Another baby shower to go to – and you’re all out of ideas? We’re ready to come to the rescue with the best toddler girl clothes tips!

Are you planning a baby shower for your soon-to-be-born baby? Or are you planning to attend one, but have no ideas what to get? Well, here are some tips for you.An expecting parent is always a joy to observe – but at the same time, the anxiety of a new baby girl is always nerve-wrecking. This applies to both groups of people: the parents and the guests. Should you buy a toddler girl nightgown? Or should you just go for some funny socks?

The choice is never easy, and it can easily be a hit or a miss. You just need to consider various options – you can choose from newborn baby girl socks, clothing, or diapers. And once you see the smiling face of the parent, you’ll know you made the right choice.

Choosing Toddler Girl Clothes for Baby Showers

The best baby shower clothes are as sentimental as they are practical. A baby shower is a mom’s opportunity to stock up on clothes and other items for their newborn – so it’s obvious that they would want something they can actually use.

In order to make sure that your gift is memorable – doesn’t matter if we’re talking about toddler girl clothes or accessories – here are some ideas that you may want to consider.

Heartfelt Gifts

Say that you buy some regular toddler girl clothes, but you then print a picture of the proud parents on it – or sew on a special message. If that’s not going to make mommy cry tears of joy, then nothing will.


There are things that a mother cannot go without. Baby toiletries (soaps, shampoos, baby creams, oils), diapers, pacifiers, toddler girl socks – these are things that will keep the baby (and mommy) happy. Fair enough, the baby may not know it – but mommy will, since the baby won’t be constantly crying.

Larger Clothes


If there’s anything that we know about baby girls, it’s that they grow out of their toddler girl nightgowns very fast. Yesterday she was born, and before you know it, she is going on her first date with a boy.

But before we dive into the baby girl’s teenage years, we need to make peace with the fact that the baby grows fast within the first year – which means a lot of her clothes will run small pretty fast.

For this reason, clothes that are larger in size are a great hit with mothers. No matter if you are buying toddler girl pajamas or a T-shirt with Frozen for a 10-month old, it will certainly be appreciated. So, don’t limit yourself with buying only newborn clothes.


Sound machines, baby mobiles, baby swings and other things that will keep the baby entertained will also be much appreciated. These gadgets may not look like much, and they may seem less important than a toddler girl nightgown.

Still, they will keep the child entertained and, at the same time, they will keep the parent happy. Thanks to such gadgets, they will actually manage to get some work done.

Our Recommendations on Toddler Girl Clothes

Luvable Friends Unisex 8-Pack Newborn Socks

Just imagine how the tiny feet of a beautiful baby-boy will look with those adorable socks on



People only appreciate the utility of socks when they are cold and realize that all of their pairs are mismatched. This goes double for newborn baby girl socks; they’re so small, it’s incredibly easy to lose them – which is why you need a bigger set.


  • 85% cotton
  • 13 % nylon
  • 2 % spandex

These baby socks are not only comfortable and breathable but they’re also stretchable enough to provide a perfect fit.

The top cuff of these newborn baby girl socks will secure perfectly on the baby’s leg – and at the same time, it’s loose enough to not create any discomfort. It will stay on, regardless of how much the baby will be tossing and turning around.

The patterns are also very cute.

Tip:If you’re not sure whether it’s a boy or a girl, you may go for the unisex airplane option.

Still, there are also cuter toddler girl socks for you to pick from, going from hearts to pink stripes.

These baby socks were designed to be washed in the machine. For a fairly low price, you can buy 8 pairs of newborn baby girl socks – and all of them are so soft, you’ll wish you could wear them yourself.


Can be washed in the washing machine

Very soft and comfortable

Fun patterns and colors

The cuffs will allow the socks to stay on


They may loosen after being washed too many times in the machine

The newborn baby girl socks may not be suitable for babies over 6 months old

Gerber Baby Girls 5-Pack Short-Sleeve Onesie

Those bodysuits are made of natural material and have lovely prints and al different colors


Every mother knows how fast toddler girl pajamas can go from clean to sticky – especially when you have a newborn. You can change their clothes now, and in the next second, you’ll notice that their onesie has a fresh stain of puke on it.

This is why a onesie set is never a bad idea – and the Gerber one has received a lot of popularity lately. People mostly buy it thanks to the fact that it’s highly affordable – so if you are looking for toddler girl clothes to take to a shower, these definitely won’t put a hole in your bank account.

Made entirely from cotton, these toddler girl pajamas are very breathable and comfortable, regardless of the season.

They were made especially to be baby safe and not cause rashes or sweat.

The patterns are also very cute. You can buy birdie patterns, flowers, princesses – everything that a mother may look for in girl clothes. Some patterns even work as toddler girl Christmas pajamas if you choose the color pattern right.

Coming in a pack of five, this set is also fairly convenient. This way, the new mother will always have spares in case the little one decides to throw another puke bomb. After that, they may easily throw them in the washing machine, which will do the rest.

The lap shoulder neckline also makes it easy for the mom to dress the baby, providing easy access and less fussing due to child discomfort. Overall, this toddler girl nightgown is definitely a baby shower gift that will be appreciated by every parent.



It comes in bright colors

Makes it easy to dress the baby

It doesn’t easily keep stains

Made entirely from breathable cotton


They may shrink after washing

Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Sleeper Pajamas

Your baby boy can sleep in those jumpsuits or spend the whole day playing wearing them


If the baby is born around the winter holidays, you may want to go for long-sleeved toddler girl clothes with included socks. This way, you will know for sure that the child will stay warm and that the mother won’t have a lot to worry about.

Remember:Featuring a front zipper that spreads all the way from the neck and down their leg, the mother will not have to “battle” the baby each time it’s “dressing time.”

All they have to do is place the baby over the toddler girl nightgown, insert their arms and legs, and then pull the zipper up.

Considering that it’s made from organic cotton, these toddler girl pajamas are an even better choice for newborns.

Tip:Since their skin is much more sensitive, even treated cotton may cause a skin reaction – which is why it’s better to go organic at this stage.

The price is very convenient considering that these toddler girl pajamas are so comfortable. Plus, you have various cute patterns to pick from, making them the perfect idea for a baby shower. It’s a toddler girl nightgown that will make her feel like a comfy princess.


Comfortable fit

Soft lining that keeps the baby warm

Organic, allergen-free cotton

Easy access through the full-front zipper


The foot elastic is unsteady

Will shrink after washing

Gerber Unisex Baby 6-Pack Socks

Socks are made of cotton and also very warm from the inside. They will keep your baby’s feet warm


Whatever happens, it will always come back down to socks. Socks need to be changed several times throughout the day, so you can never have too many pairs.

These toddler girl socks are a good option for newborns – even if you are not entirely sure if the baby is a boy or a girl. Since the socks are white, both boys and girls can wear them without getting any confusion.

However, if you want some color, you may also choose the elephant pattern.

Remember:Combining different shades of yellow, the patterns on these newborn baby girl socks are very cute – and still perfect for both boys and girls.

Thanks to the soft elastic and roll back cuffs, these socks were meant to stay on the baby’s feet. This way, if the child will toss and turn a lot, you can be sure that the infant will not remain with their feet bare.


  • 75 % cotton
  • 6 % polyester
  • 3 % spandex

Not only will the fit be snug, but it will also be comfortable. The fabric for these newborn baby girl socks is very soft and fluffy to the touch – and every newborn will feel the difference.


Can be worn by both boys and girls

Soft lining

The elastic prevents the toddler girl socks from rolling

The fabric blend ensures a snug fit


They are not as durable as other models

The socks may roll down and slide off

Luvable Friends Baby and Toddler 3-pack Ankle Pants

Those pants you can put on your baby-girl together with top or hoody. She will be the cutest one


Those looking for toddler girl clothes that will offer a decent amount of warmth may appreciate the Luvable baby pants. Not only are they cute, but they are also very practical.

This pack comes with three pairs of pants in different colors: grey, black and pink. They can be for girls – but at the same time, they can also be worn by boys.

Tip:The tapered ankles will make sure that the pants will not roll up and that the baby will be warm throughout the day and night.

The fabric of these toddler girl clothes is very soft and moves along with the child, making it the perfect thing to bring to a baby shower. The pants also feature a pull-on closure, making them very easy to dress a baby. The elastic waist also enables quick dressing.

Made from cotton, these pants are very breathable and will not allow the kid to sweat. They can double as toddler girl Christmas pajamas since they are warm and can be combined with any kind of festive clothing.


Soft lining that will keep the child warm

They don’t roll up

The fabric moves along with the child

Machine washable


These toddler girl clothes may shrink upon washing

Luvable Friends Baby Infant Cotton Bodysuits

Those body suits are all great for summer and for active games with your baby-boy outdoors


Breathable material

It can also be worn as pajamas

Soft lining

Easy to dress the baby in

Affordable price


It shrinks upon washing

Final Thoughts

If you’re attending a baby shower, chances are that you’ll be seeing toddler girl clothes everywhere. Bodysuits will be lining over a wall as a decoration, balloons in the shape of a pacifier will decorate the room, and the “cake” made of diapers will put a chuckle on the face of the future mom.

As long as you pick something practical yet cute, you can never go wrong. For example, you can take a white bodysuit and turn it into toddler girl Christmas pajamas – you just have to print a cute reindeer over it.

Hopefully, this article managed to give you some ideas for the next baby shower you’ll be attending.


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