Baby bibs, socks, and hat which deserve an award

Is it so difficult to choose newborn socks or toddler bibs? I know from my own experience that all these little things can greatly improve the lives of young parents. Or cause irritation if the items were not right for you.
Two days ago I received the other package from Amazon. I ordered tons of stuff for my boys. And you know what? I would actually give Nobel Prizes to manufacturers of quality children’s goods because today’s stores are packed with a lot of unnecessary things.
Today I will tell you about my favorite little things I found on Amazon, that I just fell in love with. These are the best bibs for toddlers, several models of infant socks and one super hat.

Socks and peace at home

Socks regularly irritate a woman during her life. First, the husband’s socks. They can be found everywhere except the laundry basket. Socks are all over the place. What could be irritating about a tiny infant sock? I have several answers. It seemed to me that newborn socks are produced exclusively by people who do not have their own children.
That’s why I have a huge bag of socks.

Socks that are constantly falling off

Constantly. As soon as my son moved his legs, the socks were sliding off. Sometimes it seemed to me that my only purpose in life was to adjust infant socks. This can be terribly annoying

Socks that are too tight

I understand that all kids have different legs. My sons are pretty average according to size charts. They are not too chubby. At the same time, I have a lot of toddler ankle socks, where the elastic band is too tight. I wonder why these bands are always so tight. If there was an award for the most comfortable model of sock, I would give it to this model – for outstanding achievements in textile production. Seriously, they are very convenient. They definitely made my routine easier.

Toddler ankle socks that don’t look good

To me, the design matters, especially when it comes to baby products. I want everything to be beautiful. I want the socks to match with the rest of my son’s outfit. I prefer simple and solid colors and designs. When I bought toddler ankle socks as a gift to my niece, I chose brighter colors and bow design. God, it’s so awesome that we have this little princess! Some socks are so cute that I would wear them myself.

But all these problems with socks are in the past. I used to buy them for my older son in the stores and they didn’t fit. With my second son, I order everything online and everything works great for us most of the time. I have several brands that I trust completely. There is a great variety of colors, so you can always find something that you like. If we talk about styles for girls, I adore the ones that imitate shoes.

NB! If you still don’t know why it is so important to keep the baby’s legs warm, you will surely hear about it from one of the grandmas.

They didn’t exist when we were kids

The model with silicone elements on the sole. It’s not just a marketing move, but a really great solution. It applies to those kids who are learning to walk. These socks are not slippery, which means that the baby will fall less. My younger son wears them all the time. My older one, who is four, wears this type of socks as well. He imagines himself as a race car or some cartoon character, and runs around the house super fast. So I also bought rubberized booties for him. They are warm and look like soft shoes. Fortunately, they are large in size. I feel safer now. Just remember that the right choice of baby socks will make your everyday routine easier.

Newborn socks as a souvenir

This cute gift will make any future mom happy. The piece of baby clothes framed and decorated

I’d like to share one of my special memories. I kept the very first socks of both my sons as a sweet reminder of how tiny they used to be. I got a special box for them. It contains all sorts of memorable little things.
I kept newborn socks, and the very first hats they were wearing back in the hospital. I also made albums with photos of their first year of life. Well, my special pride is a diary with little notes about their first achievements and funny stories.
When they grow up and start wearing huge shoes, it will be great to remember how tiny their newborn socks were.

Throw your hat in the ring

I can’t wait to tell you about my other find – a toddler beach hat. Its manufacturer is my second candidate for the Nobel Prize. I’m quite serious. This model is perfect. I?tag=wwwomegacenter-20’m amazed by the design of this model. The person who created it definitely has kids!

Usually, all these toddler hats and caps have three main drawbacks:

They don’t stay on the head

As soon as the wind blows, the hat flies off their head. Your baby is screaming and you are running like crazy to catch the hat. We still own one of these hats and my older son is wearing it from time to time. We didn’t get rid of it because he looks so handsome in it. He is also big enough to hold his hat in case of bad weather.

The hat slips and covers their eyes or slides to the back of the head

Even if the toddler beach hat has ties under the chin, it doesn’t guarantee it won’t fall. Some hats are constantly sliding over the eyes, or to the back of the head. You have to fix it again and again, again and again. Until you just give up.

The hat doesn’t cover or protect the head thoroughly

Toddler beach hat is supposed to protect the child from the sun, including the face and neck. However, whatever hats I bought, I couldn’t find the perfect option.
A baseball cap covers your face well, but your neck and ears will burn. Most of the sun hats are not large enough to hide their nose. My son always tries jumping out on the sun.

Finally, I found the model that I recommend to everyone. This toddler beach hat has everything you need! It has a brim but also provides protection for the ears and neck. The lining is made from a special “breathing” fabric so that the child won’t sweat and overheat. There are ribbons that are tied under the chin. It has also an extra built-in string which supports the hat around the head. Isn’t it brilliant idea? Why didn’t anyone invent it earlier?

The only disadvantage of this hat is that it won’t fit when baby outgrows it. I’ll look for something similar, but for now, I’ll have to use sunscreen more. I already bought the same toddler hats for my younger one, in dark blue color. My niece has the same bright pink hat. We are ready for the beach season! Are you?

A radical way to get rid of stains on children’s clothes

If you think that I mean a new wonderful detergent powder, then you are wrong. I’ll talk about baby bibs.

When your baby begins to learn how to eat by himself, you will find food everywhere. It can be very stressful at times. Personally, I just close my eyes. The washing machine is working nonstop.

There is a simple solution. I found the perfect bibs for toddlers! I wish I discovered these with my first son. If someone is searching for a baby bib right now, I highly recommend this model.

Yes, it costs almost twenty dollars, but you can buy it once and then use it with your next child. I wasted so much money before I found the right one. I have some tips and want to share them with you.

Don’t get baby bibs without a special pocket

In this case, the spots will simply move from the T-shirt to the pants. It’s just a waste of money

Models from fabric won’t last long

They must be washed after each meal, just wiping with a cloth won’t work. This type of toddler bibs won’t look good after several washes. You will have to buy at least three or four of them. A soft pocket on the bib doesn’t serve its purpose well and the food ends up on the baby

A plastic bib is good, but not perfect

I used the baby bibs with a soft foam pouch. I wasn’t happy with only one thing: why wasn’t there an adjustable strap? The bib was placed a little too low and the top of the shirt was dirty anyway. Another small problem was that the material wasn’t always easy to wash.

Those two bibs will protect your baby’s clothes while he or she will be trying their first food

My new favorite is a baby bib made from silicone, with a pocket and adjustable strap. The younger son has already tried it. Even though he is almost two years old, he still makes a big mess while eating.

P.S. I just wanted to tell you about several of my purchases, and it became a huge article. I will have enough material for a whole book. One of the chapters will be devoted to the best bibs for toddlers.

I really want to share all my experience to help you make the right choice. I already bought my sons an incredible amount of things – and how many more I will buy! I hope you will find my review helpful!

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