Best Baby Bottle Sets: Options That You Should Consider

Choosing the right baby bottle is important because this decision may affect how smooth the process of feeding your baby will be. Nowadays, there are so many baby bottle starter sets available that it’s extremely easy to get lost. If you have no idea which kit with baby bottles may be beneficial for you and your baby, here is some information that you should know.

What are some benefits of baby bottles?

If a mother decides to feed her baby using formula, it’s obvious that having a bottle for this purpose is essential. But, before you decide to buy the best bottle starter set, what are some of the benefits of having baby bottles even if you breastfeed? Here they are:
  • Giving a mom some time off
A new mother may still have some responsibilities or simply need a break from time to time. For this reason, having bottles at hand is important for either feeding the baby with saved pumped breast milk or formula.
  • Bonding with other family members
Feeding is an extremely bonding time, as all newborns do for the first weeks of their lives is sleep and eat. Bottles make it possible for a dad and other family members to have some bonding time with the baby.
  • Getting baby a chance to learn a new skill
When using a bottle on their own, a baby will have to learn how to hold it and tilt it properly. All of these factors allow the baby to develop better hand-eye coordination, learn how to adjust the grip strength, and more.

Which popular sets are available?

No baby or parent is the same, which is why learning about different bottles to make the right decision is crucial. There are so many baby bottle sets available for you to choose from that it can be quite overwhelming. To help you out, here are the best newborn bottle starter set options that you can purchase:
Breastmilk Baby Bottle Set from Medela
The set designed by Medela can become a perfect solution for those who need to store milk for a while. What is great is that the bottles with milk can even be put in the freezer and the nutrients in the milk will not disappear. The bottles easily work with various pumps from Medela while the set comes with travel caps, lids, and collars. Silicone nipples are perfect for breastfed babies, making the transition smooth and easy.
Closer to Nature Anti-Colic Starter Kit from Tommee Tippee
Anti-colic newborn bottle set can be a true lifesaver for parents who have babies that often suffer from colic. While there can be numerous reasons for colic in babies, one of the most common ones is ingesting too much air while feeding. The Closer to Nature bottle set has been designed to prevent this problem by decreasing air bubbles in the milk and ensuring better latch-on.
Natural Newborn Baby Bottle Starter Set from Philips Avent
Whether for bottle feeding only or in combination with breastfeeding, the set from Phillips Avent can be a great choice for those who prefer natural solutions. The set is BPA-free and both the nipples and the top part of the bottle mimic the shape of the natural breasts. In addition to that, the bottle set can also reduce colic thanks to the twin-valve design that doesn’t allow too much air to get trapped.
NaturalFit Baby's First Gift Set from Chicco
Another newborn baby bottle starter kit that should be mentioned is NaturalFit designed by Chicco. This set has been created to ensure that babies are covered when it comes to the changes of the feeding styles. The bottle kit comes with three different nipples shapes to make sure that babies still find this set convenient even when they start to get older. It is definitely an excellent solution for when you don’t know which option your baby may prefer.
Baby Ventaire Anti Colic Baby Bottles from Playtex
This best baby bottle starter kit from Playtex also deserves to be on the list. The Anti-Colic set makes it possible to avoid the mixing of air with milk, which is definitely great for the little one. The breast to bottle transition is made a lot easier thanks to the way the bottle is designed. The nipple features a wide textured area, thus allowing the baby to latch on faster. The angled bottle is also convenient for feeding while being semi-upright.
Feed & Soothe Bottle & Pacifier Gift Set from MAM
This set from MAM comes with two 9 oz. and two 5 oz. bottles and also two pacifiers for newborns. The texture of the nipple is soft, thus making it extremely comfortable for babies. Also, the vented base acts as the regulator of pressure so that babies don’t catch too much air. The set is lightweight and definitely perfect for new parents and their babies.
Finding the best baby bottle starter set is all about understanding the needs of your baby and your lifestyle requirements, which can be different from one family to another. Fortunately, these days it’s possible to find a suitable bottle set for everyone because of the wide range of options. The bottles come in different shapes, materials, and sizes and the same applies to the nipples. It’s easy to make a mistake when buying the first bottle kit for your baby, but the mentioned options are some of the most popular and efficient.
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