15 Best electric cars for kids in 2018

Children always want something fun to play with, and battery operated cars for kids offer this experience. Understandably, parents worry about the right size, speed, design and much more, because they want their children to stay safe. Electric cars are designed to accommodate toddlers and older children in a very safe manners. Manufacturers usually understand worries o parents and come up with designs and constructions that keep children safe.

There are so many electric cars and ride-ons for children on the market because they are fun and entertaining for all kids. These tractors and trucks attract their attention and keep them engaged. Kids love these little replicas of adult cars. Of course, there are many different types of electric toys that can accommodate all tastes. For example, you can get a SUV, sportcar, quad bike, tractor and more.

Electric toy cars can be for children of all interests and personalities, even the least active ones. Whether your child wants a cool sportcar or a classic SUV, you can get it to provide more realistic fun. It also builds confidence and develops gross-motor skills. When you’re shopping for an electric cars, you can see they are divided into 3 categories: toddlers (1-3 years old), young children (3-7 years old), older children (over 7 years old).

We hope that our reviews will help you choose the right electric riding vehicle. Each one has pros and cons and every model is for children with different ages and interests. We also considered charging times, run-times, battery life and the weight. Everything that affects the performance of the vehicle and kid’s experience is here.

    Our Top 3 Picks
    • Rollplay
    • Our rating

    • GMC Sierra Denali 12 Volt Ride-On Vehicle
    • Price: See Here
    • Lamborghini
    • Our rating

    • Aventador 12V Kids Ride On
    • Price: See Here
    • Power Wheels
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    •            Lil’ Quad Camo                           
    • Price: See Here


    1. Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali 12 Volt Ride-On Vehicle

    Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali



    This is a great toy for children who want to enjoy driving their own car. This ride-on toy looks like the real car and children love it. It features a red or black painted body, with the logo on the realistic grill. It can go in different directions and your child can control many different features (including the horn and the pedals). The car’s maximum speed is 2.5 mph, which means parents can supervise children while driving.

    We love that this car has LED lights and realistic tails and highlights. A horn and engine make realistic sounds. There is also an MP3 connector with speakers that children love. The battery life indicator lets parent know when it’s time to charge the battery. There is a convenient external charging, the process takes around 5 hours. The car features two opening doors with windows, a tailgate, windshield, side view mirrors and a dashboard. Children love the look of it, sometimes they sit in the car and don’t even need to drunk.


    the key allows you to lock up the speed
    the brakes are automatic
    highlights and horn are working
    MP3 connector included

    The main benefit is that this car looks realistic and has many features of a car for adult. The headlights feature LEDs, and the car makes realistic sounds. The horn is loud, your child will never get lost. Children have a chance to travel in style listening to their favorite songs and melodies. The speakers aren’t very loud. Children can also take their favorite drinks and store them in cup holders.

    There is enough space for the second passenger which is great if your kid has a sibling or a good friend. They can explore the surroundings together and play with the headlights and horn. The car has large wheels to ride on different terrains.

    Even though the maximum speed is 5 mph, parents can reduce it to 2.5 mph with a special key and increase it when children are ready. The steering wheel is easy to operate and the battery indicator tells the child when it’s time to stop.


    there are seatbelts in the car but they don’t really work
    assembly is tricky and requires around 30 minutes of your time
    horn and front lights work well and can annoy adults wit loud sounds and flashy lights

    We like almost everything about this car except the doors. They are hard for a child to open and close. Kids usually need help to get in and out of the car.

    What we like about it:

    We love that this is a realistically looking car with working horn and highlights as well as doors that an be opened and closed, side mirrors and a windshield. Toddlers usually love exploring your garden in this car with a friend or her favorite toy. The speed is limited to 5 mph, parents can reduce it to 2.5 mph.

    2. Lamborghini Aventador 12V Kids Ride On

    Lamborghini Aventador Kids



    This is the car for the coolest kid in the neighborhood. It looks like a real Lamborghini and lets your child drive with style. It has enough place for 4 toddlers but your child can drive alone. Parents can control the movement of the car with the remote control. As an adult, you can control all 4 wheels of the car. When you feel like our child is ready to drive on her own, you can teach her to use the food pedal and the steering wheels. The battery can be recharged in 5 hours and it lasts for about an hour. There are 3 different speed settings that vary from 2 mph to 4 mph. Just assemble the car, charge the batteries and explore!


    the speed is limited to  mph
    functioning headlights, doors and steering wheel
    loud and reaistic horn
    parents can control the way their children drive
    MP3 jack included

    If your child has style and class, she will love this fancy Lamborghini. It gives the ultimate driving experience, has lots of power for a child’s toy and looks exceptionally. It’s easy to give your child the ride of her dreams, let her imaginations come to life and enjoy the perfect driving experience.

    This is a great deal for the price wit functional lights, working horn and turn signals, gas pedal that makes realistic sounds and an MP3 jack. Children can enjoy the ride listening their favorite music and tunes.

    We love that this offer has realistic start up noises and sounds as well as a working seat belt. The tires look real and offer good traction strips for a comfortable trip. The car can ride on dirt and grass. Powered by one battery, it has enough power to ride at 3 mph.


    turning radius is poor
    wheels are made of hard plastic and feel tough on rough terraces
    the car looks cheap

    The only thing that we can say about this car is that it looks cheap, especially when you look closely.

    What we like about it:

    We love how realistic this toy looks. Children love riding Lamboghini that makes real life sounds and has cool effects. It featurs functioning turn signals and headlights. The tires are big and ensure a comfortable trip. The MP3 jack lets your children listen songs and have even more fun during driving. Parents can chauffeur them using the remote control until children are ready to drive independently.

    3. Power Wheels Lil’ Quad, Camo

    Power Wheels Lil’ Quad



    If your toddler is ready to be introduced to electric cars, this toy is a great starting point. Children want to explore their surrounding and this car is safe enough for them to do it without parents. The company is the leading manufacturer of these kinds of toys with different radiuses and features. This one is designed for little children who want to start riding and explore the world at faster speeds. This car is a great opportunity to exercise their independence without being too challenging.

    The car is very low to the ground that allows for a quick and safe driving experience. There is only one button that you need to press to operate the car. It comes in different styles to accommodate the tastes of little boys and girls. This car is great for developing their imagination. There is even a cargo rack so that they can put their toys and dolls and show them the surroundings. Th car features a 6 volt battery that is enough for 30 minutes of driving. Even though the manufacturer says the car is for indoor use, there is enough power to operate in the garden. The tires are sturdy and the seat is wide and comfortable. Supervision is highly recommended.


    the mount and dismount is easy due to the low profile shape
    only one button that is easy to press
    different designs let our child feel special

    This toddler electric car delivers simple fun and joy. It also allows the little ones to build their skills and confidence. For example, motor and balance skills are exercised greatly by sitting on the vehicle and pressing the button. Children develop their cause and effect abilities and get used to driving a car.


    steering feels stiff
    the car is small and children quickly outgrow it
    the tires are made of plastic that can slip on tile, linoleum and other smooth surfaces

    Just like many other cars for toddlers, this one has a very poor turning radioys. It takes a lot of space to turn a circle which make some children confused.

    What we like about it:

    Children are so excited when they see this car in real life. It is a great way to make your child more confident and develop essential skills in a playful way. Children are so proud of themselves wen they ride around the house or the garden. This car allows them to operate a vehicle without the harm. It is safe for little children, rides on slow speed and has the low frame. Children don’t need help when they get on and off the vehicle. All seats are comfortable, your little one can drive with other children or their toys.

    This vehicle goes in several directions quite slowly to increase the safety. It has only one push button that sits on adjustable handlebars. The construction is sturdy and the graphics make it seem realistic. The car uses one rechargeable battery to operate. It’s a great vehicle for little boys and girls who love exploration.

    4. Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car Truck w/ Remote Control

    Ride On Car Truck



    This car is a great way for parents to offer a completely new experience to their children. This car is perfect for toddlers and even for 6-7 years old who are discovering eletrcic motorcycles. The weight limit is 65 pounds. The child can operate the car using a steering wheel and a pedal. However, parents can help driving the car with the remote control.


    many realistic features that really work
    big traction wheels
    MP3 connection
    working horn and acceleration pedal

    This car allows your child to drive along singing to her favorite songs and tunes using the included AUX cord for an MP3 player. The car features the built-in radio appropriate to children. Children love realistic ride-ons. It features 14 inches traction wheels, spring suspension, working seatbelts and magnetic doors. You child can play with headlights and tail lights.

    Children love to let parents know they are coming by using the horn. The car offers 3 speeds tat parents can change by using the remote control. Thanks to the quality suspension system, the ride is smooth even when parents use the remote. Parents can also change the direction of the car or stop it. Automatic breaks are there for safety: they kick in when the child remove the foot from the pedal.


    The radio plays only 3 stations
    the car turns right much faster than left
    the gears and the motor are loud and annoying for adults

    We think that the remote control could work better. It seems that the signal is weak because when the child is driving at full speed, parents can’t stop or slow down the car. It’s usually happens after 30 minutes of driving.

    What we like about it:

    We really love this 14 inches traction, spring suspension system and a great grip. It works together well and ensure child’s safety. The car can take any task little children give it. The car can move backwards and forwards and make slow turns. Magnetic doors and LED lights along with the radio and the horn keep children interested and involved. Plugging an MP3 player is easy through the cord and children can enjoy their favorite music.

    5. Aosom Mercedes Benz SLK Class 6V Kids Electric Ride-On Car

    Mercedes-Benz SLK Electric Ride On car



    This car is a great opportunity to turn your house into a fun driving area for you child. The car looks very realistic, has nice shapes and curves. It’s meant to look exactly how  Mercedes Benz. This brightly colored car with realistic features has a comfortable bucket and a lot of place to sit. Attached belts ensure a comfortable ride. It can operate manually or by using a remote control.

    This safe car offers a unique driving experience. It as several speed models that parents can change remotely. Moreover, it can move forward and backward and has an MP cord for your player. Children an listen to their favorite songs and tunes.


    the car is big enough for 2 children
    the car is easy and safe to operate
    the car looks like the real Mercedes-Benz vehicle

    This car is an easy way to fulfill the dream of your child who wants to control her own Mercedes-Benz from the reputed company Aosom. There are two different ways to control the vehicle: manual and remote. The car can grow with your child. If your kid is still very small, you can control the car for safe and enjoyable ride. Older children can control their own car and feel confident and independent. The car uses one battery that lasts for 40 minutes. Charging takes approximately 5 hours.


    the car doesn’t drive on grass or dirt
    you can’t see the level of charge and have to guess it
    the car moves very slowly

    The big drawback is that the car can drive only indoor or on very smooth surfaces. It won’t work in the garden, it just wouldn’t move.

    What we like about it:

    We really love the cars that have a remote controller. We think that toddlers need to be supervise while playing with this toy. It can play music from your phone and keep children engaged longer. It has many realistic features, working headlights and turning blinkers. It’s not very loud and doesn’t annoy adults.

    6. Best Choice Products 12V Ride on Car

    Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car Truck



    This car features a powerful 12-volt motor and have 2 speed settings: 2 mph and 5 mph. There is also a food pedal accelerator, your child can choose how fast she wants to drive. The car feels realistic and looks cool. Parents can control the drive by using the remote control and drive a car from a distance. This is a great feature for parents who feel that their child doesn’t ready to drive on her own.

    There is a bucket seat inside that is very wide and comfortable. There are working seatbelt for extra safety. You can teach your child about safe driving, improve her gross motor skills and exercise confidence.


    the car can speed up to 2 mph and uses one battery
    designed with forward and reverse controls
    can be driven manually and remotely

    We think that this is a great option for children who want adventure, it has enough space for one child ages 3 to 7 years. You can operate it by using the remove control or let your child be independent and drive on their own. The remote is perfect for little children who cannot drive the little car on their own. Older kids can use the manual option to drive how they want for extra fun and adventure. Thanks to the AUX cord, children can listen to music while driving.


    the car is slower than the majority on this list
    instructions are terrible and you should be very patient when you assemble the car
    the radio is very quiet, you can hear nothing during driving

    The only little thing we have about this car is that you can see realistic stickers on pictures. However, the car doesn’t come with them.

    What we like about it:

    We really like the aesthetics of this stylish car. You little child can feel special when driving this realistic car. She can be anything she wants and parents have full control of her driving experience. Even though the car looks realistic, it has all necessary safety features for children. It’s sow and big, it’s impossible to bump into an obstacle on high speed. There is an MP3 aux jack and cord with a speaker. They aren’t loud or annoying. The car is available in different colors to suit interests of different children.

    7. Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

    Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler



    By age 3 toddlers are looking at toys that look like something that could belong to their parents. Of course, they need other features that will entertain them and keep them engaged. This toy is a great choice for these children. It looks very big and realistic, mimics a real car and has lots of safety features. It has extra features to play with while driving such as a horn and lights.

    The doors can be opened easily so tat your child can get in and out without help. With flame graphics and an open top, this Jeep is as close to the real thing as the toy can get. Besides, there is radio that plays tunes and music and a microphone, so your little one can sing along.


    low speed allows for great maneuverability
    two toddlers can drive this Jeep
    it comes with a 1 year warranty

    This Jeep is a great opportunity to give your children tons of fun. Designed to look like a real car, it immediately attracts attention of the young drivers. You can see Jeep logo on the hood, and the grill gives the toy a more serious appearance. The LED lights are bright enough to drive in the dark. Each side has open areas so that children can easily get in and out of the vehicle. They can drive alone or with other children. There are two speed settings for beginners and experienced drivers.


    the battery is powerful to drive on any terrace but wheels are slippery and don’t work properly
    there are 2 seats for 2 toddlers, but one seat is small and space is quite tight
    you have to spend a lot of time assembling the car because nothing comes pre-assembled

    They only drawback is the tires. They are made of hard plastic that can slip easily. This is a common thing in more affordable electric motorcycles. The perfect surface for this car is flat astroturf, it works well on parking lot. It doesn’t work well on wood deck, damp grass, uphill and off-road terrains.

    What we like about it:

    We really like that children can drive at different speeds and choose what suits them more. The speed is limited to 5 mph, so no fast driving is possible. New riders can drive at 2.5 mph and adults can easily supervise their child. The lower speed can be locked in place with a key, children won’t be able to change it. Parents can also lock the brakes and car won’t move until adults come to unlock them. One f the coolest feature is the low speed reserve. Your child can get out of tight spaces easily.

    8. Huffy Red BMW 4 Series Convertible Ride On

    Huffy Red BMW



    If your child loves active sports, let her feel like a real driver by riding this sports car. It has all features that a child needs and increased safety characteristics. It’s painted bright red and looks like a realistic car with an open top and a lot of place to seat. The weight is limited to 65 pounds, which is usually enough for all toddlers and even older children. It also has a BMW logo, a grill and many interactive features.


    The car is simple to operate even for young children
    no need for foot brakes
    the charger is easy to use
    the car runs for one hour

    This realistic BMW for children features one 6 volt battery that has enough power to move forward and reverse with pedal acceleration. The car engine and the horn make realistic sounds. It features seatbelts and a dashboard with non-working buttons and lights. The charging location is conveniently located on the side of the car. The car runs for 1 hour and then need to be recharged. Comes in red color only.


    the siren sounds are very loud
    parents can’t control the child while driving
    there is enough place for only one toddler

    The battery works for only 1 hour and you need to charge it for 10 hours. This means you can only ride it once a day.

    What we like about it:

    This car can move backward and forward with only one pedal. Even little toddlers can master this skill in no time at all. Addition to many useful features are the interior and the dashboard, headlights and a horn. Of course, there s also a seatbelt for child’s safety. The gas cap is on the side, which is a place for a charger. Overall, this is a sturdy car for kids to drive and parents can rest knowing that their child s having fun.

    9. Power Wheels Nickelodeon PAW Patrol Lil’ Quad


    Power Wheels Nickelodeon PAW Patrol Lil' Quad


    Electric lil quads are perfect for little children who are learning to drive. These quads are slower than electric cars and motorbikes, they promote stability and balance, hand-eye coordination and more. Not to say that children have tons of fun.

    This bike come in unique Nickelodeon design that ensures your child immediately wants to play with it. The seat is wide and comfortable, operation is easy to master. This design features Nickelodeon characters, there are also Barbie, Batman and Dora and Friends designs. It’s easy to find the quad that is based on your child’s interests and preferences. This quad has a secret compartment where children can hide their favorite toy. There is enough place for one toddler.


    fun graphics attract child’s attention
    many features that toddlers love
    maximum speed is only 2 mph
    the car is operated by one button

    This lil quads is powered by a 6 volt battery that you should charge every 40 minutes. This is a great gift for a 2-3 year old who can walk and balance freely. No walker can beat the speed and the fun of this quad. Just make sure to help your little explorer learn all the features and check safety requirements.


    wheels slide on the surface and don’t have much traction
    no indicator on the charger, you can’t say whether or not the battery is charged
    the quad only drives in forward gear and no backwards

    There is only one thing that we find important to say. The quad is very small, even 3 year olds are a bit big for it. Just keep in mind that your child will outgrow this vehicle very quickly..

    What we like about it:

    We really love that these toys are very functional and safe. It takes less than 10 minutes to learn. After that your child will enjoy the quad every day. The quad has a simple stop and go button so you don’t need to worry about your kids controlling the speed, braking and using different pedals. Th quad has built-in footrests for more stability. It’s a perfect choice for children who are learning how to ride.

    The quad can drive at maximum speed of 2 mph on different surfaces. This speed is safe but still fast enough to have fun on the way. The quad can only go forward, all your child needs to do is to push the button and enjoy the ride.

    10. Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor

    Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor


    Tractor is a popular vehicle among children and manufacturers know that. This bike can drive on grass, dirt and any flat surface. It looks realistic and immediately attracts attention. This product is made in the US by the reputable company.

    This tractor is suitable for children ages from 2 to 7. These children seem to love the design the most and they often put their toys in a large trailer. The tractor has a lot of space, easy-steering functionality, headlights and other realistic features. The tractor can drive at 2 speeds: 2.5 mph and 4 mph. These are normal speeds for motorized vehicles for kids. This is enough speed for children to have fun and for parents to supervise them.

    There is also the working radio with several station, which children can listen while driving. The tractor has a flip-arm adjustable seat. This is useful for children because they won’t outgrow the tractor in the next months.


    Almost 2 hours of riding time
    the tractor is very sturdy and safe
    runs on different terraces quite well

    This tractor is very sturdy and safe for children. Even little toddlers lean to drive it in a couple of minutes. Parents can lock in the speed and supervise the child all the time. The tractor can ride for several hours, the battery is one of the strongest features. If you want, you can get an upgraded battery that will work even longer. There are also other upgrades to modify the vehicle as you want.


    there are problems with frequency
    removing and replacing the batteries requires removing several screws
    the original battery lasts for 2 hours but it takes 18 hours to charge
    the hood is challenging to put down properly and get into place to close the latch

    One of the main issues we have with this tractor is the radio. It requires separate batteries and can’t use the main one. To add to the problem with additional batteries, you will have hard times replacing them. In order to remove the batteries you need to remove the radio, which means removing the steering wheel. And this means you need to remove two bolts for the steering wheel and then a couple of screws on the battery cover. The radio itself doesn’t have a good antenna, it can’t be locked on one station. Every time you turn on the radio, it starts on the lowest frequency. Small children usually can’t find the right station.

    What we like about it:

    We really love that there is a realistic tractor toy for children because they just love driving it. This tractor is made by the reputable manufacturer who built the toy with children in mind. Children can drive over grass, mud, dirt and other challenging surfaces. If children want to drive on slippery surfaces, the wheels will spin properly and motors won’t overheat.

    The trailer is big and easy to operate. It keeps a good balance and slowly follows the tractor. You can leave the trailer wit the tractor because taking it off is challenging. The tractor is on a discount now because the company come out with newer options. It’s the perfect time to get it for your child. If you need a powerful electric toy for a child, this can be a great option. It might be a little small for 7 years old, but it’s perfect for toddlers.

    11. Best Choice Products Kids 12V Battery Powered Ride On Toy Car 4-Wheeler Quad

    Kids 12V Battery Powered Ride On Toy Car



    This quad is a great way to let your child to start her own adventure. The vehicle is safe and not fast at all, it’s built with children in mind. It can accommodate children of different ages and sizes. The quad is ASTM-certified and it’s made of durable, plastic body. The LED highlights are bright and can be turned on with a simple push of a button. Even small children can master this easy skill.

    This quad has hand acceleration that makes it even more realistic. It can change directions and move backwards and forwards. The tires are big and rugged and can go over many different terrains. Basically, everything that your garden can offer. This motorized car can be easily charged wit a charges and one 12 volt battery.


    features comfortable footrests
    have realistic design
    speed limits are suitable for children
    low riding design

    This quad is incredibly easy to operate and fun to drive. It has everything you need for small children. It’s designed with footrests for a child. The quad is low-riding and enables toddlers to easily get in and out of the quad. They can be completely independent.

    This quad is very small but features a sturdy design and has all important safety features. It delivers the right driving experience to children that they really enjoy. The company knows the needs of children, so the quad isn’t too fast or too slow. It rider on the perfect speed for toddlers to enjoy the ride.


    the tractor can get stuck sometimes
    the material looks flemzy and reminds you that the tractor is just a toy
    the music on the radio is very loud and you can’t lower the volume

    This quad is super fun and exciting for children. This quad has many features that sets it apart from everything else. It has a surprisingly good off road characteristic and can drive on two speeds. This is as realistic as the quad can get and little children enjoy sitting there and touching the panels.

    What we like about it:

    We love that this is a realistically looking car with working horn and highlights as well as doors that an be opened and closed, side mirrors and a windshield. Toddlers usually love exploring your garden in this car with a friend or her favorite toy. The speed is limited to 5 mph, parents can reduce it to 2.5 mph.

    12. Power Wheels Dune Racer

    Power Wheels Dune Racer



    This is yet another ride-on power wheeled car that has all features of previous bikes but with some interesting features that set it apart from it’s competitors. Parents can control the speed limits of the car and in which direction your child goes. The battery has average characteristics and lasts for about 40 minutes. The wheels are big and sturdy, this races can survive different terrains and years of regular use. The manufacturer has a good reputation and uses only quality materials.

    There are safety seatbelts and Velcro straps, but they are also for show and to add a more realistic feeling. The huge difference with this car is the shell and it has an open feel with an easy design. The racer is suitable for boys and girls alike.


    it features two speeds and reverse gear for a realistic driving experience
    the frame is made of quality steel and can handle two toddlers
    electric braking system ensures slow and easy stopping

    This is a great gift for your child: this is a great way to have lots of fun every time your racer is fully charged. This is an off-road car, designed to navigate through different terrains. This car can run over small bumps in your garden and handle sidewalks, tree roots and driveway edges. This vehicle is bigger and heavier than many other in our list. It features a traction system that prevents the racer from getting stuck, whether it’s hard surfaces, wet grass, gravel or mud.


    the materials are heavy and the racer is quite big
    you can only use it outside
    the gas peddle can fall off during fast driving

    We have seen that some children have troubles with reaching the gas pedals. It’s especially noticeable with 3-4 year old children who has to lay down to reach the pedal.

    What we like about it:

    This racer features a green and black design, has open cockpit and two seats with enough place for two toddlers. The vehicle is powered by one battery and equipped with 5 mph top speed and 2.5 mph lowest speed. Parents can control the speed to help children learn slowly and suit their needs and skills.

    Little children are growing fast and their needs are changing even faster. This bike can serve for years and let children accomplish what is impossible with other ride-on toys. The racer features rugged, huge tires that are perfect for challenging terrains such as gardens and backyards. The frame is made of steel for extra protection from off-road incidents. The construction is very stable and allows for adventurous rides. The weight is limited to 130 lb, so even older children can enjoy the fast ride. This is a great toy for children to be independent and enjoy the new sense of freedom.

    13. Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Electric Bike

    Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Electric Bike


    Razor truly has a bike for every child. If MX 350 is to slow and childish and MX 650 is too much, there is this model right in the middle that has the best features of the previous two but just a little slower and simpler. It’s fir children ages 12-15 who are already confined with their first bike and want an upgrade. This bike looks and feels realistic and gives the child the sense of confidence. It runs at maximum speed of 15 mph, the final result depends on the weight of your child.

    Aside from speed differences, you get everything Razor is famous for. This bike has knobby front tires that can handle different terraces. The chain is surprisingly quiet for such a powerful bike. Torque powered motor and dual suspension make sure the ride is nice and smooth. The batteries are UL certified and as safe as they can possibly get. You can adjust and secure handlebars at the desired position to make the ride even more comfortable.


    relatively powerful motor that doesn’t compromise safety
    maximum speed is 15 mph
    unique realistic design
    adjustable handlebars and dual suspension ensures a smooth ride
    tires are large and knobby
    retractable kickstand

    There are not many things not to like in this bike and nothing serious, really. Everything is safe and sturdy and built to last. This bike can be passed down to younger children and survive many years of regular use. The manufacturer says it’s for children ages 15 or older hut we think children as young as 12 can use it. A lot depends on your child’s skills and confidence. You should also get the right protective gear and supervise your child at the beginning. Assembly is required.


    some people seen to have a problem strong it because the bike is bulky and needs a lot if space
    you should be ready to charge the bike for at least 12 hours before the first ride
    the bike is very heavy and children can’t bring it back into the houses

    The bike is quite pricey, just like all Razor products. And you will have to buy protective gear. This bike has average characteristics, you should really know what your child’s needs and possibilities are. Otherwise she will outgrow it really quickly. Long pants are recommended to ease falls.

    What we like about it:

    We really like that we have a choice. This bike offers a great driving experience for children who don’t like their first bike anymore bit aren’t ready for something more serious. Thus model delivers a pleasant driving experience and a great traction. Handlebars are adjustable to fit any child’s height.

    The front is made in form of a double crown fork to support the tired. It absorbs the movement, the driver feels nothing at all. There are two 12-volt batteries that power the motor. The bike can drive for 45 minutes without the need to recharge it.

    14. 12V Police Motorcycle


    Kid Motorz Police Motorcycle


    This is one of the rear examples of the kid bike that has all important features, looks cool and doesn’t break the bank. It features full suspension, knobby air-filled tires that can run different terrains and a comfortable seat. Parents can change the speed limit from 2.5 mph to 5 mph with a special key. This is especially useful for beginner riders who don’t have enough skill to drive fast.

    This bike is heavier than many of its competitors, so it’s suitable for children 4 and older. Younger ones can have problems with mounting and dismounting the bike. This is a great deal considering all safety features that it has. The weight is limited to 110 pounds, which means that even adults can drive it. And the huge plus point for this bike is the look – all children enjoy realistic toy, and this is made exceptionally well.


    the construction and design is very well-though and built
    2 keys included to change the speed and control the times when the bike can be used
    there are several bolts that keep the battery in place (you can take the battery out when you want)

    We really like child bikes that have adjustable speed limits. We all know that children always drive as fast as they can, and as a parent, you can take care of this. The bike comes with 2 keys – one of for changing the speed and the other allows to turn the bike on. Parents can control the times when the bike can be ridden, without the key children can’t take the bike out. We think that this is a must-have feature in kid’s bikes.

    As always, you need to assemble the bike before you can use it and then charge the battery (takes around 10 hours). When it’s ready, your child can ride for 50 minutes on maximum speed. Assembly means attaching the boards, checking that everything if working and charging the battery. You can easily take the bike with you during traveling, it doesn’t take much space. When you’re done with the assembly, make sure to check the screws.


    the bike is slower when the rider’s weight is close to the allowed maximum
    the sound effects are quite loud and can get annoying
    charging takes a lot of time, which means your child can ride only once or twice a day

    As with many bikes for children, this has huge tires that make it hard to turn. The radius is poor and it takes a lot of practice to get used to it.

    What we like about it:

    We love that this bike keeps children active for a long time. Children love to drive outside and they don’t need supervision anymore. It took us around an hour to assemble and adjust the bike. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. It’s a great deal for this price. It has safety features and built specifically for children. When kids see it, they ride it immediately. We really like the adjustable speed and safety features. The battery lasts for an hour when you use medium speed settings. This is usually enough for a child to have fun and return the bike back home.

    15. Razor Dune Buggy

    Razor Dune Buggy



    Razor Dune Buggy is the company’s bestseller and its popularity is deserved. This is one of the best cars for children. The frame is made of quality steel, the flooring protects children’s feet and the design keeps the little ones interested for months. This is a perfect off-road style vehicle with knobby, huge air tires that give you traction to drive on mud, gravel, grass and other challenging surfaces.

    We really like this buggy because it’s very safe and we don’t have to worry about our toddler. This is suitable for children ages 3 and older. Even pre-teens get excited wen they see this vehicle. You can fit in here even if you are over 5 feet tall. Of course, the buggy is slow for teenagers but still fun to drive and have a good time with their younger siblings.


    this is one of the best off-road buggies
    features durable chain drive motor
    for children older than 5 years old (manufacturer recommend 8 years old)
    perfect for children of all ages

    This buggy looks and feels really cool. You can gift your child hours of fun and enjoyment, give her a thrill and opportunities to make good memories. It features a bucket seat, a floorboard and knobby tires. This is one of the rear vehicles for toddles that have suspension. Children can drive almost everywhere, exercise confidence and sense of independence. They enjoy this freedom and ride the buggy as much as they can.

    This buggy offers a variable speed trigger throttle. Children can operate rear disk braking system. The technique is very easy, even young children can easily learn it.


    make sure to follow instructions carefully while charging the car
    quite pricey
    many children want to have a reverse gear to drive in different diretions

    We wish the wheels were a little bigger. These ones can stuck in the garden, and when it happens, your child needs your help to continue driving.

    What we like about it:

    This buggy drives slowly enough for parents to supervise their child but fast enough for children to enjoy the ride. The motor and tires are powerful and can handle outdoor use. It can handle hills, bumps and dirt trails but can stuck if the child drives slowly. This is perfect for riding on flat surfaces and your kid can even get as fast as 10 mph. Older ones drives at 15 mph. That means that children won’t outgrow this bike for years. Of course, you should supervise your child when she drives at maximum speed.

    We want to note that the batter can be charged in one very specific way and you should carefully read the instructions. Otherwise you can decide that the car is broken. There are even YouTube videos that explain how to charge this vehicle. But we think this car is worth your effort. It’s designed for rough use, can stay as good as new for many years and keep your children safe.

    What to look for in battery powered cars for kids

    As parents, we often think that our children are still very young and can’t do much without us. However, our little ones grow up very quickly and want to have more challenges and fun activities that doesn’t involve their parents or older siblings. Cars that kids can drive is a fun and safe way to give them a sense of independence and freedom. However, not all electric vehicles for children are created equal. Some of them are just better than the others, they have different characteristics and extra features and suit different kids. You should keep an eye out for speed, remote control, speed, suspension and much more.

    Safe tips for children when riding electric dirt bikes

    Just like with any active play, safety comes first when you use a riding bike. It offers a lot of fun but children can get too excited and forget about themselves. Most manufacturers include instructions with detailed rules. Make sure your children are old enough to understand and follow them.

    Your child may not match the riding this toy. She can be too small for it. When you think it’s the right time for your child to ride a bike, you should supervise her at all times. Some manufacturers insist children only drive the bike in your garden and never leave the property.

    Below you can find more helpful safety tips to make sure nothing happens to your child when she is driving:

    1. Always check the rules and lays in your town when you’re living in. Many states in the US have their own guidelines regarding motorbikes for children. For example, some prohibit driving in the park, etc. Always check driving practices in your area.
    2. Make sure to get for your child the right protective gear. It usually includes the helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and gloves. Everything that can protect your child from bruises and scrapes. All children lose control of the bike when they learn to drive, so safety gear is a must.
    3. Make sure to explain your children where they can and cannot drive. They should always check the area for cars or real bikes. Don’t let them to drive a bike in the streets where people are usually walking. Make sure to find a secluded place.
    4. When you get the bike, check the skill of the little drives and adjust the speed (if it’s possible).
    5. Always make sure to read the instructions and comply with them. They usually specify how to charge and where to store the bike.


    One of the main things to consider is the voltage of the batteries. This and the wattage of the motor determines the power of the vehicle. Electric cars for toddlers usually have one or two 6V batteries, they are slow and can ride on flat surfaces. They won’t ride on hills or dirt. More powerful cars feature 12V batteries, and then you can go up to 24V and even 36V.

    Higher voltage means more expensive and more powerful toys. They are created for teenagers and children who outgrow their first cars. It’s recommended to start with the slowest speed and then upgrade to higher ones. At the beginning parent should supervise children.

    Little children are usually fine with cars that drive only forward. When shopping for the vehicle, pay attention to how long the battery can last between charges. Find out how much time it takes to fully charge the battery.

    The most helpful tips on teaching your child to ride

    Now you have the bike and the gear, so what is your next move? Obviously, your kid wants to start driving as soon as she can. Even though you can’t protect her from every dangerous thing, you can definitely make this experience safer for her.

    1. Brakes. Even if your young child has already driven a real motorcycle with an older relative and knows how to steer and control the throttle, she has probably never operated the bike. Before you let her start the engine n the bike, tell her to roll down a slope and practice front and rear braking. This will teach your child to slow down and come to a gentle stop.
    2. Turning. If your child isn’t very good with keeping the balance, you can get her the training wheels and help her built her confidence. Just let her focus on controlling the throttle and ride bike and forth the garden. Little by little she will have enough courage to drive in circles. These additional wheels will limit the amount of turning. At some point your child will want more and she will ask you to remove them. Then you can teach her to balance the bike. This is a great way to introduce your child to more serious bikes and boost her confidence.
    3. Clutch. If your child is already older than 10, she can learn how to operate a clutch and use it during driving.  However, it’s just too much for some children. If your kid doesn’t have enough confidence, let her practice slowly releasing the clutch and open the throttle. They will understand the connection between the two. Finding the right pace is the key to confident driving. Once your child understands the clutch and throttle, she can easily change gears during driving. It’s also a great training before driving the car.
    4. Speed. Many bikes for small children have adjustable speed limits that parents can change at any time. It will prevent your child from getting too far too early. If you have a confident child who knows how to drive, you can let her drive at full speed. Many manufacturers recommend you to supervise your child before she gets confident and drives far from you. Just make sure your child understands the danger of high speed and fast driving.

    Battery operated cars for kids ages 3-5

    We decided to pay attention at this age group because this is when children develop the most. They already have necessary skills and reflexes to ride an electric vehicle. These cars have more powerful batteries and motors and usually have a speed limit of 6 mph. These vehicles usually look like realistic cars, sometimes they mimic famous vehicles. These cars still have many safety features for children, can ride backwards and forwards and have one or two buttons to press. Most of these cars can handle outdoor terrains, allowing your children to ride on gravel, sand, grass, dirt and more. Always check car specifications to see where and how it can drive. Some of them have remote controls for parents to supervise their children.

    Most cars have fun features to keep children interested, such as an FM radio, realistic engine and horn sounds, foot-pedal based operation and stimulate the realistic experience. This is the perfect time for children to mimic their parent’s behavior, that’s why they love realistic vehicles so much. Some vehicles have enough space for a passenger, letting children take friends, siblings or their favorite toy. Parental remote control is often available, and we believe this is a must feature for toddlers.

    For children in this range group, the recommended power depends on their skills and confidence. 6 volts is the average characteristic tat suits most children. However, some of them require 12 or even 14 volts. A 6 volt vehicle usually dries at 2 mph or 2.5 mph. Many 24 volt vehicles can ride as fast as 6 mph. We don’t think that higher speeds are suitable for toddlers. There are many cars available for this age group, so you should make sure you listen to your child carefully and give her what she really wants.

    Electric vehicles are perfect toys for children of different age. It’s not only a lot of fun to drive, but also very helpful in developing essential skills. Children learn to make decisions, be confident and independent. Toddlers develop gross-motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Some vehicles perform better indoors while other can handle dirt, mud and other challenging terrains. Of course, they are not as powerful as vehicles for teenagers, and most companies recommend parents to supervise children during driving. We hope that we could help you find the best electric vehicle for your little one. We have tried so many of them and the ones in this list are really worth your attention.

    One toy can stay with a child for many months and promote different skills during different developmental stages. Old toys aren’t always worse than new ones, especially when they were bought with child’s needs in mind. Some simple toys like blocks and dolls can help children train numbers, shapes, body parts, etc.

    Basically, what we are saying is that toys are much more than just items for fun. They are educative pieces that can stimulate senses and skills. Give your child a toy that she needs and you’ve got a happy kid.


    Q: Should I assembly the vehicle?

    A Yes, most electric vehicles for children require assembly. Putting the car together require some basic knowledge and usually manufacturers include clear instructions and guidelines. Not all cars require complete assemble, sometimes there are just a couple of screws and a battery. However, other vehicle require extensive assembly. The best vehicle for not technically minded parents is the one that comes pre-assembled. Then you only need to charge the battery and adjust the seats and the steering wheel.

    Q: When should I get a more powerful vehicle?

    AWhen your child gets older and more confident, she might want to get a faster bike with more realistic features. As a parent, you can pay attention to your child’s behavior to know that the time has finally com. There are several questions to ask yourself:

    1. Would your child like to try motocross racing?
    2. Is she growing rapidly? Maybe her kegs already lay flat on the ground while driving.
    3. Is she confident enough to learn how to operate a manual clutch? This is the feature of bigger and more powerful bikes for grown-up children.
    4. Does she want to have larger wheels and better brakes to try off-road driving? These are also features of bigger and more powerful bikes.

    Q: Are these toys safe for little children?

    A:All toys on the list are safe for children of the right age. They require different skills to operate and parents should decide whether or not their child is ready. Each toy has a recommended age but some children develop skills faster than others and can play with these toys. Just make sure the child need to develop the skills that the toy focuses on. Of course, you can always contact the manufacturer directly (at least in the US) and ask about safety.

    Q: How can I encourage my little child to play with electric vehicles?

    A:Children love to repeat after their parents. So any toy that looks as a realistic thing for adults will attract their attention. For example, there are bikes, cars and tractors. You can pretend you go grocery shopping and give your little one food items to put in her car. Once children learn to keep balance, they will play with these toys more without supervision. Most children are attracted to toys that make loud noises and have something to press and listen to. Even if it distracts their attention they will continue practice their balance.

    Q: For how long can electronic vehicles keep their charge?

    AOn average, an electric ca can last between 30 minutes to 90 minutes. A lot depends on the surface the vehicle is riding on, how many children are driving and how often they use the car. Usually flatter and smoother surfaces ensure faster and more pleasant rides. After some time (approximately 100 recharges) you will see that the battery doesn’t last as long as before. Most manufacturers offer replacement batteries that you can buy. Some companies even have more powerful batteries available for an extra price.

    You should always read the instructions to see how much time you need to fully charge the battery. If you charge it for longer than  specified you can cause permanent damage and you will have to replace it much faster. You need to make sure that you charge the battery at least once a month when your child doesn’t use the vehicle

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