13 Best electric motorcycle for kids in 2018

Eclectic motorcycles provide tons of fun for children. They love explore the world at high speeds and drive around the neighborhood. They keep cruising the garden and search for adventures. These riders provide lots of realistic experience and encourage different types of play. When you children can stop riding a motorcycle or a bike, they naturally develop essential skills and learn many new things.

Electric motorcycles and bikes for children usually have two or three wheels, rechargeable batteries and lots of safety features. If your child enjoys active play, this bike will be a great addition to her collection. They bring a lot of entertainment and keep children busy for many hours. They forget about gadget and start riding their little bikes. Even simple versions of bikes deliver a lot of fun, not to mention those with many additional features. The motors of these motorcycles are much weaker than those of adults and they provide optimum performance for children.

Most motorcycles have pneumatic tires that ensure comfortable and safe ride. They are made of quality materials that are safe for children. You should always check the carrying capacity of the bike before buying it. These bikes are usually the best for children from 4 to 6 years old. But before you go and get one, make sure to read reviews and consider pros and cons of every option. They all are different and have strong sides.

We have gone through many motorcycles and found the best ones (according to our opinion). We consider many features and reviews of customers to see if it’s worth the money. We also considered the price to make sure you get the best. Some bikes on the market cost thousands of dollars but have only basic features and not worth the money at all. But not these ones! We also answer the most popular questions and speak about the most common issues at the end of this article.

Our Top 3 Picks
  • Electric Battery Powered Ride-On Motorcycle
  • Our rating

  • Dirt Bike
  • Price: See Here
  • Electric Dirt Rocket Motor Bike
  • Our rating

  • Razor MX650
  • Price: See Here
  •               Moto Tec                   
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  • Electric Dirt Bike
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1. Kids Electric Battery Powered Ride-On Motorcycle Dirt Bike

Kids Electric Battery Powered Ride-On Motorcycle Dirt Bike


This bike runs on batteries and delivers limitless fun for children. This is a great choice for starters. The wheels a big and the on/off switch is easy to use. The company also though about safety. It can speed up to 2 mph and no more. The bike looks realistic and cool which is two important factors for children. It is also safe for riders who are learning to keep their balance. It makes realistic sound effects and has brightly-hued decals. You can hear and see your child from far.


many realistic features to attract child’s attention and encourage pretend play (alone or with siblings)
training wheels enhance safety, it’s easy to start and stop the bike
there are many interactive features to keep children interested such as built-in music and colorful decals
a charger and a battery comes with the set, you don’t need to add anything

We really like that little children can experience the realistic ride on the bike. When children want to go out, they always take this bike and ride it for hours. It makes realistic noises and can handle years of use. There are two extra wheels in the rear tire to minimize the risks of falling. This is great for children who aren’t very stable in their seats. There are two speeds, interactive headlines and an AUX jack.


training wheels can fell off with time because screws are small and loosen up quickly
in some bikes the screws on both sides are uneven and you should drill them in the right place or get a replacement
bike moves slower with larger children so check weight requirements

The only negative thing that we could find is that the bike is very loud and it can be really annoying for adults.

What we like about it:

We really like that this bike doesn’t break the bank but delivers to its promises. It ensures realistic experience for children ages 3 to 8. It is stable and safe even for starters. The bike has a rechargeable 6V battery and a switch for complete control when riding it. It is brightly colored and suitable for boys and girls alike. If your child doesn’t like active play, this may be the right toy to encourage it. The cool factor and realistic features attract attention of all children. It also has an AUX jack that plays music and working headlights. It weights 44 lbs and can travel with you whatever you go. A simple assembly is required.

2. Razor MX650 17 MPH Steel Electric Dirt Rocket Motor Bike

Razor MX650 17 MPH Steel Electric Dirt Rocket Motor Bike


If your child is a pro in riding bikes for children, this one is a perfect upgrade to a serious ride. It looks like a real motorcycle and can satisfy all little riders. This razor motorcycle for kids is for those who outgrown their previous bikes and isn’t afraid of fast speeds.

It has a sturdy steel construction and can handle a rider up to 220 kilos. Of course, the ride will be much slower if you reach the weight limit but most children are lighter and will be able to use the bike at its maximum speed. Its chain-pushed, silent electric motor and excessive torque allows to ride on any terrain and conquer curvy driveways. It features motocross-grade, asymmetrical knobby tires that minimize the risk of falling. Still, this is a much more serious toy than the previous one and parents should supervise a child at the beginning.


maximum speed is 17 miles per hours
sturdy steel construction
you can use it for 40 minutes without recharging
children can change the speed
twist-grip acceleration control

This bike ensures maximum comfort with dual suspension and double crown fork system. You can adjust handlebars with hand-operated brakes offers great stopping power. Children fully control this bike and can start and stop within seconds. It features robust batteries that let the bike climb different terrains. It maneuvers well and keeps children safe in their seat.


bike can be dangerous for starters
batteries require a lot of time to recharge
it’s a bit pricey

There are not that many cons here because this bike doesn’t have many extra features. But you should really check the weight limits. The close your child to the allowed maximum, the slower the bike will be.

What we like about it:

We really like that this bike delivers the most realistic experience possible. Children can go up to 17 miles per hour and feel like real drivers. They have full control of the speed and can ride for almost an hour. We like that you can just twist the grips to control the braking system and acceleration. The bike is made of steel that lasts. The frame is so durable that even adults can ride the bike..

3. Qaba 6V Electric Kids Ride On Motocross Outdoor Recreation Dirt Bike

Qaba 6V Electric Kids Ride On Motocross Outdoor Recreation Dirt Bike


This is a great electric dirt bike for kids who aren’t experienced with this kind of toy. It’s made of durable plastic that can serve for years. It features an on/off switch, two extra wheels for support, and top speed of 2 mph. It can ride on grass, ruts, mud and almost anything. It has a working horn, lights and motor effects. It looks stylish and has many realistic features, children love how cool they look on this bike.


provides realistic driving experience for children
many authentic features such as a working horn, headlight and morel
a battery is enough for 45 minutes of driving with lights
cool color palette and realistic motor effects

The main benefit is that for this price you get a bike that look like a real one. It doesn’t have any childish color patterns or features. It still has two support wheels on the back tires for higher safety. It can ride on the top speed of 2.5 miles. It’s easy for parents to follow their child and little ones still have lots of fun.


assembly instructions are tricky but if you don’t follow them, the bike won’t work
recharging the battery takes forever
age requirement and weight limit can be an issue

This bike can handle the weight of small and average children. Bigger kids will have to drive on slower speeds and won’t be able to maneuver the bike very well.

What we like about it:

We really like that this motorcycle has safety features for children but still looks good and realistic. Children love to feel like a pro when driving it with realistic engine sounds and working headlights. It can ride on different surfaces and respond to child’s actions. It makes little riders feel strong and unstoppable. Even children who can’t stop playing with their gadgets want to ride this cool bike.

4. Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

 Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike


This is one of the coolest-looking electric dirt bike for kids because it’s a cope of what McGrath used in Superbikes. It features shatter-resistant design and McGrath portraits. Children immediately get confidence-boost and can’t stop riding this bike. They feel like champions and ready to explore. SX500 provides real-life experience with its large rear tires and knobby entrance tires. Of course, it has enhanced safety feature to keep your child safe no matter what.

The bike has a sturdy frame and power to conquer all types of terraces. It’s easy to operate and master the riding skills. The chain-driven motor comes with several speed settings that children can change at any moment. There are 3 rechargeable batteries 12 volts each that give power to the motor.


the design is inspired by Jeremy McGrath
authentic bike features
can ride for up to 40 minutes with lights on
maximum speed is 15 mph

We really like how many things children can manage with this bike. The main ones are acceleration and speed that they can change with the twist-grip mechanism. it’s easy to stop or slow down by using the brakes that are activated by hand (just like in real motorbikes). You can adjust the attitude of the riser form of handlebar. The high level of comfort is what all Razor bikes have and this justifies the high price.


the bike is too big for some children
non-antilocking brakes
you should buy protective gear separately

When you get the bike, you need to be sure that everything is properly calibrated. Instructions aren’t very clear so you have to figure out most things yourself.

What we like about it:

This is the best motorbike for ambitious children who outgrown their previous bike but still not ready for adult ones. It features the coolest design that inspires children to explore and stay active. It fits children who love speed and power. They can completely control the bike and pretend they are champions.

5. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike


If your child has already mastered his first bike, this is a perfect upgrade. It is a more serious bike compared to others on this list. Razor dirt bikes for kids are known for their exceptional quality and many realistic features. This is a great choice for young adventurers who want to explore the world at faster speeds.

It features the same sturdy steel construction as other Razor dirt bikes for children. People up to 220 kilos can safely ride it. It has several different speeds, excessive torque and a silent motor that is powerful enough to ride on different terraces. It has huge asymmetrical tires that help children stay safe while driving at the highest speed. Of course, children should always wear protective gear when driving powerful bikes like this one.  The bike offers exceptional maneuverability thanks to acceleration controls and twist-grip velocity. Supervision is advised during the first rides.


this bike is perfect for riding on different terraces, it’s very powerful
the bike is very quiet, has different speeds, chain-driven motor, twist grip throttle control
tires are large and knobby for better control
rear brakes are hand operated
battery works for 30-35 minutes
maximum speed is 14 mhp

There is not much not to like about this powerful bike. Razor have many bikes with similar features (for example MX650, MX500 and MX 350) and you can choose the one that looks the best for you. They are prices in the same way and feature the same sturdy steel frame, realistic horn, engine sounds, etc. We think that this bike isn’t the best choice for starters but a perfect upgrade for children who feel bored by their first bike. This Razor will stay with him for several years and can be passed down to younger children.


the height can be too short for tall children
it has no suspension and even small rocks make children jump in their seats
the chain pops off at maximum speed sometimes

Suspension is fixed here, so when your child drives on maximum speed, changed elevation can threw him off the bike. Make sure to explain your child that she should practice before driving at full speed.

What we like about it:

This is one of those monster bikes that children ask for Christmas. Children love to pretend they are adult and this bike gives them this feeling. It doesn’t ensure the best rising experience but it’s moderately priced and perfect for average riders. This bike isn’t the best choice for starters though. Make sure to supervise your child during the first rides and explain safety rules. This bike has huge stopping power thanks to adjustable handlebars.

6. Moto Tec 24v Electric Dirt Bike 500w

Moto Tec 24v Electric Dirt Bike 500w


This bike is one of a few eco-friendly bikes on the market that look realistic and have authentic features. It feels like a real gas powered bike. There are three speeds: 5, 10 and 16 mph. There is a key lock to set the speed and you can’t change it during driving. It’s done for parents: they can control the desired speed and child may not even know that she can change it.

This bike features front and rear brakes, and the same suspensions. It comes with two batteries and a charger. It takes 6 hours to fully charge the batteries, which is average time. The tires are so large that your child can navigate almost any terrace. The maximum weight is 150 lbs and the seat is 24 inches off the ground.


front and rear suspension
realistic breaks and engine sounds
sturdy steel frame
runs for 4 hours on lower speeds and 1.5 hours on the highest

This is not the best bike for starters. It’s a perfect choice for children who have enough confidence to drive on relatively high speed. There are three speeds that parents can control when child isn’t driving the bike. It gives your little one the time to figure out how to drive. Driving a bike is a learning process that takes a couple of tries, so make sure to get protective gear for your child. While she learns to drive on different terraces, the bike ensures that the ride is smooth and safe. The tires have knobby design for traction.


assembly can be challenging
you can’t return the bike if something is wrong
the seat is quite high for some children
the bake break works slowly, the bike needs time to fully stop

The only issue we have with this bike is the poor turning radius. There is nothing you can do about it because it’s the construction of the bike that reduces its maneuverability.

What we like about it:

Of all the different bikes we have on this list, this one is one of a few that looks exactly how a real bike. Boy and girls love how it looks and they feel confident when they drive it. It has a great design that boasts of high ground clearance. Children can drive on difficult terrain at high speed safely. The handlebar is wide enough and tires are really knobby. This bike requires a bit of practicing to drive properly but children usually love this challenge. There is also the throttle mechanism that shifts in 3 speed settings. Children can change speeds during driving.

You can lock-in the speed settings if you don’t want your child to drive too fast. It’s helpful for starters who can lose control. 5 mph is enough for children who are learning to drive the bike. When your child is familiar with the main features and driving techniques, you can switch to driving at 10 mph. If you think that your child is ready, you can allow her to drive at 16 mph. The bike is sturdy and keeps your little one safe.

7. Monster Moto MMB80B Without Suspension 80CC 2.5HP

Monster Moto MMB80B Without Suspension 80CC 2.5HP


This bike is manufactured and designed in the USA, it looks fun and cool — just what most children want! It features a big comfortable seat for safe and easy driving. You can say that this bike was built with children in my due to a chain guard and a huge power stop button.

Parents enjoy the quick and easy assembly of this bike; instructions are simple and the tool kit comes with the bike. The frame is thick and can survive years of regular use. The bike features a 1000-watt motor that can handle all terraces. The manufacturer suggests the maximum weight of 150 lbs. The speed is limited to 17 mph.


the motor is very powerful
the construction is sturdy and serves for years
the seat is comfortable and safe

This bike is a great way to gift lots of joy to your child. Just make sure that she can ride less complex bikes. This is a classic toy that makes children forget about gadgets and start exploring. Operation is easy thanks to the overhead valve engine and automatic clutch. The frame and fenders are steady enough to conquer outdoors. All you need to do is to quickly assemble the bike, add gas and start exploring.


it’s too heavy for some children to move around
assembly is required
steering radius is very limited and it takes a lot of practice to turn around properly

We don’t have many complaints about this product. The only thing we can say is that starting is challenging sometimes. After riding for 30 minutes, it is hard to start again is the motor was turned off.

What we like about it:

This bike is made of quality materials by the reputable company that you can trust. It features a metal cage with bright colors and realistic elements. It comes packed in a sturdy box that you can use for storage. Starting up the bike is easy and it drives smoothly. The engine is powerful enough for small children. It’s not to much for them and it keeps kids safe. The tired perform on asphalt and off-road.

We also like that there are many YouTube videos about assembling and maintaining your bike, you can’t do anything wrong. You can perform everything by following simple tutorials and adjust the bike how you want. If you can’t repair it yourself, any lawn mower shop has the right to fix it for you. There is almost nothing negative in this motorcycle except that the rear break lever is very bug and hard to push. Many children can’t reach the lever at all and have some challenges when they need to stop fast.

8. Razor Pocket Mod-Bella Unisex Electric Bike

Razor Pocket Mod-Bella Unisex Electric Bike


This bike immediately attracts child’s attention. It features fun and sleek design with realistic features. It looks a little bit vintage but still cool and quite unusual. This is a smaller version of the classic Italian scooter and it comes in different colors to fit boys and girls alike. It’s safer than traditional bike but still fun and joyful. The main color is complemented by silver details for the upscale look.

Acceleration is easy to control with the twist grip throttle and hand operated rear brake. The ride is easy and smooth thanks to the rear suspension system and special tires. There are many additional features that make the bike more realistic, but most of them aren’t functional. Your child can’t go too fast or too far from you. You can store small items under the seat.


classic sleek design
sturdy steel frame
powerful enough motor
full acceleration control
hand operated breaks

We really like that this bike differs from everything else in style and driving experience. It gives children to drive with confidence and enjoy the surroundings. The bike performs well on different terrains and can run on average speed.


it takes time to assemble and charge before the first drive
you need to learn how to balance on the bike to ride it properly
the bike is so quiet that a child can get in an accident

We were a little bit shocked after reading the instructions. You see, you can’t ride it on the pavement or on road because it doesn’t have the right license. You can only drive in your garden.

What we like about it:

Thus is a great bike for children who want to experience new speed and get a feeling of freedom. This is always a huge success. The style is so different that it immediately attracts attention. The batteries are included in the package, just put everything together and go. There is only one thing to note: the manufacturer says you should carefully read the instructions to make sure everyone is safe. This vehicle can’t be used on pavements and roads. You can only use it at your private property. Make sure your child wears protective gear of the right size. It’s recommended to supervise a child at all times.

9. Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike


Razor truly has a bike for every child. If MX 350 is to slow and childish and MX 650 is too much, there is this model right in the middle that has the best features of the previous two but just a little slower and simpler. It’s fir children ages 12-15 who are already confined with their first bike and want an upgrade. This bike looks and feels realistic and gives the child the sense of confidence. It runs at maximum speed of 15 mph, the final result depends on the weight of your child.

Aside from speed differences, you get everything Razor is famous for. This bike has knobby front tires that can handle different terraces. The chain is surprisingly quiet for such a powerful bike. Torque powered motor and dual suspension make sure the ride is nice and smooth. The batteries are UL certified and as safe as they can possibly get. You can adjust and secure handlebars at the desired position to make the ride even more comfortable.


relatively powerful motor that doesn’t compromise safety
maximum speed is 15 mph
unique realistic design
adjustable handlebars and dual suspension ensures a smooth ride
tires are large and knobby
retractable kickstand

There are not many things not to like in this bike and nothing serious, really. Everything is safe and sturdy and built to last. This bike can be passed down to younger children and survive many years of regular use. The manufacturer says it’s for children ages 15 or older hut we think children as young as 12 can use it. A lot depends on your child’s skills and confidence. You should also get the right protective gear and supervise your child at the beginning. Assembly is required.


some people seen to have a problem strong it because the bike is bulky and needs a lot if space
you should be ready to charge the bike for at least 12 hours before the first ride
the bike is very heavy and children can’t bring it back into the house

The bike is quite pricey, just like all Razor products. And you will have to buy protective gear. This bike has average characteristics, you should really know what your child’s needs and possibilities are. Otherwise she will outgrow it really quickly. Long pants are recommended to ease falls.

What we like about it:

We really like that we have a choice. This bike offers a great driving experience for children who don’t like their first bike anymore bit aren’t ready for something more serious. Thus model delivers a pleasant driving experience and a great traction. Handlebars are adjustable to fit any child’s height.

The front is made in form of a double crown fork to support the tired. It absorbs the movement, the driver feels nothing at all. There are two 12-volt batteries that power the motor. The bike can drive for 45 minutes without the need to recharge it.

10. Moto Tec 24v Electric Dirt Bike 500w

Moto Tec 24v Electric Dirt Bike 500w


This is one of the rear examples of the kid bike that has all important features, looks cool and doesn’t break the bank. It features full suspension, knobby air-filled tires that can run different terrains and a comfortable seat. Parents can change the speed limit from 5 mph to 15 mph with a special key. This is especially useful for beginner riders who don’t have enough skill to drive fast.

This bike is heavier than many of its competitors, so it’s suitable for children 12 and older. Younger ones can have problems with getting the bike in and out of the house. This is a great deal considering all safety features that it has. The weight is limited to 150 lbs, which means that even adults can drive it.


the construction and design is very well-though and built
2 keys included to change the speed and control the times when the bike can be used
there are 4 bolts that keep the battery in place (you can take the battery out when you want)

We really like child bikes that have adjustable speed limits. We all know that children always drive as fast as they can, and as a parent, you can take care of this. The bike comes with 2 keys – one of for changing the speed (marked as L, M, H for low, medium and high speed) and the other allows to turn the bike on. Parents can control the times when the bike can be ridden, without the key children can’t take the bike out. We think that this is a must-have feature in kid’s bikes.

As always, you need to assemble the bike before you can use it and then charge the battery (takes around 10 hours). When it’s ready, your child can ride for 40 minutes on maximum speed. Assembly means attaching the front fender and number board, mounting the handlebars (they are adjustable), and bolting the rear shock. You can easily take the bike with you during traveling, it doesn’t take much time. When you’re done with the assembly, make sure to check the tire pressure.


the bike is slower when the rider’s weight is close to the allowed maximum
the chain can fall off at high speed
the battery need to be removed every time you need to charge it because a charging port works poorly

As with many bikes for children, this has huge tires that make it hard to turn. The radius is poor and it takes a lot of practice to get used to it.

What we like about it:

We love that this bike keeps children active for a long time. Children love to drive outside and they don’t need supervision anymore. It took us around an hour to assemble and adjust the bike. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. It’s a great deal for this price. It has safety features and built specifically for children. When kids see it, they ride it immediately. We really like the adjustable disc brakes and rear suspension. The battery lasts for an hour when you use medium speed settings. This is usually enough for a child to have fun and return the bike.

11. Taotao DB17 125cc Dirt Bike for Kids

Taotao DB17 125cc Dirt Bike for Kids


This bike is for experienced children who have conquered their garden and nearest park and want to explore the off-road world. Of course, this is still a bike for children and it doesn’t have all those high-end features of real motorcycles. Still, this is a powerful toy that can really challenge your child and offer her a completely new experience. The top pace is 37 mph – this is more than any other bike on this list. The child should already know how to balance and move at slower speeds. If your child is like that, you can’t get any better present for her than this bike.


this is the most powerful bike on the list
it’s easy to assemble and charge
the bike is large and comfortable for children of different weight and height

The main benefit of this bike is its perfectly responsive acceleration. It gives you as much power and you need during your journey. There is nothing your child can’t control on the way, the motor is not overbearing. The bike is perfectly balanced for little riders. If you want to test off-roads, it can handle all types of terraces with easy. It can take sharp turn on high speeds and survive terrain elevation. Of course, it performs just as well on the track or anywhere you want to go.


the motor is really loud
when the bike arrives, you need to tighten everything
the brand is Chinese and follow Chinese rules and regulations

The bike itself doesn’t have any issues, it’s more about whether or not your child is ready for it. Besides, some people complain that it comes broken and they have to replace it. The company sends the new one free of charge, but still, this should not happen on the first place. Some parts are shipped from a third party and we don’t know their quality standards and requirements.

What we like about it:

We really like to see that there is a bike for children who already mastered their skill. They won’t get bored by this serious vehicle. Children love to drive at maximum speeds and pretend they are real champions. The motor and suspension ensure a smooth ride, the bike can handle any terrace.

12. Black Widow AMC-400 Hitch-Mounted Aluminum Motorcycle

Black Widow AMC-400 Hitch-Mounted Aluminum Motorcycle


This is a bike for children that uses the technologies and systems normally found in bikes for adults. It has one of the most durable metal frames you can find on the market. It’s surprisingly lightweight and small for how much it can really do. Made of quality aluminum, it can survive years of regular use. The bike is suitable for track and off-road driving. Of course, it’s better suited for confident children who already know how to drive smaller and slower bikes. The ramp is about 45.5”L – just the right size for a child’s bike. It features an inbuilt space bar and looks like a real bike. It immediately catches child’s attention and keep your little one busy for many hours.


this is a great off-road and track bike
features a carries track of 75”L
includes an anti-tilt bracket and a youth dirt bike

This is a very well-constructed bike with a quality carrier ramp and a supporting frame. The rugs are provided with a distance over 6.5″ apart from each other to keep the wheels firm in place. One of the main benefits of this bike is anti-tilt brackets that are installed in the hitch carries system. They prevent side-to-side wobble and keep the bike stable no matter what. The maximum capacity is 400 lbs, even adults can easily drive it. Remember to always wear protection gear because this bike is a serious vehicle that can drive at fast speeds. Note that you can’t control the speed limit, your child will drive as fast as she wants.


the weakest part of the bike is the ramp, which can bent up with time (most likely you will have to buy a new one after a year or two)
many people seem to have problems with the bolts (they are made of cheap material that can break during the driving)
the stabilizer can get bent after a couple of months of regular use and you will have to buy a new one and replace it yourself

We wish the company added lock washers for the 12 bolts that hold the whole construction together. You need this to tighten the bolts, otherwise they will loosen up while driving. There is the part list but it doesn’t specify the sizes of the bolts you need, it only states the quantity. The assembly is tricky and the instructions aren’t very clear. You will have to buy lock washers and protective gear separately.

What we like about it:

This is the perfect example of the bike when the price matches the quality. It’s worth the money but you should be ready to replace some parts or it will break within the first year. On the other side, it has many features normally found in bikes for adults and give children the most realistic experience possible. There is an anti-wobble system that keeps the bike stable on any terrace. It can be recommended if your child enjoys off-road driving and wants to stay in place. The bike is lightweight and easy for a child to get in and out of the house. It requires maintenance but if you have enough time and skills, it will work flawlessly. If you think that Razor bikes are overprice, this is a great option for you.

13. Monster Moto 250 Watt Electric Mini Bike

 Monster Moto 250 Watt Electric Mini Bike


This is the last bike in our list and we decided to choose the one that doesn’t break the bank. It featured full suspension and a couple of other interesting features that keeps your child comfortable during driving. It’s possible to drive different terrains with easy. As a parent, you can choose the maximum speed limit with a special key. The speed limit is 16 mph – not the highest number on this list, but fast enough for most children.

This bike weights 66 lbs, which is quite a lot for a child’s model. It’s suitable for children older than 12 but we know 10 year olds who already drive it and have fun. A lot depends on your child. With many cool features, this bike can be the one that stays with your child for many years. The riding time is around 30 minutes at maximum speed and over 2 hours at slow speed. On average, the battery lasts for 80 minutes and then you need to charge it again.


the tool kit comes with the bike and assembly takes less than 10 minutes (attach the handlebars and that’s it)
the batteries very easy to charge and it takes less than 5 hours (there is a level of charge indicator on the handlebars)
the bike is built to last: the body is made of quality steel that won’t bend or break

The bike features a triple crown front fork and a rear motorshock. They support the rider during the fast driving on elevated terraces. Unlike popular Razor bikes, which don’t have suspension, here your child will stay in place.


make sure to check all the parts before assembling the bike
the first charge requires at least 12 hours
if you ride at maximum speed, you will get no more than 30 minutes of driving time

The bike itself doesn’t have any flaws. It seems that the main problem comes during the assembly. Some customers seem to have missing details or bend details and have to contact the company for replacement. This is likely to happen during shipping and this company always replace any broken part, but this can be a huge disappointment for a child who is waiting for this bike.

What we like about it:

This is a bike for experienced children who like fast driving. However, it’s still a bike for children and it doesn’t offer high speeds or hours of driving. It’s made with children in mind, so parents can control the way they drive. Ground clearance is 9 inches, which means your child can drive on rough terrains. Combined with knobby air-filled tires, there is almost no limit when it comes to where to drive.

We also love bikes with adjustable speed limits. We believe that this feature should be in bikes for children and parents should be able to control how fast their child drives. You can also use the key to allow the bike to turn on. For example, when you’re not at home, your children can’t use it. Without the key, your little one won’t be able to exceed the limit or use the bike at all. Great safety feature and a sturdy bike in general.

How to choose the right electric motorcycle for kids

Looking at most of the motorbikes on this list makes it hard to believe that they are made for children. They look so realistic and powerful! And to be honest, most of them have serious characteristic that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Most of the bikes are suitable for children of 12 years or older. An average speed is 16 mph, some of them can go even faster. Most bikes feature several batteries that you need to charge for 4-7 hours. The bike drives for 30-60 minutes and then needs to be charged again.

Before we start with the main features of the right bike for a kid, we want to speak about safety. Make sure the bike have handed testing of national laboratories. Some manufacturers lower the price by using low-quality materials that can literally go in flames while driving. Make sure to choose a bike from a reputable seller and always read the reviews. Now, when we have mentioned basic safety rules, we can start with the ways to choose the perfect bike.

Kids Comfortability

A: First of all, make sure to check the construction of the bike. It should have proper suspension because it means safety. The bike should be very sturdy even when your child drives on the rough terrain or off-street. The bike should be very sturdy for children to sit comfortable and let them explore the world around and drive on anything they want. This means the bike should have a quality suspension system that enrich the alleviation. The tires play a vital role as well because they provide traction. Most terrains have spell spills and wipeouts and tires should be able to handle those. Because what child doesn’t want a challenge, right?

We also recommend considering maneuverability, riding times and charging affectivity. Your child won’t be happy waiting for a bike to charge for 15 hours to drive it for 30 minutes. Most bikes for children have riding times between 45 minutes and 3 hours. The slower you drive, the longer you can do it.

Most bikes on this list have reviews on Amazon when people tell you about their positive and negative experiences. We made sure that the bikes on our list have mostly positive reviews and people liked what they got. Some companies are more popular than others, but all of them deserve your attention. If a manufacturer offers a protracted warranty, this is always a positive sign. Manufacturers on our list seems to have good customer service and always agree to replace the broken parts and missing details.

Safe tips for children when riding electric dirt bikes

Just like with any active play, safety comes first when you use a riding bike. It offers a lot of fun but children can get too excited and forget about themselves. Most manufacturers include instructions with detailed rules. Make sure your children are old enough to understand and follow them.

Your child may not match the riding this toy. She can be too small for it. When you think it’s the right time for your child to ride a bike, you should supervise her at all times. Some manufacturers insist children only drive the bike in your garden and never leave the property.

Below you can find more helpful safety tips to make sure nothing happens to your child when she is driving:

  1. Always check the rules and lays in your town when you’re living in. Many states in the US have their own guidelines regarding motorbikes for children. For example, some prohibit driving in the park, etc. Always check driving practices in your area.
  2. Make sure to get for your child the right protective gear. It usually includes the helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and gloves. Everything that can protect your child from bruises and scrapes. All children lose control of the bike when they learn to drive, so safety gear is a must.
  3. Make sure to explain your children where they can and cannot drive. They should always check the area for cars or real bikes. Don’t let tem to drive a bike in the streets where people are usually walking. Make sure to find a secluded place.
  4. When you get the bike, check the skill of the little drives and adjust the speed (if it’s possible).
  5. Always make sure to read the instructions and comply with them. They usually specify how to charge and where to store the bike.

How to find the right size dirt bike for your child

One of the main questions most of us have when shopping for a bike is the size. It should be comfortable for your child to drive. The height of dirt bikes is so different that there is the right one for every child. Your job is to find it among thousands of offers.

One of the main things you should know is the height of your child. This affects the height of the seat of the bike. Most manufacturers specify the height based on the age and you can follow it if your child’s height is average. However, all children are different and it’s better to take measurements of your child’s height.

You can see that the bike has the right size when your child can touch the ground with both feet when she is sitting on the bike. This is essential for starters because they can always put their foot down on the grown and control the movement of the bike. If you shop for the bike in the physical store, just let your child sit on different models and see how she feels.

If your child can’t reach the ground, you can get riding boots and make her a little bit taller. But then your child will have to use only that pair when driving a bike. If you can try a pair of boots and then sit on the bike before buying it, you will see if your child can actually reach the ground.

You really want your child to touch the ground with their toys wearing normal shoes, such as sneakers. If they are wearing special boots, make sure they can support the weight of the bike with the balls of the feet. It’s not recommended to have their feet flat on the ground. They will feel the bumps more because the suspension will be overloaded. And they will quickly outgrow the bike.

What you can do if your child doesn’t fit the bike

If you already have the bike and your child is too short, or if you want to start them out earlier than recommended, there are easy ways to make the bike fit them better:

  1. Many bikes for children have adjustable suspension, which lowers the handlebars. It means children can reach everything easily. After some time you adjust the suspension again. It can be raised and lowered within 10 minutes. Alternatively, some shops can cut the seat out, lower it and put it back. However, raising the sit back may not be possible.
  2. If your rider is very young, you can get starter wheels and see how your child feels. This helps build confidence and skill. It also eliminates the fear of falling down or crashing. Starter wheels are a great way to control the steering wheel.


Most dirt bikes for children have an automatic clutch that helps your child to keep balance during driving. When it’s not here, your child should learn how to balance the bike before she can drive at maximum speed. It requires changing the gears manually and other things like that.

Some bike models are designed to mimic the features of real bikes for adults. They usually have more manual features and suit better to more experienced children. Some bikes for children even run on fuel but we believe it’s too much for a child. Your little one shouldn’t worry about mixing oils, etc. Th bikes we have on the list are perfect for learning how to drive and after that you can decide whether or not your kid is ready for the real bike. Many of them have adjustable suspension and wide power band that is more suitable for starters. These bike can serve for years and children won’t outgrow them.

When your child has mastered her balance and controls of the first bike, then you can think of more serious options that drive at faster speeds and have manual transmissions. Children will  get more features to play with and ride on more challenging terraces. They will learn how to use a clutch to ride at maximum speeds. Of course, these bikes are for older children.

Which starter system to choose: electric or kick start

Most of the bikes for starters have not very powerful electric start engines that are easy t start by pushing the button. When your child needs an upgrade, you can consider getting a kick starter. It requires training when using the bike for the first time, but then it delivers a more realistic feeling.

If you’re buying a used bike, the age can tell you a lot abut the starter system. Older ones usually have a kick starter, and new ones feature electric start. We believe that the latter is more suitable for children.

The most helpful tips on teaching your child to ride

Now you have the bike and the gear, so what is your next move? Obviously, your kid wants to start driving as soon as she can. Even though you can’t protect her from every dangerous thing, you can definitely make this experience safer for her.

  1. Brakes. Even if your young child has already driven a real motorcycle with an older relative and knows how to steer and control the throttle, she has probably never operated the bike. Before you let her start the engine n the bike, tell her to roll down a slope and practice front and rear braking. This will teach your child to slow down and come to a gentle stop.
  2. Turning. If your child isn’t very good with keeping the balance, you can get her the training wheels and help her built her confidence. Just let her focus on controlling the throttle and ride bike and forth the garden. Little by little she will have enough courage to drive in circles. These additional wheels will limit the amount of turning. At some point your child will want more and she will ask you to remove them. Then you can teach her to balance the bike. This is a great way to introduce your child to more serious bikes and boost her confidence.
  3. Clutch. If your child is already older than 10, she can learn how to operate a clutch and use it during driving.  However, it’s just too much for some children. If your kid doesn’t have enough confidence, let her practice slowly releasing the clutch and open the throttle. They will understand the connection between the two. Finding the right pace is the key to confident driving. Once your child understands the clutch and throttle, she can easily change gears during driving. It’s also a great training before driving the car.
  4. Speed. Many bikes for small children have adjustable speed limits that parents can change at any time. It will prevent your child from getting too far too early. If you have a confident child who knows how to drive, you can let her drive at full speed. Many manufacturers recommend you to supervise your child before she gets confident and drives far from you. Just make sure your child understands the danger of high speed and fast driving.

What else can you do?

Choosing the right bike for our child is a long process that requires a lot of thinking and analyzing. But when you understand the bike features and characteristics, know your child’s height and weight, and learn more about engine types, you can get the perfect option for your little rider. It’s always a lot of fun watching your little child enjoy the driving and explore the surroundings. Riding a child’s motorcycle is a great skill that build confidence. It will be easier for your child to learn how to drive. It requires coordination that involves developed motor skills that children when you later in their life.


Q: How do I know if my child is ready to drive?

A:Before you buy an electric bike, you should make sure they aren’t scared of driving a tricycle. Since these bikes are expensive, you want to make sure that your child really wants to drive and she will enjoy this experience. Not all kids want this fancy toy. In order to make it easier for you to get the most of your money, answer these 3 simple questions:

  1. Does your child like sports and active games? You don’t want to force your kid to drive because you will get the opposite effect. If your child doesn’t like to be active, you might get another toy.
  2. Can she already control a vehicle? Your child should have good coordination and enough confidence to make decisions while driving. If not, maybe you should postpone driving lessons. Your child should be ready to control the bike to ensure the driving is safe. Make sure you take your child’s skills into consideration.
  3. Can my child judge obstacles? Some children need more time than others to learn to navigate around obstacles, and they can’t ride motorcycles until they master this skill.

Can children stay patient while driving? Patience is a must-have skill for all riders. Children can’t learn to drive a bike within a minute, it a process tat takes time. Of course, there are gifted children who master everything immediately, but most of them are more likely to try many times before they get the desired result. If your child isn’t patient, this can be frustrating and disappointing. Patience determines the success of riding a bike.

Q: When should my child move up in power?

AWhen your child gets older and more confident, she might want to get a faster bike with more realistic features. As a parent, you can pay attention to your child’s behavior to know that the time has finally com. There are several questions to ask yourself:

  1. Would your child like to try motocross racing?
  2. Is she growing rapidly? Maybe her kegs already lay flat on the ground while driving.
  3. Is she confident enough to learn how to operate a manual clutch? This is the feature of bigger and more powerful bikes for grown-up children.
  4. Does she want to have larger wheels and better brakes to try off-road driving? These are also features of bigger and more powerful bikes.


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