Best baby delight snuggle nest: affordable baby pillows for a good night’s sleep

The main concern for parents is the health of their child. A positioner for sleep- the Infant sleeping pillow- an accessory guaranteeing the child a healthy night’s sleep. Why is a sleep positioner necessary and what factors must be considered when choosing one? How much does a “health” pillow cost? Here are some helpful tips for young moms from parents with experience as well as links to quality products at bargain prices.

Healthy sleep is key for proper development. The Baby delight snuggle nest is a positioner for comfortable baby sleep.

Like any mom, I try to make the life of my baby as comfortable as possible. The Infant sleeping pillow really helps me in this regard, so I want to share my experience on using a positioner for sleep with other mothers and let them know what it is all about.

I’ll start from the beginning. Children’s goods are a whole different world. My son is now one and a half years old and from the moment he was born our house has been filled with so many new products. Honestly, I haven’t bought as much in the previous 26 years. One of those products is the Snuggle Nest.

When I was pregnant, I haven’t even heard about sleep positioners. But the closer my due date, the more time I spent shopping online, for example on Amazon. One time I stumbled upon products under the Newborn baby pillow category. As it turns out, my friends who gave birth 3-4 months earlier already knew of the relatively unknown term “positioners.” Not only did they know about them, they were using them and were satisfied with the results.

I decided that I need this product as well. I explained to my husband that 15$ for safe and comfortable sleep for our little prince is nothing, and ordered the first model. Skipping to the future, there is now more than one positioner in my arsenal, and I am very content and so I wanted to share my experience in using them!


What is behind the name Baby head support?


A standard positioner is, in a way, a product that limits an infant’s movements, thus helping them stay in one position. This accessory is made up of rollers and a flat mattress with a groove under the head, as well as safety rails. There are also conventional flat pillows that support the baby’s head in the correct position during sleep. The Newborn pillow is intended for sleep, but it is also very convenient for feeding the child or going for a stroll.

The most important thing about these pillows are its dimensions. They are ideally suited for infants. I’m serious! Also, I forgot to mention that these positioners are made even for young children ages 0-1. So, returning to the dimensions, if the model has the head support, then the child fits perfectly inside the groove. If this positioner is a sleep restraint, then the side rollers are arranged in a way which helps the baby fit in it comfortably. All in all, the ergonomics of the Snuggle nest is thought out to the maximum.


What functions does the positioner perform?


The first unusual pillow that I have seen, was this KSB Breathable Soft Memory Foam Baby Pillow Neck Support.

KSB Breathable Soft Memory Foam Baby Pillow Neck Support, Prevent Flat Head Syndrome For 3 Months To 1 Year Old Infant.

Honestly, I instantly thought that this thing is useless, but out of curiosity I started browsing different “mom” websites and then showed it to several friends who are mothers with babies.

To my surprise, the only comments I heard and saw were along the lines of “Baby pillow to prevent flat head – this is so cool”, “Every house should have a positioner!”, “Ergonomic pillow is the guarantee of proper sleep”, and other similar comments. All jokes aside, but now I myself know that this is a very useful thing. To say the least because of these functions:


  • The Baby head shape pillow provides support for the baby’s head, which eliminates the possibility of cranial deformities due to an incorrect sleeping position.


  • Support of the baby while sleeping on its back (a special model needs to be used for this). In case you didn’t know, sleeping on the stomach is dangerous for newborn babies, especially after feeding. There is a risk that the baby will burp and choke. The Boppy noggin nest will definitely prevent this from happening.


  • Keeping the spine in the correct position during sleep (therefore starting from a young age you eliminate health problems such as scoliosis).


  • Comfort for the mother and baby on both psychological and physiological levels. Let me explain: there are positioners with little borders – in this Newborn baby pillow, the child subconsciously feels safe, just like in the mother’s belly. As for the physiological convenience, you can put the positioner on your bed at night and the child will not disturb you, neither will you disturb the baby, the magical power is all in these soft limiting edges.


Consider though, that as soon as the infant purposefully turns while sleeping, using the Baby delight snuggle nest with edges is no longer viable. In fact, they can bother the baby. It is best to switch to Universal Bassinet Wedge and Baby Sleep Positioner flat pillows.

Universal Bassinet Wedge and Baby Sleep Positioner with Handcrafted Cotton Removable Cover | This Memory Foam Pillow has 12 Degree Incline for Better Night's Sleep Also Used as Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

Let’s discuss the selection a positioner now, because when I first decided to buy this clever little assistant, it blew my mind – the choice on children’s websites and stores is huge!


Variations of the Baby positioner pillow


There are a lot of different models and I have not tried all of them, of course. However, I read about and reviewed all these models, and have friends who bought and used models that I did not. So, please consider this review my own, and based on my experience.


There are 5 different types of Newborn baby pillows:


  • Classic models. Visually they look the same as a regular head pillow. They are flat, only a few centimeters thick. The goal of these models is to support the head in a slightly higher position than the rest of the body. There are a few variations of these classic pillows. The Baby delight snuggle nest is thicker at the top than the bottom. As it lays on these pillows, the head is at an angle (no more than 15 degrees). These positioners help prevent unsafe spitting up at night. I have one of these at home, it is very practical.


  • Ergonomic cocoons. To better understand the Baby head shape pillow cocoon, here’s one to look at. These are crib-like beds with a groove for the head and protective edges. In my opinion, this is the best model. This model not only guarantees a healthy and safe sleep, but it also helps feed the baby. Also, the protective edges of the Infant sleeping pillow help prevent falls if the baby turns a lot while sleeping, especially if the baby is sleeping not in a separate bed, but somewhere on the couch with mom.


  • Positioners that fasten. They look like a cocoon, but they fasten on top. There are also two variations of this model. The first model forms a full cocoon, which means the ergonomic Snuggle nest has a second part to it that covers the baby like a blanket, and relatively tight, holding it in position on its back. The second version of the fastening bed is simply equipped with straps and has a slightly inclined shape. For the winter, I bought the first version, it is convenient for moving the baby out of the car to the premises.


  • Mattresses. I believe this is a must! A mattress like Boppy noggin nest can be placed in the crib or stroller, it is also convenient to take with you to the clinic for a scheduled exam. It has a flat orthopedic base with either a groove under the head or head support. By the way, there are also models without the orthopedic base, so before you buy, think carefully about which version of the Newborn pillow you personally need.


  • Restrictor rollers. One of the most interesting variations that I do not own. But I advise you to buy it, I can tell from a friend’s experience that it is pretty handy. On the outside is has a flat base under the back, and there are soft round rollers on both sides. They keep the child in place, prevent the baby from turning over in its sleep and support the spinal cord in the right position. Use a Baby pillow to prevent a flat head with rollers until the age of 4-5 months.


I have talked about all the variations that I know of. Now I suggest discussing the nuances of choice. It is very important to know which nuances are worth our attention, and which we don’t even have to think about.


What needs our attention, when we purchase the Baby head support?


There are many factors to consider. They are applicable to any sleeping accessories.


I was especially picky about the following points:


  • Manufacturing materials. Everything is standard here – the most important thing is its natural quality (this applies to clothing, accessories, and toys).


  • Filling material. All positioner bases are filled so that the minimum height of the Infant sleeping pillow is 1 cm. I recommend choosing good quality synthetics. For example, there are pillows that are filled with latex, viscose or polyurethane. It’s better not to get sintepon, since it becomes soft way too fast. By the way, even though the fabric should be natural, the filling doesn’t have to be. Why? Exactly, to avoid any allergies!


  • Presence of a detachable cover for the Snuggle nest, or, an even better option is to have several. For example, for the winter you bought this closing cocoon; mind you, you only bought one. You got used to using the comfortable positioner and, before you could blink, laundry time came around. For a day, the ergonomic crib is no longer in your life. Trust me, you will feel helpless. Therefore, it is better to keep the Newborn baby pillow in a detachable cover that can be washed, instead of washing the whole positioner.


  • Memory effect. This is a whole other topic. A smart pillow – as you always wished, all jokes aside. When designing these models, the physiology of the child was taken into account. Over time, they take the form of the child’s body, and sleep becomes even more comfortable.


It is also a good idea to make sure that the Baby pillow to prevent flat head is a truly safe accessory. To make sure of this, it is enough to just ask the seller and request a certificate confirming the compliance of quality to European or American standards (depending on where you buy the goods)


Honestly, these are all the main points. Of course, you can also perplex yourself with the color and design of the Newborn pillow, but that is all insignificant. Some models produced are unisex, while others are made specifically for girls (pink ones such as Baby Head Shaping Pillow) or boys.

Baby Head Shaping Pillow – Newborn Baby Memory Foam Pillow, Flat Head Syndrome Prevention, Head & Neck Support, Prevent Plagiocephaly, Baby Shower Gift for Crib & Carseat (Pink)

Some even have cartoon designs. Simply put, you will have no trouble finding a nice design, practicality is more important.


Baby head shape pillow for travel


My husband and I have traveled all over Europe by car and have already visited Asia three times. The birth of our son did not stop us. It’s important to make travel comfortable and safe for the child. You probably already use or at least know about pillows used for travel. There are travel pillows made for children as well. My son has two sets of travel Baby head support.


These pillows are flat and have a groove for the head. They are made flat so this accessory can be placed in any place- car seat, crib, carrier, stroller etc. I bought two pillows together to save some money and to always have a spare. I chose these TRAVEL AID 2 PACK NEWBORN BABY PILLOW of the Baby positioner pillow, and am very satisfied.


These pillows are intended for use up until the age of one, but my son is one and a half, and only now have I bought a new one. The groove for the head became too small, otherwise, the pillow is holding its shape and never ripped.

I recall that one time when we were traveling I forgot to take our Baby delight snuggle nest. We were driving in the car and after about 130 km of hearing our son complain in of discomfort, we decided to turn around and get the pillow. Only then did he fall asleep. My husband insisted that the baby was crying for reasons other than the pillow, but mom’s intuition saved the day in the end.


Can I do without a Baby head support?

The answer is clear – yes, of course! However, the question is why go without an accessory that simplifies many situations in life? If you think about it, diapers are not really needed. 40 years ago, they were not even used. Nevertheless, we buy them all the time. Why? They make our lives easier!


For me personally, using the Newborn pillow made feeding and walking with my son easier. Also, I have noticed that my son sleeps comfortably. The doctor said that the baby’s spine is perfect, no defects of any kind. I am overjoyed by this especially because I struggled with scoliosis my whole childhood. I don’t know if the reason for the problem was improper sleep or other factors. Either way, when I was a child there was no Infant sleeping pillow, and maybe it would have eliminated this problem.


By the way, I have a friend, she loves to save money and always says that everything can be handmade. So, she liked the idea of a positioner with protective edges and decided to make it herself. It’s trivial, but the Boppy noggin nest seemed too expensive of an accessory for her. She bought the fabric, filler and other parts and spent about the same amount, not even counting the time to sew it all together. The quality is still very different from the models sold in certified stores.


Let’s sum it all up: accessories such as the Baby positioner pillow are not an absolute necessity, however, they do make raising a child a whole lot easier.

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