? There is no precise age, also because it is a 100% safe product for babes. As soon as the baby’s gums start to swell and as soon as you see that the baby tends to bite all day, almost as if it were an obsession for it, whatever happens in its hands, here is the moment just to make this purchase.

  • Comotomo Silicone Baby Teethers are made of soft hygienic silicone and are 100% safe for the health of babies as they do not have BPA and undergo countless tests.
  • Thanks to their design, babes can hold them in their hands without any difficulty.
  • They are the ideal choice during teething as it helps babes to calm the sense of discomfort they feel in this period and the swelling of the gums.
  • They are soft, but not too much and have multiple points for grabbing and holding.
  • Special elements of non-choking design allow to immediately obtaining a pleasant sensation, eliminating the discomfort and pain.
  • They are really colorful, cheerful and fun, which babies will fall in love with instantly.

7. Best Beauty: Mustela Newborn Arrival Gift Set

Mustela Newborn Arrival Gift Set
There are many other perfect gifts for new born baby still capable of doing justice to such an important moment. Now that your relatives or close friends have a baby to take care of, they will surely have realized that they need many, indeed many, things, all the tools for childcare that every pair of parents must possess and that you can buy as a gift for the birth. You can choose bath gel and shampoo for babies suitable for sensitive skin of children, moisturizing oil that is also ideal for massages, a brush for the hair of newborns and a comb that also allows you to easily remove the milk crust, the scissors for fingernails, face creams, hands and diaper changes. Mustela Newborn Arrival Gift Set contains everything you need to keep baby’s skin feeling soft and fresh from head to toe. The set includes Foam Shampoo for Newborns, Gentle Cleansing Gel, No-Rinse Cleansing Water, Hydra Bebe Body Lotion and Diaper Rash Cream 123.

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