Best Child Proof Door Knob Covers and Locks for Baby-Proofing the House

Babies love to explore! Help the parents-to-be focus on baby-proofing your living space, to maximize the safety of your precious one. In order to do that, make sure you read our guide featuring top products, including stove safety for toddlers.

Baby showers aren’t only about cuteness, don’t overlook door knob covers and similar items as gifts for mother-to-be!

Parenting is an immense responsibility. Not only that you have to be a role model for your little one, but you should also direct all your focus and attention to prevent accidents and unwanted scenarios from happening. For example, you must ensure stove safety for toddlers.

In this view, you have to invest in top-quality protective items such as child safety door knob covers, safety locks, and other products that should make the appliances in your home risk-free for your little ones.

Our Recommendations for the Best Door Knob Covers (And Not Only)

  1.   Jool Baby Products Door Knob Covers

Door Knob Covers - 4 Pack - Child Safety Cover - Child Proof Doors by Jool Baby

Considering that you want to invest in sturdy, reliable child safety door knob covers, these will serve this purpose. In terms of compatibility, these are suitable for standard spherical doorknobs.

And one of the best things about these is that their design is really versatile. That is to say, they blend in, regardless of the décor you have in your house.

Concurrently, bear in mind that these child proof door knob covers come with an exclusive money-back guarantee. Hence, if you aren’t fully content with the purchase, you’ll get your money back.


  •   Quick to install
  •   Practical design
  •   They work with most door knobs


  •   They could make the doors difficult to open for adults, too
  1.  KisCords Baby Safety Cabinet Locks

Kiscords Baby Safety Cabinet Locks For Knobs Child Safety Cabinet Latches For Home Safety Strap For Baby Proofing Cabinets Kitchen Door RV No Drill No Screw No Adhesive / Color White/ 5 Pack

Baby-proofing your house doesn’t only include the doors, but the cabinets, as well. Each parent should baby proof kitchen cabinets, since the stuff stored there can pose a lot of risks to curious toddlers.

Installing these doesn’t require any tools, drills or screws. Distinct from magnetic locks, these ones are utterly portable, allowing you to change their location depending on your needs.

Moving on, these are compatible with knobs up to 6 ½ inches apart – still, the diameter will play a role in the equation, as well.

Many parents hesitate to baby proof kitchen cabinets because they assume that these will damage the furniture. Happily, that isn’t the case with these.


  •   Time-efficient installation process
  •   They don’t damage the cabinets
  •   They are compatible with both handles and knobs


  •   These are likely to get dirty in a short timeframe
  1.   Safety 1st Oven Front Lock

Safety 1st Oven Front Lock

It goes without saying that the stove is a major attraction for your little ones. At the same time, it is equally dangerous for them. This is why you should put a lot of thought to baby proofing your stove.

That is to say, if you baby proof the kitchen, you shouldn’t overlook getting oven front locks, which guarantee stove safety for toddlers.

Thanks to the universal design, you shouldn’t have any problems with compatibility. Something you should carry in mind, though, is that the maximum oven temperature shouldn’t go higher than 500 Fahrenheit degrees.

At the same time, it’s contraindicated to utilize the oven’s self-cleaning mode, as long as the lock is installed.


  •   Heat resistant
  •   Durable construction
  •   It works as expected


  •   The quality of the adhesive isn’t the best
  1.  Safety 1st Multi-Purpose Appliance Lock Décor

Safety 1st Multi-Purpose Appliance Lock Decor, 2-Count (Packaging May Vary)

Baby safety straps are a must in every home, and these are perfectly suited for refrigerators, microwaves, and dishwashers, etc.

Essentially, these keep appliances closed. As for the black color design, it should complement almost any type of appliance.

What about the installation process: is it time effective or not? The good thing about these straps for baby safety is that installing them is effortless.

In order to ensure that the straps stay in place, you should prep the surface accordingly, by cleaning it beforehand.


  •   Easy to install
  •   Decent price-quality ratio
  •   It works as expected


  •   It doesn’t work for plastic appliances
  1.   EcoBaby Child Proof Cabinets & Drawers Magnetic Safety Locks

Baby & Child Proof Cabinet & Drawers Magnetic Safety Locks - Heavy Duty Locking System (6 Pack)

Magnetic locks can be equally effective when it comes to safeguarding your little one. This set comprises of 6 baby proofing locks that are suitable for numerous applications.

That is to say, you can use the components for securing both drawers and cupboards. These are suitable if you want to baby proof kitchen cabinets and drawers, as well.

You have the option of installing these baby safety straps on the top, bottom or side of the cabinets and drawers. The only condition is for the surface to be flat.

What is more, the adhesive tape stays put. This means that, once you’ve installed these, you should have peace of mind.


  •   Risk-free purchase
  •   Durable adhesive
  •   Versatility


  •   The key magnet could do with some improvements
  1.  KidCo Stove Knob Covers

For a baby proof stove, these knob covers might do the job. Moreover, thanks to the non-adhesive installation process, you can easily remove the covers for cleaning purposes – and the need to clean the stove comes up regularly.

Additionally, the covers come in a charcoal shade; meaning that they compliment almost every type of stove. Plus, the hinged lid makes it easy for adults to access the covers, while making them unapproachable for toddlers.

As you might expect, these covers are also heat resistant. Nevertheless, since the package doesn’t include any adhesive, depending on your stove, the fit might be a bit too loose.


  •   Versatile charcoal shade
  •   Functional
  •   Easy to install


  •   You might need to use adhesive to ensure a perfect fit
  1.   Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action All Purpose Latch

Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action All Purpose Latch 8 Count

The best thing about all-purpose safety latches is that you can use them all around the house. So, whether you want to baby proof kitchen cabinets, the freezer or the dishwasher, these should do the trick.

The provided adhesive makes the installation process a piece of cake. Concurrently, you don’t have to worry that it will ruin your furniture or appliances, since they come off just as easily.

Also, thanks to the flexible design, you can use it around the corners, as well.


  •   Truly versatile
  •   Flexibility: can be used around corners
  •   The latches hold up pretty well


  •   The latches are difficult to remove
  1.  Funinki Kitchen Stove Knob Covers

4 Pack Kitchen Stove Knob Covers Baby Proofing Oven Gas Stove Knob Protection Locks for Child Safety

Another recommendation for top-quality door knob covers that are safe for children is this product. These items are excellent for baby proofing the stove knob locks, preventing toddlers from hurting themselves.

When you want to baby proof a stove, it is important for the knob covers to be equally durable and resistant to heat. And these covers definitely address these specifications. That’s because they are made of high-quality plastic.

In most cases, they should be effective – but this would also depend on your toddler and how intuitive he/she is.

Overall, though, these are easy to install and they fit perfectly on most stoves.


  •   Standard fit
  •   Time-efficient installation process
  •   Sturdy plastic construction


  •   The plastic design isn’t visually appealing
  1.  Lockingstraps Latch Multi-Use Self-Adhesive Refrigerator Lock Latch

As soon as your little one starts exploring the house, you must baby proof the kitchen. Considering that the refrigerator is a major attraction for most toddlers, this refrigerator lock latch could seriously help in attaining some peace of mind for longer than five minutes.

In order for toddlers to get access to the refrigerator, they should enter no less than 999 combinations. This should give parents sufficient time to prevent that from happening.

Nonetheless, in order to maximize its efficiency, you should avoid leaving the combination ON after closing the fridge.

Moving on, these latches work on all types of surfaces, including glass, plastic, wood, and steel.


  •   Compatible with multiple types of surfaces
  •   Maximum safety
  •   Practical design


  •   The dials aren’t as well-made as they should be
  1.  Dreambaby Safety Catches

Dreambaby Safety Catches 12 Pack - Black

While it’s true that child safety window locks and stove safety for toddlers are of utmost importance when it comes to baby-proofing the house, your drawers shouldn’t be an exception.

Thanks to the subtle, sleek design, these catches won’t stand out. At the same time, these safety catches work for both top and lower drawers – so, it depends entirely on you where you choose to install them.

Most significantly, though, these don’t make opening the drawers cumbersome, as it is, unfortunately, the case with many door knob covers or window locks for child safety on the market.


  •   Sleek design
  •   Easy to install
  •   Versatility


  •   Durability could be improved
  1. Babypeta Stick’n’lock Cabinet Locks for Child Safety

Stick'n'Lock Cabinet Locks for Child Safety - Value Pack 15pcs - Babyproof Your House Under 30 Minutes! Great for Cabinets, Drawers & Cupboards! Childproof Your Entire Home with ONE Set!

Well-made child safety window locks and door knob covers can seriously maximize your little one’s safety, and protect him/her from potential dangers.

According to the manufacturer, these locks are suitable for most cabinets and drawers. Therefore, you don’t have to purchase multiple sets of locks, which could be a tad inconvenient.

The best part about these is that you can reposition them, considering that you didn’t locate them in the right place at first. All you have to do is simply remove the old pad and, instead, stick one of the six spare pads provided by the manufacturer.

At the same time, if you want to secure them permanently, you can use the screws that are also included in the set.  


  •   Compatible with most cabinets and drawers
  •   You can install them depending on your needs
  •   Efficient


  •   The magnets aren’t as strong as they should be
  1. Prince Lionheart Stove Guard

Prince Lionheart Stove Guard

If you intend to have a baby proof kitchen, you cannot leave the stove out, can you? Featuring a durable polycarbonate plastic construction, this product is meant to safeguard toddlers from unwanted incidents.

The maximum length of this guard is of 38.5 inches. At the same time, this guard is easy to clean, meaning that you won’t have to worry about time-consuming maintenance practices.

It’s also worth noting that the adhesive won’t ruin your stove since it is easily removable double-sided tape.


  •   It does the job
  •   Adjustable design
  •   The adhesive doesn’t damage the stove


  •   In time, the stickiness element of the adhesive decreases
  1. B&S FEEL Baby Kids Multi-function Cabinet Fridge Lock

B&S FEEL Baby Kids Multi-function Cabinet Fridge Lock Baby Safety Products

These cabinet fridge locks might as well qualify as high-quality child safety window locks. That is primarily because they are meant to be multi-functional.

To begin with, you can use them in order to baby proof kitchen cabinets. That makes them utterly versatile.

Moving on, if you’re worried that using child safety window locks leaves marks, happily, this isn’t the case with this specific product.

However, one package contains one lock only. At the same time, after a specific period, it is likely to come loose.


  •   Suitable for various types of uses
  •   It doesn’t leave marks
  •   Versatile


  •   After a while, the lock comes loose
  1. Safety 1st 2 Count ProGrade Window Lock

Safety 1st 2 Count ProGrade Window Lock

These are advertised as being high-quality window locks. Nonetheless, in order to ensure that your little one isn’t tempted to open these, make sure that he/she doesn’t see you do that.

At the same time, it’s highly recommended to mount the lock high enough, so that your kid doesn’t have access to it.

It’s always best to take the necessary safety precaution measurements.


  •   When properly installed, it does the job
  •   Easy to install
  •   Fairly affordable


  •   It can be installed on single windows only
  1. EcoBaby Adjustable Safety Straps

Anti-Tip Furniture & TV Straps (2-Pack) All-Metal Anchors Set/Earthquake Resistant & Adjustable Safety Straps/Baby Proofing Kit/Bolts, Hardware,with Bonus Furniture Corner Guards by Eco Baby

Did you know that investing in reliable child proof door knob covers isn’t sufficient when it comes to baby-proofing your house? Appliances in your house such as your television, as well as other pieces of furniture, should be secured as well.

And the way in which you can do that is by getting safety straps.

These straps comprise entirely of metal; that is to say, there are no plastic parts whatsoever. This should guarantee their durability.

As for the installation process, it shouldn’t take longer than two minutes, as noted by the manufacturer.


  •   Timely installation process
  •   Metal construction
  •   Versatile protection


  •   Nothing we can think of
  1. Safety babe.Mamas Prep TV Child-proofing and Furniture Anti-Tip Straps

TV Child Proofing and Furniture Anti-Tip Straps, with 1 bolts Free Door Fingers Guard and 4 screws Free Corner Protectors , Heavy Duty Metal Parts – Furniture and TV Mounting Hardware Included (black)

This strap set is more than suitable for most TV-sets and other pieces of furniture. Most significantly, they are made of high-quality, durable material.

Another advantage is the ease of the installation process, and their practicality – of course.

Additionally, you can either loosen or tighten them, depending on your needs, since they are fully adjustable.


  •   Easy installation
  •   Adjustability
  •   Durable construction


  •   The product doesn’t come with instructions

Final Thoughts

To conclude, baby-proofing your home should be on your list of priorities, as soon as your little one starts crawling. And whether you’re looking for child proof door knob covers, safety straps, or locks for windows or cabinets, you’ll definitely find a product that addresses your needs in our list of recommendations.


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