Best Baby Anti Roll Pillow and Accessories for a Safe Night’s Sleep

Babies, toddlers, and even children have the tendency to roll out of bed at night. For this reason, you may want to invest in an infant pillow wedge, as well as bed rails and other accessories to keep your baby from rolling. Find the best match for your baby by reading this buying guide.

Make sure the baby and the mom are sleeping soundly with the baby anti-roll pillow in place!

All of us roll – including adults. This is pretty much the reason why we don’t usually sleep with our baby. We fear that we might just roll over them, so we give them their own beds. It seems safer this way, particularly if you add an infant pillow wedge in the mix.

Here’s a news flash, though: babies also roll. They roll perhaps even more than adults – and they don’t realize they’re doing it. They’re explorers right now, and they don’t yet have full control over their body – which is why they might dangerously fall over the side of the bed while the parents are sleeping soundly.

To prevent your precious one from getting injured, you may want to invest in some safety measures – such as a baby anti-roll pillow or some guard rails for beds. Let’s see how we can help them make sure they wake up in the same general area they fell asleep in – namely, their bed.

Choosing the Right Baby Anti Roll Pillow

A wedge pillow for infants will help your infant hold their head straight and prevent them from shifting away from their position. Plus, depending on how you position those pillows, it will stop your baby from rolling off the bed by creating a barrier.

Here are some features that you might want to consider when buying a baby side sleeper wedge pillow.

  •      Filling

You want the infant pillow wedge to be comfortable and fluffy – but at the same time, you also need to consider the fact that a child is more prone to developing allergies. Since their immune system is still under development, you might want to invest in a pillow wedge with hypoallergenic filling.

  •      Firmness

As stated, babies move around a lot – so the chances are that an infant pillow wedge that is not firm enough will get flat in no time.

Most of these pillows and bed bumpers for kids are placed under the mattress to prop the margin of the bed, so it might not pose a suffocation hazard for the baby. Still, if it gets flat, then the mattress will no longer be propped – which means your baby may easily roll off.

  •      Cover

Some baby side sleeper wedge pillows come with their own non-detachable covers while others have covers that can be removed and washed separately. If you don’t want to wash the whole pillow each time your baby drools on it, then you might want to go for a wedge pillow for a baby whose cover can be easily removed and washed separately.

Picking the Guard Rails

Pillows are important, but some guard rails for beds will also be something to carefully consider. They provide an easy way to step up your baby’s safety, and are highly suggested if a baby is to spend any time at all on an adult bed. Here are a few features that you might want to keep in mind when purchasing a baby guardrail as a baby shower gift.

  •      Bed Suitability

Not all bed rails are suitable for all types of baby beds. Before buying a rail set for your baby’s bed, you may want to double check for dimensions and whether this rail guard fits the specific ted bed base or not.

  •      Gaps

A baby bed guard needs to be carefully secured against the bed, ensuring that there are no gaps left. Your child may still roll, so if there are any gaps between the bed and the rail, your child may potentially get stuck in them. Make sure there are no hidden gaps between the beds and the rail.

  •      Foldability

If you live in a small apartment, it might be a good option to look for foldable rails. Not only will you be able to store the rail compactly when it’s not in use, but you can also easily lower it down so that you won’t damage it when you are handling your baby. Still, you may want to make sure that a child can’t operate the rail on his or her own – and eventually they all learn to do it, just try not to miss the time when they do.

  •      Mesh Fabric

Every bed rail should be made predominantly from mesh, in order to prevent your child from getting injured. Furthermore, the mesh is breathable – so it will allow for ventilation in case the child rolls face-front into the baby guard rail.

Having said that, keep in mind that some bed bumpers for kids are basically drool traps. And if your kid loves to chew onto the crib rail cover, there’s bound to be a lot of drool. Therefore, you may want to choose a fabric that is not only easy to clean, but easily dried as well.

  •      Rail Cover Color

When you are buying a baby guard rail, make sure that the pattern and the colors are suitable for your baby’s room. It may not seem that important, but certain colors and patterns will keep your child distracted or help them sleep – so make sure that you choose wisely.

Our Recommendations

  1. Regalo Swing Down Bedrail

Regalo Swing Down Bedrail, 43-Inch Long

Made from metal and sporting a breathable mesh cover, this bed rail will fit almost every bed. Being 20 inches high and 45 inches long, this will keep any baby from rolling off their bed.

This rail collapses, “swinging” down so that you can change the sheets or simply tuck your baby in with ease. It’s perfect for babies aged 2 to 5.


  •      Sturdy construction
  •      Collapsible
  •      It can fit up to a queen size mattress


  •      Not suitable for cribs or toddler beds
  1.  Summer Infant Double Safety Bedrail

Summer Infant Double Safety Bedrail, Grey

The drawback with queen-sized and platform beds is that they have two sides from which your baby can roll. This is why these guard rails for beds are such a convenient solution.

Since the bed rails are attached on both sides of the bed, your child won’t be falling off on either side. Plus, since one side folds down, you may easily change the linens on your child’s bed.


  •      It protects both sides
  •      Minimal assembly
  •      Durable frame


  •      The rails can’t be used separately
  1. Milliard 1-Pack Bed Bumper

Milliard Bed Bumper {1 Pack} Foam Safety Rail Guard with Non-Slip Hypoallergenic Water Resistant and Washable Cover; Bed Rail for Toddlers, Kids, Adults and Seniors

Sometimes, you don’t have to go for a full-blown bedrail with a metal frame. When your child is already old enough to change from a crib to a bigger bed, you can make their transition easier with this.

Featuring a non-slip bottom and a water-resistant cover that is washable, this should resist every toss and turn that your baby pulls through the night. Plus, it’s made from foam, so it won’t hurt your baby even if they do roll.


  •      Made from soft foam
  •      Bamboo hypoallergenic washable cover
  •      Easy to install


  •      Much flatter than the pictures show
  1.  Shinnwa Toddler Bed Rail Bumper

Toddler Bed Rail Bumpers [2 Pack] Safety Sleep Bedside Rail Guard for Toddlers & Kids & Baby | Memory Foam Long Pillow Pads with Non-Slip Machine Washable Cover by Shinnwa

Made from soft, hypoallergenic materials, this bed bumper is a great alternative to the prison-style metal baby bed guard. The memory foam shape will subconsciously signal to your child that they are too close to the margin and should move away.

Bed bumpers for kids from this brand are very easy to install. Just open the package and allow it to “inflate” to its original shape. It doubles as a baby anti-roll pillow.


  •      Easy to install
  •      Soft touch
  •      High enough to prevent rolling


  •      None so far
  1. Loop-De-LooTM Baby Anti Roll Pillow

[2-Pack] Loop-De-Loo Brand Bamboo Toddler Sleep Bed Rail

A hard baby bed guard can sometimes be dangerous for infants, which is why you may want to invest in a baby anti roll pillow.

Made from hypoallergenic material and containing no lead, this item is completely safe for your baby. Plus, since there are two pillows in the pack, you can protect both sides of the bed.


  •      Antibacterial and hypoallergenic materials
  •      Soft touch yet firm
  •      The covers can be washed separately


  •      None so far
  1.  Dream on Me Baby Crib Rail

Dream On Me Mesh Security Crib Rail, Blue

This crib rail will keep your child from rolling off the bed, but at the same time, it will also allow them to get off whenever they want. All they have to do is go for the margins.

The installation is very easy to do and it requires no assembly. Plus, the mesh that covers it is breathable and lightweight – perfect if your child rolls face-front into the crib rail.


  •      It is compact
  •      Easy to install
  •      Fun colors


  •      Not for large-sized beds
  1. Milliard 2-Pack Bed Bumper

Milliard Bed Bumper {2 Pack} Foam Safety Rail Guard with Non-Slip Hypoallergenic Water Resistant and Washable Cover; Bed Rail for Toddlers, Kids, Adults and Seniors

If you have two kids or if your only child tends to roll around in both directions, then you might want to choose this 2-pack infant sleep wedge set from Milliard instead. Since it will cover both sides of a queen-sized bed, you can rest assured that your child will sleep safe and sound.

Since they’re easily air-compressed, you may pack these infant sleep wedge pillows for traveling as well. They are lightweight, resistant to water, which means they should last your child’s entire “adjustment period.”


  •      Easily packaged
  •      Soft to the touch
  •      They are firm


  •      May take a while to fluff up after unpacking
  1.  Cosie Covers Bed Rail Cover

Cosie Covers | Decorative Cover With Fun Inside Pocket To Store Bedtime Faves - For Children's Bed Rails, Safety Guard Rails, Side Rails (Small, Lavender Sunset with Flower Pocket)

Let’s say that you already have a baby bed guard that can do a fantastic job at keeping your baby safe – but it looks boring and your child hates it. With an interesting pattern, this bed rail cover will definitely be up your child’s interest.

Made from fluffy, minky polyester, your child won’t feel uncomfortable anymore when touching the rails. If they bump into them, you can know for sure that they’ll be bumping into something soft and not harmful.


  •      Cute patterns
  •      Soft to the touch fabrics
  •      It includes pockets so that you can store books and other gadgets


  •      Dries slowly, so it might take some time if your child drools on it
  1.  KidCo White Mesh Bed Rail

KidCo Children's Bed Rail - White Mesh

If you are looking for something simple yet effective, then the KidCo bed rail is exactly what you should be investing in. Since it doesn’t require any tools for installation, it’s very convenient to attach or remove.

You can even use this infant sleep wedge in pairs if you have a queen-sized bed set in the middle of the room. This way, you can be certain that your little one won’t be rolling away from either side of the bed.


  •      Easy to install
  •      Made from durable steel
  •      Fits every bed


  •      The design can be boring
  •      It doesn’t cover the whole bed length
  1. Magic Bumpers for Child Safety

CLEARANCE [2 Pack] Magic Bumpers Child Toddler Bed Safety Guard Rail 48 Inch - Travel Size: Two-Part Design

Made from polyurethane foam, this baby side sleeper wedge is a great option for keeping your child from rolling off the bed. You basically hide them under the sheet and it will discourage the child from getting close to the edge.

Since it’s made from foam, you may vacuum seal the bed bumpers for kids for travel purposes. This way, the wedge for baby size will be reduced and it will also be more lightweight.


  •      Can retain their shape
  •      No installation required
  •      Affordable price


  •      They don’t have their own cover
  1. SwaddleMe Vibrating Crib Wedge Pillow

SwaddleMe Good Vibes Vibrating Crib Wedge

Kids can’t easily adjust to normal beds after they just stopped using the crib – and you can’t really introduce them to pillows right off the bat either. This is why you need a wedge for your baby.

With this infant sleep wedge pillow, however, you’ll be able to gently elevate their head by 10 degrees, to improve their breathing. Plus, the 3 vibrating settings will also help your child rest better, soothing them to sleep.


  •      The wedge for the baby has a vibrating option
  •      Gentle elevation
  •      Can be folded for easy storage


  •      Works only on batteries, not plugged

12.Hiccapop Bed Bumpers

If you want something that will protect your children rather than caging them inside the bed, then these bed bumpers for kids should definitely make your shopping list.

Made from hypoallergenic materials, these foam infant sleep wedge pillows will create a “wall” over the edge of the bed, sending a passive-safety message to your child that they should inch towards the other direction.


  •      Spreads across the entire bed
  •      Soft to the touch
  •      Hypoallergenic materials


  •      The bottom is rather slippery

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the safety of a child, you can never be too careful. It doesn’t mean that we need to be overprotective, but there are some sound measures that simply should be taken, because they can. Whether you are going for a baby anti-roll pillow, an infant pillow wedge, or a baby guard rail, these items will certainly help a child sleep soundly, and make sure he or she avoids injuries is the very least we can do. When you give the gift of child safety for a baby shower, your care and thoughtfulness will surely be appreciated by the parents-to-be.


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