Baby kick counter, best baby monitor and other gadgets protecting your child’s health and boosting his development

Modern technology offers so many miraculous devices that you can start a full-scale education of your kid long before his birth. Moreover, by using music for baby in womb, the expecting mother can develop her baby’s musical ability, as well as control his health on her own, which guarantees wellness and good mood for both of them.
Why am I so confident about all of this? Well, because only a couple of months ago I experienced all the advantages offered by the use of:
  • baby kick counter;
  • baby heartbeat monitor;
  • baby sound amplifier;
  • video baby monitor and other great devices.
I love technical innovations and never miss a chance to buy a new interesting gadget. Needless to say, my cell phone is always the latest one and my kitchen and bathroom are packed with different devices which delight me to no end.
I started to explore the market of interesting and useful electronics on that happy day when the pregnancy test showed me those two precious lines. There are indeed lots and lots of products in this category, but I didn’t want to buy something blindly. When it concerns a baby, you shouldn’t experiment, so I read tons of reviews and comments with great attention and now I’d like to share my knowledge.

All ages yield to music

In the gazillion of interesting gadgets for prenatal development, I first noticed the belly buds that help the baby listen to music in utero. Actually, I don’t doubt the usefulness of this “toy” at all, as I know for sure that in the families of musicians kids start to hum deliberately as soon as they reach the babbling age. All because they exist in a musical environment and started listening to music before they were born.
There are no professional musicians in my family, so I decided to turn to the belly buds. That’s why I ordered this device before any other.
Bellyphones allowing you to connect and listen to music with your baby
By the way, many scientific articles claim that with the help of these buds you don’t just introduce your unborn child to music, but also build a reflex that helps him calm down. It’s widely accepted that when the baby starts crying, you need to play him some of the music that you played him through the belly buds in utero, and he will calm down quickly. I can neither confirm nor deny that as I’m lucky – my baby is very calm and only needs a lullaby that I sing him myself to fall asleep. But generally that sounds reasonable.
At first, I thought that I’d have to sit or lie the entire time while the child is listening to music in my tummy. But it turned out that the system is perfectly thought out and doesn’t limit the future mom’s freedom of movement. There are nice speakers and adhesive pads to stick them to the stomach. I also ordered an extra set of pads for the speakers.
Disk for pregnant women to mentally and emotionally develop by Make Way For Baby
All materials that this product is made of have been medically tested and are considered safe. I had no allergic reactions whatsoever, although I often get strong and sudden reactions to most innocuous things.
I also really like this wonderful invention. It helps transform any earbuds into speakers to play music for baby in womb.
All these devices are incredibly easy to use. They’re compact and light. The best thing is that you can arrange a music session for baby in womb on a walk, working out or doing arts and crafts.
The opportunity to connect to the limitless collection of music on my phone is also great. I was prepared to buy some special compilations but it turned out to be unnecessary. You can choose the music for baby in womb that you want him to hear. And not just music. It can be nature sounds, poetry or anything you find suitable.
I need to warn you that you do have to read the instructions on how to connect the music system to your phone very carefully. There are certain nuances for some phone models, and if you just connect the devices without reading instructions first, you might not hear anything. But once you do everything properly, it works great.
Once you’ve assembled everything and turned the music on, it might seem that the music is very quiet. But it’s supposed to be like that. The designers chose the maximum sound level that is safe for the baby. You can play concerts for him for hours if you want, and it’ll do no harm to the development of his ears. By the way, my baby loved listening to Mozart and started kicking once the piece ended, demanding his favorite melodies to be repeated. Mozart is still on the list of his favorite composers. He can’t even talk properly yet, but recognizes the melodies he’d heard before he was born and likes them best of all.
The belly buds also come with software that can record voices and play the recordings to the baby.
I can recommend this DVD to those who are really interested in different prenatal techniques of mental development stimulation.
Portable case for safekeeping your devices from dents and scratches
It’s an almost hour-long video lecture on different methods of uterus stimulation, prenatal exercises and the most advanced methods of prenatal mental and emotional development. It’s all explained in simple and clear language without too many professional medical terms.

Constant control for Mom’s peace

Expecting the baby is a very happy time, but it can also be very nerve-wrecking. Sometimes you get so anxious about the well-being of the fetus that you don’t want to leave the doctor. It happens especially often when the woman is pregnant with her first child, has absolutely no experience and just can’t make sense of the various signals that her rapidly changing body is sending her. A real godsend for me were the devices that can track the baby’s activity – baby heartbeat monitor and baby kick tracker. They work so well that you get the feeling that the baby is already next to you and you can see that he’s fine.
The first device I bought was, of course, a baby sound amplifier, also known as a baby heartbeat monitor or a pocket-size fetal Doppler. I think that a baby sound amplifier is as vital for a mom-to-be as a toothbrush.
This device allows you to hear the heartbeat of the fetus even in the early stages of pregnancy. It’s probably the sweetest music to a mom’s ears. Apart from the sounds of heartbeat, the best baby monitor also shows the heartbeat rate on a small LС display, which makes it very easy to track the baby’s well-being.
The baby heartbeat monitor has been tested and fully approved of by the doctors. You can use it every day if you want to – it’s completely safe both for the mom and for the baby. The intensity of the ultrasound waves that it uses is much lower than that of large ultrasound devices used for full-scale medical screening, so you can enjoy the sound of the beating heart for as long as you want. You can even use regular earbuds to do it. There are two headphone slots, so two people can use it at the same time.
This baby heartbeat monitor has a very nice design. It’s also very small, so you can take it with you everywhere. This is very convenient – I took it with me several times when I was visiting my mom. We had many great moments listening to the heartbeat of our long-desired baby on this best baby monitor together.
The device is portable, so you can just put it in your handbag. But I thought it’d be safer in a special case, so I bought this one.
Characteristics of the safe and handy device for monitoring your child’s activity
It does a great job protecting the device not just from scratches, but also from shock that is inevitable when you’re on the road. The case is large and fits different models. It looks quite impressive, like a classic beauty case. It’s zip-locked and has a small handle. Everything’s functional and convenient. Personally, I used it not just for travel, but all the time.
The next useful device was a baby kick counter that monitors the baby’s movements.
Great quality wireless digital colour display screen and Baby Monitor Camera Kit
I was inseparable from this baby kick tracker for days on end. With it you can just enjoy your baby kick without counting the movements – the device does this job and also makes a report about the dynamics of the child’s activity. It’s very important, since the baby kick counter helps you track any complications during very early stages of pregnancy.
The counter is small and fits in your hand, and it also has a strap for safety, which makes carrying it even easier.
The device produces no radiation and is completely safe. Actually, the mom controls it by pushing the button on every kick, and the device sums up the result and stores it. The counter has an extensive memory and allows to record up to 10 sessions. This statistics is priceless for tracking the baby’s health. A doctor can use it to monitor what’s going on and notice anything suspicious in time. Today all women are encouraged to use this counter. It’s especially useful for at-risk mothers to use it at the baby’s every kick.
This device is also good for tracking the time between contractions. That’s why my baby kick tracker was always by my side, from the first kick to childbirth.

Don’t worry! There’s a video camera in operation!

Once we’ve started talking about tracking devices, I can’t help remembering a friend of mine. The first couple of months after giving birth she literally couldn’t walk away from the crib because she thought that the moment she turned away something terrible would happen to the baby. A good therapist and a video baby monitor helped her overcome this. I preferred not to wait for this obsession to develop and ordered this device in advance, even before the baby was born.
Eleoption 2.4G Wireless Digital Color Display Screen
Turns out that this best video baby monitor provides excellent psychological support to moms. I’ve conducted an experiment: when you leave your baby and go to the kitchen or to another room, you feel very much on alert. You listen very carefully to any sounds, ready to rush back at any moment. But with the best baby monitor on, you’re calm because you know that everything’s under control.
The best video baby monitor’s working range is about 300 m. That’s enough for me not only in a city apartment but also in the country. By the way, in the summer using video baby monitor is especially convenient. You can garden calmly only looking at the monitor from time to time to make sure that everything’s fine. Going to the country with the best baby monitor is sheer delight. There’s no anxiety, only fun and pleasure.
The best video baby monitor has a great image quality both during the day and night. Even though the crib is in our bedroom for now, the night mode is still very handy. Thanks to the best baby monitor I can cook dinner or stay in another room without rushing to the bedroom and listening to the smallest sound.
In conclusion, I’d just like to say that these are some of the best nursing pads, in my opinion.
Very useful and indispensable breast pads absorbing breast milk from leaking
They have nothing to do with electronics that I reviewed above, but they make taking care of your baby, yourself and your best video baby monitor so much easier and nicer. The pads are incredibly soft, very absorbing and completely allergen-free, and their size is just right.
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