Baby crib rail covers are necessary in every home; baby crib guard rail covers keep the baby and the crib safe

Making some really great parties for the children is quite a challenge for most of the parents. There are different aspects that one should take into consideration while preparing.

Each case is the unique one, and at Baby crib rail covers are necessary in every home; baby crib guard rail covers keep the baby and the crib safe website there is hardly something that will not be able to satisfy any of them. It will provide you with dozens of unique ideas that will help you to organize a real celebration for your child.

I always thought that the arrangement of the baby’s crib should be approached in the most serious way. When this, to my great joy, involved me personally I went deep into the jungle of the Internet in search of the best solution. We had to shovel through a lot of material and finally: a great bed for the most important member of our family was found. And now I want to share information about such important details as baby crib rail covers. By the way, young, inexperienced parents may not even suspect that they exist, while a quality crib rail protector is not just convenient, but also contributes to the safety and health of your baby.

Hygienic and safe

You can say that mom doesn’t have any work to do when the baby doesn’t yet know how to sit or walk. If the baby is healthy, they either eat or sleep – it’s sheer perfection. But as soon as the small world explorer accumulates enough energy to reach the edge of the crib, that’s when the real tests of the parents’ skill begin. And one of the main problems is that the railing of the crib is in the child’s mouth even more often than their dummy.

My little one, for instance, loved to gnaw on it. Grab it with his hands and chew like it’s slathered with honey. But since I had already managed to get an excellent crib railing cover,

crib railing cover

I did not object to any of that. The doctor said that the baby is just teething and using the railing as a teething device. Apparently, their design suited him more than the various-looking and quality teethers he was given in mass quantities. But I was able to let it slide only because I bought bumper rails for crib in time.

Trend Lab Crib Wrap

By the way, it’s good to know that absolutely every kid goes through the period when they gnaw on everything they can reach. And if you leave the crib with no special protection, then not only the gums of the restless child, but also the rails themselves can suffer. You can agree that the bitten and slobbery edge of a crib deprives a nursery of an aesthetic look. Therefore quality crib rail bumpers are a must.

Trend Lab Crib Wrap Rail Guard

Protect both the child’s health and the beauty of their cradle, which you so lovingly chose for them.

What is it?

So, what does a good crib rail cover look like? Most models are a cloth case that can be quickly put on the cot of the crib and securely fastened.

Trend Lab Crib Wrap Rail Guard Set

When the child stands up, the upper edge of the crib is just at their chin level. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the little one begins to test it with their teeth. Despite the fact that real teeth are still far away and the material of the beds is strong enough, the child still manages to outsmart the railing and sometimes even snatch a microscopic piece out. In principle, this does not cause irreparable harm to health. But you will agree that there is no benefit in this: neither for the child, nor for the crib, nor for the parents. So I personally purchased several different models of cute baby crib rail covers.

Narrow CribWrap Crib Wrap

I did it not because I love change (the design of these things is really cute) but because of the practicality. As soon as one bumper crib rail cover gets wet, I immediately take it off, and put on a fresh one.

Trend Lab Crib Wrap Rail Guard for Long Rail

I want to draw the attention of young mothers to the fact that these cute baby crib guard rail covers do need to be changed quite often. And there are several reasons for this:

  • I’m a fan of good hygiene as far as babies are concerned, and just can’t see my little one chew on some wet rag.
  • We bought a simply luxurious crib and I really don’t like the idea of it losing its shape.
  • For me the safety of the crib is an added bonus. After all, my husband and I are absolutely not going to stop here. In the near future we plan to give our little hero a baby brother or sister.

Therefore we will still need a good-looking and sturdy bed.
If you want to gift or sell your used crib to somebody, at the very least it needs to look clean. Baby crib guard rail covers can help you with that.

Trend Lab Waterproof CribWrap Rail Cover

The ones made out of cloth are the best

In the modern marketplace you can find quite a lot of different models of baby crib rail covers. For me, natural organic crib rail covers are preferable, since they are made of a really soft fabric.

CribWrap Crib Wrap 3PC Rail Cover Set

Why did I like them so much?

  • They add tons of cuteness and coziness to the nursery atmosphere.
  • They not only keep the gums dirt and splinter-free, but also work as a kind of a safety pillow.

When an organic crib rail cover like this is put on the rail,

American Baby Company Heavenly Soft Narrow Reversible Crib

you don’t need to worry: even if the child loses balance and bumps against the railing, the impact will be cushioned and will not cause any damage.

You can attach crib railing cover to the railing with minimum effort. To do this, each model has a system of ribbons that you can simply tie to the cot fence rods.

Jolly Jumper 3 Piece Soft Rail

Ties in spite of their softness are held together very tightly. Curious children can pull on them as much as they like, play with them, cling to them with fingers and the ties will not untie and will not let the crib rail cover slip or warp. But when it’s time, the parent can undo them easily and send bumper rails for crib to the laundry hamper.

And once again I’m won’t get tired of repeating: you have to wash them often. After all, when a child’s teeth are coming he/she craves the urge to chew on anything that can be found. The salivary glands work in an enhanced mode, and the crib rail protector gets soaked through very quickly. If you let things slide hoping that the stain will quickly dry by itself, it won’t just make the hygienic conditions worse, but will also lead to an unpleasant smell.
I couldn’t allow this due to my love for perfectionism, so I took off the organic crib rail cover from the railing as soon as a damp spot appeared on it. I do not wash it by hand – I have a washing machine for that, so why should it stand idle? Let it do its job and my child will always be clean.

Go Mama Go Pure Safety Luxurious

Some crib railing cover models can have velcro strips that tie to the crib. They are also very convenient, and I did not miss the opportunity to include several of these covers in my collection. They are even easier to use and are as reliable as the models with the strings. For some reason I’m completely calm only when the crib rail cover is tied manually. If the ribbons seem too long, you can cut them. I left them as is because my little rascal liked to play with them. If the child is sucking on the ribbons then it’s better to shorten them a bit. Or you will just have to wash the covers more often.

Solid Grey Front Crib Rail Guard

The only drawback of the crib rail protector is that it somewhat obscures the vision when looking into the crib. But, frankly, this fits into the “hairsplitting”-category because the baby still remains in sight. The mother can always control what the baby is doing.

CribWrap Medium

Practical tricks

As you know, a crib has four sides and a lot of rods. But in a package of crib rail bumpers for some reason there is only a cloth for one side – just as in this one:

Sweet Jojo Designs Gray and White

If you buy a single protector, then the remaining three sides will remain unprotected. And if the child has acquired a taste for chewing on the crib, then he will certainly try to chew on its entire surface. Therefore, for 100% protection you have to use several bumper rails for crib. And if the kid suddenly chose any of the vertical bars, then they will need protection too. For example we had three of such “favorites.”

Of course, it is possible to fill up a crib with several crib rail bumpers. They all have a gentle pastel color so the combination is likely to be pleasant to the eye. But I preferred to make a few sets and immediately ordered seven pieces of crib rail bumpers of the same color if it’s a single-part model, and two pieces if it consists of three parts. To some, such an idea may seem excessive, but I like it when all the bumper crib rail covers are of one kind. In my opinion, it just looks very nice.
As for the colors, they are very diverse and there is a lot to choose from. Not all models are monotonous and boring. There are some decorated with gentle patterns, like this one.

Grey Arrow Print

There are some with embroidery

There are some with different cloth width. Some are wide, and then there are ones that only cover up one-third of the crib height and ones that cover up the wooden rods.
I, of course, acquired all the varieties, because each of them has their own unique advantages. If the bumper crib rail cover is wide, then the baby can chew on it much more conveniently. But the fabric blocks the review. If the model, on the contrary, is very narrow

Go Mama Go Pure Safety Luxurious Teething Guard

then the child will have to put in a bit more effort in order to use it as a teether. It also makes admiring the room and looking out of the is easier. If you buy several different models, as I did, then you can just change them when and the kid will always be happy.

So how can I choose the best one?

All parents want to surround their child with only the most useful, beautiful and high-quality things and I’m no exception. I was very picky and thoroughly studied baby crib rail covers in search of the very best model. I could not choose just one. As I said, each of them had their own merits, so I did not bother and bought several sets at once.
They are all made of soft material pleasant to the touch, which, frankly, begs to put them in the mouth. Pretty much all models have a water-resistant base layer. This is especially convenient, since such a layer entirely protects the crib from saliva.
It’s also very easy to find the right size. And some of the models are one-size, such as this one

Go Mama Go designs Set of Teething Guards

It can be stretched and the cloth cushion will be able to protect handrails of differently sized cribs. Besides, this model provides a clever system that protects not only the bars themselves, but also the corners.
Once again, I want to discuss such an important aspect as washing. As soon as you open the package with a crib rail protector, the first thing to do is wash and dry it. It is not recommended to put the protector on the crib right out of the package. The road from factory to home was far and the package can’t provide complete airtightness.
Every model comes with washing instructions and it’s important to follow them strictly.
It is also important to dry the protector completely: you should never put a damp protector on the crib.
Drying perhaps is the most troublesome thing in the process. The material is quite thick and there are some waterproof layers in them- all of this slows down the drying. But if you are too lazy to go through and dry them completely, mold can start growing inside, which would be really unfortunate: it can cause a stomach ache and other health problems. Therefore, ideal and rapid drying should be provided by any means.
But life is life, and if after prolonged drying you still feel the typical faint smell of earthy dampness, then the item should be immediately discarded. You don’t want to risk the most valuable thing that you have – a healthy baby.
One more practical advice: there is a custom among friends and relatives to pass on baby items. A large item, like a crib or a stroller, can be accepted as a gift but it is absolutely not recommended to use used baby crib rail cover. The personal nature of this thing can only be compared with a toothbrush. Even if the material looks new and clean, it is better not to use it, but buy a brand new one. The price of a baby crib rail cover is not that high and a new kit guarantees complete safety for your baby.

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