Best cute diaper backpack: mom bag – an important accessory at the best price

How essential is a special bag for mom? Can the accessory be replaced by an ordinary handbag or a backpack? Where can you buy сheap diaper bags for boys and girls? These questions will be covered in an informative response from a smart Mom! Links, real experience and advice – it’s all here!

Сute diaper backpack: how to make your walks with the child as comfortable as possible?

Happy days. You and your beloved have finally become parents and it’s begun: endless diaper changes, bottle carousel and walks in the fresh air. When you go outside, you have to take a myriad of things with you, and they can fit only into cheap diaper bags for boys or girls, that is, a special inexpensive “mom bag”, which will be described in today’s review.

I can’t call it feedback, because I’m not planning to review specific models or manufacturers. But it will definitely be helpful. Helpful for whom? For young parents, of course, – both moms and dads. During the first weeks with the baby, it was really tough for me; and don’t even get me started on walks (I kept forgetting essentials). It wouldn’t stop until my husband bought me a baby diaper bag. He just went to Amazon (never admitted whose idea it was) and ordered SoHo diaper bag Grand Central Station for me.

SoHo diaper bag Grand Central Station 7 pieces set nappy tote bag large capacity for baby mom dad stylish insulated unisex multifuncation waterproof includes changing pad stroller straps Stripe White

With this accessory, I stopped being afraid of walking (yes, I really was, after my baby had been crying for about an hour because she wanted to eat, but I couldn’t do anything to help, because her sippy cup turned over and spilled out, and we were far from home ).

7 reasons I love Baby girl backpack diaper bag

If you think that special backpacks for parents are nonsense, just read the list of 10 reasons why you should buy such an accessory:

  •         All other bags are just too small. You really do need a lot of things on the go and I’m not exaggerating. At the very least, you will need a bottle of water, some baby food, diapers, wet wipes, pacifiers, a couple of toys, weather-related stuff (an umbrella, a sun hat, a scarf, depending on the situation). It will fit into the baby essentials diaper bag, but not into a regular handbag.
  •         Even if all those things fit into a regular bag, it will be inconvenient. Okay, you bought a huge handbag or backpack. Excellent, you managed to shove all the stuff in there. Do you know what happens next? My scenario: at one point a sippy cup turns over and spills, because it turns out to be leaking. Why can’t this happen with baby girl diaper bags? There are a dozen pockets for different purposes: a compartment for bottles, clean and used diapers, etc.
  •         You cannot hang an ordinary bag on a stroller, and it will slide down your shoulder under its weight. But if you buy a universal model for parents, your hands will be free!
  •         You will not forget anything, neither will even the baby’s daddy! My baby backpack / diaper bag is always packed. That’s why, even when such a distracted member of the family as her father (just kidding, don’t mind my humor) goes for a walk with our daughter, there’s no need to worry that clean crawlers or a pacifier will be forgotten.
  •         Long walks are now not only possible, but also pleasant. Did you ever have to run home in a hurry because of a baby’s ‘gift’, so to speak? I did, but it was before buying the baby diaper backpack. Now I have not only a couple of diapers for a change with me, but also a special changing pad where I put my baby and change her “undies” with comfort for us both.
  •         You have the opportunity to combine work and time with your baby. I’m not on maternity leave, so my organizer, smartphone (and even better, Macbook) can accompany me everywhere I go. Recently, I’ve added a model with compartments for things like these to my collection of baby girl diaper bags.
  •         A universal soldier will complete your wardrobe. For example, a model like Messenger Diaper Bag can be worn on a shoulder, or attached to a stroller, and even goes well with sundresses. I guess, mommies who are into fashion will find the latter very tempting.

Messenger Diaper Bag With Matching Changing Pad, Duo Signature, Chevron

By the way, many manufacturers produce baby boy diaper bags and models for girls separately. In fact, the only difference is design. I have both boyish and girlish bags. I wear the first with jeans and sneakers, and the second with dresses and some business suits.

What is the difference between regular bags and bags for parents?

If you have not yet quite figured out what is so useful about these accessories, I will describe their features in more detail. So, my most basic baby girl backpack / diaper bag is equipped with the following:

  •         Bottle holder (I try to choose models with two of them – I do not breastfeed, so I have to take both water and formula on a walk).
  •         Compartment for clean diapers and a removable bag for used ones.
  •         Compartment for large pack of wet wipes.
  •         Organizer for small items (even baby boy diaper bags have pockets for keys, lipstick, change, etc).

I have to say it again – this is a very basic set. Boy’s backpacks are more practical. For example, I have HapTim Multi-function Large Baby Diaper Bag Backpack at home.

HapTim Multi-function Large Baby Diaper Bag Backpack W/Stroller Straps-Insulated Pockets-Changing Pad, Stylish & Durable with Anti-Water Material(Gray-5284)

So, there is a changing pad, a thermal bag, a removable zippered pocket for a laptop or documents, and a purse compartment in addition to the basics.

Bags like baby essentials diaper bag have up to 15 pockets, some of them are removable and can be used separately (like bottle bags). Even the most convenient hiking backpack is rarely divided into more than 2 compartments and has 4-5 pockets. I want to tell you about the varieties of cute diaper backpack, so that you’re clear on how magical these bags are. Of course, I haven’t used all models (in fact, I only have 3 kinds of bags), but I read a lot of information on this matter. So, I think I’m capable of objectively evaluating which of the solutions are worth buying, and which are best avoided.

What kinds of baby diaper bags are there?

Maybe someone knows more, but I’m conventionally familiar with 6 variations of parent bags. I’ll elaborate on each one in detail, but I’ll start with those I’m using myself.

Multifunction Backpack

Backpacks for baby accessories look something Bag Nation Diaper Bag.

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack with Stroller Straps, Changing Pad and Sundry Bag - GreyI noticed that manufacturers are more likely to release them in a gray color and they think it is right, since there is never enough time to wash the “helper”. Buying a baby girl backpack diaper bag was my best decision, because it freed my hands.

What makes parent backpacks different from ordinary ones:

  •         Orthopedic padding on the back and breathable mesh.
  •         Ergonomic and soft straps (the backpack can be attached to the stroller by the straps).
  •         Spacious main compartments and multiple pockets for small items.


Another extremely practical version of baby girl diaper bag. Just a couple of movements are needed to transform them from a carry bag into a backpack or a single strap cross body shoulder bag. For this purpose, they have hidden parts and additional handles. If you don’t understand what this means, then these are options like MBayshore Baby Diaper Backpack.

MBayshore Baby Diaper Backpack For Boys & Girls | Large Multi-function Nappy Bag W/Durable Changing Pad, Built in Stroller Straps Plenty of Pockets | Waterproof Stylish For Dads & Moms Grey

Transformers are especially useful for active parents. For example, if I have an appointment with a customer, and there is no one to leave the baby with, I “turn on the casual bag mode”, combined with business clothes. If I go somewhere far, my baby essentials diaper bag becomes a backpack, and if I get tired of carrying it, I strap it to the stroller. Very convenient.

Casual Bag

This was the type I started off with on the ‘parent bag’ path. The solution is practical, especially if it’s equipped with different thermal bags, removable pockets and other pleasant additions. Baby boy diaper bags have advantages over ordinary shoulder bags of large size:

  •         Ergonomic handle (doesn’t slide down the shoulder and doesn’t press too hard).
  •         Comes with a second miniature purse (can be placed in the main compartment, or used as a clutch for the small stuff).
  •         Made of waterproof material with antibacterial treatment.

At the same time, baby backpacks diaper bags remain stylish accessories and do not damage the young mom’s fashionable look.

Travel Bag

There is no such accessory in my arsenal yet, but only for now. We have not traveled yet with our daughter, although we are planning to. Before the trip, I’ll definitely buy a brand-new baby girl diaper bag, but for now I’ll just share the impressions of my traveler friend.

Initially, she and her husband ordered this backpack on Amazon, but after the first local trip they came to the conclusion that models specifically designed for traveling long distances would make a better choice. Their differences from other types of baby diaper backpacks are:

  •         Made of lightweight material. While the backpack itself can be heavy, the travel bags are always light, so that even when you stuff them with different baby essentials, it wouldn’t be too difficult to carry it.
  •         At least 3 large compartments, while there are usually two in a backpack.
  •         Additional leak-proof bags (for diapers or wet laundry), a thermal bottle case, an inner purse (or even a few) for small items.

My friend says that the most important advantage of baby boy diaper bags is traveling with a small weight and the ability to transform the accessory (strap to a stroller or carry on the shoulder).

Stroller Bag

To be honest, I think, buying a model for a stroller makes no sense, so I don’t have one. It’s better to choose a variation like Baby Bandit Baby Diaper Bag Backpack – both a backpack and a stroller bag. Although, this cute diaper backpack option can also be quite useful.

Baby Diaper Bag Backpack - Multi-Function Organizer with Stroller Straps, Large Changing Pad and Insulated Pockets, Grey - Free Storage Bag Included

This accessory isn’t too large; it mounts with the help of rivets that fix it on the handles of the child’s “vehicle”. The models are often complemented by a wide strap, which make them comfortable to wear on the shoulder. Pockets are everywhere: internal clasp pockets, outer mesh pockets, side pockets. In addition, such variations of the baby diaper bag are mainly made of a waterproof and dirt-proof material, which makes it easy to look after them.

Postman Bag

A friend gave a postman bag to my neighbor. And I quote: “What I don’t know is how I used to get by without it. Now I can at least pick up my little son.” Here, as in the case with baby backpacks diaper bags, mom’s hands are free. Postman bags are simply thrown over the shoulders and don’t bother you at all during the walk, while their dimensions are small. Then how do they contain a lot of important little things? The secret is in multiple roomy pockets. There are 14 of them in my neighbor’s model! Can you imagine? And it’s a cheap diaper bag for boys (the model is really inexpensive, it costs about $15).

Secrets of choosing bags for parents

Basically, it would be much easier to say: “buy REGIONAL’S Baby Diaper Backpack  ” and not to bother.

I give links to low-priced practical models in this review, and I suggest paying special attention to them. But since I’m already experienced in the choice of bags for parents, I’ll give advice on the purchase of accessories.

When choosing baby essentials diaper bag, be sure to consider such factors:

  •         Characteristics of the material from which the bag is made. My perfect choice would be a light and durable fabric, protected by dirt-proof and waterproof coating. It is better when it’s made of synthetic, rather than natural materials. Synthetics-based baby girl backpack diaper bag can be machine-washed without any problems and can even be cleaned with a sponge. A natural fabric is more difficult to clean.
  •         Quality of accessories and tailoring. Everything is simple here – inspect the bag carefully, either in the store or view the photo and read the reviews if you buy online. For example, I can vouch for this model of a baby diaper backpack – the seams are strong, threads do not stick out anywhere, zippers are sturdy.
  •         Number of compartments and pockets. You must have at least two large compartments and 7-8 pockets; otherwise a mess in the bag is unavoidable. Give preference to practicality, not design. Let it be a less pretty baby boy diaper bag of an inconspicuous gray color, but it will definitely be convenient for you.
  •         Choose models with wide shoulder straps. They should be soft, ergonomic (follow the shape of the shoulder) and breathable (for this purpose, mesh is used on the inside instead of the fabric).

Don’t forget to focus on the purpose of baby girl diaper bags, that is, decide if you need a model for walking, traveling, or to attach it to stroller. Or maybe all three at once! It’s not rocket science, use common sense and aim for practicality. Enjoy your shopping!




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