Cholesterol Testing For Kids

We all know that we are better off not hurting ourselves at all rather than hurting ourselves and then fixing the injury.

We wear bike helmets and seat belts (well most of us do) so that we don’t bang up our heads and have to lay in bed in misery for 2 months. When we feel sleepy or we’re drunk or on medication, we refrain from driving because it’s dangerous. We wear hard hats at construction sites and hot pads when we grab stuff out of the oven.

We take all kinds of precautions to save ourselves from injury.

Why is it, then, that we can’t make some effort to save ourselves from illness?

One of these days humans are going to realize (or not) that it’s not worth getting sick and then struggling to fix it with drugs. Avoiding illness, like we avoid injuries, is the only thing that makes any evolutionary sense.

But until that day we’ll just start testing, younger and younger, for diseases that really shouldn’t exist anyway.

Panel Urges Cholesterol Testing for Kids

“The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute said a child’s first cholesterol check should occur between ages 9 and 11 and the test should be repeated between ages 17 and 21. The American Academy of Pediatrics endorsed the guideline.” Article

The recommendation, as opposed to one that suggests eliminating fructose, 5-10 servings of grains per day, and junk food, is just laughable.

Let the kids get all jacked up by feeding them boxes and boxes of oreos and then confirm how sick they are with a test.

If you eat like that your whole life, you’re fat, and don’t feel very good, shouldn’t it be obvious, even without testing, that you’ve got problems and need to change your ways? What is the testing going to achieve? Confirmation for something that should already be glaringly obvious?

And the fact that it takes a short life time, and not just a day or two, to screw us up seems equally obvious to me. But apparently nobody else has thought of that until now.

“The recommendation reflects growing evidence the biological processes that underlie heart attacks and other consequences of cardiovascular disease begin in childhood, even though manifestations of the diseases generally don’t strike until middle age or later.”

You don’t get high cholesterol and heart disease from eating a few cookies when you’re an adult. Disease takes time to set in! All biological processes leading to disease start in childhood!

“Until now, doctors were advised to check cholesterol in children from families with a history of high cholesterol or early heart disease. But recent studies have found that this guideline misses many who are at risk.”

Really? Studies have shown this? It’s not just common sense that targeted testing is going to miss many who are at risk because with each passing decade more and more people eat like shit? That our food supply is getting faker and faker, sweeter and sweeter, transfattier and transfattier? The diseases quite clearly have very little to do with genetics since nobody 100 years ago had these problems and, well, genes don’t mutate that fast.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for:

“While broad screening could also increase the numbers of children prescribed cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins, doctors cautioned against reading the new guidelines as a call for using medication.”

Doctors may caution against it now but as soon as the billion dollar drug companies get their dirty little hands in it (if they haven’t already) prescriptions will be flying out the doors of doctor’s offices like bats leaving their caves at night.

Of course they will, because the foods responsible for the mess these kids and adults are in are sold by other untouchable billion dollar companies – agribusiness.

Rita Redberg, a cardiologist at University of California, San Francisco, is not so impressed with the new testing guidelines but she also missed the mark on how to avoid the condition. “We don’t need to do cholesterol tests to advise children to eat fruits and vegetables, watch their weight and get regular physical activity.”

Eating fruits and vegetables isn’t going to save you!

But that is the prevailing advice in this country, in a country where every media outlet is funded by the enemy – the processed and industrial food industry. Until people are cautioned against eating junk food nothing is going to change. No testing, no fruits and vegetables, and no 30 minute exercise routine is going to save them.

Diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol are modern diseases. Preventing them is as easy as avoiding modern habits.

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