How Motherhood Changes You

From Womanhood to Motherhood

The transformation from womanhood to motherhood is a metamorphosis more profound than any other on earth. Having a child elicits more changes both gradual and sudden than anything else could provoke. A new mother will become stronger and more responsible. The challenge of every day life will make her a better problem solver. She will be more loving and her priorities will change.

Responsibility will change her.

One moment only responsible for herself, a mother is now entirely responsible for another human life. In order to do this she must give up certain aspects of herself permanently and take on others that never could have been without the responsibility and love for this new life. Who once was a selfish woman now puts another above her own desires and schedule. Who once was a careless woman, who lived fast and cared not for her life, is now more careful.

Love will change her.

She is now loved and she now loves like never before. Regardless of how many good relationships she has been in and how much love she has felt for those people, she will find that the love for her baby is stronger than any love she’s ever known. If she has never loved or been loved deeply before, she will experience this for the first time now.

Strength will change her.

The confidence and accomplishment that she experiences after laboring and giving birth changes her perception of herself. She now sees herself as someone who can withstand the impossible. She is a stronger woman than she has ever been before.

Her status will change her.

In her new responsibilities she is forced to re-order her role in her family, in her home, with her old friends. She is the boss of someone now, if she wasn’t before. Her family doesn’t see her as a kid anymore. Her outings will change as will her group of friends likely change. The way she dresses probably started changing in pregnancy. After the birth she may become less concerned with the way she looks as her attention is drawn to her baby. Her activities in free time will also change.

Her worries and attention will change her. 

She cannot let her baby starve, fall, drown, catch a cold, bang its head, suffocate, freeze, or overheat. She is motivated and moved by these worries. They keep her vigilant. She may become obsessive and possessive as a result of these worries. She may become overwhelmed. She may become overprotective. Who was once a shy or reserved woman, may find herself suddenly bold or presumptuous.

Her job will change her. 

She is suddenly a protector and an enabler. It is her job to ensure the safety of her child all day and night and it is also her job to assist the child in becoming what it will some day become. Though she may have never planned it and she might not even put much thought into it now, she will do it everyday of her new life.


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