Baby play mat

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Today I want to tell you about one thing that helped me so much with my babies. This thing is a real gift and savior, it is both useful and fun. This toy gives me an opportunity to do things around the house. Moms know exactly what I mean when your baby grows fast and you don’t have time for anything. This toy is developing, which is also very important. So, it’s a baby play mat.

Baby gym

The baby’s bad mood made him cry. Unfortunately, he will not stop until you make him busy I don’t even remember how we got an infant play mat. I think someone gave it to me for a baby shower. It was a useful gift. My three-month-old son Max was very curious. I was still not a very experienced mother and was trying to entertain him desperately. My head was not washed for about three days. I was scared to look in the mirror neither I could find time for it.

Baby looks very happy and curious about the toy that he has in his hands. He likes to play with itMy baby had another tantrum. I was trying to calm down Max as best I could, but it was useless. He was screaming and getting mad, and I couldn’t do anything. Only some new toys could distract him for a while. Soon even the toys became useless. Just imagine, he was tired of all the toys that were in the house. I had to find the box, where I kept new ones, my friend’s gifts, that were still unpacked. A large package with toddler play gym immediately attracted my attention.

This model of play mat can be good for very little babies as this is the best way for them to exploreAt first, I was trying to figure out what it was – bright mat with lots of toys and shakers. Everything on it was producing some sort of sound. The bright colored fabric felt soft, without this unpleasant chemical smell. I noticed a good quality of the material. That’s what I saw right away. Although I’m that type of mother who isn’t very fond of trying new things. This time I felt confident. I immediately decided to learn how mat works.

This model of play mat can be good for babies’ grabbing skills and to learn new colorsIt wasn’t difficult to figure everything out and put it together. I assembled baby gym mat by myself and placed my cranky baby on it. Max scuffed for a little, tried to kick me, but calmed down quickly when he saw a variety of bright toys in front of him. His eyes grew even larger when he saw all the goodies. I also was delighted because watching a happy baby feels amazing. He was distracted, and I could finally wash my hair, but I ended up watching him play instead.

Cool things that I noticed about newborn playmat:

  • the fabric of the baby gym mat is very comfortable and soft;
  • baby looks at the toys with interest;
  • baby begins to reach for toys lifting his head, so he learns to sit faster;
  • baby learns to turn over when trying to reach for toys;
  • the rings and shakers develop small motor skills;
  • it develops hearing, vision, tactile perception;
  • the child analyzes the toys differences: some rustle, others ring, or peep. Baby learns to remember the sounds, which is great;
  • the combination of the colors does not irritate baby’s eyes, it’s not annoying;
  • toddler play gym entertains your little one and you can do your own.

I’m very picky about kids stuff, but in this case, I couldn’t find any flaws. I will continue the story about the mat, but first, see what a wonderful gift I brought to my friends.

Why my son Max is happy with the infant activity gym

The play mat has pillows and the toys have shape of clouds, so the baby feels like in the sky
So, Max liked the toy very much. He immediately stopped crying and began to drag his little hands to the pendants. Most of all, he liked the top toy. He laughed so loud looking at it. I wish I took a picture of this wonderful moment. Then he got cranky again, and I thought that he was going to cry, but no! Max just started lifting up his head, trying to sit up to grab the toy. It was such a surprise!

I’m sure that baby play mat and gym are very beneficial for baby development. Every smallest detail is there for a reason, so I also bought it for my second baby. Our first mat was lost somewhere, unfortunately, so we had to buy a new one. It’s quite affordable and it’s worth every spent penny. When I go to visit friends who have babies, I usually buy a baby mat as a gift. Everyone is very thankful for it later and I see why.

Of course, the happiness of your baby is the priority number one. I still remember that time when I had no extra minute to wash my hair. I had absolutely no time for basic things. With this wonderful toy, I was able to entertain the baby and do some chores around the house. Moms know what an extra minute means when you finally can take a break and take care of yourself.

Even if you have a very calm child, the baby gym will be useful for you.

Max smiled widely when he saw bright pendants, funny pictures, and interesting patterns. It’s nice to make your child happy. I think the manufacturer tried very hard to make this toy as fun as possible.

What else I like about baby play mat

Newborn playmat helps to create a unique environment where the baby can have fun. It develops, but at the same time feels safe. When I saw my son having fun, I had no concerns, because all the details are safe. It develops motor skills due to tactile contact with elements, the surfaces, and the details. Bright colors help the baby to learn colors and shades.

The materials are non-toxic, so I don’t worry when Max takes something in his mouth. If you want, you can replace rings or shakers with new ones. Infant play mat has everything easily unfastened, that’s why it’s not a problem. This is an interesting and educating device, which will entertain your baby, and give you several minutes for yourself. Some models are very convenient for taking outside.

I decided to read the reviews of children’s psychologists to have the full picture.

They recommend using play mat because:

  • some toys can be chewed on, which develops the gums and stimulates teething;
  • it provides a development of fine motor skills, which speed-up speech activity;
  • development of tactile perception;
  • the child studies new objects, forms, textures – learning more about the world;
  • infant activity gym train baby’s mind, memory, and logic;
  • small and bright elements train vision and color perception;
  • sounds and music train the hearing;
  • when reaching the toys, the baby is developing physically, improving coordination;
  • arcs create a sense of security and comforting feeling;
  • it develops a newborn and helps to explore the world.


Toddler play gym is definitely a good investment – it will be used a lot. When Tim was born, I had no doubt that I should order it again, because I remembered how much Max enjoyed the mat. It is also a perfect background for baby photo sessions, where you can take beautiful and bright baby pictures. When we have playdates at our place, newborn playmat is a popular spot for taking pictures.

Now you will think that this is our only favorite toy, but this is not true. There are many others, and I’ll definitely tell about those sometime. Today I wanted to share my experience with infant activity gym because I think that I know almost everything about it. Later I’ll mention the things that I don’t like about the product. Now, what is the best age to enjoy the mat?

When did I use a baby playmat and gym with my kids:

The toys hanging on top of the play mat are helping the baby to develop as he is trying to reach themWith Max, I started using the baby gym since he was three months old. I introduced Tim to it since his birth. The instructions say from 0 months, so you don’t have to worry. Of course, the newborn is not too interested in toys and sounds, but the fabric is really soft, so the baby will enjoy the tummy time. And just in a few weeks, they will certainly start looking at the pendants.

The toys on the play mat can be different shapes and made of natural materialsAt three months my kids studied the toddler play gym with growing interest. They tried to grab the toys with handles, touching and exploring the mat. They studied every little detail.

In six months my babies perfectly knew everything on the newborn playmat. They enthusiastically study shakers, experiment, use interactive elements.
Using infant play mat, you can notice how the baby develops, because progress will be obvious. If earlier the baby just laid there staring at the toys, then now he will be actively engaged. He or she might even try to break or tear off something. Don’t worry about breaking it, because the product is very durable.

You might be wondering what didn’t I like about the mat.

Disadvantages of baby play mat


The first thing is the too small distance between toys and the eyes of a child. The baby should look not so close to avoid problems with the eyes. It doesn’t mean that the baby mat is harmful. Everything can be harmful if used not properly. You shouldn’t use a mat as a babysitter leaving the baby there all the time.


Try to introduce your baby to toddler play gym slowly for the best results. There is a play mat model without arcs which is also an interesting solution and a charming design.


I also noticed that over time my kids get bored with the baby gym, but this happens with any toy. I found a simple solution: just don’t show it to your little one every day. The baby wants to study the world, so showing even the most interesting toy every day won’t do any good. You can replace the detachable toys with new shakers. It will return lost interest.


And one more drawback: there is no self-cleaning system. Okay, this is a joke =) But agree, it would be the dream of every mom so that everything is cleaned on its own. By the way, it is easy to maintain infant play mat clean. It is perfectly washable, the elements do not deteriorate, the colors don’t fade. It stays like brand new after machine wash.

Why I recommend newborn playmat

The first infant activity gym we had once was accidentally lost, but now we have a few of these. Both our grandmothers have one so that Tim never gets bored during visits.

Sometimes Max also wants to play, he is messing around with shakers, rings, and melodies. In the future, I’ll try not to lose the wonder mat again. I better hide it in the box and wait for the next baby. Yes, I’m planning a big family. Why did I spend so much time on the story? Because I really like the baby mat, it helped me so many times. Also because I’m trying to help other moms who are trying to save some time. If you want to entertain your baby and have some time for yourself then this play mat is a perfect solution.
If you don’t know what to get as a gift for a newborn I recommend buying a play mat. This thing will always get used. I promise that the parents would be really grateful later. At some point, a new mother would find your gift super helpful.

I hope my story was helpful too!

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