Primal Pizza, Rolls, and Crackers

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Tapioca is springy, chewy, and basically flavorless. It is commonly used in South American breads and dishes. In Colombia, they eat something called pan de yuca (pronounced jooca). The ingredients are simple: tapioca starch, whole milk, eggs, cheese, olive oil, and salt.

I discovered this bread on my first trip to Colombia a few years ago. We adapted a recipe at home but it’s not the same as what we eat there. The Colombian bread is dry and hard. At home, it’s moist and oily. Pan de yuca is bread for all purposes. Our tapioca bread is more like moist cornbread to be eaten on the side. It’s ok, but it sure would be nice if we could figure out how to make it right.

That’s where Primal Girl comes in. She recently taught me to make pan de yuca a little more traditionally – same ingredients, different method. And she adapts it for us gringos too. This same dough can be used for crackers and pizza crust!

With Primal Girl’s recipe in hand, I got together with my mom to make some crackers and biscuits. Her recipe is like a mini cookbook so you have to buy it from her website but I’ll tell you that it is well worth it. Getting tapioca bread right is no easy feat. Let me give you a sneak peak into this brilliant concoction.

If you’ve ever tried to work with tapioca dough, you are aware that it can be super sticky. This isn’t the case with the Magical Dough. You can knead it, roll it, shape it, cut it. Check it out:

Kneading Primal tapioca doughPrimal tapioca pizza crust

Primal tapioca rolls

Primal tapioca buscuits

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