Advantages and disadvantages of children’s running shoes

Why are the sneakers with wheels for children good or bad?

For children, any kind of activity can be a game, and everything turns into something fun. Therefore, it is not surprising that the shoes with wheels have become fashionable again, although it is something that has always existed in the shoes of children, although they are used more and more.

The particularity of this type of shoes, which are usually sports, have small wheels attached to the back, so that children not only walk with them, but also can slide. But is this really good?

The benefits and disadvantages of running shoes

1. Advantages of sneakers with wheels: Wear sneakers with wheels, in principle can be very fun for children, its advantages are:

  • The agility that they give them.
  • It becomes a game for them. The shoes with wheels, which are mostly sporty, as well as being fashionable are great entertainment for the little ones.
  • They help them to have much more speed in their steps.

2. Disadvantages of running shoes: However, the disadvantages of running shoes are more than their benefits.

  • The first inconvenience of children wearing them is that they can be dangerous. That is, if they do not control the speed, their own body or the shoe itself, can fall or trip and cause a fall that produces injuries or fractures. Although children do not want to, it is advisable that, just like when they ride a bicycle, they should wear protection so that they do not bruise, especially in the wrists or ankles, as well as elbow dislocations.
  • In addition to injuries or even fractures of limbs, the unstable use of these shoes with wheels can give other problems to children, such as back pain. The fact that they do not tread with the whole sole of the foot, resting on the heel and forefoot can contribute to a focus of pain in the lower back, or in the kidneys.
  • Sneakers with wheels should not be used as shoe for daily wear, so it is recommended to use it as a game from time to time, because they can also harm the balance skill already acquired.
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