Baby Rattle Toys – BEST Combination of Features for a Great Choice

How to choose the right baby rattles by age? Sound or color – what should you pay attention to when you buy? The best baby rattle socks, baby wrist rattles and other popular rattles for the youngest kids on Amazon and their comparison. Buy high-quality and inexpensive toys for the age of 0-12 months.

BEST Baby Rattle Toys

Should I buy toys for the tiny tots that still cannot sit up on their own or are just starting to learn how to do that? Absolutely! Modern baby rattles are not just for fun. They teach the baby to pay attention to the bright colors and distinguish sounds, to grab items and grip them, to focus their sight on one thing. In addition, of course they distract and amuse the baby! And you (based on my experience), starting with baby wrist rattles, will be able to accustom the child to lie or sit in a crib in your absence. But consider the following tips before you buy available versions of such toys, as well as the main points when making a selection.

To ensure that the selected Baby Rattle Toys are safe and convenient for your baby, consider the following before buying:

   The safety of the materials it is made from.

This is the first thing I always pay attention to, since the toys are designed to contact the baby’s sensitive skin. But that is not all! Babies constantly rub their gums before new teeth start making their way through. Therefore, they put toys and everything that is in their hands in the mouth, (sometimes by doing this, they just explore the world). What if it is a poor-quality plastic or other dangerous dyes and materials? The best baby rattles should be made of eco-friendly safe substances – the softer ones from natural cotton, and the harder ones from safe and non-toxic plastic or silicone.

For example, the sensory baby shaker toy from King of Toys, which the baby can chew when his teeth are growing, is made with safety in mind. It consists of soft and 100% food grade silicone and is designed for toddlers, aged 3-24 months.

  •         3-in-1: ball, rattle, teether
  •         Requires a battery, lights up and makes sounds
  •         Soft and flexible safe material
  •         Does not have dangerous edges and elements


Of course, the most ecological ones are the best baby rattles Homi Baby – Montessori style toys made by hand from organic wood and polished with organic virgin coconut oil. Thanks to their safety, they are also great for 3-month and older tots for teething. The wooden rings make sounds and are used as baby shaker toys.

  •         Perfectly polished – handmade
  •         Soft wood does not damage gums
  •         It is comfortable for the baby to grab and hold in his hand
  •         Dimensions: 1.5″ x 6″



  1.   What is the appropriate age for using a baby shaker toy?

This is the initial stage, when it is hard for the baby to grab the toy and hold it in his hand. Now, comfortable and cute soft baby foot rattles are offered that can be put on the foot. There are also special toys in the form of a soft bracelet with velcro for the wrist. In addition to the interesting design in the form of smiling animals, softness and brightness of colors, all the Baby Rattle socks have bells inside. Their sound attracts the child’s attention.


Children begin to discern sounds while they are still in the womb, that is why they react to them earlier than to the colors. Sounds are very important for them and help them develop their hearing!

We found charming toys of this type on Amazon – FunsLane Baby Rattle Toy in the set (2 baby wrist rattles + 2 baby rattle socks)


  •         Soft and safe cotton material
  •         Rich attention-grabbing colors
  •         Comfortable velcro to put on the wrist
  •         Wrist size: 6.3*1.2 inch. Sock size: 5.5*2.4 inch.


The First Years offers another kind of kids’ rattle for toddlers. It is in the form of a merry ladybug with soft “fingers and horns” that the tiny fingers can easily grip (after all, the baby’s favorite thing is to grab his mommy’s or daddy’s fingers).

The First Years My First Rattle

  •         It is made of soft and safe textile materials
  •         Easy grip even for the tiniest fingers
  •         Light weight and comfortable size
  •         Bright super-contrasting colors to attract attention


All rattles for baby are so cute that it is very hard to resist ordering all of them! Personally, I was very confused as to what to choose. I understand that we do not need many toys of the same type – the child does not yet understand their differences. But each of the baby rattle socks with a ring is so attractive and funny. Moreover, the prices of all discounted toys on Amazon significantly differ from the prices that can be found in my local children’s shops.


If your child can sit and crawl on his own, then it is clear that the baby rattle socks are not suitable for him. He will just pull them off his legs. Then you should pick up something interesting for his age. For example, Fisher-Price Rattle ‘ N Rock in the form of bright colorful rattles should work.

Fisher-Price Rattle N Rock Maracas, Green/Yellow

  •         Soft pom-poms, so that the child would not hit himself
  •         Very cheerful, colorful colors
  •         Improves sensory skills
  •         Kids rattle dimensions: 2,2 х 9,5 х 6,2 inches


  1.        Comfortable weight for the child to hold it


Everything should be size-proportionate: the smaller the child, the less the weight of the toy. As I already told you, there are comfortable baby wrist rattles for the youngest babies. They are soft and light and are attached to the arm or are similar to their socks. It is better to choose another model of a similar kind for grabbing.

You may like a light, small, and soft elephant-shaped kid toy from the Bearington Baby collection – with a ring and ringing balls inside.

  •         Soft material: plush and velour
  •         For safety, the eyes are embroidered with threads
  •         Silky ears and feet
  •         Plastic ring with beads in it


It should be noted that baby wrist rattles by Bearington Baby are well known for their high quality, safety, softness and accuracy of the selected fabrics.



  1.   Brightness & attractiveness of the baby rattle toys


Why are all toddler toys created in bright colors? If you have already researched this question or have read professional advice, then you know that the answer is simple – the child starts to perceive the blue and green colors only after the age of 3 months. But he distinguishes the more vivid colors much earlier. After the first month, the baby already discerns well and sees the red, yellow, and orange colors. And only after 9 months he begins to notice even the smallest details and patterns. Toy manufacturers take this fact into account.


Notice that even the baby rattle socks are usually sold in bright colors!



All Sassy Newborn Gift Set toys feature bright colors that are offered in completely different versions and for different ages. By the way, it is very convenient to buy a set of the best baby rattles to use for a longer time as the child grows up. Or you can buy it as a gift to a newborn.

Sassy Newborn Gift Set

I found a set on Amazon that consists of 5 baby rattle toys: 2 for teething, 2 amusing rattles (with a ring and handle) and one in the shape of a phone.


  •         Bright contrasting colors develop the sight
  •         Rings and balls for aural impressions
  •         Teethers with different texture
  •         A “phone” – for adult imitation



For bigger babies (over 3 months of age), you can buy inexpensive and cute MerVeilleux plush rattles

  •         Plush fabric on the outside, cotton filler on the inside
  •         Bright contrasting colors and embroidered smiles of the animals
  •         When you press the head or the soft handle, sounds are emitted
  •         Washable fabric that can be washed in a washing machine


The set includes 2 rattles: a lion cub and an elephant.


On the contrary, when buying eco-friendly Montessori-style baby rattle toys, such as E Support wooden maracas like this one, you should know that they are designed for a later age. The manufacturer claims the age of 3 months and more, but I would use them after the age of 6 months, since the child should hold the toy in his hands, and not drop it on himself. Moreover, its colors are not as bright as those of the other toys.

New Wooden Maraca Wood Rattles Egg Shaker Kids Musical Party Favor Kid Baby Shaker Sand Hammer Toy

  •         Made of organic wood and designed for hand strengthening
  •         Baby rattle toy is painted with non-toxic paint of various colors with patterns
  •         The baby has to shake his hand to make sounds
  •         Total length: 12 cm; ball diameter: about 3.5 cm


Pay attention to the fact that you will get a toy of a random color when ordering thes kids rattle on Amazon. When ordering two, five or a total package of 10 pieces at once, ask them to send you different colors in the parcel (there is an additional discount for ordering several items at once).


  1.   Price-quality ratio for the existing baby rattle toys


When a baby is born, we are looking to buy something that is the most beautiful, interesting and special – without thinking that he does not care about what color or type his baby carriage is, or clothes, etc. The same applies when it comes to the rattles for baby. You do not need to overpay and buy the most luxurious one simply because it is the most expensive. Buy one that is made of baby safe materials, starting your selection with the comfortable baby foot rattles for the youngest kids. Always choose the place that gives you the best deal on your purchase!


For example, The World of Eric Carle toys that are currently very trendy are sold much cheaper on Amazon than in the stores. This nice and well-known kids rattle with a ring in the form of a fairy “hungry” caterpillar can be bought at a discounted rate.

The World of Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar Ring Rattle, 6"

Features of such models:


  •         Safe material of different textures makes it possible to distinguish objects by touching them
  •         Beads, hidden in durable plastic, create a clink and will never fall out
  •         Convenient shape will allow the baby to hold the toy at an early age
  •         Lightweight, toy’s dimensions: 6 x 2 x 7 inches



The options I listed are the best baby rattle toys, as they differ from the others by their safe materials and coatings, high quality and their price on Amazon really drew my attention. You can look at some other offers as well. Compare the products by cost, buy at a discounted price and only from verified sellers. Almost all these toys are sold in popular children’s stores, but are much more expensive there.


Of course, I could not resist the baby foot rattle set – they are so cute and comfortable for the baby! They can be worn like socks, and perfectly fit the leg. I also ordered other rattles for little babies, including my favorite bright Sassy Newborn Gift Set. But I think that this is not the end! My baby grows so fast and Amazon offers so many interesting products that I will order the best baby rattles for bigger kids pretty soon.


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