Baby car seat mirror and other accessories for a comfortable drive

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Long car rides can be exhausting even for adults, not to mention little kids. I did some research and found several accessories that make a drive with kids more fun. Inexpensive and comfortable baby window shade along with baby car seat mirror will make the trip much more enjoyable. If you get a baby car seat protector you will spend less time cleaning the vehicle after the little passengers.In my opinion, these simple devices will significantly improve your rides with the kids.

360 degrees rotatable-easy to attach car mirror for viewing the baby on the backseat Sonilove Baby Car Mirror is a great invention. All mothers know that it can be quite challenging at the time when you have to pay attention to the road and meanwhile check on kids in the back seat. Baby car seat mirror perfectly solves this problem. Baby car mirror is very easy to attach to almost anything in the car. It provides a good view of everything that going on in the back seat. The baby car mirror can be rotated at 360 degrees if needed. The model is compatible with any car model.

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There is one more thing about the baby rear view mirror, which I liked very much. It is literally unbreakable. The baby rear view mirror is made from a special type of plastic that looks like glass. It’s enclosed in a protective frame which makes the product even safer.

I would definitely recommend this device if you drive with children. As soon as I installed the baby rear view mirror Sonilove, the atmosphere in the car became more relaxed. Now I always know what is happening in the back seat, and I don’t need to constantly turn my head around.

The baby window shade was another great purchase that I made.

At first, I thought that this protection is needed only during the hot seasons when the sun burns like we are in the Valley of Death. Then I realized that this accessory is needed at any time of the year. Don’t worry that the shade will keep your car too dark – it was still enough light even during gloomy winter days.

I appreciated the shade from the very first drive:

  • the air gets fresher inside the car;

  • it reduces the heat;

  • it protects your eyes;

  • kids are not annoyed with a bright light.

The kit includes several protective screens that can be installed on the side windows and the rear window. I was very impressed with the fact that you can install the protection as easy as disassemble it. You can store the screen in its convenient case when the sun goes down or the day is cloudy and you don’t really need them. The process will take just a couple of minutes.

Kit of four protective screens for side and rear windows shielding passengers from the sun

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Despite its name – baby window shade – this accessory can be used even if you don’t have any kids. The screen delays up to 98% of ultraviolet radiation, protecting the car upholstery from fading.

The screens on the windows will create a really cozy and comfortable atmosphere inside the salon.

How to make your car more fun for the kids

After my car was equipped with the new accessories and the comfort was significantly improved, I decided to move on and upgrade it ergonomically as well. All parents of little kids know that the car seats and boosters leave dents caused by depression damage. Of course, it’s not critical, but it still doesn’t look good, especially if you have a brand new car.

Fortunately, the dents can be easily avoided with a special fuse for the car seat. You can find a big variety of models but I liked three of them most of all:

  1. Munchkin Auto Seat Protector.
  2. Summer Infant DuoMat for Car Seat.
  3. Brica Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector.

They are pretty much the same, with several small differences in design.

The seat protector helps to maintain a clean salon for a long time. It protects car seat from slipping under the fidgety toddlers. It completely eliminates the problem of cookie crumbs and spilled juice. Even if it happens, because kids love eating in the car, you need just to shake off the crumbs, wipe and dry the protector, and the upholstery looks brand new again.

The protector is equipped with numerous pockets for children’s stuff. When I installed it, the back seat of the car began to resemble a nursery. Toys, napkins, and other “things” were creating a cozy feeling and reminded of home.

The only little flaw I can mention is the smell when you get a new protector out of the box. It’s not extremely strong or annoying, but it’s noticeable. Before installing a new product in the car, let it stay on the fresh air somewhere in the garage or on the balcony for about a day. The smell will disappear, and the protector can be used without any problems.

Little child sitting in safety seat on top of protector – no more problems with cookie crumbsAnother excellent addition to the large protector was a small mat, which can be attached to the back of the chair, that is in front of the child. Now you don’t need to constantly yell “Stop kicking!” or “Sit still!”. Mat protects the upholstery, even if the child puts the feet in dirty shoes on the back of the front chair.

This is a simple and great invention because little passengers love moving their legs and kick everything in the way during the long car rides!

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I just had to purchase one more item – a bag for storing a child car seat.

Big red bag for children’s car safety seats which is waterproof as well, making it very practicalIt is designed to carry a chair on the airplane. It has all the necessary identification marks, and the check-in lasts much faster. The waterproof bag was so convenient that I have no regrets about purchasing it.

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