Best Baby Bath Accessories to Stock Up On

Baby bath time can be one of the best times with a child – or one of the worst. Much of it depends on the baby bath accessories that you use. From the faucet cover for baby to the baby bath caddy, find out what the most suitable and fun bathroom items for a baby are.

Give the baby shower gift of the most awesome baby bathing experience!

Bath time is generally considered bonding time between parents and the newborn baby. It can be extremely pleasant – or it can make your baby hate you forever. Some babies take it easy with water, and no matter if you have a baby faucet cover or not. Others, on the other hand, might need some extra distraction.

Fortunately for mom and dad, there are certain pieces of equipment that will surely make the experience all the more pleasant. This way, you can turn even the grumpiest infant into an adorable water baby. From a simple baby bath spout cover to a baby bath caddy, this is what should make your shopping list for the next baby shower you’re attending.  

Things to Consider When Shopping for Baby Bath Accessories

There are many creative things that you could go for when shopping for baby accessories for the bath. Still, some things will remain at the basis, so you should always carefully consider them:

  •      Safety Covers for Taps

You never realize how dangerous a tap can be for a baby until they accidentally bump it with their head. Plus, curious toddlers can also start playing with the hot water tap – and we all know how dangerous it would be if that were to happen.

Some of these faucet baby covers are inflatable, so they may be easily attached to the faucet. They also have fun and colorful patterns so that your baby’s bath time can be improved thousand-fold. If they love the bath – they’ll love it even more, if they aren’t big fans – they’ll be distracted and eventually get used to the feel of water.

  •      Bath Mats

This is not only great for the child, but for the parent as well. Also, going under the name of baby bath kneeler, a bath mat can provide a cushion for your knees – but also prevent any slips from happening in the bath. And slips are actually the leading cause of bath accidents.

You may go for small mats or you can go for the longer ones. The latter are a good option if you want to wash more than one baby at a time, or for older babies, who tent to be more active during bathtime.

  •      Toy Bags

Toys can easily clutter, especially in smaller bathrooms. With a bath toy bag, you can attach those toys, along with the baby shampoo rinse cup and other baby bath accessories to the tiles. This way, they can safely stay in one place.

  •      Bath Towels for Babies

Unlike regular towels for adults, baby towels usually have hoods meant to keep the baby’s head warm once they are out of the shower.

Generally speaking, they are a cute option that would work perfectly as a gift for a baby shower. On the other hand, if you want to save money, you could also go for adult towels in a small size, but the baby towels designs are worth an investment.

Some people also prefer to use towel aprons, since they will dry and keep their baby warm as you are cuddling them. They are a particularly good option if your baby tends to wriggle a lot.

  •      Bath Toys

There are countless toy designs that you could go for, from small to bigger toys. You can go for anything from a simple pouring toy to a bath mobile or even a water slide.

  •      Thermometers

A bath thermometer will allow you to determine whether the water is too cold or too hot for your child. Granted, you could easily go without one, but it will certainly make things easier for you.

  •      Toiletries

Obviously, you will also have to buy toiletries for your baby. Generally, you can bathe a newborn just in plain water, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a baby shampoo around or some baby moisturizers.

You may apply the shampoo with your hands, or you may use sponges to apply the soap. Rinsing can be done with a baby shampoo rinse cup, which will make things more pleasant for the baby – and prevent water and soap from getting in their eyes.

Our Recommendations on Baby Bath Accessories

  1. Lil Rinser Splashguard

The soft grip handle prevents water and soap from getting in eyes

It only takes a drop of shampoo in the eyes of your baby to turn a baby’s bath chuckle into a cry of terror. This splashguard, however, will keep the water from traveling to your baby’s eyes – and other sensitive areas.

Featuring soft rim contours, this product fits snuggly around the head of the baby, channeling the water towards the sides and keeping their face dry. Plus, thanks to the soft grip handle, you can easily hold the rinser in place, without worrying that you will drop it at a crucial time.


  •      Easily secured around the baby’s head
  •      Fun, colorful patterns
  •      Ergonomically designed to save place and prevent splashes


  •      It can be rather loose for smaller infants
  1.  Munchkin Rinse Shampoo Rinser

A unique shape controls the exact amount of water in durable construction

When adults wash themselves, they usually prop under the shower head and let the water run. Kids, however, don’t like water streaming over their face, which is why you may want to seriously consider a baby shampoo rinse cup.

This cup will allow you to control the exact amount of water, without making things uncomfortable for your baby. The product is solid, it’s easy to grip, and its unique shape of a teardrop will make it easily fit on the edge of your baby’s bathtub. It’s a baby rinse cup you definitely want to invest in.


  •      Unique design that keeps the water and soap from getting into the child’s eyes
  •      Easily-gripped handle
  •      Durable construction
  •      Compact frame fits on the edge of the bathtub


  •      Rather small for washing a toddler’s hair
  1. iHome Garden Bath Spout Cover

For a baby or a toddler it keeps a faucet hidden, designed in various shapes

One can never go too far when it comes to baby protection, which is why this baby spout cover is such an essential accessory. It will keep the faucet hidden from sight, and your baby or toddler will not be able to mess with the water. Together with a baby shampoo rinse cup, it makes the perfect combo.

You can buy this faucet cover baby accessory in various shapes. It can be an elephant, it can be a sea lion, it can be pink or it can be blue. Either way, it will keep your baby safe while also ensuring that they stay entertained.


  •      Cute design
  •      Secure fit
  •      Adults can easily access the shower control


  •      Can’t be adjusted if it does not fit the bath spout
  •      The interior features a grid pattern that is prone to developing mold if it isn’t cleaned regularly
  1.  YOYL Faucet Leaf Cover

 Baby bath spout cover is a colorful, lightweight, compact leaf pattern

While this product may not completely cover the faucet, it does provide superior protection against accidental bumps. This is thanks to the rubber material from which it was made – material that can easily absorb shock.

This baby bath spout cover is attached to the tip of a faucet and will act as an extender. Plus, thanks to the colorful leaf pattern, it will keep your kid entertained while you are giving them a bath.

The faucet baby cover is also lightweight and compact, meaning that you can easily store it inside a toy bag for bathroom toys and keep it there for future use. Just hang it onto the tap and let the water loose.


  •      Cute design
  •      It protects kids against bumps
  •      It brings the water closer to the kid


  •      Rather hard to get on
  •      Rather small in length
  1.   Aqueduck Faucet Extender

With lifetime warranty it’s placed under a faucet closer to a baby

If you don’t have a baby rinse cup, the next best thing you can have around is a faucet extender. This will allow you to bring the water closer to your baby’s head – meaning you won’t have to place them right under the faucet, which may make them uncomfortable.

With this baby spout cover, you can bring the “waterfall” closer to the baby so that they can play with it. It’s also a great option if they can’t reach that far into the sink when your toddler wants to wash their hands.

You may easily remove it whenever you want to clean it. It’s easily detachable – mainly using a clip – and it can double as a rinse cup for babies if you attach it to the tub faucet.


  •      Easily attached
  •      Lifetime warranty
  •      Made from durable yet soft polyethylene


  •      The design is fairly boring
  •      Slightly more expensive than other faucet extenders
  1.  RafaLife Bath Spout Cover

Soft rubber in a shape of an elephant makes this faucet extender child safe

There’s always been a rule of the universe that kids will complain whenever they have to wash their hands or brush their teeth. However, if you want to encourage personal hygiene, you should make sure that it’s interesting for them – which is why you should always invest in a baby spout cover.

These faucet extenders are not that long when compared to the regular faucet baby cover – but they are definitely cuter. Sold in the shapes of ducks or elephant, it should attract the child to the bathroom  and make bath time fun – mainly because he or she will see the baby bath spout cover as a toy.


  •      Cute design
  •      Soft rubber, making it child-safe
  •      It extends to different lengths, depending on the cover design


  •      The extension is not that long
  1. Munchkin Secure Grip Bath Caddy

Designed for the toys and washing items with a grip handle and many dividers

When you have a baby or a toddler, it can be rather difficult to keep things organized in your bathroom – particularly if your kid has many toys to deal with. Still, considering that this baby bath caddy can spread across 31 inches, it can hold many bathroom items.

Thanks to the grip handle, you may attach this baby bath caddy to the edge without any suction cups. Plus, the dividers will make sure that things stay organized at all times – so the baby rinse cup can stay separate from the rubber duckies.


  •      The drain holes allow for the toys to dry quickly
  •      Secure grip to bathtub edge
  •      Can hold many items


  •      Too big for a sink
  1.  Wellness Goodies Baby Bath Kneeler

A colorful and kid-attractive soft cushion with pouches will organize the bath

Bath time means you will most likely have to kneel in front of your bathtub as you are washing your baby. This can be very uncomfortable for the knees, which is why a baby bath kneeler is such a great solution.

This knee pad for bathing babies also features an elbow pad. This will not only make it more comfortable for the parent as he/she is reaching for their infant, but it will also make it easier for the toddler if he/she wants to reach for their parent.

The baby bath kneeler also includes pouches in which you can organize the bathtub gear.


  •      Colorful and kid-attractive
  •      Non-slip bottom
  •      Soft cushion
  •      Pocket organizers


  •      Some say it might need more cushioning
  1.  Lebogner Baby Bath Kneeling Pad

An anti-slip bottom keeps knees protected within 20 inches and fits small bathrooms

If you want something simple and less expensive, then this baby bath kneeler is certainly a great solution. Using strong fabric and soft cushions, it will keep your knees protected even if you have to bathe your kid every night.

Measuring 20 inches long, this product is perfect even for small bathrooms. Plus, since this knee pad for bathing babies can be folded, you can store it in any place after you finish using it.


  •      It can fit in small bathrooms
  •      Colorful design
  •      Anti-slip bottom
  •      It dries easily


  •      None so far

10.Leyaron Faucet Extender

Of decent length, it’s colourful, and compatible with most faucets

Made from long-lasting, durable, and soft plastic, this baby bath spout cover is a colorful solution for every child that can’t reach the faucet. Just clip it onto the faucet tip and you’re done.

You may just remove the baby spout cover to clean it, and it’s compatible with most faucets. Plus, its unique design will make it interesting for kids so that they will no longer complain when it’s washing time.


  •      Colorful
  •      It provides decent length
  •      Easily to remove and clean


  •      The plastic is not so durable
  1. Ah Goo Baby Bath Kneelers

A circular knee pad for bathing babies; both quickly to dry and generous to touch

If you are looking for a compact knee pad for bathing babies, then you might want to give these kneelers a shot. These circular knee pads will go right around your knees, offering you enough support without taking too much space.

Plus, the fabric is quick-dry – meaning that even if things get rather splashy, it won’t take much for them to dry. It’s among the best baby bath accessories you could go for.s


  •      Non-slip bottom
  •      Quick to dry
  •      Generous cushioning


  •      The suction cup is cheaply made

Final Thoughts

Bath time needs to be special at all times, so you don’t want discomfort to compromise those extra smiles. It doesn’t matter if you need a baby faucet cover, a baby bath caddy or some other bath baby accessories, you should carefully consider all of your options. Baby shower gifts are best when they are diverse, this way the parents-to-be will be best equipped when their bundle of joy arrives.

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