Paleo Kid’s Menu for Home or Day Care

I ran into a website for a home daycare the other day (which will remain anonymous) that was cognizant about the environment, exercise, and everything natural. The day care didn’t do TV and did do gardening. Her sweet home offered a play based learning program. It looked fantastic.

I was really impressed when she said that she goes beyond the USDA standards to serve nutritious, organic, natural foods, free of artificial dyes and HFCS. What a little paradise right?

Until I saw this:

Typical Day Care Fare

Sample day care menu

It’s definitely not the worst menu ever but cereal, 1% milk, pizza, and whole grain muffins and toast certainly would make me send along a sack lunch.

Why good people make bad menus.

  1. The USDA is their guide.
  2. They think this is all kids will eat.
  3. Boxed food is fast and easy to prepare.

So, allow me to present an alternative, nutrient dense menu any family or daycare could use. Some of the items could be prepared in advance. Each meal could be served with fresh orange juice or organic milk if desired. Meats should be seasoned with sea salt.

In a day care setting I would stay away from complex flavors. A few kids may like curry, for example, but just about anyone will enjoy sautéed meat simply seasoned with salt. 

Paleo Kid’s Menu


Week Day











Scrambled eggs with potato wedges Apple wedges & almond butter Cucumber and ham “sandwiches” with banana chips Seasonal fruit


Almond flour pancakes with fruit Beef jerky made easily at home Sautéed chicken with white rice** & broccoli Celery & almond butter & raisins



Breakfast sausage with fruit salad Mixed nuts with dried fruit Beef stew with potatoes and carrots*** Apple slices and cheese cubes



Banana pancakes and bacon Sliced turkey, veggie rollups with fruit Plantain* tostadas with meat topping & veggies Black olives and cheese cubes



Egg and sausage muffins with fruit A few cubes of dark chocolate Bacon wrapped pineapple bites Chicken cubes and avocado

*Green plantain should be cut into 1 ½ inch cubes and pounded flat. Sauté in coconut oil.

** White rice is considered a Paleo safe starch. Use it if you choose.

*** Throw a bottom round and a couple of marrow bones in a pot with some potatoes, carrots, and whatever else you like. Add water and salt and cook overnight.

There are infinite combinations of simple meals you could make. I like to keep foods really simple, and I know anyone running a day care does too. While these recipes may be a little more time consuming than typical SAD meals, they are on the simple side of Paleo.

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