30 Weeks Pregnant: Getting Seriously Big and a Bit Anxious

Description: A personal pregnancy guide (30 weeks) and blog with all the information you ever want to know about carrying a baby, staying sane, happy and healthy while at it. Read up and stay well!

Challenges and joys at 30 weeks pregnant

A few weeks ago, it was me and my belly. Now it’s my belly and me – and believe me when I tell you, it is not the same thing. Since I’m now in the 3rd trimester, my belly is pretty much becoming like a big ball that I have to carefully carry around. If I want to see my toes, I can’t do it without bending; that’s all there is to say. 

Everything I do, I do for the belly. I sleep to make it comfortable for the baby, I sit because the belly is like carrying dumbbells at all times, and I apparently also cry because the belly tells me to. While I used to keep the belly under control, now it conveniently made itself at home and is taking over. 

The 30-Week Baby

Now that I’m ten weeks before my due date, my baby is getting bigger, stronger – and obviously chubbier. He looks pretty much like he should when he’s born – and statistically speaking, if he’s born now, he’d have a pretty good chance at survival.

He still needs to become a bit chubbier, though – which is why he’s going to stay there a little longer. Still, he’s fairly well developed now, as he can turn his head around, open his eyes, and perform breathing movements. Although there’s no air getting in, he’s opening and closing his nostrils as practice for the real world.

At this point, the baby weighs around three pounds and measures a little over 15 inches – which is the size of a zucchini, and the size of belly at 30 weeks is way bigger. He will continue to grow half a pound every week until he is finally born.

If you thought the kicks were bad before, try saying that when the baby is this big. Considering that it’s feeling so cramped inside my belly, not only do I feel him moving – but I can see it as well. With the punches that he’s throwing, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’ll consider a career as a boxer.

Mommy’s Symptoms at 30 weeks of pregnancy

I’m 30 weeks pregnant – and my dreams are becoming vivid and anxious. That is, if I manage to get any sleep at all. You try getting sleep while holding a delicate balloon in front of you, and then we’ll talk. One wrong move and the balloon goes boom. I know that my belly is not that weak and that it can protect the baby – but I can’t help stressing over it.

From what I’ve heard, though, anxiety and motherhood go hand in hand. Talking from experience, I kept thinking about random things such as “what if I don’t have enough time to get to the hospital and I give birth in my car?”

I was so stressed that I actually did a test drive to see how long it takes to get to the hospital. From getting my stuff to my husband driving me there, it took 25 minutes – but that was in light traffic. I suppose it would take longer during rush hour, but the experiment still calmed me down.

At some point, after I stopped having nightmares about delivering my baby in the car, I started feeling other symptoms of pregnancy as well. Some of the most common were:

  • Heartburn

I experienced a lot of heartburn, and I talked to my doctor about this. She told me that I should pay attention to the foods I eat – because these are usually the ones that cause it.

Heavy, greasy, spicy, or acidic foods are generally the cause – and truth be told, I can never say no to a good portion of French fries. The advice, though, was to avoid eating them as much as I could – particularly before going to bed.

  • Trouble Sleeping

As I mentioned, it’s difficult for me to get some decent sleep – with my brain going cuckoo in anxiety and the inability to lie in my usual position. Because of this, I end up feeling fatigued most of the day and wish I could sleep like a bat. At least they don’t have to lie down in order to sleep.

  • Swelling

The swelling started at the beginning of the second trimester – but it is a bit more serious this time. This concerns my feet more than anything. This is very common and to be expected, considering you’re constantly carrying three pounds of baby weight – plus all the extras that come along. It’s pressing down onto your feet.

However, if I rest and put my feet up for a while, this swelling goes down. I’ve never experienced severe swelling, but I hear that if it’s sudden or just very bad, you should maybe consult a doctor.

  • Shortness of Breath

One minute I’m breathing normally, the next one I’m grasping for breath. No, I’m not asthmatic, nor do I have any lung problems. However, since my baby is significantly bigger, my lungs do not have enough space to expand. Bigger baby equals crowded lungs, so try breathing if you can.

Still, from what I heard, this stage is temporary – well, like everything about pregnancy, if you think about it. In about three or four weeks, the baby should go down from the ribcage area down to the pelvis. I’ll probably know when it happens because I will be able to breathe again.

  • General Discomfort

At this point in my pregnancy, I’m trying to figure out how girls with big breasts survive in this life. I mean, the back pain is very annoying. When you’re carrying such a big weight in front of you, it’s clear that you’ll be going through some discomfort. And in my case, I’m dealing with pain in the back, feet, and hips.

Not complaining too much, though. It only means that the baby is getting big and that the delivery is close – yay!

Final Thoughts

My belly is very big, I hurt all over, and I could probably sleep for one week straight. Still, the reality of the fact that I’m becoming a mom is also hitting me at full force. You can’t ignore a baby bump this huge.

I try to rest as much as possible because of my swelling feet, and I try to eat as little spicy and fatty food as possible to prevent heartburn. Thank God, the pregnancy cravings have subsided!

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