Rebuilding Fertility After the Birth Control Pill

If you are trying to get pregnant or if you are experiencing hormonal problems after stopping the pill, it is important to note that the pill depletes the body of certain nutrients which are important for fertility and hormonal balance.

Many healthy women can get pregnant soon after stopping the pill. According to Conceive magazine, most women get their first postpill period in four to six weeks, 80 percent will be ovulating by three months, and 95 percent within the year. It’s probably wise to let your hormones settle down before trying to get pregnant. You can conceive as soon as you ovulate, of course, but you might want to replenish your body first. The pill depletes fertility and pregnancy nutrients, including folate, vitamins A, B6, and C, and zinc. – Nina Palnck’s Real Food for Mother and Baby

While she recommends eating foods high in these nutrients, she also notes that “women taking a multivitamin conceive more readily than those who don’t.” So if infertility seems to be an issue, give yourself some time to heal from nutrient deficiencies cause by the pill, eat a diet rich in fertility nutrients including those above and vitamins D, B12, and K2, and idodine, and add a little insurance with a multivitamin.

Where to find the fat soluble vitamins
Foods containing vitamins D, K2, and A can be found in Green Pastures cod liver and butter oils plus, of course, egg yolks, butter, liver, and wild salmon.

Vitamin E is found in the oil of olives, palm, avocado, almonds, and wheat germ. If you take a vitamin E supplement make sure that is a mixed tocopherol (these are a little more expensive).

Where to find fertility friendly B vitamins
Vitamin B12 is found in all meats but impaired digestion can impair absorption. Liver has about 1000xs the USDA so liver makes for a pretty good B12 supplement.

Vitamin B6 balances estrogen and progesterone and it aids in fertility. You can get B6 from liver, raw milk, tuna, and banana, but it is very heat sensitive so cook lightly. Folate is an important fertility nutrient which is better consumed as a food than taken as a folic acid supplement. Foods containing folate include leafy greens, liver, chicken, and nuts.

Where to find fertility minerals
The best source of zinc is oysters. You can also find zinc in much smaller amounts in crustaceans, liver, and beef.

Recent research has indicated that iron also plays a role in fertility. Since the body does not absorb non-heme iron as readily as it absorbs heme iron, eating animal foods is a good idea to ensure adequate iron absorption. Heme iron rich foods include beef, dark chicken meat, salmon, pork, and eggs.

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